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Live feed Big Brother Canada Saturday April 23!

Kev-Good morning to the feeds. He says good morning to the all the good people updating the feeds (editors note: awwwwwwwwwww) He says everyone here knows his level of fandom except maybe JL so he knows how hard it is to keep track of cameras and who is talking. He feels very lucky to be here, privileged and blessed. He can't believe he's at the 5 and he can go and try to win his safety today. He's been disappointed in his comp performances but not surprised. He'd love to get a win today. He says it depends what people value in the jury house. He's going to keep playing his game. He's going to focus on studying and getting it down to a science.

Kev tells Hal and Josh - no pressure but if Jacey-Lynne wins the veto today then one of them is going home. Josh tells Hal he couldn't fall asleep bc he was angry &was upset. He was thinking about this whole game and how people have played and how people were upset about the decisions he made in the triple. Josh-I think some people take it a step too far when it comes to that. He says especially when it came to Jess and if he could have make it right with them before they left. Maybe they could have been saved. Who knows if he would have been here. Hal says she wishes she could have communicated better with the Jess thing. It felt like a popular kids thing and she felt bad. Josh says he's never heard her say anything bad about Jess. Hal and Josh talk it though and realize they don't need to pick players for veto. Hal tells Kev and Josh she really appreciates they have her back. Hal says she wishes she didn't pop off on JL before the HOH but when she said I still like you to Kevin it got here Kev says it was from what he said "It's ok if you don't like me I still like you"

Kev says if JL wins veto it wouldn't be the worse thing bc Josh will go to jury and can talk about them. He'd rather Josh stay over JL but it wouldn't be the worse thin

Betty It's awkward with everybody Josh agrees Betty says she wants it to be fun at final 5. She says it hurt to put him up. She says during an impulse decision she was expendable to him. She just didn't realize how close he was with Kev maybe she had blinders on. Josh asks if she wants him to go Betty says at the beginning of the week probably but now she would rather JL go but if Josh goes it would be a bitter pill to swallow. Betty says JL is a dangerous player and wild an she doesn't know what she would do if she won HOH. They agree she's good at comps. Betty thinks she's throwing comps. She says people have said he's throwing comps. Betty asks if he's thrown comps Josh-I don't think I've ever thrown a comp. He says he played harder in others than some but didn't throw them. Betty tells Josh that when she told JL yesterday that Marty told her she had the secret power of veto (even though it wasn't Marty) her face just dropped and whole demeanor changed. She said well we didn't know if we could trust you. Betty says at the end of the day she needs Jl to believe she wants her to stay. She thinks she has a final 2 with everyone. Josh says he doesn't have a final 2 with JL Betty-Stop. You don't need to lie to my face. She says a lot of people believed he was their number 1. Betty says why did people believe that didn't they know she was (laughs) Josh says he thinks people thought that bc they connected on a personal level Betty sasy she thought that too bc they were best friends and were surviving together but now realizes its a game too. Josh says when people ask him not to tell people something they said he doesn't Betty says that's one of his best qualities Josh says maybe he should have said stuff Betty says no she just felt she had to tell him everything bc they were best friends. Betty says she doesn't know which of their ways was better Josh says he knew enough to always keep them safe but also didn't tell her everything especially if it was irrelevant bc he told people he wouldn't. Betty says even when the Summer thing happened she blindly followed but maybe he could have told her more things so it wasn't so blind Josh says that's one of his biggest regrets. Betty says she's glad they're talking bc hopefully they'll be at the end together but if not this will help her decisions. She says she's sorry she said his leadership was like Kyle's Josh-you're not wrong. He says he does it in his personal life (not explain himself). Josh says Daniel hates when does that Betty says it makes her feel a lot better that he does this in his personal life. Betty asks Josh if he has any regrets getting Summer out Josh-I don't know. I don't think so. He says he never would have had a proper conversation with Summer during the triple Betty says she doesn't think she needed to be that upset but should have gotten votes. Betty says it's wild that he got out both Marty and Summer Josh-yah. They had a final 2 too Betty-yah. Josh tells Betty that Summer laid out her game plan and it didn't even include safety for him and her. Betty says she should have caught on the way Summer was moving to and who she was close with. She kept Summer over Moose bc she was the better option.

Hal venting to Kev about how she's acted in the game - has she told ppl what they want to hear? Sure. Has she agreed w/ ppl shit talking someone else? Yes. But she's never gone personal on someone, it's not who she is. Kev gives her a hug and is proud of her. Haleena complaining to Kevin about ppl bashing her character. Says she thought if she did that, then said she hadn’t. Haleena now choking up about how awesome Kevin is & how she wants him to win even if she can’t be in F2 w/ him. Haleena says she’ll root fir Kevin in jury house. Says she’s emotional b/c what happens happens, Kevin notes that they’ve had a good run even if they can’t beat JL/Betty/Josh in comps. Haleena/Kevin talking about what drew them to each other & helped them work so well together. Kevin/Haleena telling themselves they can do this, they’ve won one comp each b4. They just have to keep trying. Kevin says he likes how playing BB allows you to be bad in a way you can’t in the real world. Haleena agrees, and says she’d never be how she is in the game irl. Haleena reflecting on how she has a great life & wants to be friends w/ her friends again. Says none of them are mean girls. Haleena says that JL would probably take them to F3 over Betty b/c Betty has the jury (Hermon/Moose/Summer). Kevin thinks Josh staying is best for now b/c he’ll vote w/ them. Both agree they have to focus on POV first.

Betty checks in w/JL - Betty knows that JL will win veto as JL crushes it under pressure. Betty leaves and goes to the SR- B: she just freaks me TF out. She just looks at me like . Obviously I don't want her to win veto, that would suck. She scares the shit out of me.

Kev/Josh talking about BBUS18 - Kev says Paul was an amazing player, but he had too personal of a relationship with the HGs and it was like a Marty situation- if he was F2 w/ a fly you would vote for the fly. Kev tells Josh that after BB, Josh went on another show and got in amazing shape. He's such a nice guy but emotional. Kev didn't like it when ppl who poke him because it was too easy. Josh likes NicF, he doesn't think she's boring.

The feeds will be down for the night and will return tomorrow morning. We'll be back in the morning for the veto results!

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