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Live feed Big Brother Canada Saturday March 19!

Hermon can't wrap his head around what happened this week & how Marty is up at Gino's hand. T feels bad for both noms, she thought it was going to be her HG's waking up.

Betty, Kevin, & Marty making breakfast

Jace & Jess are getting ready for the day. General chit chat. Jace is talking about make-up,

Jess-Is Gino ok? I worry about him & the him putting up Marty fall out situation Jace-He's a little shaken up because Marty won't talk to him but, he'll be ok

T-this is the 1st morning I haven't been called to the DR 1st thing in the AM to do a knee check. I think I'm in the clear T, Jess, Jace....Yayyyyyyy BB-"Please stop talking about production"

Haleena & Josh are complaining about Kyle Haleena-The lies! I just want to put him on blast! Josh-Also, it's the entitlement Haleena-Yeah, the entitlement!

Breakfast crew Summer, Marty, Hermon, Betty, Gino

Herm says his anger with Kyle is why he voted that way. He says he's shocked that Gino put him on the block. Marty says Gino and Kyle were ride or die since day one. When Kyle won he was jumping sky high but when he put Moose up he started to think.Herm says best case scenario is Marty wins veto but he still thinks Marty could help him in this game and they could go far. Marty says he needs 6 votes. He knows its not a smart move but it's personal now. He told Gino to put him up no problem but the speech upset him. Marty says he's not going after Hermon or Moose. He will let everyone know he's going after Kyle, Gino and Jacey.

Gino-I think you're mad at me bc of what I said. I don't think I said it harsh but it might have come off as harsh. He starts switching between French and English. He felt backstabbed and disrespected. He didn't expect that from him. They've been together since day 1.Marty tells Gino he will keep them safe not to play with them but to make it up to them. He's not going to switch. Gino what I said in the ceremony and what I said to the camera is different. Marty what you said in the ceremony is what was said. Gino says people will see the other stuff too Marty-huh Gino it's all optics too Feeds cut

Jess asks Hermon if he would use the veto if they picked him for HG choice Hermon says he wants to play but he probably wouldn't use it so they should prob pick someone else.Jess says they love Marty but they have been consistent so that would help people get to jury so that would be their pitch to get them off the block.

Jess asks Herm to stick his head into Expedia and ask how long since he has a better relationship with Gino. Herm says they're having a full on thing and he doesn't want to go in Jess says they have and been told 2 minutes and 10 minutes Herm says they'll get their time

Jess asks T if they are better for her game than Marty T says yes Jess says there may be a mending of bridges right now between Marty and Gino. They went in after 10 minute wait and they said aggressively this is an important convo. Jess says T doesn't need her to show her cards but if it stays the same she hope they have the votes.

Jess tells Moose they don't expect him to use the veto on them but would he use it on Marty Moose says he doesn't know he needs to hear what he has to say. jess asks if he would consider using it on them depending on what they say Moose says yes he's open. Jess asks Moose if he thinks Jess is more beneficial for his game than Marty Moose doesn't know Jess says for him to ponder they've always been trying to build something with him Moose-you have Jess says Marty has been all over the place he may be mending things w/Gino. Moose says maybe. Gino would prob want noms the same.

in HOH room Jess says she's waiting to talk with Gino and Marty but they're in expedia room. Jess goes to br. Betty whispers to Summer that Marty can't keep a secret and Jess might be better for their game. Summer agrees but says they need to thinks about it.

Jess asks Gino as they pass on the stairs if they want to talk in the corner. Gino says yes Jess asks Marty if it went well they're worried about his well being. They apologize for interrupting twice Marty says like they said to him once they needed to read the room. Marty continues that was a conversation they needed to have. Jess asks if he's upset they interrupted. They say that the two of them told them 2 minutes. They gave him 10 minutes and went back in. Marty says it's true they said 2 minutes Feeds cut

Jess-I feel like nobody would be upset if I left here, I have no strong connections here. If you want a safe HOH, it would be fine if I left. I don't know how to express to you that you're not on my radar. I had a talk with Hermon yesterday & we had a ceasefire. Jess-Hermon said he was just saying names that weren't his target so ppl wouldn't know who his target is. So, again, I feel like I would be an easy HOH. Marty & Kyle have shown me with actions by not putting me up, same with Hermon. I'm not going to win HOH & put u up. Jess-If we can have convo's after I win. I need to know if you want the noms to play the same. Especially after your talk with Marty. G-You've proven yourself, u can win veto. If u win, u win, If noms stay the same the stay the same. There was so much blood last week. G-The house feels so much better. I like the energy like this. If u win & take yourself down, you take urself down Jess-So, is it ok to assume that after ur talk w/Marty that I'm now the target? Jess-There are bigger rats & snakes in this house to get out before me. But, I know I'd be easy. G-So my talk with Gino was more about me feeling betrayed, backstabbed, & disrespected, esp coming from him. I feel he didn't like my speech J-He was heartbroken. G-I never wanted to hurt him, (Marty) Not my intent Jess-I feel like ur trying to get ur footing in the game, and I feel like u think it'd be hard with me. I'm alone, I have nobody. G-Your a very smart player, & you can sway votes ur way if you need to. UR a smart player J-I'm not part of that big group that ur apart of G-I know, I see it. The last thing I want is another week like last week J-I like Jace & I apologized for assuming she was w/Steph. Jess-What are your plans for Veto? Gino-I want you guys to fight for it. If 1 of you wins I have a plan Jess-Is there anything else I can tell you? Gino-Let's get through this veto, then we can talk more, I'm openminded... Feeds cut

Summer is playing in veto Marty is asking her if she would consider using it Summer says yes but asks if he would flip Marty says no. If he wins he's going after Kyle before Gino

Jess&Betty&Josh in ER Jess says they love Marty but they can't trust him with how he's been acting the past 24 hours. They know he's in a bad head space but so have they and they tried to build relationships. They ask what are their vibes. Josh feels Marty is having an internal conflict. He regrets doing it for that reason even if he knows it was a good game move. He wants Marty to stay. He's crossed them but is transparent. But he talks a lot and it's a liability. HE's breaching trust.Josh says if he makes it through his week, Marty will go far in this game Feeds cut

Herm says they had the numbers. And Gino and Marty everything blew up. Herm says Kyle blew everything up and trying to add Herm after with the 4 is a slap. He asks if it's reconcilable with Marty? Gino says he's hope so in game. Personal stuff is fine and untouched. Gino says he thought Marty was the other vote and when he found it he wasn't he was hurt. He says marty told him he was coming after him, kyle and jace. He told him not put those 2 with him. Gino says he thinks Marty has a good chance to stay Herm agrees Gino says he said that to send a message to the house if you go after him, you'll go on the block. Gino tells Herm that Jess is a floater and floating in the middle. He hates that and what's to get rid of that. Herm agrees they are floating in the middle. Herm says he thinks it's good T and Summer are playing bc they will gun for it and not use it Gino says he thinks either Jess or Marty will win. You don't think Haleena will win? They both laugh. Herm and Gino are still talking but they are repeating themselves about why Marty went up, what Marty and Gino talked about, if Marty is really upset or not. They both think he is.

T, Betty, Jess, Josh in ER They are going over when Herm was brought in with the 4 how Gino was "super othered" and needs to rebuild trust. Gino said no one said Jess name when he asked who they want to stay so he won't get blood on his hands putting them up. Jess tells T, Betty & Josh that Marty isn't trying to find a way for both of them to stay. Josh and Betty say it's hard when you're up against them Jess says Marty didn't put them up when he was HOH so he wanted them here. Betty says the veto has changed the trajectory of the game Josh says they're still dealing with the Kyle HOH aftermath.

Summer is saying Kyle still won't take responsibility for his HOH. Everyone agrees Marty comes in They start talking about lunch

Marty and Betty are talking in the purple room. Marty says he keeps yawning. Betty offers to make him coffee but he doesn't want to be jittery in case the comp needs his hands still. Marty says he knows he's the target and Betty asks if he asked that. Marty says no.

Gino and JL still laying in bed. Kyle asks Gino how he felt about the veto spin. Gino is fine with it and expects for one of the noms to come down. He tells Kyle that Marty already told him he was coming for Kyle, Gino and JL. Gino says Marty is emotional right now. JL suggests not putting T up if Jess or Marty come down. She says it's too big of a target and Gino has a good relationship with her right now. She wants to make it through the week without pissing T off. JL says Betty has been up a lot and would expect it. Gino says he's been thinking about this all day. Kyle leaves the HOH room and Gino and JL start talking about piercings.

T and Jess talking in the red room. T tells Jess they need to gun for veto and says she will as well because she could be a possible renom. Jess asks T if she will save her if they're on the block. T tells them she doesn't know if that's a chance she can take right now.

Hal and Marty are in the Expedia Lounge. Marty checks the door to make sure no one is there. Hal asks him if he told anyone about them. Marty tells her he told the boys about them when he was trying to win back trust. Hal asks Marty if he told Kyle that Hal said that Josh was coming after Kyle. Marty swears he never said that. Hal tells him people are starting lies now. She tells him she trusts him more than anyone and no one can keep a secret. No one can find out about them. Marty tells Hal that if she ever hears something that doesn't seem right or that worries her to always come to her so it doesn't fester in her head. Hal calls Hermon a snake and a snake. They agree he's running around starting things. Hal hopes Gino sees it.

T and Hal are in the Expedia Lounge. T has been looking for a power in the room by climbing on the couches. After she gives up Hal thinks she hears talking in the next room by another HG so T gets back up on the couch to listen when BB calls her out! She slips and laughs

T, Kevin and Summer are talking about watching the wheel spin for veto picks. Summer is saying that if you watch what the wheel lands on each time you can try and figure out probabilities and she feels there's a good chance Kyle won't get picked to play in the future. Jess has now joined T, Summer and Kevin in the Expedia Lounge. They are all trying to figure out math and probabilities on the wheel spins for veto picks now. They may need some math refreshers.

Marty is getting loosened up and getting in the zone for the POV. He will be going hard to win it. He wants this POV win really bad. He says his legs feel heavy. He starts running the stairs as well.

Hal and Josh were laying in bed quietly in the red room. Hal says she has to get up because she can't even open her eyes. She offers Josh some coffee. He says he may go down in a bit to get some. He gets called out by BB for sleeping after Hal leaves the room

Kevin asks Jess if they would rather come in 5th but Canada loves you, or 3rd and Canada hates you? Jess chooses 5th - Kevin wants to be third. Kevin points out they have fan, Jess agrees but they probably have more haters.

Power Of Veto Results

Marty won the Power of Veto!

This shocks no one because he was really determined to win it. It also continues the streak of nominees winning it and saving themselves. Right now, Tynesha may go up but Jess is still the target. We’ll have to see how things play out on Sunday to see if Gino changes his planned renom.

Marty says this comp was played in season 7 and once in the US. Kyle says the HG in season 7 won with 12. Marty won with 11.

Summer says to Hermon "depending on who goes up, I assume we are not in favor of Jess?" Hermon says it's looking that way. Summer thinks Kevin will be the replacement nom. The 2 of them laugh about how Kevin told Gino and Kyle he lied to them for 2 whole days.

Marty comes into Expedia with Summer and Hermon. Summer is saying she wants to win the 6th HOH. Summer is talking about a letter she received from her mother telling her that everyone she knows is watching the live feeds. BB took it already. It sounds like the comp was the shipping comp with the conniver belt. Marty is talking about asking his grandma to help him hold that last box in place and not let it drop. Hermon "I feel a double coming this week. Has to be. Has to be". Summer says there are too many people left in the house. Marty says maybe BB will wait until the end to have 3 doubles in a row. Hermon is going to keep expecting a double every week until they have one

Marty and JL whispering in the bathroom. Marty says he doesn't know how he can get in the HOH right now because so many people are around. JL says he should slip in there right now because Gino is showering. JL whispers that it wouldn't look too bad right now if he went and talked to Gino because Marty just pulled himself off the block. He goes to HOH and Gino isn't in there.

Gino walks into the HOH room right after Marty walks out. He looks like he's getting ready to take a shower now. Marty is asking JL who Gino plans on putting up when he comes down. JL says she doesn't know. Marty says he won't play with Kyle though. Marty wants to rebuild trust with Gino again. He tells JL that there are a lot of people coming for Gino though. He doesn't want to be in a bunch of alliances again.

JL and Josh talking in the bathroom. JL says Gino wants to rebuild with Josh and that they feel like "total assholes" over the nomination. Josh says he was thinking the same thing. He would love to rebuild. JL asks him "really?". Josh says "yes". JL tells Josh that if people had come to her she would have voted with them last week. She's afraid people are mad at her and especially worried that Josh was mad at her. JL proposes that no one in the house would think they were working together since they put him up. Jess comes in and game talk between Josh and JL stops.

Kyle and Gino talking in HOH. Gino was going to get Marty to talk but decides they should do it tomorrow. He tells Kyle that when he and Marty hugged at the end of the comp Marty told him he wanted to talk. Kyle is telling him not to push Marty too much. Gino had already told Kyle that Marty had been through a lot this week and he wanted to be cautious with him. They agree Gino should try and tell Marty tonight that they will talk in the morning. Kyle doesn't know Marty won't work with him as of now.

JL and Gino meet up in the kitchen. She tells him Marty wants to talk to him tonight so Gino is going to try and grab him downstairs. JL starts to tell him he won't work with Kyle at all and as she starts to tell him about Josh's talk Marty walks in. JL leaves. Marty and Gino are talking in the SR in French. You can hear some "Kyle's" in there. He says he's gotten info back from people he trusts that came from Kyle. Words mentioned are jury, backstabbing, Big Brother, week 5, put me up, "what the f*ck, gamewise.

Jess and Kevin talking in the purple room. He asks them to whisper because there are people in the game that listen at doors well. He asks if they thinks their going home and they says "I do". Kevin says he wants to fight for them. Kevin says they should have gotten the misfits together week one. Jess agrees. They think that because of her first win that people will take her out this week.

Cams come back to Marty and Gino talking French in the SR still. Marty starts to leave the room and comes back to the cams, points to us and says "if I do this you have to understand this is gameplay. It's gameplay". He then leaves the SR. Maybe he'll work with Kyle?

Jess is telling Betty that they just saw Gino pull Josh into the HOH room so they think if he's doing that last min Gino is putting up Josh so Jess goes home. "I might be paranoid Canada but this could be true". Kevin and Betty are telling her she's making too much of it

There is a split second that we see Gino and JL talking on the HOH bed but the audio is still on the bathroom. JL telling Gino about her convo with Josh in the bathroom and how Josh holds nothing against the 2 of them from last week. She says Josh told her he's enjoyed his time together with them this week and Josh wants to rebuild. JL asks Gino that if someone put Kyle up does he think Kyle would go. Gino misunderstands and says he can't do that right now. She makes herself clear and says to let others do the dirty work. Gino kind of likes the idea.

Jess and Marty are talking in the bathroom. Marty tells them he will help wherever he can to help their stay as long as it won't hurt his game. Jess congratulates him on his win. When he leaves Jess "He's such a sweetheart. Honestly. They don't come that good."

Jess and Marty are talking in the bathroom. Marty tells them he will help wherever he can to help their stay as long as it won't hurt his game. Jess congratulates him on his win. When he leaves Jess "He's such a sweetheart. Honestly. They don't come that good."

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