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Live feed Big Brother Canada Saturday March 26! (movie1)

waking up with these houseguests on this Veto Comp Saturday!

Kevin cooking breakfast. Herms has to cook breakfast for Marty bc of a bet he lost last night.

Josh tells Betty and Hal he had a lot of nightmares last night about the house. One was an intruder came in and he ran and hide in a house behind their house. The other is the house ended up flooding in the basement. Betty has never had a nightmare. Hal thinks its fascinating So does Betty.

Betty feels like Moose is going to win it Josh-I was originally like yah I'll play & he (Herms) was like would you use it. Betty doesn't think Herms would use it on him Josh agrees if it was him and Moose, Herms wouldn't

Summer talking about kissing Jace and Hermon and her ting-ting didn't ting. Slight interruption by T coming in and complaining about GIno's snoring.

Moose is back in bed. He's been fairly quiet all morning. Moose to cams: Oh hi. I'm not really that upset. But Betty's pretty upset. I just don't want her to be so sad or so upset with me I guess.

Hermon goes to Expedia beach and greets good morning to Kev, Jace, & Gino

HG's are preparing for an HOH lockdown before the POV pics.

Jess-Can I talk to you? Moose-Not right now Jess goes in anyway-I do give a shit about you & whether you believe it or not If you want we talk about it later with other ppl. Moose-That's fine, lets wait for Betty to calm down Jess-I'll leave, you set a boundary

Moose is alone in bed saying "Moose you are the winner of the power of veto" repeatedly

Jess-If you want to talk to me sometime today great. If you never want to talk to me again, I understand Herms-We can talk later

Hermon asks Haleena if she'd play in the POV if he picked her. He follows up with "Are you willing to use it on me if you win?" Haleena doesn't know but says she'd think about it

Marty & Jess talking about Gino & Jess hoping Marty & Gino can be BFF's again

Hermon & Moose have a Jess bash session. During, which, Moose says he wants to know why Betty is so pissed off & what did Jess tell her. Betty woke up this morning & told Moose to never speak to her again.

Summer is begging Hermon to pic her as houseguest choice in the POV. She just wants to play

Jess says it's theirs and John's wedding anniversary today. They get hugs. Jess says he knows what they want for an anniversary present....whispers noms to stay the same. Hal and Jace agree.

Herms doing a schtick about working at the car dealership while hung over and the person ends up on the "be back bus". They say I'll be back and they never come back.

Moose asks Herms who is thinking about for HG choice Herms says people have said they would play but not that they would use it. It's f*cking weird Gino is also there Herms says maybe Hal Moose is thinking Gino bc he thinks Jess wants to bd him. Moose says it should be between Hal, T and Gino Herms agrees it is probably between the three of them (Gino, Herms, Moose) He wonders who Jess would put up if Gino won and took someone down. Moose thinks they would threaten to put up Jace Herms think Jace is an ally. Moose says he doesn't think Jess would care. He says he thinks they only consider Josh an ally. Herms-really? He says then this week would be a fail for them. Moose comments people would see that as a shot if they put up Jace if Gino won it.

Herms tells Moose that Summer is definitely not using it Moose-Really? What? On you? That's so f*cked He says he gets him bc Summer is upset he talked about Betty who's in the alliance. he says I don't give a f*ck about the alliance. Herms says Summer asked him this morning and he told her she said she wouldn't use it and she said she changed her mind but Herms still won't pick her bc he doesn't believe her They both says they're excited to play. Betty says its a good way to look at it if any of them were to use veto then siblings are done and Jess would come after them. T feels they have the numbers to stay. Summer says but what if they put two of them up against each other.

Jess clarifies that what they were trying to do was solidify the fact that Moose/Herms were coming for them. Moose points out that this isn't about Herms. Jess says it is because the two have acted together. Moose asks if he said Betty/Kev don't deserve to be here? Moose does not agree with that. Jess says the verbiage might have been different - that they aren't competitors. Jess gets frustrated by Moose saying it was Jess who originally brought Betty's name. Betty cuts in and hopes they can just squash this. Jess thinks they're all getting reactive - Kev says Moose came down right after to tell him that he told Jess, Kev hasn't had a chance to compete. Moose is more upset that Betty was told she doesn't deserve to be here. He would never say that. Jess gets frustrated because Moose did say that Kev/Betty should go up because they haven't done anything in the game and now he's trying to spin it in a cute way. Kev thinks their names were put out there, and at the end of the day it's a game where names are said. Betty says they need to squash this - Moose agrees, all he wants is it to be clear he didn't say the word deserve. Jess is not letting it go - Moose has now made it look like Jess is a flip flopper. Moose would like to know what words were used, like useless, because that's not what he said. Betty corrects him, it was that she hadn't done anything in the game thus far. Jess says there was no intention to use the information - Moose points out that they did. Betty keeps trying to end it -she wants it to be over and she doesn't want this to get out of control. Thank you's all around - Kev hopes they can move forward. Jess points out that Moose has continued to show disrespect - he points out he was smiling because he's on tv.

Jess and Betty talk post meeting - at the end of the day Moose did say her name, so she just squashed it. Betty thinks Jess and Moose can get passed this. Jess tells Betty that when it comes down to it, Jess needs to be able to tell Betty things without Betty reacting to the person who said it.. especially is those people are also giving Betty information.

Summer asks if JL wants to win veto? She does, she's gunning for it - it's week 5 and the time to throw things is over. Summer wonders if she'll use it? JL doesn't think so. They talk BD options - Summer thinks Gino would make sense, but # wise Sum/T make more sense.

T doesn't think Herms was trying to be disrespectful during the nom ceremony, he probably would have done it if Jess warned him or not. It's a funny tv thing. Jess appreciates the perspective - they're not dramatic so they didn't see it that way.

Marty thinks the renom would have to be T - Jess agrees but doesn't want to do it. Mart wants to say something to Moose about not throwing the veto - Jess doesn't think that's a good idea.. it will fire Moose up to win even more.

Jess wishes Herms good luck on the veto - they respect that Herms was done with the convo yesterday and tried to show that by warning him he was going up. Herms appreciated it, it just went left afterwards. Jess notes that Moose in dangerous in his manipulation. Herms notes that the dance thing is just who he is, it wasn't supposed to be against Jess. He didn't consider how it would make Jess feel. Jess gets it - they just wanted to be sure it wasn't intentional against them. Herms assures them it was him getting his 8 minutes. If Jess being in the same room as Herms makes him uncomfortable, that's totally fair. They agree they love the game - Herms is pumped to play veto. Jess leaves...

Moose talks to Marty about throwing the veto... He starts by pointing out that the more comps a person wins, the bigger the target. If Marty takes his foot off the gas a bit this week, he will be safe w/Moose. Marty won't be doing that, ppl already call him comp beast.

T and Herms agree that Moose is really smart and well spoken, but he's playing too far ahead. He's more concerned about the fact Gino possibly going up. Herms notes Sum seems tight w/Jess - both agree that they clash w/ Jess personality wise. T notes that she thinks Jess has something with Marty - Herms agrees and knew this would happen if they won power. Pull in all the lone rangers. He actually thought Jay would do it, so it's good they got them out.

The circle conversations w/ Jess are just too much for Herms. T points out that it wasn't disrespectful to Jess when Jay twirled up, but now it's a problem when Herms did it. It's just for tv. Herms understand that Jess took it the wrong way, but it wasn't his intention.

Kevin tells Marty if there is anyone else in finals it would be tough for him to vote for anyone else but Marty "I really look up to you".

Josh tells Jess that Hermon apoligized to him after the comp for what he said. Jess asks what Hermon said but Jess talks right over him so unable to hear what Josh says.

Jess and T talking in the red room. Jess was hopeful noms would stay the same and feels it's bad if both original noms stay after veto. T agrees. Jess hints that T is close to them and T tells them she's doing this for her daughter so she will do what's best for her game. Summer has joined T and Jess. T asks how Jess feels about bringing Josh into The Siblings. T says it would make Jess feel not at the bottom of the alliance but Jess is afraid Josh will feel bad being pulled in this last in the game. Marty, Josh, Hal and JL are in the vaca area. Marty tells them that Moose came to him and asked him to throw the comp/take his gas off the pedal for the next 2 weeks. Marty told him he will never throw a comp. JL tells Marty that that says how well he's doing. T asks how Jess feels about Hal or Marty going up and what damage that might/might not do.

Summer tells T and Jess that Moose doesn't have her vote to stay and he doesn't know yet. Jess tells them they are trying to start a relationship with Marty, they see how he has fun with T and Summer and wonders of they can have that too. Summer tells Jess she doesn't know how she would feel if she goes OTB. She makes it clear that she has a lot of influence in the house and is afraid of a flip. Jess is worrying about the optics of them working together. Jess says they don't have a strategic enough relationship for that to work. Summer and T feel that Hal would be the safest plan for a replacement nom for Jess.

Jess leaves the red room. T says Summer fixed that convo by being quick on her feet. T says it's going to be tough navigating The Siblings and Hermon. They still want to pull Josh into The Siblings.

Moose, Gino and Hermon talking on upstairs couches. Moose says Betty is so emotional this week after what happened. Hermon agrees. Moose says she's going to struggle in the game due to this and he's surprised with her being an HR person that she's this emotional.

T joins the boys and gives them the list of 5 names for replacement noms that Jess just discussed with T and Summer in the red room. Hermon is surprised. Hermon says the only names not there are Josh and Marty. Then they realize Gino as well. Gino, Hermon & JL talking now. Hermon says he would love to work w/ them and maybe bring in a 4th. He says he's sick of the complacency in the house and people saying "it's my time to win'. He asks if they're open to it. JL is interested to know who he wants to bring in. Hermon says that the 3 of them plus one more, 11 people left, one can't play, that gives them half the house. He tells them to think about it and they can talk more tomorrow. They all agree and Hermon leaves.

Moose, T, Kevin and Marty in the purple room. Moose is telling T he's glad he didn't meet anyone in the house that he is attracted to. He says he's only ever gone 5 days without and it was an addiction. He says he's needed this time off in the house.Just when we were about to post lights out.....! Marty has been complaining about his stomach all night. As soon as the other HG's go to sleep he heads down to the SR. He says "you want to get me with ketchup and mustard?" He's taking out all shoelaces

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