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Live feed Big Brother Canada Saturday March 5 !

Marty telling Kev if he goes home on his HOH then something is really off. He says if we can get past the next 2 weeks then I’ve honoured my deals.Kev says he respects it so much.He didn’t want to make promises he couldn’t keep.He tells Marty he’ll keep him safe til jury

Kev is fired up &he’s sicken by the way people were talking game on the first day &he clearly doesn’t know what’s going on the game &is ranting to Jace in $ BR.She appreciates him being honest with her &she’s hoping they don’t have to have this convo again & she wins POV

Steph and JL are saying they didn't want to show how physical they were to begin with. Steph-well i f*cked that up They are both saying they came here to play. They're not here for a retreat. Steph says she needs to talk to Betty tonight JL-yup Steph says she scares her.JL says Betty is very smart Steph says she needs to go

JL and Steph are saying Jay will want to blow up the house before they leave. JL says she wants to see Summer start drama. Steph says she's surprised no one has snapped at Jess yet JL says Summer is close. JL and Steph say Kyle and Gino look suspicious when they go meditate every morning. They should do it outside so people can see. Steph says she talked with Josh last night and he said he says her as someone could help his game. She said same. JL says she feels she's tight with Josh. Steph says Hermon said Betty hasn't talked game with a lot of people JL-She's scare the sh*t out of me man. JL tells Steph she talked game for the first time with Betty last night and she didn't like it. She stared in her eyes and repeated back everything JL said.

Haleena says she wants to be honest with Jay. People had asked her what she's going to do and she's said her and Jay haven't talked game. Jay says they think the boys (Hermon, Gino, Marty & Kyle) want him out. They says they have 8 votes if Moose says yes. Jay asks as a "super hypothetical" if its an elim comp they ask JL is the first eliminated then they go after it. They says if JL comes off he thinks Haleena or Betty will go up Haleena asks where they see themselves situated Jay says they don't have any alliances. Jay says they are close to Josh. Haleena says she wants to play with Josh and she has things she can offer them. She says when she says she's a vote, she's a vote. She says JL will do what is needed. She tells Jay that JL said Jay is going to ruin their own game.

Haleena and Betty are in the phone room. Haleena is looking into each mirror and saying nice things about herself and then shouts out her family and boyfriend. Betty says alright and then gives her a hug. Betty then starts her pep talks to herself into the mirrors. Hal tells Betty she told Jay she would not use the veto on them. Betty says it would b stupid 2 use the veto this early. Betty says best case scenario JL/Jay win veto. She says that Marty told her she was safe & most girls were safe. Betty says Jay is better 4 her game.

Hal is checking in w/Kevin - she tells him he needs to get in with the boys. She still needs to chit chat w/ JL. They hope noms stay the same. Kev is worried about a BD plan for him, Hal assures him that it's not happening. The two of them are going to F2. Kevin tells Hal that if she wins veto, he's not going to outwardly celebrate - but he'll be the happiest he's ever been.

Jay is with Kev now - they ask if he'll vote to keep them? Kev says he can't talk right now - he just can't do it, but from a cool perspective he would like to see Jay win veto.

Marty tells Jess the position they were put in the first week.. Kyle says she did great pulling themselves off with veto. He says they did it with class it wasn't a f*ck you to Hermon it was them being powerful and taking themselves off

Josh tells Jay he's trying to avoid the heat on the 2 of them. He asks Jay what they want him to do if he wins veto. Josh says they'll deal with that when if it comes to it. But they don't think they'll ask him to use it so Josh doesn't ruin his game.

Hermon, T and Betty are chatting - Hermon thinks he can feel the vibes changing in the house and the girls agree.. Especially with the $$ room - they're all so awkward. Hermon can feel himself detaching from ppl like Steph, who is nice, but there's nothing to talk about.

Hal and Gino are chatting noms this week - Hal wants to give everyone a chance to plead their case,but right now she feels better with JL. Gino agrees, he asks if she's heard that he's one of Jay's targets? She hasn't - she heard Kyle was.

Room chatting about where everyone is from - a lot of people from Toronto in the house, but it's not necessarily where they're from. The realize no one from the territories have been on the show yet - a goal for season 11.

T asks what Hal/Josh's plan is if they win veto? Summer (who isn't playing) says she would throw it. Sure you want to build your resume, but you will be harassed by everyone. Summer is also wary of people who don't mind getting drinks, or cleaning for her - that suspicious, why would they want to do that? When it comes to pitches, she thinks it needs to be personalized, it shows you're actually interested in playing with her.

Jay and Jess are checking in - Jay thinks if you watch the show, you can tell there's people in the house to be the foil of someone else. Example: Marty is Jay's foil. Jess think's Gino is theirs.

Marty tells Kevin he does not want to put him up this week, but it may come to that. If they're still both there in a few weeks, they'll be able to work together. M assures Kev that he'll be ok - not a single person sees him as a threat. He wants Kev to enjoy himself.

Marty tells Hermon that he may still put Steph up if need be - he'll just tell her it's too early to mess with his game. He'll look like a jerk, but there's too much chatter. Hermon is into it -it would be a two vote swing. They'll come back to this idea post veto.

Kyle tells Hal that he's not a fan of Jay's game. They were humping the stands last veto, and talking about vodka - all while 2 ppl were fighting for their games. Ky also didn't like when J made the assertion that the 5 bros are working together - K is not that shallow.

Jay notes that they have alliance, Hermon has approached, but nothing solid. Moose is worried about Summer/ T. Jay doesn't want another Pretty Boy season. Jay realized Gino/Marty/Kyle/H? were in an alliance today. He asked Kyle today and could see it all over his face.

Hal is checking in w/ Steph and JL - Hal lets them know what she's saying when people ask where her vote is going. She thinks the whole house is just playing both sides right now, but she hopes S/J have her back - because she's riding with them. They start talking about the supposed guys alliance and that Moose has been spreading a rumor that Betty and Hal are the head of a girls alliance.

Kyle tells Gino that Jay came to him earlier and said if they stay, they're going after Kyle, Gino, Marty, Moose and Hermon.Kyle explains that last night he said openly in the ?? room that Jay is the bigger target and a selfish player. That's why he's acting weird today.

JL-for f*cks sake let's do this. She says she wants to win this so bad. Steph says she can't wait until she does. JL tells Gino that she thought it was a good pick bc Betty and Hal fell off right away in HOH but now people want to show off. Gino says if other people win it they won't use it. He says he thinks she'll win but if she doesn't she's prob okay.

JL says Josh said that Kevin would go up if someone came down. She asks if that's why Marty said. Gino-yup. He says Jay would come after him, Marty, Kyle, Hermon and Moose. JL asks if Moose was the one that started the rumor of the girls alliance. Gino says yah. He says the guys just like each other and hang out together. JL says that's good to hang out with people you like but then you need to remember this is a game and how it looks

JL asks Gino if he and Summer have talked any game. Gino says some. JL asks where her heads at? Gino says he's come to understand her personality. JL says she scares her Gino says crazy doesn't scare him JL asks if he's dealt with crazy in the past Gino says some ex-gfs.JL asks for details but Gino won't give any bc of cameras. JL asks Gino where his loyalties lie between the alliances. She says "obviously the retreat right" Gino-mm hmm JL says good they're on the same page. She say's it's good to use Summer and Josh's numbers.

Betty-I just win and use it. Could you imagine. I would never do that. Summer laughs.

Kyle and Marty talking. Kyle is saying he doesn't know why Jay came to him and told him who they are targeting including Kyle. Marty agrees. Kyle-you're backed up I got you.


Kyle- so, you came to me and tell me to my face, pre veto, that you are coming after 5 people and I'm one of them. Also, on the decisions I made when it came to people wearing the better wear.... so whyyyy would I help you? Jay: things change everyday. K: I adore you as a person, I think you're fabulous and outside of the house... to put me in a bit of a box with those guys. J: so tell me I'm wrong. K: well I'll help them for awhile. J: exactly, what's the diff? A name? you're playing with them, you're adapting w/them.

Kyle tells Jay that he's looking forward to Jay's campaign.. then it goes downhill.

Kyle is now venting to Kevin about the Jay convo. Kevin: y'all got into it eh?

Kevin: keep me off the block - put me to work. Kyle: I'll try but Marty is a man of his word... ugggh what am I doing?! It's ok I can spin this.

Kyle tells Jay that he's looking forward to Jay's campaign.. then it goes downhill.

Tynesha telling Jessica she doesn’t think Marty will put her up. Tynesha saying he’s not the type to backdoor. Taking this convo with a grain of salt. Tynesha doesn’t trust Jessica much

Kevin or Stephanie could both leave over Jay. We have to see how things play out. Jacey/Stephanie already talked earlier today about possibly keeping Jay as a target in the house

Summer/Marty talking. Summer seems upset that ppl were singing/saying brands. Kyle walks in and interrupts the convo

Marty says Jay was leading in veto for a while. Marty says Jacey earned coming off the block. Marty says he’ll put Kevin up. Summer telling him that it will be hard for them to vote Jay out.

Summer is keeping track of ppl saying brand names & singing songs. She seems really upset about this. Sounds annoyed hearing production saying “Stop That.” Gino is in the room with them

Marty says he just needs 6 votes. Jokes that Kevin will win more money.

Summer asks if Stephanie could do something to change Marty’s mind about the renom. Marty seems to be open. But is also saying he’s putting Kevin. So who knows yet

Kyle asks Gino if he has Summer. Gino says yes. Kyle/Marty/Gino think they are good with numbers

Kyle says by week 4 they’ll have to reassess alliances. Going over numbers again. Kyle is against Stephanie going up. Kyle is saying Stephanie would go for Jessica

Kyle/Jay talking. Kyle brings up pantry, something with clothing. Asks why he would want to help them if Kyle is coming from them. Jay thinks Kyle was in decision to put them up. Kyle denies this

Kyle asks if Jay thinks Kyle is working with other guys. Jay says it’s impossible not for Marty/Ginger/Kyle have something. Mentions how close their behavior is.

Kyle thinks Jay is a fabulous person and would love to see them irl. Kyle says he feels put in a box. Jay asks what’s the difference between an alliance and Kyle’s relationships with Gino/Marty. Kyle admits he is gonna look out for Gino/Marty.

Jay is calling out Kyle to his face about how it’s obvious he’s in an alliance w/ Gino/Marty. Jay says they think they’ll stay. Kyle says he’ll be glad to see them leave this week. Kyle says Jay had to win veto like Melina. This is kinda tense

Kyle is laughing at Jay saying they have 7 votes

Kyle low key sounds like he’s talking down to Jay. This was a tense convo. I do think Jay has a point that it’s going to be obvious to ppl in the house how close Kyle/Gino/Marty are. This week is going to be interesting.

Kyle telling his convo w/ Jay to his Kevi . Kyle says if Jay stayed he’d send them out next week. Kyle says they think their social game is “sooo good.” Kyle seems very steamy

Kyle says he’s going to make sure Jay walks out the doors in Thursday. Says Hermon cussed out Jay?

Kyle says he made a rookie mistake getting mad. Kevin says Jay will break and cry their eyes out. Kyle trying to calm himself down. Doesn’t why to talk game. Says it’s Jay’s fault for not forming alliances week 1

Kevin asks Kyle to keep him off the block. Kyle seems really bothered. Kevin tells him to calm down in here. Kyle thinks he has to choose his words carefully so Jay can’t twist them.

Kyle is going around telling ppl that he’s mad with Jay. Says Jay was snippy. He’s telling Jessica/Stephanie/Hermon now

Jay says he read Kyle like a book. Jay mentioned Kyle doing monkey noises to them. Feeds cut! Summer was like

Marty asking Jacey to vote Jay out for him

Kyle asking for someone to run his shoulders. Says he’ll give his side and they will hear Jay’s. Kyle talking about pantry convo w/ Jay. And talking about convo in HOH

Kyle is embellishing his story to make it seem like he wasn’t condescending to Jay in the HOH.

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