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Live feed Big Brother Canada SaturdayApril 9!

Good morning everyone

HGs waking up, battery changes and "Please put on your microphone" from BB Summer gets called to the DR.

Gino tells Moose he's putting him up as a pawn. He says he's a strong player and he needs a strong player going up. He knows he'll pick Josh. He tells he could put him up as a pawn next week. He says the plan is still the same to BD the Marty. Moose says he understands

Marty's slop-somethings are slop cookies. He sprinkles more sugar on them to put them back in the oven on the other side. He says there was smoke coming out of the oven. He put it at 450. Editor's note: He sprinkled sugar on them and a lot of it went on the pan. Kevin tells him he's probably not going to try them.

Gino tells Summer he's putting her up as a pawn with Moose. He knows Moose will pick Josh he wants her to pick JL so they can BD Marty. He knows she doesn't want to go up. If she wants to use him as a pawn next week she can. Summer-sounds good to me

Moose says the only person you can worry about in this game is yourself, and I wasn't thinking about myself, I was thinking about Gino. So the whole house is on slop but Gino, Jacey and Summer since she used her slop pass yeah? Marty's making slop now.

Gino and Jacey 'arguing' again about whether or not Jacey threw the comp.

Moose thinks he messed up not pitching Josh to Gino before noms. I think he's beating himself up over it, believing it would've worked.

Feeds are back, and Summer is chatting with Josh about having a chance to build her resume. Hopes veto is a comp she can win. Jacey making Summer breakfast while she goes to talk with Gino. Gino says his speech wasn't that mean. Summer jokes it was SO mean, I'm not a competitor, EXCUSE ME? Gino explaining he wants Summer's true colors as a competitor to come out. He jokes he could've been mean, could've said he's tired of cooking for her. Gino says he feels Moose will pick Josh for veto, and he wants Summer to pick Jacey. He wants to pick people he can trust to use the veto so he can backdoor Marty. Marty doesn't play, Summer can do whatever he wants. Gino explains why he didn't pick Haleena or Kevin, that they'd pick Marty to play in the veto comp. He says she hasn't been on the block. He jokes he meant to say he wanted to give her the full BB experience. He says again Summer can use him as a pawn next week. Summer says ok...whatever. She says she hates being OTB because people are weird. She didn't want any hugs from anyone. She says since she talked with Jacey, she couldn't give Gino his kiss of death, but she was tempted. Summer gives Gino a hug. Gino joking: You said you'd not give me a hug anymore! Summer: She's not around.

Marty is looking for Gino. Moose currently has Gino's ear in HOH. Marty tries to interrupt, and Moose asks for a second. Gino remarks he's gonna be on him all week. Moose says would've been better to put Josh up than him because Josh is not in his corner like he is, but it is what it is. Gino says he just didn't think about that. Moose says he regrets not telling him this sooner.Gino thinks as long as Marty doesn't play veto, they're good this week. He thinks he can even get Kevin to use it.

Moose throwing out Josh's name is exactly why Josh can't trust him lol. There's no reason to have said all of this after being put OTB, it's just ammo Gino uses to get you evicted. Moose says he's gonna spin a story about knowing he was going OTB since Wendy's if people ask.

Jacey asks if Summer is angry. Gino says she's not happy, that's for sure, but she gets what he's doing.

Gino asks if Moose knows what the plan is. Gino says yeah. He tells Jacey about how Moose thought Josh should've been up instead.

Betty, Josh, Haleena, Kevin, Moose all gathered in Expedia. Haleena feels their cast is very attractive. They compare to last season's. Moose mentions Austin is hot. Josh thought Austin's bio was very cute. Kevin bought a Kiefer video for a friend and she loved it. lol Betty is practicing her Cameos. Kevin says he wants Summer to do one for his mom. Betty thinks Canada will vote her to get a meal. Kevin jokes yeah vote Betty, screw Josh. Josh says he's come to terms with slop.

Moose is camtalking about winning POV.

JL tells Gino Moose has a good chance and everyone that's playing will use it. Gino says he'll talk with Hal but she sounds like she's mad at Marty so she might use it. He says when he met with Kevin/Andrew he said Marty was the on they could trust least of the 5. Gino says when Marty is gone they can really stick with that triangle with Kevin and make him feel comfortable. JL says they should probably end up with Kev/Hal instead of Betty/Josh Gino agrees. Says he's not scared of any of them. Summer says yesterday was a learning lesson. She shouldn't have given up on herself in the HOH comp. She says Gino told her and Moose both they're pawns and they could use him as a pawn next week. Summer says he's not her mother f*cking pawn. Betty says even if Moose wins she is going to vote for Summer to stay and she doesn't need to campaign to her. Summer says she still will campaing Betty-don't need it Betty says she knows she's going to get off the block.

Moose is telling Summer he never had a final 4 with Kyle, Gino, Marty and Herm and he's never had a final 2 with Hermon. He says he would have fought harder for Herm if he had a final 2 with him. And also Herm would have vote for Moose to stay over T.

Players have not been picked yet for the POV. JL is asking Moose what her odds are for playing. Her and Josh both want to play. Moose jokingly ask Josh and then JL why he should pick them for HG choice. They both mention wanting to wear a cute costume. Josh says he'll use it on him. JL says she will to bc she wants to make a big move. Moose says they both made great pitches and he'll let them know what he chooses. All still joking.

Betty asks Summer if she's excited to play? Summer-absolutely Betty-you gonna win? Summer-absolutely. She says she hopes it's something she can win. Summer leaves Hal is also there. Betty asks Hal if she's tight with Kev. Hal says ever since T said Hal and Kev would go up together they've grown closer. She says Summer told Kev she would put him up as a pawn. Betty says it's dumb to say that before you have power. Sum comes back. Hal leaves Sum tells Betty even though she's a pawn she's going to split up those two if she gets HOH. She says she's a "petty ass pawn". She says he could have just put his girlfriend up. Betty says he could have just put me up. That's why she dressed up. Betty asks didn't they have a little thing going on Sum what thing? Betty says aren't they close Sum says they are but he put her up bc she hasn't been up and Betty and Josh have both been up and he wants to build relationships with them. Sum says again she will put up JL and G if she gets HOH. No BD. They will both go up and one will go home. Summer says yesterday was a learning lesson. She shouldn't have given up on herself in the HOH comp. She says Gino told her and Moose both they're pawns and they could use him as a pawn next week. Summer says he's not her mother f*cking pawn. Betty says even if Moose wins she is going to vote for Summer to stay and she doesn't need to campaign to her. Summer says she still will campaing Betty-don't need it Betty says she knows she's going to get off the block.

Summer tells Kev she sees the value in him. She says she doesn't want to go the way of T bc of a good social game. Kev says not to worry about anything until after veto. He asks her if she knew Summer tells him Gino told her 5 minutes before.

Kev says it's pretty good she's the second to last person nominated that hadn't been nominated.

Feeds come back to Kevin and Moose whispering at the kitchen table. Moose is rattled by being up next to Summer but can't show it. Kevin agrees. Moose is surprised he's up next to Summer and doesn't know if there's a bigger plan.Kevin asks if Moose thinks the bigger plan is Marty. At first he says no and it seems that he realizes that maybe Marty is the bigger plan.

Summer says going OTB she can say that she went a significantly long time without going up, that someone saw her as an asset to make sure the game gets played and it shows she's willing to be a team player.

Summer and Betty talking at the kitchen counter. Betty tells Summer that someone said "Did you move through the game or play the game?" She says she will be asking herself that for the remainder of the game. Summer says "How stupid are you?" about Gino putting her OTB. Betty says this could be the move that costs him the game. Summer laughs and agrees, Betty says Gino has told JL everything he's heard in the game.

Hal and Moose talking in the red room. She asks how he's feeling. He tells her it sucks to be OTB but Hal thinks he will pull himself down unless she beats him. Moose says Gino told him he was a strong competitor in his speech but Moose still doesn't get it.

Summer is sitting silently on the LR couch with Betty laying next to her. Betty asks if she's OK. Summer nervously laughs and says she doesn't feel safe. Betty gets up and goes to the kitchen.

Hal tells Moose she knows it was really hard voting out Hermon. Moose says he had to do what he had to do for his game. He's trying to back up his words with his actions. He says he didn't have anything concrete with Hermon. He wants to back up his statements with facts.Hal says the waiting for the comp is devastating. Moose wants to get the comp started too. Moose "Can't I just fight for my life? Let's GOOOOOOO!"

Betty and Summer in the Expedia room. Summer is bothered by the fact that she's OTB due to a lie that Jess told. "Why is she automatically telling the truth and I'm not?" Betty says when Marty gets BD'd she will let him know he doesn't have her vote just like he did. Betty says she knows Summer is annoyed and is allowed to be because she never wanted to hit the block at all. Summer says the Mandems were always her priority. She never dug deep into what her other alliance members were involved in because they needed to be in others. Betty asks "you think Kev will vote for you over Marty?" Summer says she hopes so. Betty explains that Kev told her Marty is like having family around. Summer now sees she's expendable. Summer doesn't know where Hal is at. Summer says about Hal "Be a woman and win HOH". Betty cuts in really fast and says "We all need to win HOH". Summer hasn't won any comps yet this season.

Gino, Josh and Betty are discussing ways to convince Haleena to use the veto. Josh: There were literally four of us playing. Gino intends to say Marty is a target, Haleena's name has been mentioned. He wants them all to say the same narrative. Betty and Josh are agreeing. Gino says don't approach Haleena about using the veto tonight, wait for tomorrow. Betty agrees

Marty asks Kevin if everyone hates him? Kevin tells him it's because he's amazing. He's good at comps. If he's at the end he'll win. To take it as a compliment.

Marty says today Haleena probably saved his life. He's not stupid. Kevin says "yeah, keep that in mind, that you didn't feel safe today". Kevin tells Marty he trusts Marty's gut.

Although Summer seems really tired, it doesn't seem like she's very happy to be OTB either. She hopefully wakes up some and gives her best try at the POV today.

Betty calls out to Canada to let her eat a meal in the next 5 days and blows Canada a kiss and throws peace signs.

Expedia lockdown is over. Kevin says it was cruel to lock them in Expedia twice in one day!

Hal is talking in the bathroom about the POV comp. She walks by Summer and says "They haven't told us about the POV comp". Summer looks at the cam twice and doesn't look amused.

Gino and Josh talking in the HOH room. Gino says this is the best case scenario. He's going to pull Moose off he says. He will replace Moose with Marty. He says Marty shouldn't know he's going up but he might feel something is funny. Gino says he thinks they're good, tells Josh to enjoy the music and leaves the HOH room.

Summer and Kevin talking on the LR couches. He says he won't go into Expedia for several days because he's so overheated since they were locked down in there a lot today. Kevin asks her if she thinks Moose is the target. She doesn't know because social players go. Summer says she's been told that she's too comfortable in the house but insists she's not. She is happy she made it to the point she has and won't be a bitter juror.

Kev/Josh in pantry whispering. Josh thinks Marty is too volatile for him. Kev asks if Moose/Sum stay OTB who goes? Josh says Moose.Sum is a vote for them & will go after the showmance. Josh wants 1 of them to win HOH after taking Marty out this week. Josh says G can’t play HOH it’ll just be Jace. This is the plan he has been concocting all week. He says to take Marty then win HOH&take G.Josh says we will always have the numbers with Betty. Kev worries about how close Sum/Betty are tho.Josh says no Betty is mad at her Josh says after Betty had to beg Sum for her vote. Josh says Marty goes/if Moose goes it’s not the end of the world. Next week 1 of us wins & puts showmance up&Jace goes home if G wins POV. Josh says this pay POV would’ve been good for G but he wouldn’t have won. Kev says he has to sleep on it &he will think about it &get back to him. Josh says if Marty wins HOH next week? If I win&put him up then he will take it personally. Kev says he would rather be a week early then a week late but are they 2 weeks early? Marty has no one. Kev needs to think about it. Josh laughs at they run everything& they chose what to do. Kev says that’s scary & they have a lot of power. He tells Josh to talk to Hal &see what she says. They hug&Kev leaves

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