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Live feed Big Brother Canada Sunday April 17!

Kev/Marty HT talking about how Kev is paranoid cause he knows Jace/G have been pushing him.Marty says they haven’t.Kev says he’s excited to send Josh home & he’s been throwing comps.Marty mentions that Moose left without being bitter at 25 years old. Kev says he’s classy. Kev tells Marty he’s so thankful for him. Kev says he will be trying so hard to win the triple HOH. Kev saying again how he’s excited to send Josh home cause he’s too good. He calls Martin Frenette the real legend! Marty says he has all day to think about it. Kev leaves & Marty talking to himself about Kev. Kev swept his room & loves him. Saying how much he loves him but there’s something in his gut. He could see Kev was uncomfortable when he got caught talking with Josh. At 1st Marty didn’t think anything of it. Marty says he saw Kev/Josh whispering in the pantry. He knew it was game talk. He says Kev has said he’s the lowest in F5 but why would he stay with them then? He is a gamer. That means he has Sum/Betty/Josh too. He’s doubting Hal being with Kev too. Even tho Hal is his F2,If Hal is with Kev/Josh then she really is a good player! Marty says he mentioned to Hal she could go up & maybe she didn’t fight it cause she has the numbers against Josh. He has to think & have discussions. Marty leaves HT&Josh comes out. Marty tells him it’s chilly when Josh wishes him good morning.

Kev/Hal whispering about not talking today&not being comfortable. Kev says he wouldn’t throw a name out to Marty cause he doesn’t like it. Kev says if it’s you or me then we have to send home Josh. He does the ghost sign & leaves. Kev heads to KT where Marty is. Kev asks Marty how his back is doing with the bruises. Kev has some bites on himself too. Marty says the POV is gonna be used again. After Marty compliments Betty on her win being so close to 1 hour. He tells Kev there’s some luck involved. Kev wonders how? Marty says there’s counting but once I heard my wife I would lose count. Kev asks what he thought about Jillian?

Josh/Hal whispering about how to get Jace up. He wanted to tell Marty it looks bad if he puts up Hal & he could look like a backstabber. Hal says you can’t tell him anything he needs to come up with it. Josh doesn’t want Hal/Kev to go up.Hal doesn’t feel comfortable. Hal says she could’ve used the POV & he has told everyone that she’s his F2 & then he will put her up?! Josh can’t stand this man. Hal wants to win triple & take out Marty/G boom! Can you imagine? Josh tells Hal about Marty catching Kev/Josh talking game in pantry. Betty comes in to ask Josh if they’re making breakfast together? Josh wants to once Marty leaves KT. Hal says Betty is back to W2 Betty & Josh agrees she hasn’t been there for a while. Hal knows G wanted Marty out last week. Hal says G didn’t want her to use POV. Josh says if this man puts you up? I swear! Hal says he might as well give G the 100k. Hal says I have to tell him that G/Jace would get him out. Josh says he knows & we have to win the next HOH! Hal says you can’t tell Marty what to do, this man doesn’t listen. Hal says Jace is going to work overtime with G not to go up. Josh knows & wants Jace up. Hal says Marty was saying his replacement nom would be Jace/Sum & he’s been telling everyone before he even wins. Sum comes in to figure out what’s for breakfast. Sum leaves. Josh says if Jace goes, they crumble. Hal agrees. Hal knows Jace will throw anyone UTB & drop her like that. Josh asks you really think Marty would put up you/Kev? Hal says he’s considering it. Josh says you 2 have had his back here. Hal could’ve used POV. Hal doesnt believe G actually wanted Marty out last week cause he wasn’t pushing Hal.Hal says she could’ve sent Marty home but she was repaying him for saving her in chain of safety.Josh says Marty will def want to talk to you.Hal says we’ve got this&we’ve done it so far. Josh leaves & goes to BR where Sum is showering & Betty is getting ready. They talk about how the POV comp was a classic & it was so good to hear family & past HGs too. Betty says she can see where Sum gets her energy! Sum says her mom is lit!

Betty says Marty is a loose cannon. Summer says he isn't thinking about jury management. If he's been telling the house that Hal is his #1 and then he puts her up Betty says she'll tell Hal to her face that she'll vote her out Summer agrees it's about loyalty. Betty tells JL to keep her head up because she wouldn't be surprised if this man put someone else up JL says who knows at this point. Betty comes in KT& Marty asks to speak to her later. Betty agrees & they discuss how they got time away from their work. JL says its such a slap in the face to Marty that Betty won Summer and JL say they're both happy about it. Summer says she needs to have a game talk with JL They says they'll talk after coffee. Kev tells Sum and JL he was emotional after talking about Jillian Summer starts to say what she said BB please stop talking about production JL-she still loves you Kev. Even after the spaghetti.

Sum says she doesn't think Kev will go up Kev asks who she thinks he'll put up Sum says Marty told her it was a toss up between two people. She adds but you never know in the BB CAN house.

Betty suggests she turns the gears on Marty and tell him putting someone he is close to in the house is not a good look. She says if he puts the showmance up she could possibly vote for him. She says she's screwed if Hal tells Marty that bc he tells them everything. Hal says she knows Betty doesn't trust her Betty says there isn't sides, everyone is working independently Hal says she could have sent him home by using veto and he's going to put her up? Betty says if Marty asks who he shouldn't put up she'll say Hal. Betty says it's a loss to them if Hal goes up. She doesn't want it to happen Hal says she doesn't want it to happen either. She doesn't want Josh to go. She says if Gino and Jace get in his head.. Betty-why is he protecting them Hal-I don't know. Hal says it would be great to get out Marty and Gino in the triple. She says Gino will win the game against anyone. After Betty leaves Hal-I find it so funny she thinks I'm dumb. She continues everyone thinks that. They think she doesn't know what to say.

Marty/Hal in HOH. Marty’s gut feeling is that Kev will flip on Hal/Jace if they go up. He’s explaining how uncomfortable Kev was being after Marty caught him game talking with Josh. Hal wonders would Kev flip it on us? Marty says Kev told him it wasn’t game talk. Marty says after I won HOH, I told Kev not to insult his intelligence. He says Kev has mentioned he would have to turn his back on someone soon. Kev also fells good with F5 but he said no one would take him to the end. Hal saying she knows. Marty says Kev could flip & go with Sum/Betty/Josh & it might be better for his game. Hal doesn’t think that side would take Kev. She doesn’t think Josh would take Kev over Betty/Sum. Hal says that’s so dumb & makes no sense for him. Marty says who knows? Marty says it was so shady! Josh was waiting for Kev & Marty knew something was up. He could see how nervous Kev was. Marty said he thought Kev was studying in pantry but they were close talking. Marty says Kev is a smart player & he didn’t promise him past F5. Marty says we still have the votes to keep Kev if I put him up. Hal says you told Herm Kev/Hal are his number. She wonders if it would look bad to put 1 of them up? Marty says he didn’t promise Kev more than Jace tho. Hal trying to set up Jace. Marty had a talk with G & he won’t put him up after turning on him twice. G wondered why not Kev if Marty is close with Hal? Hal says I think everyone else thinks you’re close with Kev. Marty says he knows Kev is close to Josh but he needs him OTB cause he could turn. Marty says if Josh stays then it’ll be 4 vs 3 if they lose Kev. Hal worries Kev would go with Sum/Betty. Marty points out it would still be 4 vs 3. Hal wonders if Kev would turn on him? Marty says his gut is telling him Kev is playing him & he’s playing both sides. Marty says Kev kept telling him he would have to make a difficult decision. Hal keeps pushing for Jace. Marty says if I put Jace up I lose G/Jace right away. Hal says but if you put Kev up then Betty/Sum/Josh would be against you then. Marty wants to include in his speech that he wouldn’t put G/Jace up to show trust. Hal keeps pushing the house perspective & jury wise it wouldn’t look good for Marty to put up his own two people(Hal/Kev)? Marty says if you go up, people wouldn’t think they’re that close. Marty is getting rubbed the wrong way with Kev & he is well aware Kev is buttering him up. Hal says Jace feels so confident tho. Marty says he would lose Jace/G & screw that up. Marty wants Hal to vote his way. Hal pushing G/Jace wanted to BD Marty. Marty tells Hal not to tell anyone that Jace had the secret power & if they wanted to BD him they could’ve! Hal says Wooow. Marty says at this point it’s repaired with G after keeping each other safe for 2 times in a row. He wants to go head to head with G/Jace with Hal. Marty tells Hal all he promise Kev was F5 & that’s the only word he’s breaking. He truly trust G & they believe in F5. Hal says that makes sense. Marty says G had his chance last week but he didn’t. Marty thinks G/Jace will vote out Josh instead of Kev. Marty says Kev is good with everyone & his gut is telling him Kev would flip & he will be pissed off at him. He asks Hal what she thinks? Marty says if Kev decides to go to Sum/Betty it’s still 4 vs 3. Hal says she didn’t see it like that.Marty says cause you didn’t know. Marty starts to explain to Hal since she didn’t know about Jace, where the clue was in the flowers & feeds cut. Marty tells Hal Josh has to go home. Marty knows Betty will never vote for him. Hal says once you get to jury,you relax your brain. Marty says I won 3 HOH when my back was against the wall. He goes thru the HOH wins & what he will sell to the jury. Marty says 20k will change his life even if he loses in F2 cause people are bitter. Marty has the same feeling when he turned on G/Kyle. Jace comes in to offer them pancakes & Marty comments on his own belly growing bigger. Hal will come soon. Marty says the way Kev is acting around him, he keeps calling him legends. Marty says it’s so obvious he’s feeling nervous & it’s in his gut feeling. Hal says yesterday Jace told her to pitch Kev. Marty says G wondered why Kev picked Marty instead of Jace in the chain. Marty believes Jace has been pissed at Kev since the chain. Hal says true,unless they’re with Josh & they flip? Marty doesn’t think G/Jace would flip. He wants them to look into the cam & pledge they’re voting Josh out. Hal says she would obviously vote Josh out. Hal says she’s just shocked. Marty says maybe Kev solidified his relationship with Josh after they BD Herm instead. Marty thinks Kev pitched Josh that he helped save him. Hal still telling Marty that Kev doesn’t talk shit about him but Jace has. Hal vouching for Kev to Marty & says Kev leaves when people talk negatively about him. Marty says he told him he hopes Kev has his back in those situations. Hal keeps saying it would be so dumb to team up with Betty/Josh/Sum. I hope he knows that. Marty says he’s beenwith G/Kev he thought. He can’t get over how sketch Kev looked talking to Josh & he knew something was wrong with him. He says Kev/Josh were scheming together. Marty doesn’t understand why no one take Kev. Marty says he’s beenwith G/Kev he thought. He can’t get over how sketch Kev looked talking to Josh & he knew something was wrong with him. He says Kev/Josh were scheming together. Marty doesn’t understand why no one take Kev. Hal tells Marty it makes sense but HER gut isn’t saying Kev would team up with Betty/Sum. Marty says he needs to trust his gut & he told G the same last night & he wants G/Jace to promise the cams/Canada & he will remember in jury if they break it. Marty is asking for Hal’s trust&help with this info. Hal says she knows nothing. Marty tells Hal to tell Jace Hal could go up. Hal thanks him & leaves HOH to eat pancakes. Marty giving shoutouts to fam alone in HOH. He says he came here to play & things twist & turn & things don’t always go your way that’s what fun about it.Marty says he trusts his gut in his job & it’s not always right but most of the time it is. Right now it’s saying Kev.

G/Sum talking on blue sofas. G tells Sum that he spoke to Marty & his opinions are Jace/Hal/Kev. G says Kev has the votes against Josh Marty says. G says hopefully Marty sticks to not putting Jace up. Sum wants to talk to Jace/G about keeping Josh over Kev/Hal. G wonders if he does that, Marty would consider him turning & he would come after Jace/G & it would be a big FU. That’s what G is worried about. Sum thinks it would still be Betty/Josh. G has to think strategically going forward. G is only scared of Kev. G knows Kev is threat & once Marty goes G is the big target.Sum doesn’t know about Kev turning on Marty. Sum says his 1 is Kev/2 is Hal. She mentions Marty wants Betty/Josh/Sum then Jace gone. G says you’re obviously gonna safe Josh & she says ya & wants to speak to Jace. Sum feels good she has safety. G says she would’ve been fine anyways. Sum says she doesn’t know if unanimous if good or not cause she sucks? So they wanna keep her? They laugh about the comp too. G knows Kev is threat & once Marty goes G is the big target.Sum doesn’t know about Kev turning on Marty. Sum says his 1 is Kev/2 is Hal. She mentions Marty wants Betty/Josh/Sum then Jace gone. G says you’re obviously gonna safe Josh & she says ya & wants to speak to Jace. G wonders if he does that, Marty would consider him turning & he would come after Jace/G & it would be a big FU. That’s what G is worried about. Sum thinks it would still be Betty/Josh. G has to think strategically going forward. G is only scared of Kev. G tells Sum that he spoke to Marty & his opinions are Jace/Hal/Kev. G says Kev has the votes against Josh Marty says. G says hopefully Marty sticks to not putting Jace up. Sum wants to talk to Jace/G about keeping Josh over Kev/Hal.

Betty/Kev outside. She tells Kev that no matter what she will always pick Josh & campaign for him too against Hal/Jace. Hal comes out now & says she’s not an outside person but in this house she enjoys it. Betty agrees & they start giving shoutouts to their partners.

Kev alone in $. G comes in & they discuss what a bad position this puts F5. G says we have 3 votes regardless. Kev says G is so calm. He’s locked in too. G says we took out T/Herm/Moose/Josh this week. Kev says 4 big players. G says he’s worried about Betty tho.

Kev says everyone is a threat this point. Even Hal is. G agrees everyone is. He says you/Hal have a win which is good, Sum/Josh don’t have anything. He says obviously Marty has a lot more but we’re doing well. Kev agrees they’re going good. Kev was so confident coming out of POV. He says there’s no way he could beat Betty since she got so close within seconds. It’s disgusting & G says it’s solid. G says it is what it is just stay focused & asked if Kev spoke to Marty? Kev says he thinks he’s solid so is G. Kev will feel like shit if it’s him or the girls or G. He says it’s a stupid game & we could just send Josh home. Kev wants to workout & G wants to too. Kev says it’ll help with stress & he hasn’t hit the rack in 5 days. G says the last time he workout was with Herm. Kev says G’s sister is so funny & G chuckles & says ya. Kev asks what Sum wants? G says Marty told her the replacement would be Jace/Hal. She was wondering who Marty would put up? She was trying to find out who G would keep next to Josh. G played the middle in his answer.

Betty asked Kev who would he vote to keep next to Josh? Kev says Betty will be pushing for Josh to stay & it’s still too early. G says of course that’s her 1,Marty really wants Josh out cause 2 of them are after him. G doesn’t want Jace to go OTB. G says even tho we would have the vote if she did. Sum went OTB, Hal hasn’t been yet. Kev says I can’t believe you don’t want your gf to go OTB! They laugh about it. G asks Kev if he thinks it’s a triple? Kev says he’s done & doesn’t know esp after yesterday’s POV. Kev asks what Jace wants for replacement? Hal?G says obvious not herself. Kev says we’ll see. He says you think Josh is so good at the game? I think he would beat anyone esp with Herm/Moose in the jury. G agrees. Kev talks about Moose’s campaigning. Kev says Sum is lost. G says she’s been playing a solo game.She has ties everywhere.Kev says who?G says Josh/Betty.She thinks she has something with me.Kev says she thinks she has something with me too.G says Marty too. Kev says Sum/Betty were mad at Hal for 9-2 vote

Betty/Sum doing laps in BY while Marty skips rope. G/Kev come to do weights & workout too. Sum doesn’t care who goes against Josh,shes voting for Josh. Betty says over her dead body she would vote for Josh, are you kidding me?

Jace/Hal outside. Jace says Marty promised Hal in F4 with them without Hal even knowing. Jace says Marty gets caught in lies. Jace says something about if G was smart he would be getting Kev out??? Hal said exactly? Hal/Jace still talking about how Marty screwed G twice before,what’s stopping from it happening again?Jace is at the bottom of the F5.Hal says she is only loyal to Jace in F5.She doesn’t want to spread shit & get caught doing it.Jace thinks Marty has a deal with everyone. Jace tells Hal Kev told her that during the triple he would put Hal/Betty/Sum up & keep Hal. Jace says he looks at you as expendable. Hal says damn. Jace says they want to keep the boys in the house. Jace says either way we’re breaking duos somewhere. Jace tells Hal NOT to say anything. Jace says Kev/Marty are not slick about it & they think we’re so dumb. They’re even playing G. Jace hates feeling like she’s expendable. Hal says we should’ve sent his ass home. Jace calls them so lame & says Kev is playing a good game. Jace tells Hal that Kev is still playing the middle at THIS point in the game. She said he used POV on Josh & that pulled him more in the middle. Jace says she was worried when Kev won POV. Jace says they have to be so strategic about everything they do&about this. Josh comes out after taking a shower. He feels so much better & felt the blood was still on him. Hal wants to workout & shower. They ask what everyone is doing inside? Josh reports Betty/Sum doing laps,G/Kev working out & Marty doing Marty. Jace leaves for BR .

Hal whispers to Josh that Marty wants Kev up & Jace wants him up too. Hal says G/Jace are really smart, they were pitching Hal/Kev after the comp. Jace comes back out while Josh/Hal are cleaning the sofas & they complain the cushions stink. Sum joins Hal/Betty/Josh/Jace outside. Hal describing how Betty when she fell in HOH & said I’m sorry Josh hes gonna put us up! & then in POV it was foreshadowing as they laid in their coffins & then Betty won & said you can’t get me out Marty, find a new target. Betty/Sum/Josh outside talking about how they don’t get why G/Jace wouldn’t vote to keep Josh against Marty cause he will still be coming for Betty. Is it a respect thing? I don’t get it. Sum says Marty can’t tell everyone Hal is 2 & then put her OTB. Josh says he always has to remember he has a life outside of here. Betty says let’s see how tomorrow maps out but like are you kidding me? Sum says she ain’t telling that man(Marty) shit! Betty says it’s always something with this goof

Marty/Jace in HOH talking about his betrayal& he took out Herm for Kev/Hal. He says he’s doing this HOH for himself. He saw G/Jace kept their word last week.If he doesn’t put Jace OTB, he doesn’t know what else to prove his loyalty to them? Jace says she wanted to prove to him when she didn’t use her power to keep him. Marty thanks her again. Marty trusts them & if he doesn’t put her OTB then it’s 100% loyalty. Jace says since W2 I was worried you would put me up again but we’re rebuilding trust. Marty wants to get G/Jace together to tell Canada that they’re voting Josh out. Jace brings up she trusts Hal. She says she knows something is up with Kev. Marty agrees he has a weird feeling. Jace agrees&says Hal has that feeling about Kev too now. Jace exposing if Kev stays off the block he will have the power to flip & her/G would never be working with Betty/Josh. He says he feels Kev might flip even when he swore that. Jace says her gut is telling her too. Jace says Kev only brought up her/Hal going OTB. Jace says why wouldn’t Kev be an option? Why us? So he can split a duo! Marty says he has something with Josh. Jace says Kev is playing both sides. Marty sees all of this. He wants to talk with everyone & take a step back & analyze. He’s NOT fooled by Kev. Marty says you guys have proven loyalty.If I put Kev up & he stays he’s not gonna like that. He says his letters say to trust his gut & he can see Kev buttering him up. Jace agrees. Marty says even if Kev flips with Sum/Betty then it’s still 4 vs 3 next week. Jace says that her/G are riding with him now. Jace says they voted Steph when they were told to& she hasn’t given her word out & not gone back on it. She trusts him & she thinks Hal will vote Josh out too. Jace tells Marty to think of his own game & she’s reassuring him.

Hal/Kev talking in BY about what Marty told her.She says you have to act like you guys are good.Kev says f$@k.Hal says I did NOT think this was gonna happen.She doesn’t understand how Marty doesn’t see it. Kev says it’s ridiculous.Marty thinks putting Kev up splits Josh. Hal says you need to stop acting like Marty Marty legend,cause he thinks that sus! Jace is all Kev,Kev. Hal says G/Jace want you to go up & go. He needs to get that losing Kev is his own number. Hal says 1 of us goes up&home & they will bring 1 closer. They’ll believe it. Hal says Josh is going home we have the numbers. Kev wonders if he could still go? Hal says we would have to pump up F5.She thinks Marty is so dumb not to put up Jace are you kidding me?He keeps saying his gut his gut is telling him they will flip,which they will &laughs. Kev tries to go outside & Hal asks him if Josh/him have F2? Kev denies it & says you’re all I have. Hal says let Josh think that you & him are like& she said they need to talk to Marty. Kev leaves looking STRESSED

Kev leaves $ after a while & bumps into Hal. Hal tells him I want you to know. I’ve got your back ok? I’ve got your back. Kev lets out a deep heavy sigh. Betty comes into KT & Hal says she was napping. Betty asks if she’s feeling stressed? Hal says of course I am

Betty/Josh whispering in KT about how G is worried about going against Marty & Betty wonders why anyone has loyalty to Marty? She says it’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s like Marty wants to be him, best friend,G won’t remember his name in 5 years

Sum told Betty that Kev told her he was debating voting out Betty if Marty asked him to. She doesn’t understand, is he even going to try to get him out? Betty says it’s all good what’s meant for us will always be. We gotta be solid like 10 toes. Keep fighting!

Marty tells Hal about his talk with JL Marty says she mentioned Kev might be in the middle. He said he can't make a decision on the spot. He is going to balance all before he makes a decision. Hal says if G/JL flip to Bet/Josh he'll be on an island by himself. Marty says at the same time if he puts up JL, Kev could decide to save Josh and play with Betty and josh and then him, Gino and Hal are by themselves. He thinks Kev would flip more than J/GL Hal-really? Marty says he trusts Kev he thinks he's a good guy. He says this is the same thing when he flipped on Gino with Kyle and then he thought there was a master plan He says he cam in and told F*cking Kyle Feeds cut

Quick feeds leak of Kevin trying to look for the open door to the secret room without anyone noticing. And Kevin finds the secret room, same room JL went into last week! Kevin comes out of the secret room and tells Josh he is leaving bc he put them in this position and he thinks Hal is going up and he can't have that. Kevin telling Jace he's leaving. Kev telling Gino he's leaving. Kev telling Betty he's leaving. Kevin on his way to talk to Marty. Josh, Haleena, & Betty are trying to figure out why Kevin is doing this, they're so close to the end! Is this for real? Summer-You're hurting my soul sir! It hurts my heart. I don't want to believe it! Kevin is packing his bathroom toiletries. Kevin is telling Marty he misses Jillian and needs to leave. Marty tells Kevin he's not letting him leave. Jillian will be disappointed in him Betty & Summer are trying to put this all together. In a state of confusion & shock. Waiting to talk to Kevin when he comes out of HOH. Haleena runs to SR to find him. Marty tells Gino he doesn't believe Kevin, he's calling his bluff. Thinks it's a game move. Kevin & Haleena Haleena-Jillian loves you because you're on the show Kevin-No, she loves me no matter what, I learned that last night. Gino-Kev are you sure you're doing the right thing? Summer giggles in the background watching the exchange Clip coming Feeds cut as Kevin gathered everyone outside. Gino-are you sure you're doing the right thing. Only 2 weeks left. Kevin gathers everyone to go outside before feeds cut Gino-IDK, I think it's a block move. Jace-Seriously, that's the game you're going to play? So you don't go on the block? G-I think he's bluffing. He does have multiple personalities. Betty-That's why he's having such a tough time in here. Betty laughs-this guy thinks everything is game Summer-same. Kevin gathers everyone from outside and says they want it to look like an eviction & to head inside and clean the kitchen area. Kevin is hugging everyone goodbye. Josh is sobbing. Doors open for Kevin to leave HG's just stare in unbelief.

After the fakeout & Kevin revealed his secret mission given to him by BBCAN Icon Marsha The Moose, had to convince his HGs he was self evicting!

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