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Live feed Big Brother Canada Sunday April 24!

Kev says no matter what we talk to Betty and make sure she does whatever we want which shouldn't be too hard. Hal says Betty said she doesn't care who goes home but now her and Josh are cool. Kev says Josh said they weren't but he doesn't buy it. Kev says they should talk with Jace but she lies just as much as them. Hal says and she would tell Betty. She says Josh is so excited. Kev-would we have to blindside him? Hal says they should Kev agrees and says he could blow it up out of pettiness. To clarify-they are going back and forth about who to evict but say they have 4 days. Betty asks Jl and Kev if she should asks BB for some bevvies tonight bc they've had such a bad week and they are final 5. Kev-Happy Easter

Betty tells Josh her idea of asking BB for bevvies She asks if it's weird she's asking right in the morning Josh-no. This is big brother. Time doesn't exist. He says Happy Easter Betty-Happy Easter everyone.

Kev asks Josh how he’s doing? Josh says riding the rollercoaster. Kev says it is that. Josh says it absolutely is. Kev says that POV was 1 of my lowest moments ever. Josh says cause you could’ve done better? Kev says immediate relief when Hal won tho

Betty talking to herself - there's a reason..and it still makes me look.. Then she wishes a Happy Easter to her family at home. Sounds like she's practicing what she is saying to Hal. That neither of them would win against Kevin. Betty says Hal and she have to be on the same page and they have to get rid of the guys. She says taking Josh to the end is her getting second place and that's not cool. Kev tells Josh he recognized Kyle from the whole debacle last year. And he explains how big it was and how Kyle was gaming with former BB players Josh is shocked it was that big Josh says Jay looked familiar and Jay told them they talked on a dating app about 4 years ago.

Small talk in the kitchen about traveling while JL is making french toast. Hal commenting how it's her first day actually being in the kitchen and up while breakfast is being made. josh comments there was no second wakeup call today. HGs talking about 90 day Fiance now.

Betty wants to have a birthday party on a boat with a BBQ. Kevin thinks it's a different vibe now that it's final 5. They have a bond, and feel like they are closer Josh "it could be a trauma bond" HG's talk about Marty being the most fit person they know. He coaches soccer voluntarily. Betty-wow, that's why he is so competitive. Kev agrees, "he's the interesting person I've met in my entire life. I'd purposefully say stuff just to see how he's react"

Betty & Kevin talk about the final 4, 3, & 3. Betty wants to talk to Haleena today. Kevin She seems sincere with going to the end with us.

Betty talks to herself - she doesn't believe a word that comes out of Kevin's mouth.

Betty is asking Josh where his head is at. She knows he's her friend more than anything, but doesn't want them to get played in this game. Betty says you never know, but you did put me up. Who knows what happens next week if I keep you. Betty says Kevin told her this decision is the hardest he's ever had to make. Josh says Kevin? Betty says in the pantry he told me that. Josh says that's could be very well that he's going this week. He'd obviously be hurt, but there's nothing he could do. Josh says even if Kevin did want me out it doesn't make sense. Even if I get to final two...even if I win one more comp, it isn't a great record. Haleena's never touched the block, won two POVs. Jacey's won three POVs and Kev's only won one. I made a bunch of enemies. Josh says anyone sitting next to me has a better shot at winning. Betty says that's a lie. She begins to explain why. Betty says she told Kevin that game aside it would be really cool if the four of us can go to the BBCan awards! We don't wanna go with Jace, right? Betty says she wants Jace gone over Josh but wants Kevin to make that decision. Betty thinks Jacey would take Kevleena to F3. Betty says for me getting Jacey out is the best shot for her to get to the end, but I can't tell Kev that because I need him to believe it's best for his game. Josh says he doesn't know where Hal's head is at. Betty says she's gonna talk to her. Betty thinks Haleena didn't use the veto and has made a narrative to use this to make Marty and Josh both think she saved them. Betty thinks Hal is very smart, and did a lot of behind scenes work, though not as much as Kev. Josh wonders if Kev would persuade her to vote him out over Jace. Betty thinks this needs to be massaged, not guns blazing. Josh thinks if Jacey gets to the end, she's winning. Betty thinks she does against Josh. They point out she doesn't have many enemies, and point out her friends in jury. Josh says he wishes he won the POV. He says it was close. Betty says Haleena won in ten minutes, dude. Josh says he will have to get out of this position himself. Betty explains she put him in this wasn't a tit for tat would do it to that tit for tat? Betty says she wouldn't have done this had she known this all about Kevleena and now his game is in their hands. She asks if Josh still trusts them. Josh says they both didn't go OTB and they aren't again. He thinks they have to weigh who is the bigger threat to them. Betty asks if they did the triple again, would Josh make the same decision and Josh immediately says no, absolutely not. Betty says I believe you. She says she's gonna push for Jace to go home this week. She means that from the bottom of her heart. Josh says at the end of the day what's done is done and he wants to see her in final two. Betty says if she can fight to get there it would be so iconic. Would mean the world to her. She says her gut tells her Josh will be ok. Josh wonders maybe the red door is a battle back like Jed. Josh says at the end of the day people will see why he made the decisions he did in the moment...Betty says why are you saying that? Josh says if this is the last week he's here, it would suck but everything happens for a reason. Josh says Kevin was right in his ear right after the triple eviction, and told him if Haleena goes up she goes home, they'll protect Betty. Josh says that made sense. Betty says that's ok. It's ok. Josh asks if Betty thinks Haleena would ever turn on him? Betty thinks she can because she's so good, but she doesn't think Hal can be manipulated to do it. Betty says she knows they have a F2. It's obvious. So obvious. Betty says Haleena told her she wasn't using the veto, but wants to see where Hal is leaning. Betty thinks Jacey would take Hal to the end because she thinks she's a layup, but thinks Hal knows that. Betty tells Josh about calling Kev out about manipulating her, and how he said he'd take Betty to F2. She says there's no reason to lie right now, dude. Betty says Kevin said in the pantry he would love to have a F3 with Betty and Josh, and they'd have fun like Jillian told him to do. Josh says he's emotionally manipulating. Josh says Hermon and Summer noticed this about Kevin. Betty says no, Summer bought into him all the time and convinced Betty of it. Betty and Josh agree that Hermon left because Kevin knew Hermon was onto him but we saw it at the time as Kevin saving Josh, what a cutie. Josh says but that's why they're both here now, so it's good it happened. Betty says she would break a tie in Josh's favor. He says you would? Betty says 100%. She hopes that shows trust and Josh says it does. Josh says sometimes when I see Kevin, I get physically enraged. Betty says same. Betty says if she wins POV she takes Kevin out. She asks if Josh would and he says probably would, and explains why he gets so rattled OTB because giving a speech forces him to show his cards. Josh says he wouldn't vote for someone who blindsides him at final five. He wouldn't give either Kevleena his vote if this is how they're treating people. Betty says if it is Kevleena in the end she'd give Kev her vote, but it depends. Betty says Kev's been playing her like a guitar, she needs him to be forthright with what he's been doing to get her vote. She doesn't even wanna think about that though, just her at the end. Betty We've already seen a nerd win at the end. Betty says Haleena's the first Punjabi woman to get this far. I know it is optics, but it matters to her and she thinks it's so cool. Betty asks if Kevin manipulated Josh to put Summer up, and Josh says no. Josh says he thinks people will take issue with Summer being upset in jury, but she was personally hurt. Betty doesn't think it'll hurt Summer forever, but Josh says it might. Betty asked if Josh had a F2 with Summer and Josh says no. He thinks to be honest, people developed strong connections with him and took it as game. Betty jokes about Kevin says he's in love with Josh, and Josh thinks he did a little lol. Josh says he feels Kevin is catching on that Josh is onto him. Betty says Kevin told her his favorite player is Anthony. Josh says no, it's BBUS Josh. He tells Betty he's like her, lmao. Betty says it's smart for Josh to keep letting Kevin know you care about him and are with him. Josh is worried Kevin will spin things to Haleena, but Betty says just say it in a relaxed way. Josh says he doesn't know what to say to Haleena. Josh says why would Haleena want to keep Jace when the girl was bullying her last week?! Betty says you know how much that girl was pushing for Hal to go OTB? It's sick. Josh asks if he should tell Hal that Kev's trying to get him out. Betty says NO, they are super tight. Kev says they were trying to get Tynesha out that week and they didn't even know.

Kevin telling Haleena he thinks someone is the bigger jury threat than Josh. Kevin talking about Betty being the bigger jury threat over Josh. Haleena said she doesn't trust her, and Kevin says Betty doesn't trust any of us.

Betty asks Haleena where her head is at. Haleena says they have to think w/ their heads & not their hearts. Betty telling Haleena she’s fine w/ either nom going. Says both are jury front runners. Thinks they are strong competitors. Brings up who’s in jury. Haleena says personally she wants to keep Josh & let what happens happen. Points out that JL does really good under pressure than Josh does. She thinks they might have a edge over Josh compared JL. Haleena says personally she wants to keep Josh & let what happens happen. Points out that JL does really good under pressure than Josh does. She thinks they might have a edge over Josh compared JL. Betty says it’d be kind of cool to break a tie. Says they have time to think. Haleena says she’s not sure what she’d tell JL if she’s voting her out. Betty begins listing off reasons. B says JL may want 2 girls in the jury to vote for her. Haleena has thought that too. Betty says JL is gonna be pissed at her if she stays. Haleena says her too if she votes her out. Wonder if they should tell her so she can enjoy her last 3 days. Point out how she’s a super fan & her faves were Paras & Kaela. Betty/Haleena says their F4 will be 2 guys & 2 girls. Says they are the best representation of Canada. Says they should come together at the end of this week & confirm their decision & then tell JL.

Haleena had a live chat w/ Kevin Martin? She’s planning to tell the rest of the house that it was a recording. She’s telling Kevin about it. Says Kevin told her she can make friends after. Talked to her about how to do better in comps/her biggest competition? Kevin & Haleena are going over jury votes vs their remaining competition. Their conclusion so far is that Jace is the easiest to beat. Kevin says this kind of gives us a definitive answer for what we should do this week. Kevin is actually pushing harder for Josh to go in this conversation. Kevin doesn’t think JL is humble enough to respect Haleena out played her. They think Josh beats Haleena 6-2. Kevin loses 5-3 to Kevin. They think Josh beats them both. Now they are doing JL. Haleena says JL has been mean to ppl behind their backs. Haleena says they might be able to beat Josh in comps. Haleena telling Kevin about Betty asking how this is a hard vote. Kevin tells Haleena she’s a huge jury threat now. She’s surprised. Kevin points out she has 2 wins & hasn’t touched the block. They think Betty would take them over Josh/JL. They think logically it feels like the right move to get Josh out. They feel they have a chance sitting next to Betty/JL. Kevin says he’ll be ok.

Betty & Jace are talking about their personalities and Jace watches herself in the house, and everything she says. Betty has a good read of Jace & others. Kevin tells Betty & Josh that thing in the house are really intense. Betty tries to get him to focus on the outside

Kevin to us/himself: I don't care about TV, I'm trying to win this game.

Jace tells Haleena that they've had a final 2 since the beginning and now it could really happen! Haleena understands that Jace must be hurt and she understands, game aside. Jace wishes she wasn't blindsided. Hal-I said from the beginning that ppl were going to try to pin us against each other. Gino was such a well rounded guy, I would've never put him up.

Betty & Josh are trying to figure out the last week & what went wrong between them. Josh is explaining his moves to Betty. He was frustrated w/Summer taking slop passes instead of winning.

Haleena I can't use the Veto on you.. We'd be painted as a duo. I cannot JL - Who thinks anything of duo.. trying to repair a relationship H - yeah yeah JL - Betty/Josh would do it.. 3 vs 1 Haleena - Speak to Betty JL - She can't play in HOH.. Me or Kev that wins Haleena - Or me. JL - Final fucking 3.. scared game.. that's the fun thing about Vetos.. you can think for yourself.. this is your POV.. get out this fucking duo that's been running this place behind the scenes this entire season that even Marty couldn't split up.. 3 vs 1. JL says Betty/Josh have been running things behind the scenes the whole season. Jace believes that Betty is a mastermind, Jace is sick of her running the house. She's a genius, to get her & Josh to the end!!! OMG, what a power move. JL - I'm not angry at you anymore.. H - I really trust Betty JL - Fuck no.. when did she tell you I called you a snake? She wants you to flip. she wants to keep Josh.. They're gonna run this place. JL wants to put Betty “in her place.” Haleena says they shouldn’t burn bridges. JL says Betty treats them like they’re idiots. Haleena was gonna go talk to Kevin, but he’s called to DR. Hal asks if JL if she has a F2 w/ Kevin. She says no.

Kev tells B/Hal that he's in a dark place right now, he's not sure why. They try to get him to talk and offer distractions but it just is what it is. Hal tells him she's not using the veto if that helps? He knows and the 4 of them will make a group decision on who goes. Kev tells Hal she left him w/JL when he was balling earlier - please don't do that again. He's not comfortable telling JL anything right now.

Kev thinks if it came down to it, Marty might vote for JL to win over them. Kev asks which would be better to get both of them to the finals? He thinks Josh. Kev: Option 3 - Josh went to B, said put me up beside JL, told B they (crash test) are a 3 and they'll all go to F4 together and Betty/Josh will take each other to F2. This is the scariest option. I'm now back to thinking we should vote out Josh.

Haleena Are we gonna see it to the end.. don't blindside me.. just tell me Josh I would blindside you.. you are not at the bottom.. and I hope that I've shown.. difficult decision.. I'm able to do that.. Haleena We trust each other.. look where we are now Josh These 3 people.

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