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Live feed Big Brother Canada Sunday April 3!

HGs getting the wake up call from BB

Gino asks Kevin what he wants for breakfast (Gino owes him breakfast all week from a bet) Kevin says he doesn't need to to do this all week. Gino says he will Kevin says he would too. Gino and Kevin decide to meditate first.

Marty tells Hal, he and Kevin came up with a plan last night to go to GIno and say to him that Hermon is the biggest the threat so he's going to tell Kevin to use the POV on Josh and he'll put up Hermon. Then he'll see how Gino reacts. Marty continues He wants to see how bad he fights for Hermon. If Gino asks why Josh - he'll say to flush at Betty's secret power. He says if he doesn't fight for it then he'll say he wants Betty and Josh out so bad so he doesn't want to use it.

Marty asks Kevin if he has a second. Hal asks if she should go. Marty says yes bc he already told her Marty says he already told JL and he's going to pitch it to G and ask who is the biggest threat. He doesn't think it's Josh anymore he thinks it's Hermon. Kev says he thinks G is with us. Marty tells him he wants to keep it the same though. He wants Betty out. He can't take a f*cking week of her walking around like this He can't BD Herm bc he said in his speech not to BD a 43 year old man so he would look stupid. Kevin says he'll do whatever Marty needs. Marty says if Betty has. a power and uses it he'll put up Moose. He talks again about testing Gino to see if he's working with Hermon. Marty says he's a shield for Kevin and he'll leave soon Kevin says he needs him here. After Kevin leaves, Marty talks to Canada and tells them he'll bring GIno to final 4 but he wants to see if he's with Hermon. He won't BD Hermon after what he said about people BDing him and he hopes Betty leaves

Hal&Sum check in They both want Betty and Josh to stay. They both don't understand why Marty feels like he owes GIno. Hal told Marty "why are you playing someone else's game?" Summer thinks he should finish his shot at Gino but she' not going to convince him of anything. Summer is going to talk to Kevin about using and trying to get Marty to put up Moose or if he wants to finish what he started put up Gino.

Marty is checking in with Josh His gut feeling is that Josh was the one that pulled him into that room and started the whole mess but he also wonders if he can still trust him. He can't vote but he feels good enough to say if he wants Betty out she'll go

Summer and Kevin chatting Summer asks if he wants Hermon to go up? Kevin says there's a 0% chance that Gino will go up. THat man (Marty) thinks differently than everyone else. Summer says he should finish what he started. Kevin says it would be bad to suggest that to him. Kevin gives Summer advice to apologize to Marty Summer-for what Kevin-for something you didn't say and tell him you'll vote the way he wants. Summer is worried that Josh will go Kev says Josh isn't going Summer says neither is Betty. She feels there's a way to save both. Kevin says Betty needs to "stop the sass". He thinks the veto might be used on Josh but not on Betty. Summer thinks she'll go up against Betty.

Josh/Marty in HOH. Marty keeps saying Josh grabbed him to set him up with Betty.Josh asks why he would do that?He says why would I trap you if I was in F4 with u/G/Jace. Marty says he thinks it was more Betty&hes closer with Betty than the F4 so maybe he turned with her. Josh says but remember we can’t make it obvious.Marty says he believes Josh didn’t organize this &he believes Betty knew what she was doing.Even with T’s week,people wanted Hal up.Josh told him he wanted to vote T even. Marty says Betty did 80% of the talking&he was mad Josh but he wants Betty out.Josh wants to know if he’s OTB to make sure Betty goes?He says Josh pulled him in.Marty hopes they can still repair this after Betty is out. Maybe he’s wrong but he doesn’t want Josh to go.Marty has never thought of jury management. He says everytime Betty looks at me she death stares at me if looks could kill. He doesn’t want her in jury cause she’s smart&could convince others.Josh says he would be fair.Marty knows this &says Betty has a grudge. Josh doesn’t want to be used by Marty.Marty says he wants Betty out& the reason you are up,it’s revenge. I know it’s petty from a 43year old man. He would’ve never turned on G again& it was pressure pressure&he thought he had no choice& he’s so pissed. Marty says this whole week is about revenge &I almost broke my hand on the table.But you saw my speech how long it was but it should’ve been more targeted about Betty but he didn’t want to make it obvious. Marty’s gut is telling him Josh still has his back. Marty knows it wasn’t a good game move & it was an emotional move.Josh agrees. Marty says he was in tears after that &he was trying to repair with G& he turned again. Marty says out of 9 I can only trust Kev/Hal instead of 5 people I could count on which wasn’t bad. Marty says he wanted Josh to sit next to Betty because he had something to do with it.Josh says this is the cost you’re willing to make &risk me.Marty says you can walk out & say f@$k Marty.Josh wants to be taken off the block. He tells Marty he will vote how Marty wants.Marty says if I take you off the block& you ask everyone,she has a secret power&then she takes herself off the block?Josh asks if he believes she has a power?Marty says yes esp when she wasn’t around for that HOH lockdown &she doesn’t have a poker face. Josh doesn’t think Betty has it because she has been really emotional&believes she’s doing home. Marty thinks she’s sad because Josh is going cause she has the secret power.Josh is telling Marty about Betty not being able to roll the balls properly.Marty’s mind was racing last night & all he wanted was revenge.Marty says that Kevin Martin took Ika off the block after she told him to shove it up his a$$. Marty wants to take Josh off the block&repair this &he wants Betty out& there is 0 trust with her.Marty says he can put Herm on because Hal/Kev think he’s coming for them so they would vote him out. Josh would guarantee Marty his vote if he takes him off. Marty really thinks Betty has a power&he wants to save Josh as long as Betty doesn’t have a power.Marty says as long as Betty stays in this house we can’t work together. He’s worried if he takes Josh off,that Betty uses her power to take herself off. Marty says he would put Herm up then next to Josh. Josh says he would go home against Herm& he feels expandable. Marty keeps saying he thinks Betty has a power &Josh keeps saying she doesn’t.Marty says in 16 calls,I bet she got it. Other things have led him to believe she does that he can’t talk about. Josh sighs.Marty says renoms are tomorrow. He has people pushing to get Herm up. Marty is torn because he feels Josh played him in Expedia but he doesn’t think Josh would lie like that &about his community. Marty wants to him to stay to go after Herm/Moose. Every move reminds him of the secret power & he calls Betty a gamer. Marty says he was clapping not to be ironic or he can’t think of the word.Josh says obnoxious? Marty says no I mean I was being genuine because it was a good game move. Josh wants to check in later.Marty thinks she has the power &Josh doesn’t. Marty says let him think. Marty goes to DR.Josh goes to Kev in $.Josh asks if he believes Betty has a secret power?

Josh asks Kev if he believes Betty has a secret power? Kev doesn’t think so&Josh says she would’ve told me. Kev says sometimes if it’s a secret you can’t. Kev wants Josh to push Herm to Marty. Josh tells Kev he has a F2 with Herm.Kev says that Josh didn’t tell him that but Herm has 12 F2s. Kev says would you rather Herm or Betty stay? Josh wants Betty to stay. Kev says Herm leaving is better for Kev/Hal & maybe not for Josh.Kev calls Herm trash for talking game to him day36 after he wins power. Kev says nobody knows about him/Hal/Josh. He says if they get Herm out this week they’re in sucha good spot &then G. He says if we get Herm,it’s money. He is not scared of putting G up&he knows they will be back but where will they go? Kev say that I think we can get G/Jace to vote out H too.Kev asks if he should just use POV?Josh says he would.Kev worries it would expose them.Josh says he will do what Ika did&he really mean to Kev in his speech if he uses it on him.Kev wants to use it but wants Herm. Kev says Josh stays if noms stay the same but we need Betty a number&we need Herm up. Kev worries Jace/G would lose their minds. Josh explains Marty’s theory on what happened during the chain vote& how he doesn’t remember how it happened &he thinks Betty did it all. Kev says the problem with Betty is she can’t act but she would be a number with them.Josh says he doesn’t mind staying OTB so he can game.Kev wants him to stop thinking it’s ok to be OTB.Marty has suspicions of Hal/Josh.Kev asks if Josh will be mad if he doesn’t use POV?Kev says Herm is so nervous right now &he will screw you in the next few weeks. He says Betty told him if she won POV she would’ve used it on Josh maybe. Josh says she told him that. Josh tells Kev that Herm has Hal/Kev on his hit list before Marty. Kev says they need to crash test dummies&they failed the last mission & crashed right into a wall.Kev says he will campaign his d!ck off to make sure Josh stays if he stays OTB. He would love to use it on Josh. Josh says Marty is open to it but only if Betty has no power. Josh apparently thinks Moose doesn't like him much, which he says is ok because he doesn't really like him. Kevin says I want to use the veto so badly. I don't wanna be a fill in, I wanna be a hero. Hermon is so bad for Marty's game. Kevin says he thinks Marty's suspicious of Josh and Haleena together. Josh says no, you and Haleena have him wrapped around your fingers though. Josh says he can't believe Hermon told Kevin not to use the veto. Kevin asks should I just use it? Josh says I would. Kevin says it would expose us. Kevin says me, you, Haleena, Summer vote to evict Hermon. Then we try to get Jace and Gino. 6-1.

Gino and Marty talk in HOH.

Marty tells Gino that Hermon is the guy to take out. Gino says it is Hermon, Moose too he's super strong. Marty says he's not even scared of Josh anymore. Marty asks Gino what he thinks about getting out Hermon. Gino says Josh can't win, and points out Moose is strong too.Gino says you spoke to Kevin already, and he wants to do Hermon too? Marty says yeah, and discusses Hermon would come after Kevin and Haleena, but he doesn't want to lose numbers. Gino is counting votes for Hermon to go...and it sounds like he's counting with Betty the one not on the block. Marty had compared this to Kevin Martin/Ika veto incident. Marty clarifies we have to save Josh. It just sucks to leave Betty in this game. Gino BTW clarified he's willing to do what Marty wants. Gino I think tried to push a little gently Moose over Hermon, but Marty said he preferred Hermon. Gino says obviously he was building a little thing with Hermon which is why he'd prefer Hermon stay, so he has to think about it. Marty asks if he has a thing with Moose? Gino explains why he doesn't think he can build with Moose, but Marty disagrees. Gino says let's leave that in the past, and move forward regarding Marty's crazy double eviction nonsense. Marty says at some point Hermon would turn on Gino despite the thing they've been building. Marty says we have the votes even if Betty uses a power and Moose goes up. Gino says don't tell anyone today, let's confirm with the five first.Marty hopes he can fix things with Summer so they only got to worry about the three. Marty says he thinks at this point he wants to blindside Hermon. He thinks it'll be really good tv. Gino says ok, let's confirm with the five. Marty says he hopes Gino still wants a final four with him, and they can decide from there.

Hal/Marty in pantry. Sum told Kev she’s scared to go OTB so that’s why she wants to talk to him.He just wants her to admit & fix this & build Smarty2.0.He doesn’t care if she played him just like he said sorry to G&now they’re rebuilding. Hal says with G we can take Herm

Marty is telling Summer she was always there for him since W1& that if what she’s telling him is true he will be the first to reach out &say sorry it’s his bad. He says maybe when I brought you in it wasn’t the right time because my bucket was really empty. Marty says after Josh/Betty trapped him to turn on his best buddy in the game for the 2nd time. He tells her about how he couldn’t hear Hal saying not to evict G. Sum has been listening but finally asks does he know who the 2nd person was?Marty says no. He says it’s all about getting even with Josh/Betty because Josh pulled him in&Betty did most of the talking.He can’t remember the whole meeting.He wanted to fix things with G rather than get Sum out. He wanted to walk out after they played him&he had to lie. Marty says he couldn’t keep lying to G. He says he was fighting like no tomorrow for HOH&in his head he was thinking of revenge cause he was so hurt even tho he cast the vote &it’s on him he believes he was manipulated.He thinks Betty saw he was down & took advantage. Marty says he couldn’t tell G it was him until he won a HOH so he could make it up to G.He came clean to him in the morning &he didnt have to do that because G believed Marty’s lie.When he brought Sum in HOH,he felt hurt when she said his name he’s not saying she did tho. Marty wants to build Smarty2.0. Sum starts to speak &is trying not to cry.She felt broken up with&he wanted to put her up because of it.She says that she knew how close Jess/Marty were so why would she do that?Sum said she was worried about Moose/Herm. Sum says she tries to be an honest person. She didn’t care if everyone voted out Josh but she was voting out Steph. She has played an honest game & it could hurt her game how honest she is.She was offended Jess is the truthful 1 to believe & she’s the liar. Sum says that Jess was jealous of all of Sum’s connections in the house including Marty.She says when you watch back the Wendy’s date,you’ll see I didn’t say your name.Sum didn’t like the way it was done & it got personal but she misses him&love is still there -feeds cut

Hal/Kev on blue coaches.Kev tells her that sometimes he thinks of them as Paras/Kaela because he’s cut throat &she is good socially.Hal says that nobody sees us as a duo expect Herm.Kev wants to bring Jace to F3 but it’s still far. Hal says Jace values their relationship. Hal says she has told Kev everything in the house&the 1 thing she regrets is throwing that vote to G&being petty& it’s created a lot of drama because Marty did it too.They both think they can beat Jace in F2.Josh told her that Sum/Betty prefer Herm to stay over Moose. Kev goes out to get his water bottle. Hal goes to warm her tea up. She turns off the oven that’s just on & she asks the cam, do these people wanna burn the house down???

Betty doesn’t want to be going out on a personal thing,that was the 1 thing in the house she had. Marty comes out to smudge just as Josh is asking Betty if she could ever apologize to Marty? They laugh& Josh helps Marty smudge &then Betty apologizes to Marty. Marty starts his story about turning on G again.Betty says the speech just hurt her feelings &she acted inappropriately &she’s sorry.He’s glad they’re having a chat&he wanted to.He says this is a game&hes honestly not fit to play this game& he’s so bad at it strategizing. Betty says he’s doing the best he can.Betty says she’s sorry for it &it felt personal&she forgives him. He says he’s sorry if he hurt her in anyway,he tried to say it the next morning too.Betty says it didn’t feel like game, it felt personal

Marty says when he heard the vote he wanted out because he felt played&thought it was snakey. This whole week is about getting revenge for that happened.Betty nodding.Marty says that Kevin Martin took Ika off &he played with his head&Marty plays with his heart

Kev/Hal/Gino discuss Marty possibly putting Herms up if Kevin uses the veto. Gino thinks it makes sense - Hal agrees, it would be a massive move. Hal asks Gino if he would be comfortable with it? He would -Herms is on the other side of the house, and Gino took out his #2

Hall tells Marty that Gino is down with the BD Hermon plan - Marty is surprised. He fills Hal in on his convo w/Summer - it went well. He also talked to Betty - this surprises Hal... Hal: Betty won't talk to me. She hates my guts. Marty no longer thinks J/B set him up. Marty worries about the votes for Hermon - Hal reminds him that Josh will be a vote and there's no way he keeps Hermon over Betty. Hal warns Marty to not tell Gino, Summer is willing to flip.

Summer fills Hal in on her talk with Marty - Summer drove the point home that she did not spend Wendy's w/Jess trying to get Marty OTB. Hal points out that she never thought it made sense. Summer wonders if Marty would put Gino up? Hal doesn't think so.Hal asks Summer not to tell Marty that Hal has her back. Summer tells Hal that at this point she's in no alliances and plans on keeping everything to herself. Hal still feels like shit about the T vote - Summer tells her not to worry about it.

JL telling Josh how good of a chance they have in the coming weeks if they're working together - they're getting close to having the votes, they just need 1 person.. maybe Betty? Josh thinks so - Betty pops off sometimes but she's logical. JL agrees. JL tells Josh that her and Betty used to talk a lot, but now, not at all. JL wonders if Betty thinks JL hates her, and that's not it at all - she needs to talk to Betty to clear the air. JL thinks they all need to get their shit together and start working smarter.

Summer tells Betty to start looking at Hal as an annoying co worker and see what happens. Betty doesn't like the way Hal moves and thinks she'll be gone soon - Summer doesn't think that will be the case. Betty points out that she apologized to Hal for being mean to her.

Marty tells Hermon that he can't see Kevin backstabbing him by using the veto, so one of his targets - Josh/Betty - will leave this week. Herms says that sounds good and they leave to work out. Herms cam talks - he's convinced that Betty has a power. Summer gets renomed, that's ok, he'll vote her out because he and Josh have F2. After the clip he notes that the showmance is a target, so is Moose - the house isn't looking at him. He might fucking win this game.

Herms tells Josh he thinks if a renom happens it will be Summer, it doesn't matter if Sum talked to Marty for hrs, Marty will still hold a grudge. Herms told Marty that if he's going to pull something this week, all Herms asks is that Marty tells him. Herms tells Josh that he's riding for their F2 - Josh doesn't have one with Betty right? Because he needs to pivot if he does. Josh confirms he doesn't. Josh also doesn't think B has a power - she was hysterical after she was put up. That wasn't acting.

Kevin tells Betty that he doesn't want her or Josh to go home this week. He's not 100% sure Marty would put the right person up if he did use it, so he'll have to work on that. Kev takes a minute to compose himself - this is a big moment. He needs Josh/Betty in the game.Kevin doesn't really see a route for him to win this game - but he sees one for Josh and a couple of other people he respects, Betty included. Kevin doesn't care what the house thinks of him, he's going to do whatever he needs to do for his game. Kevin points out that he hasn't talked game w/Herms in at least a week, other then Herms telling him to not use the veto. Kev tells her he's not promising anything, he needs to keep thinking - but he's not playing for himself anymore. Kevin tells Betty that she nailed it the other day - Kevin is an emotional wreck with a logical mind.

Marty tells Josh that he will be coming down in the veto ceremony and the person going up will be the target. Both he and Betty will be safe this week. Josh really appreciates it and will vote the way Marty wants. Marty hopes this helps repair things. Marty tells Josh that he can let Betty know she'll be safe this week. Josh thanks him and leaves HOH - goes right to Kevin, gives him a kiss on the cheek and walks away. Betty tells Josh that Kev is confusing because he's saying he may make the decision on the spot - Josh tells her not to say anything to Kev about her knowing Herms will be going up. Betty points out that Herms told Kev not to use it. Betty: yo, you're my actual bestie.

Marty let Betty know both her and Josh will be safe this week. When Marty leaves... Betty: wtf is going on in this house?! I can't get too excited. This guys going to save me because of Josh.

Betty muttering to herself about Josh - she can't believe that in 40 days she met her best friend and brother. That could hurt them though. She keeps repeating: he's the Breydon to my Austin. Betty: I told him (Marty) that I would be a vote in his corner... obviously lying.

Marty apologizes to Betty again - he was too in his head about the Gino/Jess vote situation, now that he's had time to think he realizes it wasn't malicious.

Josh lets Kevin know that Marty told Betty about Kev using the veto him. Kev is surprised by that and hopes Marty doesn't loose his mind between now and the veto ceremony.

JL and Hal are talking about Summer. They think she is throwing comps as part of her strategy. They say she's very intelligent and athletic.

Hal asks if it's the plan for sure (Herms BD) Kev says so far. It could change bc it's Marty. Hal fills him in that JL wants Summer out bc she's annoying her. Hal tells him she thinks Summer is throwing comps

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