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Live feed Big Brother Canada Sunday March 13!

Kyle asks Hermon if they even need 7 going forward. Hermon points out the do if one of them is HOH and there are 2 noms they need 3 for a vote. Kyle says Marty suggested putting up Josh but Kyle doesn't want to BD anyone this early bc then he'll be a BD.

Gino joins Kyle/Marty/Hermon in HOH. Kyle is exposing Savage7 to Marty in order to bring him in. He explains that the other side (Josh/Summer/Moose/T) he took a shot at the ceasefire at Moose. Kyle saying all he cares about are those guys & Marty trusts them.Kyle agrees that Marty is right that T has a soft spot for Moose & was cheering for him. Hermon says him/Josh are still mad at Moose so he doesn’t see them working together. Kyle say this is the messiest HOH ever (oh we know) Hermon says Betty won’t win a POV/HOH. He thinks they should bring Steph in too. Kyle says they don’t need the S7 anymore & Hermon agrees. Hermon says he loves Marty & he knows Josh is a threat. Hermon wants Kyle to check in with Josh & get a name. Hermon leaves HOH

Josh came in second in the POV. Betty says he did well. He was only one ball away. She asks how his wine with the boys was. Josh says it was annoying and he doesn't know how he got roped into it. Betty asks if they talked game Josh says no it was just stupid boy stuff. Weird interaction with Josh hearing the door open (as he's talking about Kyle) and then Kyle awkwardly coming in and leaving and then trying the other two doors in that hall. And then Josh rechecks the door after. Betty says once the POV is done Kyle's reign as HOH is over. She says if she stays this week and as long as Gino and Marty doesn't win she thinks she's good. She says it's not woe is me at all. She's in a position to fight for herself again. Betty cont. she is going to fight for herself but she's not going to grovel to those boys. She thinks she's better for people's games over Steph. People don't know where Steph's head is at. Josh says he doesn't know why Kyle is going to such lengths Betty to put me up?. Josh no to do what he's doing Betty says she's tried to talk with him. She says clearly Jess has a deal with him bc they're safe and the guys are safe. Josh says he thinks it's Steph's time (to go).Betty says Steph told Jace she doesn't have to campaign to her but she's going to tell everyone she's bc she's good at competitions and she's a fierce fighter. Jace told Betty "this b*tch thinks that she doesn't have to campaign to me". Betty says she's going to play up to Jace that people think her and Steph are a pair. She says if she has Jace's vote that would really seal the deal. She says she thinks Kyle might put Herms up for some reason Josh-I don't know. He says he's running rogue right now. Betty says word on the street was he's going to put up Herms or Moose Josh says well he already put Moose up he still wants to now why Betty says apparently Moose took a shot and ostracized him from the alliance. Josh& Betty talk about Steph not talking game with anyone

Jace, Gino, Kyle meet in HOH Kyle-We find ourselves in a bit of a situation. I find myself in a bit of a situation. Jace-yup Kyle says he's thinking it might be better for Steph to stay since Moose is staying. If they send Betty home then Steph&Moose can both be targets.Jace asks if he trust Hermon and if he's still with Moose Kyle says he isn't. He says they need to keep targets especially with a double coming up in a couple of weeks. Jace says Steph is talking like she's staying and still talking game. So she'd be loyal to them. Kyle says Betty is a number for a lot of other people. He says people have come up to him and said they're keeping Betty bc she's a # for them. Kyle thinks they have the numbers to keep Steph though. He says targets that are ahead of them are Jess, Steph, Moose. Hermon comes in HOH Kyle tells him they need 6. He asks what he thinks of Kev as a 6th with them and Marty Hermon says he told him what he thinks about Kev. He told Kev he wasn't his target and ask Kev if Herm was a target for him. Kev said let me think about it. Hermon says Marty would have to be in here for this. Kyle says I know but you just popped your head into it. Hermon says it's Marty's game and he would love to be in a room with Kevin to hear it from him. Hermon leaves.

Steph comes into HOH with Kyle and Jace. Kyle tells her Hermon is in the BR. Jace says they're talking about who's going up Kyle-Betty obvioulsy Steph asks if she knows Kyle says no but Steph says yah she said after veto she was going up. Kyle say he's going to go find Betty after this and tell her she's going up. He says as a nom he doesn't want to share info bc she is campaigning Steph says she has her campaign against Betty. She says it scares her a little bc it's Betty. Kyle says he knows but he doesn't want to say much he doesn't have a vote Steph-unless it's a tie Kyle says if it's a tie he would send Betty out

Kyle tells Betty he's putting her up. He says he did say this was the only way she'd go up Betty asked if he's thinking of it in terms of who he wants out. Kyle says no not yet. He give her his new spiel of he's not sharing to much as to not back himself into a corner. Betty tells Kyle she respects him being direct with her. She says she is good for his game. She's not going to spew about anyone's character. Kyle says he told Steph Betty was going up and she asked him to tell her when he told Betty so she can talk with her and she said she wouldn't be targeting Betty's character.

Kyle says this happens every year & it's why he loves this show There's a big alliance at the start and then by week 3 you realize some don't gel He's good not having the 7 anymore and having the Jace the 4 guys and Kev GIno says they have to make sure they have Kev.b Gino says they have to make sure they have the numbers to get Betty out Kev comes over. Kyle tells him they need to meet in a room later on to talk about some numbers. He lists them, Jace, Marty and Hermon Kev says if they can't get everyone they can meet separate. Kyle says he and Gino need to talk bc they haven't yet and he needs to meet with Hermon bc Hermon needs to hear from him bc Hermon is a little skeptical after Kevin and he talked about who he would put up if he won.

Marty-I trust Steph more at this point over Betty Jess-You said, "I'm not going to be puppeted by anyone," I'm reminding u of that Marty-I know I'm at the bottom of the 4. I went to bed pissed last night Jess-Moose said that he wasn't going to go after Kyle or be bitter. Jess-Now I can't trust a word Moose says. Marty-At the beginning there was a thing for protection with Me, Kyle, Gino, & Moose but, I said on day 2 I couldn't trust Moose. Idk where Josh is, do you know?. Marty-I trust you, Kyle, & Gino, that's it! I went to him last night & told him, I didn't like this before bed. What is he doing, at first it was Betty, then it was Stephanie, then it was Moose, who's next me? I told him, as soon as you know, fucking let me know!.Marty-I'm telling you this because I trust you, this was a 22 year old kid trying to play this. You can't play the whole game with 1 HOH. He took a shot at Moose and he missed. Marty-Today, I have no idea what he's going to do. It could be anyone going up there! Jess-Everyone feels that way btw, you're not alone. The whole house. Jess giving Marty a pep talk for no apparent reason Jess leaves Marty to cams-I talk to Jess like that to try to build some trust w/ other side, I know what I'm doing. He gets in trouble for playin w/Mic Kyle overplayed this week, we were good, now we're in a bad spot

**Alliance Alert** Kevin tells Hermon that they have a couple things in common. He pitches a 2 as "The Comedians" Hermon-ok, where is this coming from? Kev-You're playing dangerously & I don't want you to get caught. I need you here. Hermon-I don't think I'm playing dangerously but, if you see it that way. I want to make sure I'm not Kev-You are, I need you here & I see it, But, I need you here How do you play the other side? Hermon-Are you thinking we bring in other ppl? Kev-Yeah like a group. Hermon-Where is this coming from, like I don't even know you. But, I'm down Kev-When we're in other convo's w/ppl we defend each other Hermon-I'm down & I like the name, I'll fuck with it. I get it so, we defend each other in convos. I'm down, I got it, I'm down. Hermon leaves to get Marty to hang out with them Kev says to the cams-that might've been a winning move or a losing move.

Hermon returns to outside. Kyle shortly follows. General chit chat.

Kyle asks if Kev & Hermon are willing to lock something in and go all the way. Kyle also includes Jace & Gino in this group who aren't present. Kyle-We're at that point of the game where ya know, we gotta set it up. There's going to be doubles & stuff we can't control Stephanie comes outside to join the hot tub crew. Hot tub crew is talking about the scenes on the walls outside & what season & scenario they're from

Summer is venting to T about having to commit to so many alliances with Kyle. Kyle is a fucking joke. T-So, what do we do? We need to talk to Moose Summer-I don't know if we told Herm what we were thinking. I know Herm was trying to solidify something with Kev. Summer isn't a Kyle fan. Tynesha is going back to all her interaction with Marty & saying that he was baiting her for info. T is pissed at Marty & Summer is pissed at Kyle. T-I've never asked anyone who they're working with!! Summer-No, We're just trying to stay off the block, get each other off the block & votes, that's it!!!! T-U know we can just blame the 7 on Kyle if it comes back. We'll just say it was a thing he approached us with. Summer-He wants Stephanie to stay. I'm like, "You're lost in the sauce." If he thinks she won't backstab him next week he's lost. T agrees. Summer leaves to get pancakes.

Betty is explaining her convo w/Kyle to Heleena, Summer, & Kev. Betty is pitching to Summer & Heleena. I will never act like that. I have your back until the end. Do you think this girl is going to act like this next week? Hell no. She told me her entire campaign. Summer advises Betty to focus on herself & what she has to offer not against her (Stephanie) Betty, I am unwavering, do you think that B, I gotta stop calling her that. If another guy comes to her next week?! I'm not just going to be like, "Hey guys I'm making pasta". Heleena-I want you in this game! I want to ride it out with you. You need to pitch. Don't repeat this. At first she wanted Stephanie to stay then she was on the Steph leaving train. So you really gotta work Heleena grabs Betty by the shoulders "I need u in this game.

After Heleena's pep talk. Betty says she needs to refocus and figure this out. Hermon comes into the bathroom, he's going in the hot tub. Betty tells him she'd like to chat with him later.

Betty is pitching to Jace. Jace-When Steph went up I was like, "Oh," maybe my game would be better without her. She's going around saying that she's staying this week. She doesn't even campaign Betty tells her that Steph doesn't defend Jace if her name is dropped.

Tynesha is very upset telling Moose that ppl have used her child to try to get close to her Moose tells her he's sorry for whoever made her feel that way T-The moment we had our 7, I felt good about it, now Idk. I'm comfortable. I just trust ppl who I rock with. M-Because think about it, do you trust Kyle & Gino to be part of the 7 now? T-No M-So, there's a bigger pic, that caused me to have mistrust w/u & other ppl. I was trying to see the bigger picture T-I know, I keep trying to see it M-Me too,. M-sometimes your looking for a bigger picture but, sometimes there's just not. Summer enters. Tynesha recaps the convo that she & Moose were having about, ppl using Sienna to get to her. T explained that she was crying, so they brought the convo into Expedia. Summer gives her a hug. Moose explaining his game to T & Summer They all are disappointed about Kyle breaking up the 7. Moose asks to reconcile the relationship with T & Summer. They agree He apologizes

Marty tells Kevin he was pissed at Kyle - he didn't even run his noms past him, and they were stupid noms at that. He should have put Betty/Moose up - now Steph is probably going to go and that was a number for them.

Betty and Marty talk - Betty points out that she's going up, Marty thanks her for telling him cause his best friend Kyle didn't. Betty assures him that he is safe with her, and she's close with Josh - so he'll also have safety with him. She's extending an olive branch.

Kyle/Jess chatting - he gives his reasoning for Betty going home - a perennial nom that they would go home beside. Jess points out that this is the exact opposite of what Kyle said yesterday. Kyle-This is a personal choice for me. If Stephanie stays, her anger would be directed at Moose. Someone like u, would find yourself further down the list for a double Jess-K, Sure. Jess-My issue w/Steph, is she would go with the house & the house wants me up Kyle-But, the house this week is ME. I've been telling ppl that ur on an island & blah blah blah Jess-I'm still thinking of the skittles thing u showed me Kyle-well, I'm not worried about it. Kyle-I know ur close w/Josh..because ppl are pitching me to backdoor Josh this week. Would u vote for Josh if he was up? Jess-Are you putting Josh up this week? Kyle-No, I already told Betty she was going up. Jess-I think Josh would be a player who remembers if you don't put them on the block & with me, I have that agency. I'm still wondering where that vote came from Kyle-I heard, Hermon, I heard T, the rogue vote doesn't matter anymore. I think the house is over it. Jess-I just mean as far as who you want to go home this week. You might not have that number you think you do. Jess-I don't have agency with Steph & I think she's coming after me Kyle-Steph is going after the girls first, T is her big target Jess-Then T is off the table if that's her target Kyle-This was really good. Let's circle around tonight or tomorrow & study. Jess-I'm just wondering where your arrow is pointed, at Betty? Kyle-Yes, (metaphors are flying losing fingers, feet, & loading guns blah blah blah) Steph would always be a number for me, Betty would never target Moose Jess-I'm worried that u might've lost trust w/ppl.

Marty tells Jess & Summer he feels uneasy Jess-Moose winning wasn't great. Kyle doesn't want to rock the boat. He thinks Betty is an easy option so, that's where we're at Summer-I think he just needs to calm down. He said, "It's not easy to run a house" & it's like. Marty-At this point my head is like so...for Moose was all over the place until this. I didn't think this was the week to do it but. Summer-yeah, nonsense Jess-You talk to Kyle today Summer-Did I? I think I talked to him once but, I thought I should stop talking to ppl. Summer-I should stop threatening ppl. But, if you want to take a shot, I'm ready. I know he said Betty was going up. But, to me it's a big ol' lie. I feel it. I have my faith, and if the whole village wants to come for me I'm ready. I'm here for it. Jess-Yeah, I'm having a hard time trusting why u went for Moose so hard & then end up at Betty. That's what half the convo was about, is making sure my butt doesn't end up in that seat. Jess-Are you working with Moose? Summer-He has to earn my trust Jess-I know it's not my job to talk for Kyle but, in this case I feel like I should apologize for him making you feel like this (To Marty)

Steph talks with Kev and Marty. She says she's been having conversations with people and she still needs to talk to both of them. Marty says there's time Steph says she'll wait until after the renom, there's been whispers but Marty says they'll definitely talk.

Jess tells Josh they (either of them) have to win HOH this week. Jess says Kyle thinks he's running this game but he's not. He should just tell him what he wants to wear. Jess says whoever is up against Steph may go bc they may have the votes to keep Steph.

Jace asks Gino if Moose was part of the boys alliance. Gino says there wasn't one Ginos says there wasn't one. Jace asks what the name was Gino says there is no name. Lots of people are delusional Jace asks if they can trust Kyle Gino says yes he's very methodical.

Herm says 1 of them or the girls need to win or this was for f*cking nothing He says Kyle is a f*cking psychopath &he can't even be in a room with him bc you have to stroke his ego Summer says he has to be good until noms Herm says he'll be good after bc its a weird week.

Summer tells Hermon she has trust in Kevin and she told him but told him not to tell anyone or he'll ruin it. Hermon says you can't threaten people Summer says he didn't threaten him she just gave him notice. Hermon says he hasn't talked to Steph yet. Summer asks so they didn't talk game when they kicked her out of Expedia Hermon says they just talked bc she was devastated. Hermon tells Josh that someone in their room need to win HOH bc the guys keep commenting how physical Josh is.

Marty tells Kevin that he (?) didn't come talk to him when he knew he was going to the Expedia room. So that shows where his head is at. Kev says they'll talk after veto. Marty says it's supposed to be Betty as far as he knows.

Kyle joins Marty and Kev Kyle says he thinks he's good this week with the 6 and they can get Betty out Marty asks that Betty is the plan Kyle says yes Marty comments this isn't a good place to talk Kyle suggests outside Marty says it doesn't matter. Marty says he has to trust Kyle and it pissed him off Kevin says I'll leave you guys Marty says he was mad last night bc he walked into the meeting and said what the f*ck is this so he went to bed mad last night then this morning with Betty was mad again. Marty tells Kyle he would have put up Betty and Moose right away. He says Summer and T were cheering on Moose in the comp and they always defend Betty when he talks about her. Marty says if Jess turns on Kyle then he won't have the votes.

Kev and Jess talking about who is working with who. Kev says the 6 is Steph, Gino, Jace, Hermon, Moose, Kyle Jess says Kyle thinks he has them and Kev Kev here's someone coming. Its Summer Jess pretends she's trying to get Kev not to be mad at her.

Kyle says he put Steph up bc he needed someone strong in POV Marty says she couldn't even throw a ball halfway Kyle says he knows he f*cked up Marty says he took a f*cking big swing at Jay last week and now this week they're leaving a guy that's a big competitor in. Marty mentions putting up Josh bc he's close to Betty even though he says he isn't Kyle says he doesn't know if they have the votes for Josh. Kyle counts out votes and thinks they may have enough for a tie and he breaks it. Kyle saying "What a fucking messy HOH. Fuck" Kyle & Marty discussing who they would have if they get Josh out and keep Steph. Marty says if they get Betty out this week, Josh will be mad bc they are close. Then Josh could win HOH next week and come after them. But if they get rid of Josh this week Betty may not win. Kyle listening hard to Marty's pitch to get Josh out instead of Betty Kyle says he's giving him a good perspective. He says Canada can see he's an emotional player.

Kevin telling Summer to be careful w/ Hermon. She says she’s riding by him. Knows he’ll be the one to shake up the game. Says they need female energy in the HOH room. Kevin agrees & says the right female. Kyle tells Hermon he was telling Marty that he doesn't want his HOH to be a waste getting the worst player out. He wants Canada to see him make a big move and do the BD. Hermon-ahhhh Kyle alludes it's Josh Hermon-hmmm Kyle says he needs only Hal or Jess if he has Herms.

Josh says he trust T and Summer Jess says they're worried Kyle says they're going after them. They say he needs to diffuse that Josh-oh no they know Jess-they know that for sure Josh-yah Jess-good. bc that's a rumor that needs to be destroyed.

Moose says he’s done telling ppl what he will do until he’s in a position of power. Says he wants to play things smart. Says he told Kyle that he’s not necessarily coming for his head right away if he won power.

Kyle says “you want a villain?” Jacey says Josh’s allies will come for him. Kyle thinks there side has powerhouses.

Haleena-I can't blindly give you my trust when you keep changing it, first it was Betty, then it was Steph, then it was Moose, I can't just give you my vote without blindly knowing. Kyle-this morning Betty asked if she was going to be the replacement nom. I wasn't even awake yet. I have to think of my game. When Moose came in, I realized this was bigger Haleena-I understand it was a snap decision. Kyle-I didn't come here to send Betty or Steph home.Haleena-Who are the top contenders? Kyle-I don't know if I want to say just yet. IDK if you're like friends with this person & then you go with them & say you're done with Kyle Haleena-I get that it's a game. I'm fine Kyle-Between T, Summer, or Josh H-That's a big move. Kyle-This was my dream & I can't count on winning another HOH. That's not how you play this game. I need to start playing this game, not like summer camp H-when it's locked in, come tell me & I'll respect it. It might be good for my game, might not be. I'll respect it.Kyle-I gotta make sure the votes are locked before I do this. Otherwise can you imagine, I put up my noms, replace nom, switch my noms, & then my target doesn't even go home. Can you imagine? Kyle-This whole idea of it being summer camp is just. Yeah, no. Can I at least ask you not to say anything? H-Yes, of course Kyle walks away H-OM friggin god. This guy thinks I'm fucking stupid. Summer camp, are you kidding me? I CANNOT

Kyle-Say what you want about her but, she keeps things to herself man. Kevin-but, she's so dumb though! Are you serious? Kyle-Yeah.Kyle-The biggest thing though is that we don't let this out. The backlash of this will be...ohhhh Kev-It's just BigBrother. I think either one Betty or Josh, Josh would be better, then we can steamroll Kyle-We need that last vote. Battlelines will be drawn

Hermon-I just want 1 F#%$@ing day with 1 decision. 1 day. GIno-I think it's a good decision. Hermon-Yesterday it was Betty, then it was Stephanie, then it was Moose, now it's this. I just don't know Marty-But, Betty is terrible at comps, Josh always comes this close.

Summer & Josh He can never be HOH again! They're strategizing, Josh refuses to let Betty go because this man messed up so bad! Summer-We'll put up Marty & Moose and Backdoor, we gotta get him out.

Summer-I want to be the one, so I can say my speech. Kyle can't play in the veto. Josh-This can't get out because then we're screwed Summer-I'm READY FOR THIS. I'm not afraid. We have to do it next week or your gone!

Kyle apologizes to Herms for this week - Herms is good, he logically understands the moves but wishes one decision was made and stuck to.. but he's still rocking with the 4. He knows the word right now is Josh - Kyle explains that they need 1 more vote, Jess - maybe Hal. Herms is down with the Josh plan, but only if the votes are there - if not it will be a catastrophe. This might be Kyles move, but it still puts a bit of blood on the guys hands. Herms is also pretty sure he can't sway Hal or Jess, someone else will have to do that.

Jess and Hermon talking in the BR. Jess says her face is really dry. Hermon says he has circles under his eyes. Steph and Kyle talking in HOH. He says he feels bad for everyone that was around him and for all the people that trust him this week.

Kyle tells Steph you sometimes have to ruin someone else's dream to achieve yours. Kyle calls BB an "extreme sport. It's the survival of the fittest". He's barely taking breathes between his thoughts. Steph tells Kyle he's done a great job with HOH. Kyle says that Marty came in very early this morning, before he was even awake and wanted to talk. Kyle sounds frustrated with that. They are both going to head down to the hot tub area. Steph won't be getting in.

Josh and Hal talking upstairs on the landing. Steph comes out of HOH and asks if they are going outside. Neither one wants to go. When Steph walks away Hal tells Josh that she has him no matter what. Josh is exhausted. Hal says something is gonna go down, he agrees.

Marty and Hal whispering in the red room. It's very hard to hear them. Marty is saying he wants to pull more people for numbers. Then they can go to the end and get rid of people like Kyle. He says he's scared of Josh so he needs to go now and that Jess is with them.

Hal is nervous about getting rid of Josh and tells Marty not to push it with Kyle and the guys. Marty tells her that the guys are all in. She says OK. Kyle and Jess talking on the BY couches. He's kind of reiterating some of his convo with Steph. Telling her he's tired

Jess asks Kyle if he regrets not telling Moose directly he was going up and he says no. She asks if he regrets putting him right up and he says yes. He wishes he had BD'd him "things would be so much easier". Jess tells him to own his decisions.

Hal and Kevin talking in the bathroom. They are whispering really low and Hal runs the water at times. You can hear Hal tell him that Moose has been studying and knows everything. She says Kyle treats her like a child. Kevin wants to get fake fights going.

Kyle and Gino talking at the pool table. Kyle tells him he promised Hal F4. He says if they have to let her go in a few weeks then they do it but they tell her they are going to protect her going forward and they take her to F5. Kyle says they take Josh out this week.Gino says one of them HAS to win HOH this week or it will be an easy him, Kyle or Marty OTB easy.Gino says they need to be prepped for this convo and tells Kyle Moose needs to go right back up. Kyle agrees. Marty joins Kyle and Gino at the pool table. He whispering again, very hard to hear. He tells the guys that he's already talked to Hal about the F5 and agreed to it. Hermon walks over and convo stops.

Kevin alone in the purple room cam talking. He says "Day 16, the day we put the pieces together. I'm an underdog and I kinda love it. Rest? I got no rest today. A little bit of timing, a little bit of luck. I'm ready".

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