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Live feed Big Brother Canada Sunday March 20!

HGs waking up for the day.

Jess-We were both kinda forced to work together because of us being the oddballs. You told them that you liked having a showmance because of the experience? Kev-yeah, Jess-I wanna be their 3rd wheel. We can do this Kev. This is possible (Kev uses restroom)

Marty asks something that's hard to make out Summer says of course. then she says talk to her after bc it's hard to hear. They start talking about the letter she received in veto

Jace-My mom is totally watching right now. Good morning mom. I'm so sorry for what you're witnessing Gino-this is all your fault

Summer-what's wrong? Moose-nothing my throat just hurts Summer-your thumb? Moose-throat Summer-oh my god my whole body hurts. Marty made his bed before going to DR

Kevin comes in and says he's not feeling so well this morning Summer asks what's wrong Kevin says it's his stomach Summer asks if he wants water He says he already had some Summer-tea? He says no thanks.

Marty-how do I.. Jess-stop. They tells him to say they're friends and they need him and they have to try to earn trust and not be enemies. I said I was targeting you but.. Marty says that's what I'm going to do

Gino-I'm trying not to make it as messy as last week. Bc last week was a f*cking disaster. He says he's associated with it. He asks if he's heard his name being mentioned Herms says no. He's not painted with the same brush. He says people are looking at Kyle. Gino continues that his other move he has to make sure he has the numbers and he wants that person to go. He tells Herms he's safe Marty comes over and GIno says he knows he doesn't want to talk with him but can they talk after. Marty says yes he's going to go work out. Herms tells him if he hears any rumors he'll tell him Gino says he's heard rumors through Kyle Herms says he doesn't think people will feel comfortable telling him if they're going after Gino. He'll ask under the pretense of what they're thinking of next week

Moose-Being HOH, you almost have a 3rd nom in mind, the way this season is going. Gino-Yeah, I had a plan though before for that reason. This job isn't easy! They leave to talk in private in HOH. Gino-I'm hearing my name and wondering where it's coming from. Do u know, have u heard anything? Moose-about you, no Gino-I have a replacement nom in mind. I'm trying to get the floaters out of the house but, with my name being brought up. Moose-Here's what I'll say, Moose (con't)-I will say that the house still sees you & Kyle as extremely tight. Gino-If Jess goes home, I'm ok with it. Moose-Same Gino-Seems like a lot of ppl feel that way. I like Jess we've talked, & Moose-Oh, I know me too. Gino-I'm trying to figure out who best to put up, with my name being brought up Moose-You can put up a pawn to ensure Jess leaves, or another person who you want to target it's up to you. Moose-If you do put up another target. A sand in the line will be drawn. I will tell you you're safe with me. I already have thought about who I'd put up if I won HOH & it's not you. Gino-I'm trying to figure out if me & Kyle were OTB together, who would go? During a dbl or whatever next week Moose-I think you'd be alright. That's the vibe in the house. Even though your a threat, ppl want Kyle out I think if you put anyone up next to Jess, they'd go. Gino & Moose wrap up their talk and go downstairs to the kitchen

Gino, Marty and Moose get some fresh air.

Jess comes out. Everyone goes back in Jess-Everyone's running away? k bye. Marty says he's just going to put pants on. Jess-weird scatter.

Kev says there are a lot of people who want him out so they'll be in his ear Betty-like who? She says she hasn't heard of anyone wanting him out and he doesn't have a good read Kev says he hopes that's true.

Kyle-It doesn't sound like you want to rebuild a relationship with me now? Marty-I went to that side, and then to go back to you just doesn't make sense Kyle-These ppl are using you! Marty-If I go home because of it, then I go home.

Marty-If I go home, I fucking go home! That's why I was so fucking happy I won that veto! I know that this side I'm working with is going to break up eventually, I'm not stupid. I don't want to be a fucking rat! Kyle is incredibly frustrated K-Your not a rat Marty. Kyle-You're that sides biggest asset. If you win HOH next week Marty, U don't think they'll turn on you? Marty-If I win, I will reevaluate. I'm not with everyone on that side. I want to look myself in the mirror when I leave. I needed to win, I know I would've went home. Kyle-I still don't understand, so, ur turning ur back on the ppl that had ur back? Marty-I'm not turning my back, I hope we can work together in the future. I'm not friends with everyone on that side. My HOH, I will decide, if I win. There's other options Kyle-I know.

Summer-I'm assuming that who won was what you wanted to happen. Gino-Yeah, I had a game plan of who's going up but, now I'm not sure. I'm guilty by association with Kyle, if I'm OTB with him who would stay? Summe-Oh, U would have my vote. I have sway in this house. Summer-I consider your muscles fluff, not a threat. I think Kyle would go home 1000%! G-Really? Summer-If you go the disassociation route then ur likeliness of going up goes way down. The house wants Kyle up & out. G-Do you think it's possible to rebuild something, like I know the honeybunch dissipated but, we can work together. We share info with each other all ready. You're friends with everyone in the house. Summer-Oh yeah, absolutely. I can see it being a thing, depending on. S-what you decide to do. I respect ur decision. I don't see you as someone I have to worry about. What are you willing to lose in order to gain. As long as you're associated with that person, it will be hard to trust Gi-Yeah, I get that & that's what I'm trying to do

Jace-I understand why you didn't tell me last week & blow up the spot but, how do you feel this week? I know you said you feel isolated Haleena-Yeah Kinda Gino joins asks Haleena if she wants to talk. Jess joins and they talk about their earrings

Jace-I never have spoken badly about you, I divert the convo if your name comes up. I say, "that's someone you can sway, she's not with anyone." I'm not with anyone besides Gino, my game was blown up Haleena-I wasn't on a side. It was Kyle & Steph never talked to me. Jace-That side is doing a good job of getting in ppls heads though Haleena-1000%. Jace-I feel like Betty is someone who can plow through this game. Part of a 3 headed monster Haleena-Since we're dropping names. T is so smart, you don't even know! She is so good at this game. Haleena-The other person who I don't trust is the other "H" He tried to pin all this on everyone else. Slander! I'm grossed out, the shit that he was saying. Comes to me....sidetracked then intrerrupted by summer.

Jess trusts Marty Josh-Really? Jess-absolutely. But, he'll need to be managed. My only options right now are Moose or Hermon sitting next to me. They've been grooming Gino, and I feel like, I'm hoping Gino sees that.

Haleena Gino convo Haleena-Hermon is so flippy floppy, it's seriously a problem. Hermon came to me & said that he was voting for Josh to stay and blaming someone else. Just Slander! Granted Steph did lie to me. Kyle never asked me about Josh going up.

Gino & Marty French Josh's name is dropped Haleena brought to me, that Josh was coming for me, I found out that was not true. The only thing she said, was be careful with Josh after I said, "I think I'm good with Josh". Marty-Jess is pressuring me to get Hermon OTB. Kyle is always interrupting or standing right there, so I ask "Kyle can I help you? I can't trust him! More French They agree Josh is a good person Gino trusts him. Gino tells Marty about the 2 headed dragon, T, Moose, Betty, & Summer is in there What if Kyle were to see the block? More french. Marty brought up the Josh respecting his elders thing. Marty-I know when ppl are on the block they act different.

It looks like big brother put all of the HGs on slop and they are not enjoying it.the HGs are discussing how to make the slop edible. by using syrup and condiments.

Marty and Jess are talking who might be renomed in Marty's place. Jess thinks Betty makes the best option. Marty says everyone is gunning for Kyle. Jess says that Kyle is a number for their side.Jess says that people won't even sit next to them socially and thanks Marty for still talking to them. they don't know if people are staying aways from them bc of game or bc of them. Jess and Marty enter the money bedroom and discuss how many dollar signs are on the walls. the Jess says they don't trust Betty bc she fawns over whoever she needs too to stay.

Gino and Jacey-Lynn are in the HOH, she tells him that he had to take his shot and then start talking about how bad slop is, Jacey-Lynn the slop made her cry. Gino says it's not that bad, the cold showers are going to be hard. Jacey-Lynn and Gino are discussing Summer and that she has eyes and ears all over the house... with intermitted kisses.Gino tries slop and says it's not that bad its just like oatmeal. Jacey-Lynn says its nothing like oatmeal. Jacey-Lyn is not sure how to use salty condiments in slop.

Gino tells Josh why Marty ended up on the block, bc he felt that Marty backstabbed him and disrespected him. But they talked and fixed things after the POV and now Gino feels good working with Marty going forward. Gino and Josh are talking in the HOH. Gino says he doesn't know who Josh is working with but he would like to work with him moving forward. Josh says he likes that had has always respected how Gino carries himself. Gino says that during their Wendy's date he learned a lot about Joshes values and where he is coming from. Gino says he wants to use his HOH to rebuild relationships. Gino tells Josh that Jacey-Lynn wants to rebuild a relationship with him as well. Gino tells Josh that he knows that T, Moose, and Harmon have something going on and would like to target their alliance. Gino tells Josh that everyone is gunning for Kyle, so he thinks that is what he's going to do to show the house that he doesn't want to be associated with someone like that and discusses the optics of the situation. Gino finishes his convo w/Josh - only JL, Marty and Josh know that Gino will be putting Kyle up. Josh says he's down and he's excited. Gino plans to tell Kyle about 20 minutes before the ceremony tomorrow.

Jess tells Gino they want to see him and JL get to jury or win. They would hate to see them be targeted bc of Kyle's decision Gino says they're close but it sucks he has a target on his back bc of his actions. Jess feels he would actually accept his olive branch. They offered it to Hermon and he has done this (mimcs hitting themselves with it) and lied about it. They say 2 of his closest allies have seen the value in them and they want Gino to. Gino tells Jess he will give them a heads up about who is going up beside them and if it works out he would be open to discuss trust and numbers wise.

Marty joins the hot tub crew. Herms says he was just thinking that Marty won both endurance comps Marty says he worked hard before he got there. Wait until it's one where they have to hang on, they'll have to pry him off.

Betty trying the slop cookies-"I don't mind if it's burnt to be honest." eats some more "It tastes like puke." eats some more "I'm so hungry".She puts it back in the oven.

Jess-Did you get a chance to talk to Gino yet? T-I did Jess-How'd it go? T-I didn't get confirmation that I'm not going up.

Hermon does "the plane, like feeding a baby" to get Josh to eat a bite of slop. Josh spit the entire thing out, they're all cracking up. Josh is having a hard time with eating the slop & Hermon is having way to much fun about it.

Summer, Haleena & Betty are talking about the possibility of Kyle going up as replacement. Betty does it see it. Haleena & Summer are more optimistic Summer-He'd be the 1st unanimous vote Betty-I just don't see it. Summer-1000%, if he doesn't I'll make u slop cookies.

Betty-If you win, next week. Jess & Marty up backdoor Gino. Sorryyyy Or Jacey Lynne/Kevin, or this is assuming Kyle leaves this week Haleena-I feel like Marty can beat me at anything Betty-I know he works out more than anyone else in the house!

Hermon & Kyle are talking about the first steps of doing something. Like Kyle's podcast, etc. He loves it. Hermon enjoys seeing the success of his work as well

Betty-It would be ICONIC if he put him up (Kyle) Josh-Yeah. Betty-I feel like I might take a shot at Moose Josh-you think so? Betty-Maybe, we're cool with but he's strong. I'm just telling you that bc we're friends. Don't tell anyone. Betty-who knows I'm not even in power right now Josh says they always have to think ahead Betty-he's strong. Assuming you put up Marty and Jace. Marty would be a good choice. I don't know I'd have to figure it out. Jess comes over and talk stops.

Jess-alright the forever waiting Betty-for what? Jess-the replacement nominee Betty-did you talk to Kyle? I mean Gino Jess-yah Betty asks what was said Jess says there are 2 potential nominees. They don't know what his intentions are so they'll leave it at that. Betty says the people that she doesn't gel with are strategically not good for her game. Josh says even though it's 13 it seems like a lot loss Betty feels it's going to be a double this week Josh if this is a double then there's only 2 more evictions until jury. Betty tells Josh and Jess Marty could have won 2 grand if he took the box in the veto. Betty, Josh and Jess talking about when renoms are Josh says it's morning bc he found it in the morning he was going up Betty is shocked that Josh knew before he was going up. She asks who Josh says Kyle. He wanted to keep it quiet Jess asks if that was damage control. Josh tells them that Kyle asked him when they were all in the HOH room if he wanted to tell them. Jess says what bravado Betty says he wanted to be a savior. She says she'll start clapping if Kyle is renom. Betty tells Josh that Kyle told her he was putting him up bc he was handsome. Josh - what? She explains more that Kyle said if there was a handsome, physical threat next to me my chances aren't high. Jess leaves and says slop is getting to them. Betty says she doesn't know if it's a slop thing but Jess is getting on her nerves Josh laughs and says it may be a block thing. Betty says Jess is a great person though. She mentions that Jess is already paranoid and on slop it's more. She says they'd be an easy person to get out. Josh says brb and leaves.

Kevin and Josh talking in the red room. Josh says there's not many people in the house he trusts or listens to. Kevin says one of the guys is listening at all of the doors and prob just ran upstairs to the HOH now (Kyle?). Josh thinks Gino is giving him a break this week. Josh says Marty is one that he trusts but Marty "scares the shit out of me". Josh feels he wants to get closer to Haleena more. Kevin isn't sure about Betty because he doesn't know if she can keep a secret. Josh- "She'll have to".Kevin says he can't work with Jess long term. He wants to get her to stay for now so that they might be put OTB next to them and they go instead of either Josh or Kevin. Kevin is really pushing to start an alliance with Josh and others. He thinks they can flip the house.

JL and Jess talking in the purple room. JL tells them they are never the target and she's pushing hard for a diff target, "the one person I would like to see 100% go". JL tells Jess she will vote to keep her. Jess is telling JL that she knows the game well enough to know that showmances get targeted. Jess says they've had a target since the beginning because they won that comp and has come so close in others. Jess feels bad they didn't tell JL about the vote last week. JL says she feels like there are larger targets like Josh, JL, Gino and Jess. They could work together and take the house by storm. Jess tells JL she has caught people at least 3 times listening at doors to her convos. JL is shocked.

Kyle and Gino back up in the HOH room talking. Kyle asks him what his plan is. Gino says he wants to stay to the same plan and not getting things too bloody. Kyle is pushing to put Moose up because they think they have the votes to get him out. Gino tells Kyle he will think more about it tonight and he's talked out on game for the day. Kyle suggests he talks to JL about it all. Gino tells him they talk at night about everything. Kyle is going to talk to Josh tonight to see how important Jess is to his game. Kyle keeps talking to Gino finally gets up and goes to the HOH door to leave. Gino stops at the top of the stairs and Kyle keeps talking game. He tells Gino is doesn't get any easier being HOH. Gino heads downstairs and Kyle follows.

JL and Kevin talking on the chairs downstairs. JL is crying over being on slop and she tells BB "This is serious BB". She asks for just a raspberry tomorrow and says she's nauseous. JL is trying to stay casual but she's failed hard "and that's OK". JL is in the kitchen with Josh now. They are talking about slop and both say they've learned their lesson and JL says she won't say anything bad anymore. She doesn't think she can eat it. He looks at the things he can add to it. He doesn't like the options.

Kyle is in the kitchen trying to push his agenda with JL. She's telling him the same thing he told Gino in the HOH room a little while ago. JL saying "mhm". Cams change to Jess and Haleena in the Expedia Lounge. Jess is making sure it's not bad to sit with Haleena.

Haleena tells Jess that she wouldn't put Gino up if she won HOH. She says the perfect thing would be if Jess stays and Haleena wins HOH. Jess tells Haleena that they have had to play nice with Kyle because he doesn't know if he's playing with Gino or not. Jess says they think Gino is considering putting Kyle up because of the mess in the house due to Kyle. They think Marty trusts them and Gino is shooting somewhere else. Haleena says Hermon's eyes are everywhere. Hermon, Kevin and Kyle playing pool out back.

Gino and Josh are outside. Gino tells Josh he thinks he's following through with the plan to put Kyle up because everyone is so mad at him. He says he's trying to stay away from Marty for now too so people don't suspect they are together. Josh says it's perfect .Gino says he only has a handful of people he trusts and those are the people he wants to play with. He respects Marty and they are going to fix their relationship. Josh says that's good. Gino says Summer won't play with him because of Kyle. Gino says JL is the strongest girl in the house, Josh is a monster and Marty is a crazy man. He thinks they can win some comps here and there. T comes out to change out batteries.Gino asks Josh how he is with Haleena. They agree she's sweet and a good player. Gino says he told Jess he may have a bigger target but he didn't mention who. He says they notice what's going on on the other side of the house. "We have to play it smart and hard"

Marty is back outside alone. He's looking under the couches, more than likely for a power. He then heads inside to the SR and is reading the rule book.

Kyle asks Josh if he's OK to talk game and Josh says yes. Kyle asks where Jess is as far as the importance to Josh's game. Gino and JL talking in the HOH room. Gino is telling her he thinks he can get Summer back. Kyle and Josh talking. Kyle says he knows he's a total target next week. He tells Josh that Jess told him that Josh promised her his vote. He says he's trying to find out where everyone's relationships stand. He asks Josh where his relationship is with Moose. Josh says he hasn't talked game with Moose this week and he only trusts Jess to a point. Kyle is pushing that Jess is dangerous. Kyle tells him that Gino has been telling him he's afraid of his tie to Kyle in the house. Josh says Jess shouldn't be saying his vote is promised to them. Kyle says that if he goes up next week as a BD he still wants to shoot at the middle going forward and he can guarantee if he makes it to jury he will vote for the best game.

JL tells Gino that she's annoyed by Kyle. He won't leave her alone and he keeps trying to talk game with her. She says she just can't talk to him anymore. They discuss the convo Kyle had with both of them about Gino and Kyle going up together. JL thinks Kyle knows for sure that he's going up.

JL tells Gino he's making the big move. She says the house is probably saying that to each other. Kyle tells Josh that he promises not to put him up if he wins HOH and is not saying that to anyone else in the house but him.

Josh and Haleena talking in the bathroom. Josh says he just can't anymore with Kyle. Josh doesn't want to be left alone with him anymore. Jess enters the bathroom. Josh tells Jess that he told Kyle that they are a liability and that they don't talk much game.

Josh tells Jess that he is starting to feel the less they know the better. Haleena tells Josh that Kyle is trying to put 3rd party blame on her and he's trying to break up Josh and Marty.

Kyle and Jess talking in the kitchen. Jess tells him they think Gino has a bigger plan but she doesn't know who. Kyle says he thinks it's better for her to stay. They understand if he needs to vote her out for Gino's wishes.

Day has come to an end! We will see you again in the morning for more BB Fun Feeds BB-Lovers

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