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Live feed Big Brother Canada Sunday March 27!

Good morning everyone signing in to start of our BB day. Marty's making eggs. What are you having for breakfast?

Marty's eggs and bacon. Jess tells him not put the eggs on high, he'll have an omelette Marty-It's just for Hermon. It's not a big deal.

Marty is telling Hermon about his prank on Moose to get back at him for the mustard and ketchup prank. Hermon goes to check it out.

Jess tells Hermon they should chat today. They respect what he said after he won. They are proud of him. He should be proud of himself, he doesn't need them to be proud of him.

Kevin asks Jess how their life is going Jess says they're in the BB house and need to remind themselves of it. They say they do log in gestures in front of the showmance to pretend to be people watching at home. They say people watch us sleep. Marty is surprised

T/Gino and Moose are discussing deodorant T sometimes buys men's Gino says he used to buy women's bc he thinks it works better Moose agrees

Summer is mad at Kevin for using African Canadian vernacular. He interjected himself in a convo between her and Gino.

Moose has found his shoes. Moose-Marty! He begins untying them.

There are a pair of brown shoes in there with them that aren't Moose's Jess asks Kevin if they are his Kevin says if they were he would be going up and destroying Marty's bed. Herm-He's going to shift his mindset to pick off people that haven't done anything instead of other comp winners. Marty sees his point and has heard that from other people. Marty downplays his wins. He came in 3rd yesterday and with Santa he didn't have big competitors.

Jess is up & talking to the battery box about who the replacement nominee should be. Says The Siblings (Betty, Summer, T) haven’t shown loyalty to her and is aggravated at Betty for letting the Moose situation blow up

Herm tells Marty he was smart enough not to give names to Jess yesterday like Moose. He says Jess kept asking about the boys and why Gino didn't put him up. He told her he went to Gino right away and then to Marty. Jess asked what his relationship was with Marty. Herm says he was trying to create distance between them so he said the trust won't be the same as it was before until one of us can prove it when they're in power. He tells Marty he still trusts him. Herm says let's say we make it to week 6. They're are people who haven't won comps. He, Marty, and Jess have 2 comp wins and if they pick each other off then there could be a house of people with no comp wins. Marty tells Herms he has heard his name from people that Herm is close with. It would make him hard to work with him again. But he would like to get back together he doesn't think people would expect that Herm says the only time he said his name is when he just told him. Marty tells Herm he thinks people that are close with Herm is coming from him so it's hard to build trust Herm sees that but it's hard to give him a lot of info right now.

Jess-I'm undecided so people will tell me all the information possible Kevin says but you're pretty set Jess-yes I'm not a fool Kevin-which one Jess-what do you mean which one Kev makes a T symbol Jess ask who the other one is. Kevin-I don't know you listed like 5 people yesterday Jess says they'll talk later in this room.

Summer is mad at Kevin for using African Canadian vernacular. He interjected himself in a convo between her and Gino.

There are a pair of brown shoes in there with them that aren't Moose's Jess asks Kevin if they are his Kevin says if they were he would be going up and destroying Marty's bed. Herm-He's going to shift his mindset to pick off people that haven't done anything instead of other comp winners. Marty sees his point and has heard that from other people. Marty downplays his wins. He came in 3rd yesterday and with Santa he didn't have big competitors

Summer says when we had our discussion you didn't say no. She doesn't want them to be offended that she's unsure. She has faith & hope she's not involved and their moments are true. With the example of Kyle and Gino. Jess says they're tired of people saying Kyle to them. They want to spend the day getting info from people. and they don't want Summer to be worried or weird.

Summer is debating whether or not it's worth confronting him over Summer referring to 1st responders as "1st responders" Summer-It's a weird thing for him to get upset about, but that shows his privilege.

Josh checks on Jess to see how their HOH is going. Josh thinks Moose will go home regardless of the replacement nom. Jess feels they're important but overlooked. An easy backdoor, which is scary for them. Jess is complaining that ppl don't see her a comp threat just because they don't do yoga & work with ding bells all day. Josh explains to Jess that if they put someone up as a replacement who is viewed a comp threat, their probably going to go home. If they put up Kev, he's on ppls radar now, so he might go home too. Putting up someone who's not viewed as a threat like, T, Summer, Betty. Josh warns but, if Jess does put up someone like, T, Summer, or Betty they will be picking a side. Jess is frustrated that they want to play the middle not pick a side. Jess won't be putting up Marty or Josh. Josh suggests that they put up T, Summer, Betty, or Haleena then. Jess is frustrated that they want to play the middle not pick a side. Jess won't be putting up Marty or Josh. Josh suggests that they put up T, Summer, Betty, or Haleena then. Josh tells Jess that Betty has said that ppl are ostracizing Jess for no reason & Betty thinks its wrong. Betty is so honest. Josh gives Jess a pep talk, listing their wins. Kyle said, if Jess was to end up at final 2, he couldn't see voting for anyone else

Marty doesn't trust Josh anymore and neither does Jace, she told Gino not to trust him as well. Jace says that Betty has the biggest mouth of everyone in the house & can't be trusted. Marty agrees

Marty tells Jess he feels T is coming after him. Jess says they need to keep distance between them still bc people are pitching Marty's name to them still.

T tells Moose she thinks there's a way they can work Haleena on to the block instead of T/Summer/Betty as a pawn Moose says they would need to get Josh to talk to them but he's not sure how much Jess trusts Josh. Moose tells T to say to Betty that if Jess puts her up then she's coming for them. And if Betty understands that and has a convo with Jess to not put up T. And T should say if Betty condones this behavior (putting up T) then T can't trust her anymore.

Betty checks in. Betty says she knows people come in her alone. She is okay with going up as a pawn but wouldn't want that bc her name is floating around Jess says her name is being floated. Jess thinks if Josh won they'd be safe and if Hermon won Betty would be safe Betty says she's worried about Jess game right now Jess says but they want to go far with Betty. Betty says she's looking out for their game. They can trust Marty more than Herm. Betty says Gino, JL can shield them another week.

Jess asks Kev why he looks worried Kev says it's not game related Jess asks what it is Kev says he made a joke that made someone upset Jess says people think they're a wild card and don't know who they'll put up Kev says that's good. Jess says they way the 3 (summer/betty/t) of them are treating them today it's clear they're not as good with them Kevin says he hates this convo. With a cast that's this diverse he wants to base it on game and they're could be 2 people of color on the block. Jess says they didn't want a POC to go also. They say Josh is good for them. Josh, Haleena, Jess, and Kev are extras and that's good for them. They talk about putting T up. Kev asks if they want T to go Jess says they're not sure. Jess tells Kev that Summer said his name, so did Moose, and Betty said his name and Marty. Jess thinks that's so interesting that they think Jess isn't working w/ Kev and Marty. "I'm the nerd who says words ppl don't understand, why would I do what they tell me to do?"Jess points out that they do have an alliance w/ T, Summer, Betty - but Jess had to name it to solidify it, and Betty didn't even know what it was called. After their chats last night, it's pretty obvious they don't trust Jess.

T says she's letting go& relinquishing& whatever happens happens. She hopes the repor they've built with them will keep her off. But they assume she's close with Moose. She gets along with Moose but he said her name once so she won't lose sleep if he goes. Jess walks by. T tells Josh that Moose told her if he's up against Hal or Kev he feels he has the 5 votes. She says it breaks her heart. T says she's in a rock and a hard place bc she does't want to ruin their HOH or see a friend go. But she can take solace in the fact that Moose did say his name once. Josh has lots of mm hmmms.

Moose is talking to T about Betty have a secret power. He gives the scenario again that Betty is emotional and would be upset if people were saying they had a power if they didn't. He says Betty had the biggest smile o her face when she was on the phone.T asks where this is coming from. Why didn't he say it during pool? Moose says he was talking to Herms and Gino Moose says it's a fact T says it's not a fact. Its an assumption. She's not going to ask Betty about it but someone should.

T is pitching Gino as a renom - he's a big target and the house would be behind it. Plus it would cripple JL. Jess points out that they trusted T when it came to the Josh vote, but not Herms/Moose. Jess doesn't think they have enough pull with Hal to put her up and then repair that relationship. T gets it - but putting Hal up does the least damage in the house. Jess counters that Herms/Betty/Summer will vote to keep Moose. T disagrees. T just doesn't want Josh or Betty up - Jess agrees and notes Summer has already made it known that she it not a pawn shop. T is the only level headed one in the group. But Jess still wants to hear what ppl say - Gino/JL are promising the stars, who knows where Kev is. T knows that she'll get over it if she gets put up, but Summer/Betty would not appreciate Jess taking a shot at the siblings.. Jess points out that they would be taking a shot at Moose, not them. T thinks there's a chance she goes over Moose. Jess is worried putting Gino up will show they're working together - T points out that it has to happen so anyways. At the end of the day T doesn't want to go up, especially against Moose. If anything Hal/Kev would be the easiest to put up with no backlash. T notes that she never doubted it - Moose owed her - she and Herms have been tight from day 1. Jess worries about their resume making them a target - T points out if they got Gino out, plus comp wins = a winners resume.

T is retelling her chat with Jess -what names have been said. They've all said Kev but Betty points out Jess thinks he would leave. Hal should be the one, it would hide the mandems. Summer thinks it makes no sense that Jess wouldn't put Kev up. Either way, it can't be T. Summer thinks Jess has dug too deep with their HOH, they need to go sooner than expected - T/Betty agree, it would be a good BD option. Betty tells T about her fake secret power - she purposely making Gino/Herms think she has one.

Marty lets Jess know that he made up with Gino this morning - Jess is so happy about that - but Gino/Marty have to keep acting like it's not all good. Otherwise they look too powerful together.

Herms in HOH now - Herms: a lot has happened the past few days, but I'll talk veto - thanks for giving him the opportunity to play it. The handshake thing was thought of ahead of time - he wanted to make sure he got it in before he celebrated. Jess appreciated it. Jess points out that they never went to Kev about the Moose thing - Moose did. Jess told Betty because of Kyle talking poorly of her ability and Betty always being so real with them - they owed to Betty on a personal level. Hermon telling Jess that he’s not wanting to shoot at ppl who have proven themselves. Jess says them/Marty/Hermon have won 2 comps, the showmance has 2 wins between them. Would be open to a ceasefire. Jess appreciates Hermon showing this card. Herms tells Jess he's 95% sure he won't be coming for them next week. Jess can't offer safety as they won't be HOH but they can offer their vote. They agree to keep acting like they don't like each other.

Herms thinks Betty would be good at trivia... Haleena is 0-9 right now. Herms notes his didn't promise anything to Jess but they had a decent convo about not going after them for a week or 2. He's not trying to roll w/ppl who don't want to win comps.

Gino's plan coming in was to work with people who could win things and get rid of those who don't. But that exploded. Herms notes it's not too late, if things stay they way they are going it's going to be brutal. They agree the floaters are: Summer, Betty, Hal and Kev. Herms asks what Gino thinks about T/Josh? G knows T has said his name, but they've talked. Herms says take T out of it - what does he think of Josh? G isn't sure - Josh seems to be playing the middle and is an ear for a lot of ppl. Herms heard Kev might go up - maybe that's a better option than Moose? Gino isn't sure about that - Moose has said his name multiple times, he's sketchy game wise. Herms agrees - Kev next week then. Gino and Herms don't want a floater to take them out - Summer is a big floater to them, she doesn't do anything - she floats in and makes people make her food, or just takes their food. Doesn't do dishes etc. It's driving them nuts.

Gino in HOH - he tells Jess that he's good to work w/Marty. Jess thinks it's best - all of them have 2 wins under their belt, and no one suspects they're working together. G thinks the other side is: T, Betty, Summer and possibly Josh - Josh will go where the power is. G knows that side of the house has dropped his name often. Jess confirms a lot have this week. G points out he doesn't trust Moose - but he does trust Herms. Jess doesn't think it's necessarily sides, more like smaller groups. Jess is pretty sure they're a BD option now. G asks if Herms was the target? Jess says both H/M were but the target changes daily. The trust w/Moose is most likely gone - G points out that it was Moose who told him T said his name. Gino thinks if Jess want Moose gone, it has to be T. It will be unanimous. Anyone else? Gino doesn't see it. Gino tells Jess he thinks he could work w/Herms going forward... He tells Jess about wanting to work with strong players, not being taken out by a floater. Jess likes it. G tells Jess that he had the no floater plan talk w/Herms - o they shouldn't be worried about what Herms knows. Jess is more concerned about the other side will say about them not BDing Gino this week. G thinks they could play it like Jess knew K went up to save Jess.

Gino tells Jess that he had the no floater plan talk w/Herms - o they shouldn't be worried about what Herms knows. Jess is more concerned about the other side will say about them not BDing Gino this week. G thinks they could play it like Jess knew K went up to save Jess.

Jess tell Hal they're both in the middle - and it's a good thing as ppl need their votes. Jess asks why Hal brought up Kev week 2? Is there trust there? Hal thinks Kev is valuable in the game. Jess tells Hal about Herms/Gino wanting floaters to go. Jess asks how Hal feels w/ Josh? They're good, but they're not deep - they don't tell each others games. Jess tells Hal that last night, Summer and T pitched Hal as the replacement. They tried Marty and Kev first. Hal: I love that for them. Jess felt like T/Sum were tag teaming them last night trying to get other people up. They tried to push Gino as a resume builder... Jess: I already have a resume! Hal agrees Sum/T are tight, they told her they weren't going to say name, but obviously they did.

Jess wants T/Summer/Betty to sanction them putting T up. Knows Summer/Betty would be pissed. Feels that T would be a gamer enough to understand. Feels they’d ruin their HOH w/ anyone else going up. J says Gino said nice things about H.

Jess do you want a moderator for our conversation? S-do you want me to be real with you? I wasn't really paying attention. Jess-I'm so worried about the vote flipping and Moose staying S-Don't you have a short list? Jess-IDK. I want to check in on the Sibs Summer-Are you putting 1 of us up? Jess-I think so Summer-Am I that person? Jess-I'm thinking T, it hides the sibs & Moose goes. Summer-I think that'd be the end of the Sibs then. IDK how T would handle it, I know I'd be like woah. I'm not saying each person in the sibs would be done, like Betty but, it'd be over. Summer explaining that nominating T could be the end of SIBS. Summer tells Jess that T would be out of the Sibs as would she if one of them put them OTB.Summer explaining how labels put on her bother her, just how Jess has made clear labels bother them. Summer-I'd say kiss my ass, if I was in an alliance with you and you put me OTB, but that's me. Jess isn't comfortable putting up Haleena because they've heard too many ppl say her name. Summer promises that she will not flip. Jess-Moose is a competitor, he's lied, he's a threat. J-It's to our benefit that we ppl don't see us as working together. Summer-If this is part of your "we're not associated plan" to put one of us up, it's HELL TO THE NO with me. Summer masterfully pitches Kevin as pawn. Jess explaining that T is beloved in the house and there's no chance of a flip.Summer-You will have to deal with what happens after you put T up. Summer-You need to talk to T and say that you'd be comfortable to deflect as well. Jess-I can't get the 3 of us in a room. Summer would be uncomfortable on the block because of how she's viewed in the house. Unsure that the SIBS would still be a thing going forward Summer explains that she hasn't been doing affirmations Jess asks if she's hangry, etc.

T-I'm not going to be weird with you but, it will be in the back of my head though. I know Josh is a no way, & he shouldn't be. Neither is Betty, she's already been through that shit. But, Josh. T-If we're trying to build something why start off like this J-It's about strategy & getting Messy boots out of this house. Both Gino & Hermon want the floaters out.

T tells Moose that if she goes up and stays, there's no way she works with Jess going forward - this is really worst case scenario for them. Moose agrees, but respects the game play. Jess knew what they wanted to achieve this week and will make it happen.

Moose to cams- My time to leave is not now, I need you Canada, etc. Moose is looking for the help of the Canadian Family. He loves this country. Please Canada represent me this week on the vote

Jess feels like Moose was intentionally trying to rile them up in front of Betty. Jess thinks that triggered them to say things they didn't want to say. They said they had no other choice but to put Moose OTB. Talk breaks up. Moose "Vibes are still on 10"

Jess tells Marty & Kev that they have to figure out a way for Moose to go. Marty thinks he could go but, also wouldn't be surprised if Moose got the votes Kev asks if the convo from yesterday could just die. Jess-Moose won't let it die Jess has to cook dinner. Jess has to cook a macaroni dinner because it's around the house that, Jess never cooks".

Marty vents frustration with Jess not seeing how dumb it would be not to put up T. "Does Jess really think that T wants to work with them suddenly at this point in the game?" Kevin suggests he just talks to Jess & not yell. Yelling was what got Moose in trouble.

Jess goes to Expedia Beach to ask HG's about her macaroni dinner she's cooking. Gino is cooking a greek dinner. Jess offers to help GIno, he says he's good. Jess will cook macaroni dinner tomorrow

Jess finds Josh in the gym and tells him there has to be a way to get Moose to leave this week. Josh is uncomfortable talking about it in the gym so they venture outside. Jess doesn't want the vote to flip & doesn't want to put Josh up. Jess feels like ppl are being weird toward them. Josh-if you want to make sure Moose goes, you have to put up one of the girls. Jess doesn't want them salty, Josh they're going to be salty but get over it.

T-If I go up, I'm proclaiming war for sure! Summer feels like they've had their mind made up for awhile (Jess.) Now is just trying to get information out of ppl but, the problem with that, is ppl remember Hermon-Their power over me is gone! Can't do nothing to me now T-On eviction night, I'd say "PS, My name is not Tianna!" Betty-You should talk to Jess again T-I feel like I have nothing left to say to them Betty-You should though, maybe b4 bed, That this is your BB life, that you'd be like Summer, let them know that you never said their name. T-If you put me on the block & I survive, I will cook for everyone in the house, except for you. Summer-Don't shoot yourself in the foot, I'd rather you avoid the damn conversation Hermon-Who cares? It's 1 f-ing person. Betty-Why would you want to risk having all these ppl coming for you instead of just putting up Kev T-Here's the thing, we could probably flip the vote on them. But, I don't trust Moose as far as I can throw them.

Summer tells Betty that Jess slipped up in the conversation with Moose upstairs. When you say, "you don't remember the words, you remember the message" I don't believe it. Betty doesn't know how to interpret that Hermon thinks Jess added words that Moose didn't say. Hermon-If someone says that Moose said, "exasperated" I'd know you're full of shit. Betty-I'm sorry I handled it the way I did but, I just came out of the DR. Hermon-They didn't plan on that Betty-Now Moose & I are ok, but, if I would of held it in we wouldn't be. Summer is venting about the "First responder" comment that she made & Kev correcting her. That is his 2nd warning! Once he gets to 3, it's over. Summer-we all have a diverse friend group where some other ppl in this house don't. So they don't understand. Like when I was moisturizing Moose's hair & Kevin asked if he could be apart of it. They laugh Don't make it awkward Don't make it weird. Betty-Moose so you want to have a witness anytime you talk with Jess now? They laugh Summer-That was good. Only 1 red flag went up and it wasn't about you it was on them. Summer isn't a fan of the showmance. Asks if there's a showmance every year. T says yes. Betty says the real showmance of the year is Kev & Josh. Josh says he's fine with that.

Marty asks Kevin if he thinks Haleena is working both sides bc she was sitting with them. Kev shakes his head no. He tells Marty he thinks he's good with Jess Marty wants to talk with them. Kev says to go find them bc people are in their ear. Summer asks T if Jess gave her any good answers T-no. still going Summer thinks it will be T T says she knows Summer says told Jess Hey, do what you're going to do. I hope you're .. Betty -ready for the war. Just kidding Summer yah not war but Feeds cut.

Herms tells T that she's not up yet - anything can happen before the veto meeting... if he wakes up tomorrow and feels like his plan is the way to go - he's going to pull the trigger. Herm-I feel like Moose talks himself into bad situations T-he does. She doesn't think it's intentional. she thinks he has "verbal diarrhea sometimes". Herm tells T that of the original 4: Marty, Moose, Kyle Gino, Moose is the one the wanted to kick out and they did. Herm doesn't think Moose would say his name but he could make other mistakes that could be bad for Herm. He says it's a tough decision. T says if Jess isn't changing their mind and putting her up then Herm shouldn't talk to them. She says she appreciates him thinking of it. T says it's hilarious how much info Jess was trying to get. She says Jess was crying during their talk.

Herms talking more about his "plan" - he wants to know where Kev is game wise. T suggests he sit him down and ask him wtf he's doing. Herms thinks he'll have to do it, but needs to feel people out - he'll start with Gino. T asks who they prioritize next - Jess or Kev? They agree Kevin needs to go first. Herms says if he makes the promise - to not keep Moose, but he'll flip and the house will take out Kevin.. Herms could say he didn't know wtf happened, and Jess will keep going for Moose.

Herms is running the idea of Kev going up to Haleena - would Hal keep Moose or Kev in that situation? Moose - game wise he's too messy for Hal. Herms tells her he's just testing the waters - T think she's going up. Hal thinks it's between Hal/T/Kev.

Summer, T and Hal agree that Jess is obviously working w/ Kev, Gino,, JL and Marty. Jess can't come up with a decent reason not to nom said people. Summer thinks this is fine - if Jess wants to move like that, then they're a BD option. Haleena leaves - T points out to Summer that she called T and alliance member with Jess. Summer figures the alliance is dead anyway - who cares. Summer thinks Kev will hate Jess for putting T up - he loves the two of them. T agrees.

Haleena tells Marty about Hermon's plan to get Kevin up and to flip the vote to keep Moose.

Summer vents about Jess putting words in her mouth - Herms asks the room (Hal,Josh,Summer) if they want to keep or vote out Moose? None do. Summer tells them about her discussion with Jess earlier. Herms tells them if it's T going up, then he's not going to try w/Jess.

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