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Live feed Big Brother Canada Sunday March 6 !

Live feed Big Brother Canada Sunday March 6 !

HG's working out. Stephanie asks for a spot. Nobody offers. She points out that nobody will spot her, Kyle, "to be fair you only asked 2 people"Gino gets called to the DR mid pull up. Jess questions how much weight would it be on the bar if they put all the weights on. Kyle explains the different weights aren't for the bar. Jess tells Hermon to go easy on his legs today, then departs. Moose joins.

Summer suggests Moose asks for a bonnet for his hair at night. She then starts to lift weights and gets advice from Kyle & Hermon

Summer talking appetite with Hermon. Hermon suggests a protein shake after work out. Summer tells Gino she has a bad habit of snacking between sets. She does 10 push ups. Marty and Kyle have joined Moose, Gino, Hermon and Summer

Marty comments to Moose they should bring Josh in. Kyle says bringing Josh isn't a good idea bc they can't get rid of all the girls bc they will rally the girls. Moose says it doesn't have to be right now but maybe week 5 to get another number. He says he's good with him. Kyle says he'd rather bring in Haleena vs Josh. They'll have to get rid of a guy eventually and he'd rather take a shot at Josh vs Hermon. Marty says the next few targets should be Jace, Kevin, Betty Kyle says they have to eliminate pawns or they have no chance. They'll go vs a pawn if they're up.

Kyle asks who they should target next week bc they have to show their cards typically. Gino says Betty Kyle agrees. He says Moose was saying how bad Betty has been at comps. If she's on the block she'll have to show if she's capable and has been playing a game or not.

Kyle says he's built a little bit of trust with Jess but he'd be okay putting them up. Gino says he thinks they're playing a game. Kyle says Jess is a gamer Gino says if Jess wins they'll put up Hermon. Says Marty is good. ask Moose if he's close with Jess Marty says yes

Marty says he didn't talk game with Jess Kyle says the longer Jess is in the house the more dangerous they get especially if there is an obvious guy thing. He really likes them. He says they have to be conscious, especially him, that Jay is going to try to blow sh*t up. Gino says that if they can win the next 3 HOHs they're good. Moose says if Haleena wins next he thinks they are good.

Marty tells Jess that Kevin will be the renom "I need 6 votes. If he goes out on my HOH I'm pissed. Right now I think I'm good" He trusts Steph to vote Jay out. Jess "I'm grateful for you for respecting me & keeping me safe. I love you for it. Can't thank you enough"

Jess tells Marty they trust him, although they have "a 10% feeling like I could still be the nominee, because I'm an easy backdoor for anyone" Marty: "I'll try my best to keep you safe" Jess ends the convo "I have to pee & I have to eat & we need to not make it so long"

Jay and Marty are telling each other they respect the moves made this week - and going forward if Jay is there, and Marty doesn't end up going out on their HOH, maybe they end up working together. Marty knows why it looks like a guys alliance, but it's not the case. Jay understands that it might not be official, but it doesn't change the fact that the guys wouldn't put each other up. Marty hears what Jay's campaign is, and wants to put Steph up, but can't break his word. Marty tells them he thinks he has the numbers to get Jay out.

Kevin tells Betty he saw someone walk in and thought they looked fun and now he can't look at them. Betty is asking Kevin to build trust with her and tell her the first letter of the name of the person (he doesn't want to tell her the name) Kevin. Kevin tells Betty he needs her vote if he does this Betty says she can't promise that right now. She wants to be honest with him.

Kevin tells Betty he believes in her and wants to work with her. Betty says maybe her strategy is she wants to look like the weakest link so she can slay them all at the end. Kevin says he hasn't said that to anyone Betty asks if anyone has said that about her. Betty says she thinks people think she is trying her best. She goes through the comps and says why she had trouble with each. Betty tells Canada she's going to come back with the BK comeback Kevin says he likes the BK comeback Betty says they're an unexpected pair

Jay is asking where Haleenas head is at right now. She feels terrible about the situation that they’ve been put in & she feels bad for the feelings that they felt. Jay is hoping for Kev to go up against them & they have the votes to stay but not against anyone else

Jay says they can win an endurance & Kev can’t. They can help extend Haleenas game for 2 weeks at least & Jess is great at comps too. Haleena wonders if Marty has another target to put up instead of Kev. Haleena knows they’re the underdogs/not a cool kid. Jay says nobody wants a Paras win when everyone thinks she doesn’t deserve it. Haleena wants to play a good game for herself. People will have to cut people & she wants the title to say she won

Kevin talking to Haleena about Tynesha. Thinks she thinks she’s a genius. He’s worried about being a target next week. They’re taking about Hermon/Gino/Stephanie/Jacey trying to rope in Kyle? Haleena thinks Betty could not work with Jacey/Stephanie. Kevin brings up Josh’s name. Haleena retelling her convo to Moose. He was asking her who her ride or die is so she can take out his. Kevin says “he’s so messy.” Haleena/Kevin say they would put Moose on the block. Kevin thinks Hermon/Kyle/Gino/Tynesha/Summer. Haleena says she regrets telling Summer that she would prefer keeping Jay. Told Hermon she doesn’t believe there is a guys alliance. Kevin asks if Jay has anyone. Haleena says Betty won’t go against the house. Haleena says Marty would have put up Stephanie if Jay won veto. Haleena feels Jacey is mote impressionable than Stephanie. Haleena feels she’s able to be invisible. Kevin tells Haleena that it feels good to talk to someone as himself. Implies he doesn’t care who goes home as long as it isn’t one of them. Kevin talking about parts of the brain and how emotions/logic overlap. Kevin feels Josh would keep him. Haleena says she needs to work on Josh. Says they vibe together, but hasn’t touched base. Haleena says they have to get to the end. Kevin/Haleena agree on F2. Kevin says he would die in the house w/o Haleena. Kevin says they shouldn’t hang out more, Haleena feels bad. Haleena feels like Hermon thinks he’s running the house. Haleena/Kevin think Betty is a smart player. Kevin Tynesha/Summer think they control Betty/Haleena. Haleena doesn’t feel fully safe. Kevin/Haleena agrees Jessica staying is good for their game. Mentions Moose/Summer getting tired of Jessica. Kevin/Haleena both talk about how Jessica grew on them.

Kevin says Haleena/Jessica are smarter than him… Didn’t Kevin say something about taking out the ppl smarter than him? Kevin says he anticipated the first 3 weeks being bad for him. Says if they can get past this they can go far. They think Josh is a comp beast. I think Kevin/Haleena want to rope in Betty/Josh into an alliance. Kevin testing how well Haleena has been studying. Kevin says he’s kissing HOH ass. Kevin says Marty is studying hard. Kevin just hopes that Jay goes home. Kevin mentions Jay being close to the girls (Summer/Jacey?). Haleena says that Jacey said she has something with Kevin. Kevin says that’s just emotional manipulation. Kevin telling Haleena that Kyle thinks he controls him.

Haleena doesn’t believe Summer’s career. Kevin says he’s obsessed with her. Haleena says Moose/Stephanie piss her off. Haleena trying to plant seeds with Betty/Summer about targeting Stephanie. Haleena says she would be happy if either of them win, b/c it would be like “we did it.” Haleena brings up Jay staying. Haleena wants to get Marty to put up Stephanie so they can keep Jay to go after the boys. Haleena/Kevin would prefer Stephanie go home this week. Haleena is gonna try and manipulate Marty into putting her up it sounds. Look at Haleena/Kevin being little masterminds.

Haleena says she’s going to try to work Marty info going after Stephanie. She says Marty thinking if he misses his shot then he’s failed his HOH. Kevin mentions it’s the same if Stephanie or Jay stay for Marty. Haleena says if Kevin goes she’s right after him.

Haleena has no problem w/ ppl viewing her as a “floater” pretty sure she’s using the definition of a coaster.

Kevin wants to stay off the block. Feels it’d be nice to get a break. Haleena agrees. They suggest studying. Kevin says he has studied with Summer.

Haleena asking Kevin if anyone has mentioned her name. He says no. Haleena laughs that she’s invisible. Kevin says he came in harder than he wanted. They begin studying

Summer asks Kevin who he would put up if he won HOH. Kevin says not her or anyone she's working with. Summer says she's not looking to win soon but will put up Gino if he's still there. Kevin says he's worried about this week. Summer says Kevin is fine. He'll win more money Kevin asks if she thinks he'll survive if he goes up Summer says yah. She says things could flip but she's keeping him bc he's better for her mental health. Kevin asks if people want the drama. Summer says she loves drama Kevin says he'll set off drama when she wants.

Kevin tells Summer he knows she's talking game with people. She wants to know why he's saying that. He says he'd tell Arisa he would want Summer to go far for entertainment purposes. Summer-"We're not playing Big Brother Canadian Communictation".

Josh says Jace and Steph might roll with them if they know what Marty said to Jay yesterday. He does worry that Jace and Steph are close to the boys

Marty says he has something with Betty but he doesn't trust her. He says he's good with Summer and Tyneesha. She gave her word that it's time for Jay to go. Jay said they are going after Marty, Hermon, Kyle, Gino and Moose Kevin says Jay is with Moose. Marty says he's good with Moose. He's sketchy and goes around to people but he's good with him. Kevin says Moose will vote him out. Marty says he doesn't think he'll vote for Jay Kevin says if he does vote out Jay its bc of his relationship with Marty.

Haleena told Marty she wants to go with the house. He told Haleena he was putting up Kevin but if she wants to go with the house she should vote out Jay bc that's what the house wants. Marty told Kevin right before this he was good with Gino and Kyle for a long time. He's scared they may have something else on the side bc Marty was in the last group to go in so they may have already done something.

Kevin says it feels so good to just be himself... he tells Hal how he gets people to open up to him without saying anything. He says everyone thinks emotionally, and that needs to be played on. They have the upper hand because they think through things logically. Kevin tells Hal that Hermon, Kyle, Gino, T and Summer are working together. Hal fills Kev in on Marty potentially putting Steph up if Jay had won veto. Kev doesn't care who goes up, as long as it's not him or Hal. Kev points out that everyone thinks they can control him. Haleena and Kevin confirm their F2 - the house will be shooketh. Hal feels bad because she never hangs out with Kev, would it be suss if she did? Kev says yes, they'll hang out outside of the house.

Marty might break his word and put Betty up. They'd have the votes. Meanwhile, Kevin-How stupid are these ppl just going with the bedroom alliances??? SO F-ING stupid! Jess-I know! It's good for us! Marty goes through numbers of putting Betty up. He says, he would tell her that it's to ensure Jay goes home. If she's pissed she's pissed. Kyle-what's she going to do? She can't compete their way out of a paper bag

Summer is getting ready to go in the hot tub. Jess asks her how her study sessions ago. Summer says, good but, she's soooo tired. She might try to sneak in a nap outside

Josh expresses his worry for Kevin that he's been isolating all day. Kevin believes that the time is coming for them to do something special. Josh says he believes him and could cry, Kevin says he's going to cry too. Kevin-Jay when we get out of here we are going to be such good friends Jay-Yesssssss

Nightub party has begun

HG's in hot tub telling embarrassing stories. Tenesha starts to tell hers, and the feeds cut

Moose doesn't believe in embarrassing moments, embrace them, then feeds return and he tells a feed cut interrupted story about a girl at school & a quiz

After hearing a fire alarm outside & asking Gino what it means. Marty asks Gino if he gets calls for cats stuck in trees. Gino-all the time, actually one time they had to get a cat that was stuck in between the walls of the house.

Jess leaves the hot tub party. Heads to SR...feeds cut unclear if she's waiting for someone or looking for clues for the phone

Jess grabs a pop tart. JL & Haleena are trying to figure out a dinner. JL is grateful someone worked at an Indian restaurant and knows what they're doing.

I can't believe Hermon just said that! Did he not see me cleaning all day? Haleena & JL are offended that Hermon said, "he's never seen them cook before"

JL & Haleena are making "Ramen smorgasbord broth" Jess is helping them with seasonings and tells them that if they run the noodles under cold water they won't stick

JL & Haleena don't think they made enough of their ramen concoction for everyone. So, they're just going to leave it on the stove & not announce to the house that it's done.

Jess suggests they put some veg in the ramen concoction to add more to it for the house. JL & Haleena say that requires way to much work. Cutting & chopping is where we draw the line

Gino enters the kitchen and looks at the ramen concoction, asks what it is. JL & Haleena laughingly tell him what's in it. Gino goes to get a bowl. JL & Haleena say if it's good we made it, if not we didn't. They say they need a medic on site to make sure Gino's ok

Gino's reaction. It's a bit spicy, 9/10. The noodles are well done. 8.5/10. Kevin is now wondering what they made & how to make a bowl. Kevin says, it's pretty good as well.

JL & Haleena are very proud of themselves for making the ramen concoction from scratch and it being good according to Gino & Kevin

Steph tells Josh he's safe for now. Josh tells Steph that she'd have the votes to stay if she did go up. They're speaking about replacement nom. Steph asks if Josh spoke to Marty. Josh-Yes, he said I was fine, I just worry because I'm close to G.

Josh and Steph have decided the water is too murky and they're getting out.

JL invites Josh to try the ramen noodels with homemade broth her and Haleena made. He's going to shower first bc of the gross hot tub water.

Betty, Haleena, Tyneesha and Summer are talking about Kevin. Tyneesha says he always needs advice from people Haleena says he's not a neuroscientist Tyneesha says he works in software. She says if they're smart they'll use Kevin's "i'm a lost puppy to their advantage"They agree it would be awesome if a girl is in power. They say Canada would be disappointed if they let the guys stay in power

Kyle jokes he has a twin he's been switching out with.

Steph says that was a twist in a US season. She says one twin had a thing with a guy and the other was not into him at all. Who's going to be the first to name the twins? the season? the guy ?

Jay tells Jess and Betty that you never know. There could be a battle back. Betty says she feels bad that Jay feels ostracized. Jay says when they ask Moose to have a conversation he says maybe later.

Betty knows that Jay is at a 10, but they need to chill, have conversations and be low key. Jay notes that Marty gave out too much info to them today, mainly about working with Gino and Kyle. Jess points out that everyone already knows, purely from the optics.

Jess doesn't know how Marty plans to keep 12 people safe - he's been telling everyone they're safe with him. Betty notes she hasn't had that conversation with him - Jess deflects and thinks it must be because it's topical when it comes to Jess, they're a target.

Kevin and Hal are chatting about ice cream as a cover - in between she assures him he will not be leaving this game. Kevin said today is the most fun he's had so far in the game.

Kevin doesn't want to be that person, but he has the best read in the house. He just sat back and watched everything last week and everyone came to talk to him. It starts with Summer and T then it trickles down to Josh and Betty.

Kevin tells Marty that Summer/T are with everybody and waiting for the right time to flip the house, he agrees that there's something there with Beth/Josh, then it's the guys and the girls. Every wk S/T are the flip vote. They scare him. Marty feels really good w/Summer.

Marty tells Kevin that his head isn't in the game tonight, but he's going to have some chats tomorrow morning - if something seems up, he's going to put up Betty. He'll frame it that Betty is a potential vote for Jay. Marty fills Jess in on the plan to put up Betty tomorrow - Jess is good with the plan. Marty also notes that he doesn't trust Moose with a 10 foot pole.

Josh tells Summer and T that he doesn't want anyone to leave feeling like being on the show was a waste of time (re: Jay).

Moose/Kyle/Gino talk numbers - Moose thinks he can pull Josh in - Kyle asks if Josh every approaches them? No, they always go to Josh. Moose isn't talking right now, but sooner than later - Hermon needs to go. If M wins HOH he may put Sum/T up to take H's numbers away.

Kyle lets them know that JL and Steph aren't loyal to them - he's heard rumblings that they plan to ride the guys coattails and then turn on them. Moose points out that Kevin is purposely walking around like he doesn't know anything. Moose wants to take the shot at T - she's close to Hermon, they probably plan to go all the way together, plus she's a physical threat and most likely the head of a group. Summer's game is more solo.

Marty is now filling Hermon in on the put up Betty plan. Hermon: it's not a bad idea.Both agree that Kevin is on his own island - he doesn't know what's going on.

Summer and T are checking in - they know they're expendable with the guys and need to work on Betty and Hal. Summer wants to stick with the 7 as long as possible, but also wants to keep people who will take shots at the strong players within the 7.

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