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Live feed Big Brother Canada Thursday April 21!

Kevin says he can come in the morning to make sure she still wakes up next to him if she wants. Betty says it's going to be a fun week. Don't worry. Kev says they've all agreed if there's a vote out a jury member scenario none of them will do it and asks if she's in. Betty says Marty had an idea there would be 3 at then end. Haleena thinks Canada will have a vote.

Kevin jokes who is he allowed to talk to this week (referencing Marty telling him he can't talk to Josh/Betty/Summer) Betty says that's total controlling vibes. "Good thing he's gone" JL laughs. No kidding. JL asks Kev what Ika said about his life. Kev says that Marsh the Moose was mad because he used tongue when he kissed her and that Jillian was mad so she said to "shred that letter".

Kev offers for Betty to practice her "Who wants to see my HOH room". Betty says no, she's not like that. She just wants her letter. Hal tells her not to downplay her win, "It's important". Kev says she will be a fun HOH. Betty says they've been through the ringer. Betty says "I'll even let you talk to Josh". She laughs. She says she's kidding "I can't crack jokes?" Hal says they will make up. Josh leaves the kitchen. Kev and Hal say they didn't think it was that deep.

Hal and Betty are talking in the kitchen area. Betty says she just wish she had known about it beforehand. Hal says she's surprised because she was expecting to go up. Betty says she's over it already.

Kev tells Josh "We're in the F5 and we have a F3 alliance". Josh says his game relationship with Betty will never be the same again and he knows how much she's hurt by it "I'm going to be her new Marty". He couldn't put Hal up because she would have gone home.

Betty points out that she's been OTB 4 times and there's only 10 weeks. She giggles and tells Hal she's never been up and that's amazing too, even after a triple. Hal says Summer was honest with her and told her that T did pitch her going OTB. Betty says she's been playing with her heart but now she needs to start playing differently. Kevin joins them back in the kitchen. Betty says this HOH win is so wild! Betty thanks Kev and Hal immensely for always keeping it real with her.

Kev goes to check on Josh. Josh- "It's like losing all of your friends over lies. Kev tells him he's not losing his friend. Josh says "She's going to send me home this week". Kevin wants them to think about it tonight. Josh- "I put her OTB". Kev says they need to win POV. Hal tells Betty that last night Summer asked Hal to be each others #1's. Hal says that Summer is good with everyone in the house so she didn't think it was real. Hal insists that she didn't have a F2 with Marty. She says that they only promised to watch out for each other. Betty says she's never had a F2 with anyone. JL comes down by them and Betty and Hal leave. Hal goes to sit with Josh.

Hal tells Josh that Betty isn't mad at him anymore. Josh is having trouble believing it. Josh is worried that people won't talk to him anymore or let him into convos anymore. Hal promises that things will be fine, Betty doesn't hold it against him, she just wants to talk. Josh tell Hal that he had to put Betty up because he would be OK with Betty being mad at him but not with Hal being mad at him. He says Summer needed to go anyway so it was the right move. He says JL cannot win that POV. They agree that JL is good at every comp.

The house is super quiet right now. Josh is sitting on the kitchen counter silently and JL is sitting on the couches right by the counter sitting silently as well.

Hal and Kev are talking in the bathroom. They agree JL can't win POV. Hal tells Kev he needs to get closer to Betty. If he does Betty won't put him up but she doesn't want him to tell Josh about it because Josh and Betty WILL reconcile. They are happy Summer is gone.

JL is in the purple room alone talking to herself. She's very upset with Josh for putting her up. She says Josh is done to her. She says Hal and Josh basically put her up & Hal is so gross to her. She says Josh took info that were lies and didnt ask her

Josh says that today was the biggest day for Betty and she's fought so hard for it. He feels like he took away some of her celebration because of what happened between the 2 of them and he's upset about it. JL tells Josh she's still upset with him but she'll get over it. She laughs and asks for a hug. They leave the room.

Kev goes into the HOH room for Betty's battery change. Betty is already in bed. He says he's ready for a party. He tells Betty she's so cool. Betty tells him he is too. He leaves.

Hal gives JL a hug and tells her she knows she'll be fine without Gino and she knows it sucks. She tells JL this is the truth and has nothing to do with game. She thinks JL came here to play and she's so strong, she's got this. JL says it is tough but it's a game. JL says she's going to sleep in Gino's bed tonight. Hal apologized for snapping the way she did during the triple tonight. She says the Suri came out in her so she's so so sorry. They want to chat tomorrow about everything.

Kev goes to give Josh a new battery. He tells Josh to smile & tells him that they've made it so far in the game. "We've survived what very few people survive. 11 people have gone home. Last year we would have been at the final 3 at this point. I think it's a good season".

Josh says "Can't win a comp all year, wins the triple HOH, nominates his closest friend, and the person who ends up taking themselves off with the veto after her showmance ended with his arch nemesis going home. Kev says he thinks JL is now the biggest threat in the game now that Marty is gone. She's got a fire now that Gino is gone. Josh says he knows he made the right choices. Kev says that's why they need to keep talking and they won't blow things up if they are OTB together. Kev says he thinks he's the GOAT now. Josh asks what that is and Kev tells him it's the person you drag to the end. Kev says the perfect game is never being nominated and getting a unanimous vote in the end. Josh says he's underestimated JL this game.

Hal has been laying alone and quiet in bed in the red room since she left the bathroom with JL. Hal- "I made it to F5. I made it to F5. I didn't think little ole me, Haleena you did this. You manipulated, lied, you backstabbed, made people believe you, Played people against each other, planted seeds, played an invisible game. She smiles "I'm proud of myself". Haleena- "Votes matter. Just one vote matters. I have voted people out of this game"

Kev tells Josh "You're my hero". Kev and Josh feel that Betty is at a 50% chance of winning the game. Josh says she's good at everything and is close to everyone in the house except Betty but even that is getting better. Josh thinks that him and Kev are at 25% each. Kev is laughing and says "I'm going to lose this game in the end and the other are going to watch this back and say He's the sickest person". Josh asks who is the sickest, him or Kev. Kev says Josh is.

Kev and JL in the Purple room. JL says "Please Big Brother. Just end it. Just end the day". She wants to have lights out called. She's been crying all night since Gino left and is lost as to where to go in the game without him. She's wanting to work with Betty and Josh

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