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Live feed Big Brother Canada Thursday April 7!

Good Morning BB-Lovers Happy Eviction Day Today we see a HG go and another rise to power as a new HOH is crowned. Enjoy!

BB-HG it's time to get up for the day. Summer please arrange a battery change. Heleena & Hermon called to DR back to back

Betty waits for shower. Hermon brushing teeth.

Happy Birthday Jillian says Kevin, then Summer tells Jillian Happy Birthday from the BB House

Hermon slept well. Haleena is never drinking any fluids before bed again. Josh has never slept through the night in the BB house.

Marty wishes Jillian a Happy Birthday while cleaning countertops. "You have a great guy here & I can't wait to meet you.

Marty finds slop and sees the lock on fridge. "Ohhh shit! Well played BB "Kev-"ohhhhhhhhh nooooooo "Kevin shares the slop news with the HG's upstairs. They think he's lying Jace is very upset about it. Hermon, "we definitely didn't move up" Josh is really upset. He wonders if Marty broke a rule or something. He's heading downstairs to check it out Gino & Marty-French. Gino sees Josh & gives him a hug b4 he enters the SR to see slop for himself. Gino-we'll go in together Josh-nooooooooo.

Josh-its not about me How are you? Betty-I'm ok, I mean I'm otb but I'm ok. I'm sad about slop. I'm OTB & can't even have a cookie to feel better Gino joins Josh-I can do it, I'm strong Betty & Gino-But, slop is stronger.

HG's are trying to figure out if they're being punished? How long will they be on slop? "It's part of the BB experience"

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