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Live feed Big Brother Canada Thursday March 10!

Hermon, Gino and Marty are hanging out in the Expedia Lounge. Steph and JL are hanging out on the BY couch, Kyle comes out and they welcome "Mr HOH"

Summer and T are talking in the Red BR. Summer says they didn't win HOH but it's OK. She says "everything happens for a reason. I would love to win HOH when it's just the 7 and to break that shit up" She says if you mention my name once why wouldn't you do it again. Summer tells T she just needs Marty to stir more of a commotion again. Summer asks who T thinks will go up. T doesn't answer because they leave the BR and head to the bathroom.

Kyle and Marty talking in the HOH bathroom. Marty says Josh makes him nervous because he thinks Josh has relationships on both sides of the house. Kyle says he's said things about Moose and Josh in the house. Marty says people keep telling him he can repair his relationships from his HOH week but he says the relationship between him and Betty is done. He says everything is so cold with Betty. Kyle says if he puts up Jess and Betty and Jess comes down "The BD is WIDE OPEN"

Kyle and Moose are talking on the HOH bed. Kyle tells him Betty is def hitting the block and Jess will prob be his second. He doesn't trust Jess. Moose asks Kyle if he has a 3rd in mind or a BD plan. Kyle says he doesn't right now. Kyle says this HOH gives him the ability to take a shot before someone else can...."but I don't know".

Summer and Hal are working out in the BY. Marty and Jess are talking in the Expedia Lounge. He says he's happy he took his shot at Jay and hit his target. Jess says them and Kyle both told he other they wouldn't put each other up "but you can say that all day".

Kevin and Kyle are now talking on the HOH bed. Kyle says Jay had no idea what was going on in the house while they were there. Kevin say "at least I know I have no idea what's going on". Kevin wants to save some game talk for their Wendy's time. Kyle asks Kevin if he has a relationship with Jess. Kevin says he doesn't like Jess but he doesn't think they would put him up. "I think they are completely lost". Kyle is surprised by this. He says one part of him wants to work with her, the other part wants her out.

JL and Betty agree that the girls vs guys is BS. Betty says Jay told her there was a girls alliance. JL asks who she thinks is in it and Betty guesses "Marty, Gino, Kyle and there might be a dotted line with Moose". JL wonders if Hermon is part of it too. JL tells Betty that Kyle told her he's looking for anyone that promises him safety going forward and asks Betty to not tell anyone. JL says Kyle doesn't seem to be the kind of person to not make a big move with his HOH and they aren't big moves.

Betty goes into the HOH room to plead her case with Kyle before noms. She tells him he's not her target and never has been. She says she can be a # on his side for whatever he wants. She says if she wins HOH in the next 2 weeks she won't put him up.

Kyle tells Betty he has great relationships with literally everyone in the house which makes it tough. He's going to aggressively think about what he wants to do tonight and tomorrow morning. He tells her he won't blindside anyone, they will know before noms. Kyle thanks Betty for coming to him to talk to him and tells her to come back tomorrow too. Betty- "This is my plea and I'm willing to do whatever to stay in the house for one more week." Betty leaves HOH.

Betty is now talking to Jess. Jess asks how the talk went and Betty tells her it was surface level and she still thinks she's going up. Betty says she thinks they will both go up with Jess as the target "It makes the most sense".

Jess heads up to the HOH room to chat with Kyle. She congratulates him and tells him people can promise him things all day but might not follow through. She promises him he's not their target. Jess wants to know what they can promise so Kyle works with her. Kyle says he thinks he can beat everyone else but he doesn't think he can beat Jess. When Kyle tells her that she's so good she says "That's why we should work together. The fandom would love it"

Kyle hopes that the other HG's see him as a dumb 23 yo with a podcast. Jess tells him the other HG's see how insulated he is in the house and that no one sees him that way. Kyle tells her any trepidation he has for her comes from a place of respect. Kyle says they can talk more in the morning. He's waiting for other pitches. Jess tells him if they go up they will take that as he doesn't want to work with them and it's game on. She promises this isn't a threat, just game. He says he understands that.

Summer and Moose are talking in the Expedia Lounge. Summer doesn't know if she can watch their season back because of what people have said. Moose says he won't mind because he knows nothing was said out of malice.

Jess has left the HOH room and is in the bathroom with Hal. She tells her she's already made peace with going up and feels she might be going up week after week anyway.

T is now in the HOH room with Kyle. She tells him she's so proud of him for his win. He tells her he heard his name a lot last week and now he needs to figure out who else is talking about him. T tells him a lot of what he heard was prob twisted truth. Kyle says "I feel solid with the 7 but I need to know how solid the 7 feel with me". T tells him she's ok cutting anyone outside of the 7 and hasn't made any deals with anyone. She wanted Jay gone as much as the rest of them. T tells him to let her know what he might need this week. She's loyal to the 7.

It's Summer's turn up to bat with Kyle in the HOH room to chat. He tells her he loves and adores the 7. He says the 7 as a unit is great but he's unsure about some individuals in the 7 after Jay planted seeds this past week. HE'S asking for her thoughts. Kyle loves the 7 & Summer hopes the 7 can stay intact. Summer says it was scary that Jay was able to name the 7, but had the wrong girls in the alliance. Both agree Kevin has had their back & that he is a valuable player. Summer mentions Betty was worried about Kyle. Summer still mentioning Betty unsure about Ky. Sum wants him 2 know who he needs to look out 4 & hopes he can let her know who 2 look out 4. He asks who she is worried about. She says Steph said she was playing the game 2 hard. Sum says Steph would be her target. Summer and Kyle convo over. He doesn’t want to tell her his target yet. He does plan on telling the people going up that they are going up.

Gino next to talk 2 the HOH. Kyle is considering Steph. He thinks the 7 can protect them & he does not want 2 go after people in the 7. Ky says everyone has said Steph’s name. He says they only are aligned with her for numbers. Ky says he would put up Betty next to her. Ky does not want 2 put up Jess. He thinks they are strong and he can use them to win some comps. They agree Steph will be furious. But Gino thinks it won’t be a messy week to put up Steph. Ky mentions he heard JL does not like Steph and Gino agrees that JL hates Steph. Ky tells Gino he is wavering on trusting Hermon. He says keeping Jess means she will have to align with them and Marty. Steph walks into the HOH and talk changes to the snacks and what music Kyle has. Steph says the minute Kyle won Summer and T’s faces dropped completely. Kyle says really? Steph says if he puts Jess and Betty up it will be the curse of that bed. Kyle plans on making breakfast for everyone tomorrow.

Ky worried that Jess would stay if she goes on the block. Steph asks if he thinks Jess would win veto. She says if someone else wins veto they can keep noms the same. Steph thinks veto will be physical. She says Josh hard 2 read. Ky agrees, thinks Josh is close 2 Betty.

Steph leaves the HOH and Kyle tells Gino that he thinks Steph will vote for her friends in jury not the best player. Ky does not want to tell Steph she is going up alone. They think Steph will blab that Gino, Kyle, Hermon are working together once goes on the block.

JL has joined Kyle and Gino in the HOH. He says Betty will be hitting the block. And he doesn’t want to put up Jess. JL asks if he made a deal with Jess. He says Jess promised him everything. JL says Jess has no one and can be loyal to them. Kyle jokes to Gino and JL that Gino is his target. And he will be putting up Gino. They all laugh. Moose brings in Kyle’s clothes. After he leaves they say Moose could be the target. They don’t trust him.

Marty and Kevin are talking in the purple BR. Marty says Betty and Josh are very close. Kevin tells him he's smarter than anybody and he thinks Josh and Betty have a F2. Marty says Kyle saved his game by winning tonight and thinks next week might be a double. Marty asks Kyle if he's scared. He not, he feels safe this week. Marty says Jess is playing the game hard, if he were Kyle he would put up Betty and someone else and BD Josh if he could. Marty would rather have Betty in the game than Josh because Josh is scary.

Hermon is in the HOH room talking with Kyle now. Kyle- "I want to make sure my ass is protected until jury. There is going to be an element of bridge burning for me this week". He asks for Hermon's thoughts. Kyle says he doesn't see the 7 surviving as a whole past week 5. Hermon tells him he's an integral cornerstone of his game and it makes no sense to stray from that. Kyle understands that towards the end of the game they will need to take shots. Kyle tells Hermon that Moose has said his name already. Hermon says if he needs to pick a side he would pick his 2 boys for sure. When talking about brining anyone in Kyle mentions Jess as a woman possibly coming in with them.

Kyle If I put Steph up, Steph HAS to go. Hermon is down with that, but let's think blow back - Kyle goes through each of the 7 and thinks the only one who might give blow back is JL. Hey JL, you know that one insurance policy you had? It's going. Hermon wants to know how Kyle and Gino feel about bringing JL in on a guys alliance. He wants to tell JL that Steph was pressed on them but they are afraid that JL might say something to the girls. Hermon says if it blows up they have the protection of the 4 still. Moose enters the HOH room. Gino and Hermon leave. It's just Moose and Kyle talking now. Moose offers to hear Kyle out on his thoughts. He was thinking Kyle wanted to BD Jess but Kyle is explaining that he doesn't want to. Says it's too early for that.

We've already had a GN HG's and Kyle tells Moose that the convo might have to be really quick because of it. Kyle tells him Steph has been on the outs and put all of her trust in the people she's aligned with. Moose thinks Kyle wants Betty to leave but he explains Betty has much less of a chance to win things. He wants Steph to leave if she goes up. Moose thinks Gino should be the one to tell JL about the Steph plan. Moose says Jess drives him crazy, Kyle totally gets it. The Moose and Kyle chat comes to an end. The HG's are getting ready to hit the sack for the night.

Kyla and Josh talking in the kitchen. Kyle says they will talk in the morning but he has a plan that's a bit scandalous. Josh says that sounds good and heads off to the DR.

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