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Live feed Big Brother Canada Thursday March 24!

Jess is in the HOH with Moose. They have 2 questions. Why he thinks he thinks Wendy's is so delicious and why he should get it and why should it benefit their game to have an extended conversation. He gives his spiel about having gone to Wendy's for so many years.

Moose tells them that he feels good with Jess personally. He feels that there are other people that would be better for her. Jess says they're missing the strategic part of their relationship. Moose feels like they both want to be there so he hasn't talked game much. Jess asks why he wants her around. Moose says he understands her introspective thoughts. Jess says they know that. Moose says a deep convo with them will happen at a crossroads but they aren't at a crossroads. He would love to sit and have a meal with her. Jess tells Moose that she heard they were an option if he won HOH. Moose- "Uhhhhh I don't think so. Everyone is an option if you win HOH". Jess tells him that that does make her an option. Moose says he mentioned her week 2 but after Kyle's HOH things changed. Moose says he realized who in the house was good for him and who wasn't. He sees value in their game. Moose sees them as a super powerful player. Jess appreciates this but says it could be a problem. Moose doesn't deny that. He's super hyped for them. Moose says he would love to sit and have Wendy's with them but he feels there would be better options for them. Jess asks for names and Moose offers Summer. Moose thinks the private time would have Summer opening up more to Jess. Moose tells Jess he will talk with them when there are more things going on. He asks if this is an official talk or if they will have a more official talk later. Jess says this is more unofficial.

Marty and Summer are studying - Marty points out to Summer that he's being so helpful with information, doesn't that show he has her back? He wants her to do good. Summer thanks him.

It's JL's turn with Jess now. JL asks them how their first round of talks are going. Jess says it's so awkward. JL says T was not having Jess' win. Jess wants her Wendy's pitch. JL tells them that they could bring her, they could take anyone but she would love the food. JL tells Jess that she has the juiciest intel in the house. Summer knocks on the door and says "I heard everything" they laugh, Summer leaves. Jess realized they really have to whisper due to door listeners. They start the Wendy's talk again. JL says she has intel "juicy like a Wendy's beef patty." but they can have that talk anytime. Jess says her pitch has flare ". JL asks how they feels about anything. Jess says it's a diff kind of paranoia. They want to take JL but they don't want the optics to be seen. Jess asks if Gino is worried. JL tells them of course he's worried but they have the same targets. Jess asks who those targets are. JL says "the other side of the house like Moose, Hermon and T have been called the 3 headed snake in the house". JL says she's liking the talks with Kevin, Marty and Josh. Jess asks if she really thinks Josh has the same targets. She feels that Josh will take the same shots as them except for Betty. Jess says Moose and Hermon have said their name a million times.Jess asks JL of Moose and Hermon have pitched their name to Gino, JL doesn't give that info "you'll have to ask Gino. He's like a vault with info". Jess says she doesn't want JL to be the go between for them and Gino. Jess asks JL how Gino feels about Hermon. Again she says they will have to ask Gino. Jess says Hermon follows them around and JL totally agrees. JL feels he's with Moose and T. Jess is afraid to choose someone for Wendy's that will look suspicious. Jess asks JL for suggestions for the Wendy's date. "Do you think Moose or Hermon will spill the beans?" JL says she thinks they will take the Wendy's & run. She spills the beans about finding out that Wendy's was a pitch in the HOH room with Jess and they were not happy. Jess asks who else rolled their eyes at the Wendy's pitch, JL says no one else really. Jess asks how many pillows they can trust on the HOH bed after Gino's HOH. They both laugh and JL tells them that all pillows are fine. Jess says they need to talk more with Kevin but Kyle's HOH helped them to be closer. Jess says let's wait and see. JL doesn't know where their targets are but there needs to be a line drawn. Jess asks if JL thinks T crying after HOH was because she felt like she was in danger? Or just felt bad loosing? Or maybe not hearing from her kid. Probably all of the above. JL notes that it was down to her, Jess and Josh for HOH.

Jess tells JL/Hal that they can feel some people treating them differently - notes someone asked what her partners name was tonight. Jess lets them know that Herms/Moose will not be going to Wendy's- they didn't take it seriously.

Jess's target is Herms right now, but is struggling w/ the HGs reactions to them winning. Kev notes that Summer is throwing all the comps - she's probably playing the best overall game right now.

Kevin says Hermon, Moose upset, Marty ecstatic, Josh happy...Jess notes Josh didn't show it. Kevin says he's good at the game. Jess is conflicted on Betty. Kev says he personally can't play with her, but loves her. Kevin thinks it would have been them & Marty going up? Unsure what Betty is doing. Kevin says personally he can’t play w/Betty. Thinks Josh is having to keep his distance. Kevin thinks they should try to get in a legit alliance w/ Gino/JL. Jess doesn’t know if that’s necessary. Jess calls Kevin out for having a F2 w/ Kyle? I need to see Josh/Jess talk. Jess doesn't think an alliance with Jace and Gino is necessary because they're shooting at the same people. Kev says Hermon/Moose/Tynesha? He asks if he should name drop to Gino. Jess says Hermon/Moose are targeting them. Lying to their face. Brings up ppl being happy for them then not. Kevin says Jess will get a lot of info. Kevin says Summer is playing everyone trying to be everyone’s 4th or 5th. Jess is leaning Summer for Wendy's. Kevin thinks that's good, she'll talk and open up, she's playing a great game.

Tynesha and Summer said Hermon is playing the middle… they’re just side numbers to him.

Summer letting T know that they are just numbers for Hermon. LOL! She also let T know that it was Gino, Kyle, Hermon & Moose, but since Moose was wonky they kicked him out and added Marty.

Kevin lets Jess know Josh feels they can't keep a secret. He says they need to work on Josh. Jess says Josh wasn't happy they won. Interesting. Jess brings up the issue they had with Josh early in the morning regarding the Marty info. Kevin asks if Jess wants to build with Josh. They say they love Josh. Talk turns to Betty and Josh working together. Jess tells Kev that it's Moose and Herms going up... but if one comes down, they have to put 1 of either Betty, T and Summer. Jess thinks the closer Betty gets to Josh, the more Josh pulls away from them. Kevin thinks if one of Moose or Hermon go, then the other is the only person in the house targeting them left. Jess sees that the majority have each other’s back & has to break that up. Kevin asking Jess to think who would be the renom if Hermon/Moose came down. Says Betty/Summer might be better pawns than T. Jess says if she put up T/Summer/Betty she would ruin her relationship w/ those 3. Kevin doesn’t think so. Jess thinks Betty would be pissed. Kev and Jess finish their prep session. Kevin's words of wisdom for Jess: Smile more, talk less.

Gino telling JL that Jess wouldn’t be attacking the other side if they don’t put up 2 of the other side. JL hopes Jess drops the whole thing about Gino putting them otb. JL asks if Gino is worried. He says it depends on what route Jess goes. JL says Jess is very emotional & tried to think strategically. JL repeating her convo w/ Jess. Jess hates that the other side has the numbers. Thinks she’s a gamer.JL doesn’t want Gino to end up otb. He feels good that he won’t. Says he’ll talk to Jess more. Says it wouldn’t make sense to put him up if they have the same mention. Says Jess would get blood on their hands for no reason. JL wants to play to Jess’s emotions.

Marty tells Kev that after HOH - Herms, T and Moose hung out in the corner for the rest of the night.

Josh in HOH now, he says Jay Themcott would be proud. Jess asks if he's happy about this? He is. Is Betty? Jess is worried they were bummed about them winning. Betty is happy too. Josh thinks people are kind of standoffish w/ him now that Jess won. Josh is truly happy for Jess - it was meant to be. This is their anniversary week. It will happen for Josh at the right time. Josh thinks Jess should trust what Betty and Hal say about him to Jess. They are strong ass women. He used to be closer to Summer. Jess breaks down why they don't trust Herms/Moose and Josh thinks it's totally fair. Josh has tried to have convos with Moose, but everything is slick - it gets deflected. Moose is trying to build back trust, and if you don't take him out now - he'll be successful. Jess thinks the immediate threat is Herms - Josh thinks Moose - he's better emotionally. Josh assures Jess he wants to win veto and will not use it.Jess asks Josh who he would have put up? Marty and Moose. But Josh understands why Jess can't do Marty. Josh points out that what Marty did was shady, shady, shady... more-so to Kyle than anyone.

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