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Live feed Big Brother Canada Tuesday April 12! (movie1)

Good morning BB-Lovers Wake up call from BB

HG's are being called out by name to wake up & put on mics. Haleena-I would go on slop for another week if that meant I was HOH Kev-I like that. Kevin is telling Josh he needs to be mean to someone Josh-I was Kev-Not the house target! Hal-Did something happen yesterday btwn Summer & Betty? Haleena-Summer only kept Betty because that's what everyone was doing. Kev-I love it, lets keep feeding her resume stuff today Josh agrees Josh-Our relationship with Marty is getting better, don't u agree? Kev-No, I think he's just trying to be nice. Kevin-I'm not afraid of Marty at all. He doesn't have a strategic thought Josh-I'm so glad we came together. My only regret would be, we didn't come together sooner.Hal-Summer just goes to where she has more protection Josh-Yeah, if Moose goes, I just need a better relationship. Gino has said my name like 3 times Hal-He's so strategic, logical, & smart! I'm telling you (Gino) Josh-He is Hal-He sent his best friend in the house home. Josh-The thing that makes me nervous about Moose staying, is, he tried to make a final 4 with me, Jace, & Gino. Hal-It's probably better to send home Moose.

Marty-Can I ask you a question? What would you do if you were me? You're a smart man Josh-Thanks Marty. I would figure out who I'm with that I could absolutely trust. At this point, it's not about numbers anymore. It's more about connections They feel good w/each other. Marty-I trust you but, I know you're close with Betty & I'm not sure if, gamewise, I can repair that. I was hoping this week maybe Josh-I hope you can repair it Marty-Do you know who you'd put up as HOH? Josh-Yes Marty-You're due to win one. Marty-I feel like I can't put Gino up because I already betrayed him twice but, I know if they won next week they'd put me up. I just can't do it in front of Canada but, it's such a stupid game move. It's a battle in my head Josh-That it wouldn't be reciprocated? M-Yes.Marty-I would put up Betty/Summer. I shouldn't probably tell you but, I'm trying to build trust Josh-There's still a lot of options Marty-Jacey-Lynne, but, Gino would be fucking pissed. If this gets out, I'm trying to build something with you. Marty-IDK why I have a connection with Gino, if it's the French thing or what it is. I feel the same thing with you, because of what you said to me about elders being the same as my assistant coach told me I would probably put Jace up instead of you, if u do the same. Marty-Even though Gino would be pissed. That's what I'm thinking. Maybe like a 1 week thing. I'm trying to build trust with you Josh.

Jace We can't talk like that about Marty anymore in front of Kevin Hal Ohhhh, Ok, OK, OK. Thank you for that. I won't say anything bad Jace Just so you know Hal-Thank you Jace-If you need to vent about Marty, just come to me

Moose says Sum could’ve been HOH this week if she didn’t have to be a HAVE. Kev says he’s curious about Herm putting up Hal/Kev/Marty before the BD plan. Moose says he never told him that before BD& only mentioned Marty before Hal/Kev. Kev thought they were close. Moose says Marty was his 1 priority. Kev says Herm was pushing Jess,Jess then after they left he was lost. Moose says Herm was close to Betty/Sum/Josh & good with G/Jace too so that left him/Hal. Kev asking for advice about Hal & how he should play with her.Kev believes Hal was acting dumb in the start. Moose says what can Sum do for your game? Hal will be well insulated if she keeps Moose around. Moose says G gave him a reason to go after Jace. Moose says Hal is 2/3 weeks away from not hitting the block til the end. Moose says if she doesn’t go OTB she will be looked at as a sick player. Moose says why not keep him safe when he’s promising him that? Sum doesn’t make promises to anybody. Kev says it would’ve been hard for him to use it& stand up infront if everyone. Moose says that’s why he said he would be with that person who saved him. Moose says you’ve seen how competitive he is. He says the only benefit you have for keeping Sum is that she hasn’t won but she could’ve won HOH last week if she didn’t take the HAVE card. Kev says 6-8 place doesn’t matter but how does he make it to Day70? Moose says you can make it with people who say what they’re going to do out loud. Sum hasn’t done that. Kev asks who Moose would put up if Jace/G went up & 1 came down? Moose would put up Betty as a pawn. Moose says Betty/Josh/Hal vote for him but if Kev doesn’t then he might go up as a pawn too. Kev wants to know Moose’s pitch to G. Moose wants G to know he will always be a bigger target then him. Kev wants him to mention Sum could win on a wall comp easily. Kev says is the Moose curse real? Is G going home next week after keeping you? (Kyle/Jess left right after doing that) Moose says if he wins HOH the curse will continue cause he will put up G/Jace so he can go. Moose tells Kev that he truly feels everyone is open on this vote. He will come to Kev if he hears it’s a 3 vs 3 vote & G has to break the tie. Moose is being transparent with him. Kev doesn’t think Moose would put him OTB if he won. Moose wants to talk to Marty later. Moose says people could be voting for their individual safety rather than together. Kev says he doesn’t care what the house does & he will do what’s best for him. Moose says let’s chat tomorrow & they handshake & leave Expedia.

Summer I think I know who I would put up as HOH Kevin-Who? S IDK if I should say Kev-You can say S Well, let's say if Marty isn't going to take care of Gino, I will force him to Kev-How? S Being up against him OTB K-I love it S You're the only 1 I've told. S I will know it's you if it gets out Summer tells Kev she is looking for 3 ppl, Kev being 1 of them. As long as he doesn't use the veto she will protect him Kev leaves

Summer & Haleena are sharing their lived experiences as POC, how they were raised, differences. Josh asking questions & sharing his experience as well. Moose is quietly listening

Jacey telling Haleena it's weird Moose is acting like he's been working with her and Gino when that's never been the case. She feels the more he pitches, the more people feel he's really good and got to go. Jacey says Moose was telling her yesterday he wanted to tell a lie or spin some rumor about Summer, but woke up today with a new plan. She says honestly nothing he says matters because she knows how she's voting. Haleena mentions she'd like the entertainment value. Jacey says Moose is telling people he's targeting the showmance, but in reality it would be you or Marty or Kevin and Marty. Moose says he's telling Kev he's gunning for showmance. Says Moose told her that not Kev. Jacey says as much as Summer needs to go, we can wait. She says they can use her. Jace goes into how Summer's campaign blows, it's hilarious. Jacey says you can't trust Summer, because she'll pretend she's tight with you but look at Betty! Betty thought they were girls. Jace says Summer wants to be carried, she won't try to win a comp now. That's her whole game. Jacey says she'd put up Summer, Betty, Josh? Haleena considers Summer Betty or Marty, then if not Marty then Josh. Jace says she forgot about Marty, oops. Haleena says we got to stick with the five because even Summer and Marty hang out together. Jace says it's weird, wtf are you talking about? Jacey thinks this week will be a double, and then they'll be down to seven. This close to final five. Hal asks if Jace is ever gonna mention to Betty about the Summer thing? Jace says just when I need it if I need Betty's vote. Hal asks what's Jacey's ranking of the five, after Gino being number one. Jace says Hal is tied with Gino, bc Hal's her GF in this game. She thinks that their relationship works for them since they don't talk as much bc of Gino. Jacey says Kevin is behind Hal/Gino, and then Marty because she knows Marty would cut her over Gino. Hal doubts Marty would pick her over anyone and Jace says he picked you in the chain of safety first. Jace wonders where Kev's ranking is. She says obviously Marty first. Hal says she feels on the bottom with Kev, and Jace says you do? Jace thinks she and Kev have a good relationship since the start of the game. Thinks Kev is getting closer with Gino and Hal though now. Jace says she's gonna try to get Josh and Betty to vote with them to keep them covered. Hal thinks they'd take out Moose over Summer. Jace thinks Betty seems undecided but probably just doesn't trust her.

Kevin-I know you wavered a little bit last week. I'm not wavering Summer asks when Kevin says she knows he wavered. Summer says it was only for hours bc Betty felt she didn't have to campaign. Kevin says he was worried about Summer this morning bc Moose's pitch was good. Summer says she knows the stuff she told Kev didn't get out. Although Gino said to her he knows she wasn't feeling the showmance. She asked where he heard that. Gino said these walls have ears. Kevin says she said that to most of the house. Summer laughs. Kev asks Summer if she thinks Arisa will mess with her and say her name but say she's safe. Summer says she better not say i'm evicted. Kev says as time goes by he doesn't think Marty found the Secret POV Summer thinks it is Kevin says maybe, who else who find it. He asks if she thinks it was Betty with the phone. Summer says no she thinks Marty was pushing that to distract from him. Summer hopes someone besides Gino or Marty wins HOHs. Kev says it's boring. He says you know Marty will win. They both agree Marty would never throw a comp. Sum asks Kev what he thinks of someone who never went on the block. Some say you didn't really play Kev says its impressive bc you were never targeted and never anyone's pawn. And that's a tough balance. You played so well no one could have ever evicted you Summer-Tychon

Hal tells Kev that Moose slipped up. Moose said something about having trouble watching BB online. Hal comments how he said he only watched one season. Kev-him and Kyle f*cked up. They had the advantage of knowing each other and who they really are. Hal tells Kev that Jace told her she's really falling for Gino. Hal asked her where she falls in the five. JL said Hal and GIno were even, then Kev, then Marty. Kev wonders if would be better for JL to go before Gino Hal says she thinks the same bc Gino will be alone. Kev says (someone - couldn't hear who) wants Summer out next Hal-yah Kev-I'm down Kev-Josh is going to throw the next HOH. He throws everything. He says after a couple of drinks he asked Josh if he was going to try for any comps and he said maybe.

Summer-Have you been swayed by the false promises of the Moose Gino-I don't get swayed Summer says good. She hates she has to keep asking people.

Summer says the people she's after are Marty, Gino, JL and Hal. Betty asks if she told Hal she's after her Summer says no. Hal said Moose campaigned hard. She said do whatever you want sister Betty asks if she said she's voting for Sum. Sum says yes

Kev, Josh and Betty. Kev says they have 3 vote right here for a tie. Betty-sad to see him go but it's a game. After Kev leaves, Betty says she's worried the two of them go up if Marty wins. Josh -Big sigh and then says He's not unbeatable. He's beatable. He's not a super hero. Feeds cut.

Moose pitching to Betty - he wants to ride w/ Josh and Betty to the end, he would never cross them. He's been playing the game, not just going through it. Moose wants one of the 3 of them to win next week. Betty tells him what he's saying is beautiful. Betty asks if he knows where the numbers are right now? He doesn't - but if Summer were to stay and win HOH no one would know where they stand with her. Everyone thinks they're good with Summer. Betty tells him what she's looking for - not being put up in any way.

Betty confides it Kevin that Moose is making good points. Moose would go for Marty, and for whatever reason that big 43 y/o man is coming for her. Kev agrees, but Moose said his name right after Jess's each week. Betty is thinking 1 wk at a time, Kev thinks Summer would keep her safe and will actually be going for HOH now. Betty wants to figure out the path of least resistance. Betty thinks if Gino had the chance this week, he would have BD'd Marty.

JL tells Gino that Kev almost cried today when he told her Moose would go after the showmance.

Hal tells Summer that she's been trying to give her her space because she could tell she needed it. Summer says she's not going to be cocky, she's going to have all of her stuff packed. She asks Hal who she thinks won the secret veto, Hal thinks Marty did.

Hal asks Summer who was upset with her when she didn't use the veto. Summer "of course Betty". Summer says she's upset about being OTB but she totally understands. Summer says she will get over things in the game because there's a bigger picture ahead. She wants to get as far in the game as she can. She also thought there would be bigger campaigns this week. When she said something to Moose about it he just said "ummmmm no."

Josh, Summer and Hal are already so tired and ready for bed. They are all tucked in but still chatting.

Summer begs BB for a GN HG's soon. She says she's so tired, She gets that way after the 3rd battery change everyday.

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