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Live feed Big Brother Canada Tuesday April 19! (movie1)

Lights up. Kevin has been in bed, sitting up waiting for wake up call. Kevin took his laundry bag and headed out of the room Kevin returns and starts getting sheets off the bed to wash. Summer in charge of batteries Other HG's are starting to wake.

Marty comes downstairs to SR, takes vitamins & looks for bacon & eggs in fridge for breakfast Gino gets called to DR

Betty hopes Expedia is open so she doesn't have to hang in common areas with ppl she doesn't like Kevin woke up with bad allergies. That's why he's washing his clothes and sheets.

Kev thinks the season will be 69 days long Betty can't wait to see her parents & just have coffee with her dad Kev drank chicken water so, Gino owes him breakfast. Gino asks what he wants, Kev-whatever, I just need protein. Kevin gives his "morning report" to Jace, Gino, & Betty. Betty thinks it's disgusting that Marty makes Gino breakfast after putting him OTB. Jace agrees. Jace wants to strategize the triple with Betty. Getty Marty out is both of their priorities.

Summer & Haleena chatting Summer wants to know if Gino pitched to Hal. Not yet. Summer tells Hal what Gino has pitched so far, he pointed out the numbers & said if he wins triple he's going for Marty Hal-did that change your mind? S-No, I'm not stupid. Summer-I'm sorry but, his (G) resume is too good. Josh interrupts & Summer leaves.

Haleena says do they want a blow up before or after Gino goes. Josh says let's make it after. He comments that Summer and Betty really wanna make the flip happen and push Kev and Hal on it. He says it's really sweet, and Hal agrees.

Jace/Betty Jace feels like Haleena will do & say whatever Marty tells her to Betty-we gotta be careful what we tell her Jace agrees. Betty & Jace go over how Jace is going to confront Haleena. Wants to put in her ear that, Gino, Jace, Betty & Josh are working together. Betty is concerned of it coming back to Betty.

Hal & Josh discussing the final 2. Different scenarios. Josh thinks the rat pack can get through a triple but then would have to turn on each other, whoever wins veto. Haleena thinks Josh would win in final 2 because Betty would still vote for him, she loves him.

Betty joins Josh & Haleena. Include her in the "surprised they made it this far" convo. Betty said she didn't even take this much time off of work They talk about work outs.

Betty brings up Marty making breakfast for Gino. Josh says Marty offered him breakfast as well. Josh thinks too much has happened this week for something else to happen in the next 2 days.

Haleena asks if she wins the triple HOH...Jace/Marty/Summer or Betty? Josh says feel out your relationships with both of them by Thursday.

Hal/Kev/Josh alone now. Sum told Hal if she hears she’s undecided, it’s not true she’s voting to keep Josh. She hopes Hal/Kev make the right decision & not build THAT mans resume. Hal says it’s so sweet cause Summer! Kev says shes so sweet. Hal says it makes her feel like sh!t Josh says Sum/Betty/Kev/Hal/Jace/Marty, he would be ok with anyone of them winning. Kev says Marty?? He asks Josh how he’s gonna feel putting up Sum/Betty? Josh knows & Hal says it’s gonna be really tough & I’ll probably cry. Kev says Jace is a good player she just talks sh!t. Josh says she just said you’re walking around smug right now. Hal says Jace worries it’ll come back to Kev. She asks Kev if they’re allowed to hear Josh’s pitch? Or is it that we can’t be alone with him? Kev says he doesn’t give a sh!t. Josh says it’s just so absurd. Kev says when G/Jace/Marty realize that the numbers were always skewed against them. Josh says it’s simple math. Kev says if you’re gonna play those kinda gummy games, you’ve gotta be kinda close. Hal says BBgods have our back. Hal says if Marty started the other way, they would’ve had a worse chance. Kev says goes over the math & the percentages & odds of the gummy bears. Hal says either way you spin it Jace//G would’ve been pissed.Kev says Canada can thru this week. Hal says they heard it & saw it. Josh says she had a phenomenal week too.Kev says he used Canada’s vote to manipulate Marty during Kyle’s HOH. Why would they save you? Josh giggles & says Kevin! Hal laughs & says your alliance is after you! Josh says it’s the gummy bears for me, you just wake up & decide that. Josh says Jace is not herself right now. Hal agrees she’s paranoid. Kev says he didn’t think BBCAN10 would revive his love of math after grade 10. He says his love of math has been renewed. He likes when there’s an actual use.

Betty-Jacey Lynne told me that Haleena has a final 2 with Marty Summer I wonder if that's true Betty Keep it on the DL Summer-Why would she say that. Betty me & Kev are having a talk today. Did you tell Kev Gino's pitch? S-No, not yet Betty I think you should, then I'm going to say the same S-I think he knows what to do. Betty Marty probably thinks what he did was fair Summer If it was fair, he would've given us all the same opportunity but, he didn't. Jace joins Summer & Betty making breakfast Jace is excited they got peanut butter

Betty says Marty probably isn't a sh*tty guy. She just doesn't like him in this game. She says he's probably a normal guy in regular life, eating toast, driving his daughter to school. Summer discusses putting BBCAN10 on her socials. Betty and Kevin say they have to see if they are the villain. Kev says you can put BBCAN10 Villain. The discuss putting jury member on their resume. Kev suggests putting Jury member - helped select the representative of the season amongst 16 candidates across Canada Betty and Summer say that's good Kev says he'll put it under work experience, sabbatical. Jace joins Betty, Kevin, Summer They discuss Steph being surprised with her eviction and not being packed. Betty says you can just be packed all season Jace says she'll be packed before this Thursday. Everyone agrees they will. Existential talk about why we haven't been contacted by other beings, how humans are specks in the universe. Turns to how crazy the game is depending on who goes home and what happens next. Talk turns to Kyle's pitch when he was on the block. Kev says he told him he was coming after him, Marty and Jess Betty says he told her the same but not Jess. She enjoyed telling him she wasn't voting for him.

Jace tells Gino that Betty told her she should confront Hal where she heard that from and why she is spreading it. Jace says Betty wants her to confront her to try to drive a wedge between them. She doesn't want to bc Hal will think she doesn't trust her. Jace says Betty said she has her back. We were having girl chat but she was also being manipulative. Gino says she'll probably tell Kev that and they'll go hard like they did for T. ace says she can't see Kev going against Marty Gino says Summer is tight with them but she is playing her own game. He says he told her last night he had something to offer her and would tell her tomorrow JL-let me know how it goes They leave

Gino outside alone Summer discussing her faith & putting things in gods hands

Jace studying the price wall

Betty & Summer have a difference of opinion in ratings. Summer thinks it's 2.1 million, Betty thinks it below a million. Haleena was in drama class with season 5's Jackie. Josh said, Jackie was done dirty. Forgets how exactly but, Ika was involved.

Gino joins Summer, Betty, Haleena, Kevin & Josh at the table. Haven't seen Marty. Jace is studying price wall

Kevin & Jace studying price wall

Summer tells Gino her concerns - she stops short of the L word, but Gino is one of the ppl she trusts. Unfortunately he's in a showmance, and Summer knows he can't keep her safe like he can w/JL. Gino put her up as a pawn, thus putting her in danger .Gino tells Summer he hasn't made promises since the blow up, he'll still offer himself as a pawn, and wants to put M/K/H up in a triple - would she consider going into a 3 w/ him and JL? Or if she wants she can bring in a 4th. Maybe Betty since Josh will be gone? Summer points out that Gino is a strong player - he counters that Josh could win the game. Summer thinks Gino can too, she's not closing doors on anyone right now. Gino points out that if she doesn't accept and he stays, there's no deal.

Kevin tells JL that he doesn't think Marty respects him much. Marty got 4 people's blood on his hands yesterday. JL is surprised by that, but points out she thinks Marty and Hal have a F2. JL telling Kevin about her secret veto and how she didn't use it to show trust with the 5. Kevin tells JL that Marty has been shitty to him lately and he's upset about it. That makes JL sad and also worried that Kev will vote G out of spite, because that's what she would do. Kev assures her he won't. Kev: and then to like, make us hold it in our hands and flip it... JL: why did say yes to that? Kev: cause we're stupid. JL: we're dumb idiots. Kev: plus he's HOH, we were scared. Jace says she would just feel so bad & sad if G goes. Esp with that happening over a gummy bear.She talks about his fam watching that & just cause he’s too nice to say no? Kev says he regrets not saying something to stop it all. Jace says I remember you/Hal laughing. Kev says that’s just my reaction is to laugh& Jace says she knows that. Jace tells Kev he’s keeping his cool&good job.He says thanks.Jace was feeling bitchy but today she feels more calm&deep sigh.She wants to work out & Kev says not him,he’s worked out the last few days. Kevin - Sounds like you're targeting him(Marty) next week JL - Not necessarily.. Yeah he's freaky and he does weird shit like that.. he's valuable.. bigger target.. can win comps.. loyal to us which I think he is, this was a weird situation.. at least to bring us to F5

Hal is having a missing home day - everyone else has heard from home. It's been 53 days and all she can see are HGs faces. JL agrees. They both start tearing up. JL notes that Summer has got all the family rewards without winning anything. JL tells Hal that Betty is trying to put a wedge between them for her pitch. Betty told JL that it was Hal who started the F4 (JL/G/B/J) rumors, and that B/J are going for Hal/Marty/Kev. Hal thinks that's great. (sarcasm)

Hal/Kev talking about Betty not trusting her & she is mad that Betty exposed her to Jace the 1st chance she got. She thinks it’ll be Sum/Josh/Betty/Kev & she’s ok with that&she knows Sum won’t be cut before her. Kev asks if you wanna win or play for 2nd? She says win. Kev says it’ll be hard to tell where people will vote but 3-4 HOHs? It’s hard not to vote for that. Hal says we are taking a tough route on both sides & people are gonna be pissed. Kev says let’s say it’s a triple,Marty/Jace against either of them would go home. Hal is more associated/attached with Marty than Kev&shes more loyal to him & he’s not as loyal so he will go further. Kev says we have time to have convos which is nice. Hal wants to say to Betty that Sum was voting NOT to keep Betty the morning of &Sum told Jace that. Kev says to hold on saying that for now. Kev says he would use POV to take you down in a heartbeat&Hal says her too. Hal wonders why Josh/Sum/Betty haven’t pitched a F5 with her/Kev. He says that’s a good point. She says it hasn’t even be offered once. Kev says we might be shooting dead like in poker(no idea what this means)he says it could be like that, it’s a good move for us to do this. Hal says yes exactly that.Hal says the other way we have such low chances but we’re making it easier for them to go deeper. Hal wonders if we can join forces against Marty.Kev says would 20k change your life? Hal says yes it would but I don’t want to sell myself short Id rather go all in & take the risk. Kev says she’s headed to lose the F2 & he will support her but he says this is only route.

Kev is outside crying alone & Hal comes out. He tells her let’s stick with the 5 if 20k would change her life. He thinks they have a small chance. Hal says it’s getting real & yes it could change my life. But we have better odds & it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Kev says he knows it could go along way for her. But she would rather take the risk & play with him & see what happens on the flip side. She hugs him. Josh comes out & sees him crying&asks what’s wrong? Kev says you better be ready to put up Betty/Sum no BS. Josh says he is & he’s wondering why that’s making Kev sad? Kev says that Hal/me are on route to losing to a finalist/20k so it’s so real. Hal says Betty/Sum could pull in Jace & cut her/Kev. She says if they turn on Josh then G/Jace cut them & have Betty/Sum. Hal is getting upset even talking about cutting Josh. She knows it’s a risk either way & she thinks it’s more of a risk this way. She’s not turning her back at all on Josh. Josh asks if they have regrets? They both say no. Kev marked CTD Day33 they came together. Hal says it’s so stupid to turn their backs on each other now. They’ve come this far. Betty is mind f&$king both of Hal/Kev right now. It doesn’t help. Hal says she says she won’t says anything then starts a rumour about the info. Kev says Bettys really good. Kev admits he didn’t think Betty was really good but she did & Hal agrees she is so smart. Kev says if Marty/Jace win POV this week then it’s gonna suck.Kev says people are gonna hate us & we all said that & starting Thursday.Hal says it’s been in the zone since T’s vote. Hal says no matter what happened after that T vote, she was with Marty. She tried to. Josh says he has been mentally preparing to cut Sum/Betty. Hal asks Josh if Betty/Sum want to pull in Jace? Josh says no it wouldn’t make sense to pull in Jace. Josh says rough waters are ahead but smooth waters are ahead. Tynesha_white is probably still mad,Herm is still pissed so is Moose. Hal says yes everyone’s gonna be upset. Josh says it’s not easy. Kev says game wise it’s so clear. But it’s not easy in his heart. Hal says some people already feel some type of way &now others will feel another type of way.She knew it wasn’t going to be easy.Kev asks do you think you could get Sum/Betty to pitch a F5 with us?So that way Hal knows they won’t pull Jace(I can’t hear Josh over a plane) Kev says this is sick like good sick cool. Hal says the 2 day breaks are becoming even harder. Josh says it’s only going to get harder. This is the social/emotional aspects.Kev agrees it’s harder than a few weeks ago. He says there’s only a few more steps&they needs wins. Josh is more worried about F5 HOH. Kev points out it could only be 2 of us left if Marty/Jace go up & 1 of us goes home. Hal says the red gummy is a sign &Kev says G’s name is red on the wheel. Kev says statistically the most likely thing to happen. Kev says he has to stop himself from saying to Marty you did this!! Your math was wrong!! They laugh & Kev leaves & hugs & loves them. Josh says everyone’s going to hate us & if they knew what we were doing they would hate us more. They can be all together & hate us. Hal says we all have this bond & she really cares about everyone. Josh wishes everyone could go to the end but they can’t all win. She says people wouldn’t guess the connection with Josh cause they don’t hang out inside the house. She can’t wait til after the house. Josh says his focus is on CTD& he says it was going to get real but it’s happening sooner than they expected. Josh says you really care about someone & then betray them & hurt them. Hal says game wise we just have to make the decision. Josh says he thinks it’ll get easier at F5 cause everyone plays POV even HOH so if you win you could keep noms the same too. He says there’s literally 17 days left. She says I know. Josh says Marty was looking for a power in Expedia. He says he’s going home next week. Josh says everyone & your mom is going to put you up! Hal agrees that Marty has burned everyone. She laughs about the boys alliance in the start. Josh says I think it taught them it’s not all about comps every week & not to underestimate people. Hal hugs Josh& leaves

Marty in expedia on the sofa with Sum. He keeps saying the wall comp wasn’t made for 43 year old man to do. Sum says I don’t think it’s made for anybody but you did it. Then Marty starts apologizing to Sum & how the way things turned out between them. Marty says it’s nothing personal just how we allied.He says she’s a very talented person&he knows she will go far in life.She thanks him & he asks about her post house plans for & she wants a talent agency.Marty says you might have some offers already, your Canada’s fav. Sum says ya it was nice. Marty says it was nice in the beginning when I got Canada’s fav.Sum says a lot has happened since then & Marty says he knows that & he wasn’t expecting to get it again.Marty says this kicked my butt it’s 100x harder than he thought it would be. He speaks about having depression the last few years & he’s still recovering from that. He’s bringing up how mentally draining it is to constantly be thinking & studying. He starts to say it’s harder speaking a 2nd language & asks Sum if she speaks a 2nd? She says no

Summer tells Josh that Gino's pitch was it's clear that her and Betty are each others 1's and 2's. She said she needs to decide which duo she's going to break up (she says that was obviously a lie). Josh continues telling Summer he told Hal that his targets are Marty and Jace. Josh says he and Betty were labelled a duo week 6 by Marty Betty comes in Summer says she really liked the tofu last night. Summer says she thinks the only person that might save Marty is Hal Josh-if someone was thinking about putting me up I wouldn't save him. Betty says Hal hasn't gone up yet of course people are going to think about putting you up. Summer says that's why I went up. Sum says she tried to tell Gino that Marty isn't loyal to him. He voted him out. Gino said not to come to him with that. Gino told her (before he went on the block and after he picked the gummy bear) he'll know her loyalty will lie with Josh & he has the votes. Betty asks Josh how he's feeling Josh says he's feeling good about his talks Betty asks if he talked with Jace Josh says no it feels disrespectful plus they know her vote isn't a deciding factor Betty asks if Hal and Kev said he has their vote. Josh says they haven't but he feels like they're just not saying that Betty-keeping up a facade Josh yah. Betty says in a perfect world it would be Marty, Hal and Jace in a triple right? Sum and Josh agree Betty says if one comes down they would put up Kev and save him They agree Betty says that's what she told Kev. She says you never know. Hal could win & put them 3 up. Betty asks Josh what he's going to say in his speech. He says he and Summer have been working on it. He gives her a preview If there's one thing for sure and two things for certain, I'm not going to waste my breath. Betty/Josh talking about life when they get out Betty wants to order her favorite takeout and be held an be told it's all okay Josh says he'll be crying in his bed Betty agrees. She doesn't think it will be healthy to check her phone.

Marty tells Haleena that she's her final 2 and he's weary about Kevin. Marty is worried about Betty & Josh because they obviously have a final 2 together. Haleeena, she'll deny it. We shall see what happens Marty leaves. Haleena after Marty leaves Are you kidding me? I'm about to screw over this man who has had my back this entire game. Protected me. This game.

Marty and Kev talking about comps they had and upcoming ones Marty says they're going to be big Kev says they're all big at this point. Marty talks about Kev winning HOH again Kev-I don't care about my resume. I don't care if the jury likes me. Marty says he's not thinking about his resume at all. Marty is telling Kev how they are good with the 5 in upcoming HOHs. Marty thinks he could've even beat G in the wall. Marty says he keeps seeing the 3 together (Bet/Sum/Josh) Kev says well they know Marty tells him about his convo with Summer in the ER and her saying she was hurt when he put her up as a renom. He says he wanted to say the line had been drawn but didn't. Marty tells Kev he knows he's close to Josh and it's tough to turn on him if he wants to talk about it. He knows bc of the first time he turned on Gino Kev-If i need to talk I'll talk to you. Marty says they should do it again and G shouldn't have to pick again bc he already went up. He says if he picks he'll go up. Kev says he needs to get up and move Marty says he'll never turn on him Kev says he won't either Kev escapes...I mean leaves.

JL and Gino are schmoozing Summer in the beach room. JL - Kevin could freakin flip Summer JL - If Gino goes home.. I'm going to be in a very wild mood.. total darkness Summer - Think steps ahead.. Betty would not be on board.. we would want to protect you and keep you safe.

JL tells Gino about her chat with Summer - she feels like Summer has her game checked. Gino thinks JL should think about what she'll do if he's gone, but both agree they don't see Hal/Kev flipping.

Betty and Kev agree that Gino is a great guy - his HOH's were the best of the season - he's shown empathy and been direct... but he has to go. Is it a game winning move for them? No. But it opens up lanes for the rest of them to get to the end - even JL. Kev tells Betty and Sum that JL swore to him today that she didn't pitch him to Marty they tell him that's a lie, she told Summer today that if Kev was up it would have been an easy week. Marty opens the door and walks away... Betty oh are you going to be in trouble? Kevin says he doesn't care, he's an adult who can talk to whoever he wants. He's this close to blowing up. Summer tells Kev that JL seemed to think they had Kev - he tells her he's lying to them and he's going to get so much heat on Thursday. Summer: oooh shit. So I'm assuming Hal is too? Kev tries to divert the question, they've just bonded a couple of times. Kevin tells Summer that if they have a knock out comp this week, always choose JL because they can't choose Marty. He asks her to tell Betty as well. Sum thinks Kev is going to get cussed out Thurs, he can't wait. Sum tells him she, Betty and Josh will never put him up.

Haleena I just feel alone in a way.. Summer/Betty does not like me. we're gonna be close with JL JL - Think that's what they're doing?. I feel a little bit of an outcast with them as well.. Summer said she feels an outcast with Betty/Josh.

Betty tells Josh that she's trying to build trust with Kev, so Josh cannot say a word - but Kev is keeping Josh and he's happy to do it. Summer fills Betty/Josh in on her convo w/JL... JL called Hal sketchy. They joke about what fake friends Hal/JL are. Summer tells them about needing to choose JL for head to head - Josh agrees, so does Betty but Hal is next.

JL to Hal I feel like you're off with me and it's annoying. Hal tells her that if Kev flips, everyone will put Hal up. JL gets that but having Gino there makes sure they still have the numbers. Hal knows, but if anything she's pissed there even in this position. JL gets where Hal is coming from, but she thinks Hal is being quiet because she knows something and doesn't want to tell JL. JL tells her that's fine for today, but tomorrow they all need get over it and get to work. JL leaves. JL goes to the BY by herself - she's tearing up a bit and keeps whispering "oh my God".

Hal venting to Josh - what does she want from me? I said I wasn't flipping and if I were I would tell her. She says it was JL who said everyone would be coming after her and all she would have is Kevin.

G joins JL - JL says Hal is a fucking idiot. Explains that Hal said if Kev was flipping, she would have to as well. Like no you wouldn't.. Everyone would be after her if she did that. G plans to talk to them both later tonight or tomorrow. Kev pisses JL off to no end. JL re Kev he's such a fucking rat. She thinks it has something to do w/ Marty telling him what he can and cannot do. G will tell them if it's Marty they want out, then lets do it together. JL thinks they need to tell Marty to back off and apologize to Kev/Hal - the vibes aren't good and it's Marty's fault. Marty is the coach and needs to bring the team back together.

Gino went to HOH to talk to Marty about the Kev/Hal thing.. He finds Kev already there, telling Marty how amazing he was during the HOH comp. Marty tells them it's pretty obvious now that Sum/Bet/Josh are together. Now they'll find out the 5 are together. Gino tells Marty that JL told him the vibe is off with Kev and Hal. Marty thought Kev was going to blow up earlier, but he said it was just his sinuses. Marty notes that he caught Kev in $$ w/ Summer and Betty. G explains the interaction JL had w/Hal. Gino leaves the HOH room and finds JL in the bathroom. She asks how it went. Gino says that Marty told him he still feels good about Kev. G- "I don't know. Maybe I should pull them in together and see what's going on". JL likes this idea.

Summer, Kev, Hal and Betty are in the Expedia Vaca Room. Kev and Betty wonder what their parents think of the show. Kev says his parents were prob freaked TF out during the first week of no feeds and seeing him go OTB at the end of the first episode.

JL is in the bathroom telling Marty what she heard Hal say about "if Kev flips I will have to flip". Marty is really surprised to hear that JL really meant that this was said. He tells her he just spoke to Kev about it. Marty tells JL the worst thing they could do is panic right now. Marty let's her know he told Hal that Kevin looks nervous as well. He still thinks he has the votes for Gino to stay but says he's basically screwed if Gino walks out that door.

Josh, JL and Gino are talking about some of the previous HG's and what they thought of them and then move on to who in the house is an introvert and who is an extrovert. Josh says goodnight and heads upstairs.

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