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Live feed Big Brother Canada Tuesday April 26!

Kevin says "good morning" to the live stream feeders and today is going to be a good day. He's so happy he was able to see Jillian yesterday. He hopes that he's been a fun villain. Her thinks Jay & Moose beat him on the fun level but, he did ok. Kevin-Deciding who to send home this week is not easy. He's leaning Jace but he's not sure. He needs to win comps, he needs a W. Looking at it from that point of view Jace has to go. He starts studying days. Yes, the alarm clocked played 3 times until, finally, Haleena & Josh woke up.

Josh is talking about his very big family. Where they're located, etc. He wishes he talked to his mom more yesterday.

Betty is doing affirmation of gratitude. She's never going to give up. She's going to keep fighting. Fight, and see what happens.

The breakfast club is Jace, Kev, & Josh (Josh left to brush his teeth)

Betty joins the breakfast club. Haleena getting ready. Jace talking about her skating comps & this feels similar because nobody will understand.

Kev/Haleena Kev-You should try to win HOH next week, obviously, I'm gunning for it & if I win it I'm putting up Josh & Betty. Have you realized that You & I are the only 1's not to be OTB this season. Do you know what a huge deal that is? Hal/Kev continued Hal-That's pretty wild (not being nominated) Hal-That's y I couldn't sleep, all these little things, all these dynamics. Josh saying that we have to win The way he's speaking would he want the blood of putting up Betty? or is he relying on us to do it? Kev-The thing is that everyone can make a claim that who goes up in doesn't matter. But, it does matter. Hal-I wonder will Josh actually go for it Kev-He might think that, you, me & Betty will all take him, no matter what. Kev-Let's win out. Let's do this. Kev-There's a fine line between being funny, & being an asshole. The villain could be Jace. Hal-Yeah, she said "I'm a fake ass bitch" She wants to be here for the red door & awards. Kev-I'm not making a decision based on a door. H-doesn't think Betty is a superfan.

Kev called to the DR Hal & Betty are talking about their visits from family yesterday. B-How are you doing? H-I'm good, I'm ready to go. Jace said she had a vision, Hal told her to campaign & that it's not over until it's over. Jace just doesn't want to be blindsided. Kevin - Betty loved the name (Final 3 = K/H/B called Group 3) I think she's ready to cut Josh.. This is when like a duo has 2 F3s.. find out about each other Haleena - Ty said to her.. play for yourself Kevin Which is a direct shot at Josh.

Jace & Betty are talking about how wild this game is & where votes might come from for Jace. Jace understands why Kev/Haleena would vote the same

Josh has joined JL and Hal. They are discussing everyone's occupations. Josh tells that he asked Melina if he could still get a tattoo from her and she said definitely not. They all agree emotions were high though and maybe she's changed her mind.

HGs chatting about travelling and keeping up with the people you meet - Kev tells them about his Filipino family. He met them by chance in Hong Kong and spent the day together. When the parents were in Toronto a few years later, Kev took them out to dinner.

Kev is letting Jace know he won't be voting for her. Jace thinks it's a mistake, Josh will win, no matter what. Kev feels bad for blindsiding her last week. Kev tells Jace she's a badass, to win under pressure, etc. It seems like both emotional. Jace explains how her showmance with Gino may have effected her game. Jace thinks that Josh & Betty are more tight than anyone realizes and their falling out last week could've been staged to throw ppl off. Jace tells Kevin she would take Kevin to the final 2, hands down. Kevin-because you know you could beat me> Jace-yes, Plus Haleena has lied to me this entire game. Jace has a theory that backdooring Josh was a play & never what Gino was going to do. JL - (Maybe if you win a couple more comps) K - Told you I would literally vote you out JL - I think I could beat you.. def have have Hermon & Moose vouching for Josh.. big loud energies.. they will let you know.. they will write a song about it.. perform it nightly Kev-I think I still have a shot to try to make it & make a case. Jace-Imagine you, me, & Haleena would be so sick if the 3 of us sitting together at the end. Kev-I, from this point forward, am playing this game with no emotions. Jace-Haleena has never his the block that's dangerous in a final Jace-If I had a chance to take you at the final 3, I would take you

Kev-Because you think you can beat me Jace-Yes, but also think that Josh is a huge threat. He's lied & manipulated, he'd win!@ Kev & Jace summarize her pitch. Jace's pitch seems to have hit Kevin Jace leaves and Kev starts counting jury votes, but gets called to DR.

Haleena wants to talk to Kevin about how they vote Jace-Don't give Betty that power H-Your vibe has changed, Jace-if you get rid of Josh then Betty's on an island by herself. It sucks that Josh is the one sitting next to me. H-I need to talk to Kev J-it makes sense.

Haleena & Kev aren't sure what to do now. Kev relays the points Jace made. Kev took a class dealing with hostage negotiating, and in the class someone demonstrated that the techniques taught can be used on someone who know the techniques. Haleena & Kevin don't know what to do. They're talking through it. Haleena & Kevin are debating who to keep. Kev-now, when we came up with the Crash Test Dummies we said that we would have to cut Josh at 5 or 6. Well here we are at 5. Haleena goes through who she'd feel better about losing to. She'd rather lose to Josh than JL. Kevin brings up the photographic memory (for your bingo card) that Jace mentioned. Also, they can bring in Betty to talk it out. Kev & Haleena are making this decision together no matter what. they both think Josh has been extremely loyal to both of them. Neither trust bizzness B Josh comes in at the end and feeds cut shortly after.

Haleena, Kev, Jace talk. Haleena explains her lack of trust. Jace thinks the best thing for her is to move forward with Hal/Kev she doesn't want to work with Josh or Betty. Strategically it makes sense. You know where my head is at. Kev asks what Jace's relationship is like. They never talk game, the only time they've talked was when Betty was trying to get info. Jace said it's very awkward. Kevin probes about deals Jace had with Betty. Kevin asks why the nominations were what they were. There was a ceasefire that week. Jace explains the secret power. Jace continues to throw Betty under the bus. Kevin continues to ask questions. JL is sure Betty thinks she's an idiot - she talks down/condescendingly to JL.. really she acts like JL's HR manager. JL thinks Kev is being more receptive to her pitch than Hal and she's kinda shook about it. She thought she had Hal's vote yesterday. JL mocks Hal's inner monologue. Kev thinks they need to get Josh out - Hal asks right now? As of this moment, yes. But that could change when he wakes up tomorrow.

Josh tells B about the Honey Bunch - he thinks Summer was in most of the alliances in the house. B didn't understand why Sum was a threat, now she does - it also explains why Summer would say 2 votes are better than 1 when it came to JL and G. B: I'm a fool. Josh tells Betty he couldn't play this game again - it's too much on his heart. He doesn't think Daniel could do it either now. Betty says there's a lot of evil in the house. She thinks they need to get through the game before they start unpacking it as it will be a lot.

Kev tells Hal that he thinks he's getting a taste of his own medicine right - JL is in his head and he needs Hal to keep him in line. He knows they'll come back to it tomorrow, but JL has managed to hit a note in Kev - maybe a jealousy in how good Josh thinks.

Kev says his heart is breaking at the thought of cutting Josh at 5 and it will just get worse. Betty doesn't think there's room for heartbreak at F5 - it's the end and it needs to be played doing what's best for your game. Betty points out that Josh has already shown them that he will choose Kev over Betty in the game. Kev thinks Josh takes Hal over both of them - B agrees. That's the reason she's not playing this emotionally.Kev tells Betty this might be a long chat - JL has got into his head. Kev's concern right now is Josh or JL winning the next 3 comps. Has Betty studied w/ Josh? She hasn't. Kev thinks JL has strength in comps, but also struggle. He can see Josh going 3 for 3.Josh has joined and put an end to the chat for now. Betty said earlier she thinks they should sleep on it, so put a pin in this conversation. Josh said he'd probably only watch the LF if someone he loved was on, if not the 40 min show is good enough. Kev doesn't love the comps and all that, for him it's watching 16 people go for one goal. Josh to DR - Hal joins B/Kev - Kev tells Hal he's been thinking and he's not sure if he can keep Josh. Josh is the smartest person in the house. Kev also thinks Josh cuts B and Hal, not him. B counters that JL could be going for one of them as well, and she wins comps.

Kev apologises for springing this on B - B is good to think on it, Kev made some good points so now she wants to process. Kev thinks whoever goes it's still a W. Kev asks if B is really ok with either going? She gives a bit of a sighed "yes". B asks Kev if JL has promised him safety? No. Is he sure? Yes, he would of told her. B thinks there's pros and cons to both JL/Josh.

Betty tells Hal she's down for what they decide but she doesn't like rash decisions. Hal doesn't understand why Kev all of a sudden wants to flip. B wants to make sure they're all making this decision not just Kev. They plan to sleep on it. Betty to herself: I can't handle this right now. Betty vents to herself - she's so upset right now.

Haleena quickly filled Kevin in on what Betty told her in the pantry, sounds like Haleena told him Betty hates the idea of keeping JL, Kevin says then it’s the right decision. Kev: her reaction says everything to me. Hal agrees - they plan to have Hal go to Betty in the am where she'll tell B she also thinks it's smart if Josh goes.

Betty re Kev: he's a monster. I've never met anyone like him.

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