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Live feed Big Brother Canada Tuesday April 5!

Houseguests are waking up!

Josh is telling Summer he wants to keep Betty.

Josh tells Summer he's going to come through in a comp. Summer-I have my social game. A tried for 2 days to get Kyle up. I got the veto used on you. Made Marty thinking we're cool, even though we're not. Summer & Josh both want Marty out ASAP. Mention he having terrible optics, and they can't understand how he won that vote. They assume a couple different communities came together for him. Summer-The move is to vote Hermon out, then get closer to Gino. They don't know if they're going to tell Hermon until the last minute.

Haleena is pretty peeved that Herms called her a floater. The definition of floaters. Haleena thinks they're all floaters. Kevin is amused by Marty thinking he's the one that used the veto. Let him think that. Kevin-Haleena we can't take anything for granted in this game anymore. We have to win every comp we can, we can't be throwing. Haleena agrees & starts studying the back yard scenes Moose comes outside. Haleena - She told me I'm keeping Betty Kevin - The best move for her(Summer) is sending him home. She's not anyone's target, she might be a pawn, but no one wants her to leave, for a long time. Betty's goal is to stay as long as she can. Especially to get to jury. Offers to be a pawn. Summer tells Betty it's an emotional decision for her. Betty understands & says she's pitching that to everyone. But, if Hermon were to stay, he'd just be OTB again next wk. Betty promises Summer she'd vote for Summer to stay over Josh. She means it, apologized for getting emotional. But, if you vote for me, I'm serious. Summer says, "it's starting to lean that way" Feeds cut because those are the rules now.Betty-I will ALWAYS take the block over you. Summer-I know I can trust you 100% so I'm fine being with you until jury Betty thanks Summer for always being 100, above board with her. She wants to do this so bad with her. Betty-I want to get to the end with you.Betty-I want to at least help you get to the end, with have never hit the block Summer-Yeah, I want that on my resume Betty-Will you tell me b4 which way your voting? Summer-I'm leaning towards keeping you Betty-But, I want you to make sure that's what's best for you.

Kev telling Moose as they do laps around the BY that he won’t be using him as pawn. Moose misunderstands&says it’s ok if he does &Kev says NOT use you. Moose says Marty is a scary guy to cross. Kev says people will be kissing your ass&telling you what you want to hear.Kev tells Moose he loves Herm but he has the perfect body to play this game, athletic,170 pounds. He mentions he wasn’t sure if he was winning again so he wanted to use the POV. Kev tells Moose his goal is to make it to Day70. Moose says of course I see that. Moose says this is crunch time to see how savage you are. Kev says you get 1 chance & I’ve made some terrible decisions. Moose wonders what? Kev says everyone has made decisions. Moose has made promises & he intends to keep those promises. Moose says we still have 2 days& Kev says 31 days. Moose says fingers crossed,your destiny is in your hands in times like this. Kev wants to work on Josh a lil bit& he hopes since he used POV on him that he will owe him &have his back a bit. Moose agrees. Moose isn’t worried about Betty/Josh together & he says he spoke to Josh&Kev’s favour will be mentioned without telling him Kev said anything to him. He wants to ask how Josh is feeling after the POV. Kev wants to know Moose’s relationship with Hal &Moose says it’s great. Moose says Hal voted to keep me here to stay&we don’t beat around the bush when we do game talk&hes been honest with her. He says he hasn’t BSed her& he hasn’t tied himself to her &she could backstab him. He thinks their relationship has grown gamewise/personal level. Kev says that people underestimate Hal. He’s telling Moose that he was able to chat more with Hal after the vote against T. Kev says the girls were pissed at her for it. Moose agrees & he hopes it can open a possibility to work together in the game. Moose isn’t going to tell others about his plan or about his relationship with Kev.He says the only way to find out the truth is during POVs/nom ceremony/HOHs.Kev asks about Moose being nominated by Marty possibly but Moose says in reality Marty had no reason to put him. Kev asks how Moose is so cool?Moose says that 1st time he was up with Kyle he handed it differently &after being up with T he understood the way he has to move&it comes with experience.He had already accepted he could go OTB.Kev says he knew Marty’s plan&he was shitti. Kev says 1 day people could be yelling at each other. Moose says then be homies the next day. He says there are so many dynamics happening &then he will figure out what he has to do later &he’s gonna tell Herm that. Kev says give him 20% of the info rather than 0. Kev says if Betty uses her secret power,you go up & there’s nothing you can do. Kev says it’s entirely possible. Moose says if I go up in that situation, I’m assuming you still go for Herm? Kev says it’s a f&@ked up situation but you would have my vote. Moose thanks him. Moose wants to talk to Herm. Kev says he feels like the situations you can prepare for is HOH.He can’t prepare for a secret power. Moose says paranoia is everywhere. Kev can’t hide his vote at this point &it would be so obvious. He has to be straight up. Kev says that if Moose ends up OTB with Herm he will make sure Moose stays. Sum joins them for their walk & Moose holds her hand. Kev goes on her other side to hold her other hand & she can’t find her water bottle

Moose leaves them & Sum/Kev continue walking. He knows she wanted Herm in jury. Sum says no she would rather have Betty because she knows what’s better for her game. Kev says perception is everything & even tho you aren’t in a showmance. Sum says that it hurt her heart to see Herm sad &she said she had him.Sum knows if she flips,it would be horrible news for her. Kev agrees & mentions Marty too. Kev says nobody is looking her way but maybe use her a pawn. Sum says to stop analyzing her. Kev says they’re working together so he has to tell her how her game is but he’ll stop. She laughs & says she pushed him infront for POV. Sum asks if he was shocked she picked him? Kev says no I knew you wanted me to win over G. Sum says it was her job to convince him. Kev says Marty told him Herm was going up but if Sum knew it would have been hard for her. Kev says Herm & him had less than 10 game chats &he doesn’t owe him anything but it still hurts. He hopes they make hurt & Arise announces it. He asks where the showmance is at? Kev says not to rock the boat?Sum knows G is close to Herm too.Kev calls Herm the male version of Sum in this game&will be strong in endurance.Sum agrees he could win.Kev says males get more credit for playing the same game as female. Kev brings up it happens on Survivor. Kev promises not to be a sexist asshole in the end & give a female credit if she plays better. Sum says she doesn’t like these days off &she wants Betty to still campaign to her. Sum says even T campaigned to her& what makes Betty think she doesn’t have to?Kev mentions that Betty’s role will be the pawn going forward. Sum agrees the pawnshop will be open. Kev says that Betty has already been used for that. Sum wonders if it’s a big deal to survive the block 5 times? Kev thinks so because not everybody can be a comp beast. Kev says if you’re not a super athlete with rock hard abs& smart mind, you can still win this game. Sum agrees you can win comps &lie&backstab to get there tho. Kev doesn’t mind that part of it. He thinks the jury will hate F2& they will be debating who is less bad. Kev tells Sum it ain’t easy but this move is better 1 for them. Sum agrees. Kev says it only gets harder from here &he asks if she’s going to tell Herm? She says she doesn’t want to do it day of & not surprise. Sum told Betty to put in the work still. Kev tells Sum if Betty has the power&uses it that Marty could put up anyone including her &he would vote to keep her. Sum wonders if Marty would do that to her? Maybe Moose? He knows this is really hard for her. Sum says it’s like picking between her cousin/best friend

Betty swears that she never said Gino's name. Jace tells her Marty told her that Betty was coming for them. Jace wants to change her train of thinking. Points out numbers for Betty, not against. They would have 3 votes together. Betty is down with whatever Jace wants to do. B-I'm having a harder time getting votes from ppl you think I wouldn't have to. Like Summer, I'm really having to prove myself J-Really? B-Yeah, so I'm down with whatever, 100% with you, votes, whatever. Jace voices her concerns of Hermon not wanting floaters to win, but, surrounds himself with floaters, That makes her think, they'll be next. Jace thinks it's better for her game to keep Betty. Betty continues her pitch. Jace asks if she's targeting showmance. Jace wants to keep Betty. She loves her in the house. Wants to get back to where they were a couple weeks ago. Jace says that Marty is the house target next week. So, everyone's on the same page They hug it out.

Herm/Sum. Herm says he can get her closer to winning& shield her. Sum says Betty is better for her game cause they’re seen as a duo.Herm says she’s been booed up with him lately so she can get him out of here.Herm says he is Marty’s worst nightmare. Herm is a bigger target then Betty for Sum. Sum says Josh/Betty/G/Jace are shields for her too. Herm says you are a bigger player then better,Betty is not a shield for her. Sum says Betty said she will also be a pawn. Herm says he will too&throw her HOH too. Sum says it’s so hard! Herm says he can’t deal with all this flipping&flopping.She says Marty will come after her. Herm says he will anyways he’s a liar! Why can’t you reward me for my loyalty? I’ve never done anything to jeopardize you. She says this is so hard. Herm says Sum is guarantee F6 with him & further if she wants to.He doesn’t want to have to keep pitching over&over.He wants to give Marty a big FU&go after him.Herm will offer himself as a pawn to win POV to BD Marty&he will take his own game into his hands he told Josh. Sum is worried about HGs choice in a spin. Herm says our value is the same as a vote&I offer more outside of that to her. He can’t do this everyday.Why is she doing him like this? She apologizes&thinks shes the swing vote because he has Moose& probably get G/Jace. Herm says he thought she was his vote. Sum says so did Betty.He’s always there for her &he’s always showing her love. He says if you wanna cut me,cut me like a G. Sum says herself? Herm says ya better than giving Marty what he wants. Him&Kev think they’re masterminds. Herm saying next week we have 6 people playing out of 8 all with the same idea. He’s not scared of Hal/Kev esp with Hal’s foot injury. He says trust me I would never leave you hung out to dry if I didn’t have the votes I’d tell you & I wouldn’t ruin your game. Sum says not to be mad at her. Herm says that it’s hard not to be irritated because he f$@ks with her but he’s a big boy. He says 6vs2 we have a chance &we need everyone on board. Marty will come for you&she will be double crossed. Herm was the only bridge he didn’t burn

Summer told Hermon that her mind has been changed back to keeping Betty. He's getting to work now on flipping her back.

JL and Gino check in - JL feels better keeping Betty, and thinks Josh can keep a secret. She thinks it's funny the house thinks the two of them are dumb and don't know who's playing them. You're not slick! If JL ever puts Sum OTB, she's saying that. Moose has a proposition for Josh - has Josh committed his vote to Betty? No. In a perfect world they all stay, but that's not what's happening. If Betty does have a secret power, Moose is hitting the block. Moose asks who Josh wants to be with in the end? Josh tells Moose the Marty is a snake.. Moose: he's a super snake! Josh says he'll never vote for Marty to win in the end.

Kevin and Gino check in - they agree Hermon is the better player. Kevin thinks Herms has to go. Gino plans to keep having convos but right now he's gamed out. Gino knows the chances of a Betty HOH are low, Herms is going for Marty and Herms and Moose are super tight.Gino tells Kev he thinks he can get Sum's vote - Kev points out he can't read her. Gino can - he's been talking to her since the beginning of this game. He knows when she's undecided

Moose tells Herms he needs to work on Gino/JL/Josh - he's not even telling Summer what his vote will be. Herms agrees, she's too flaky.

Herms tells B/J/Sum that he's full of rage towards Marty right now - he's at the point where Marty might ask him something simple and Herms will blow up and start WW3. So he's doing his best to keep his distance. Betty suggests he productively get it off his chest w/him.

Hal is worried that Gino/JL/Moose/Sum will vote to keep Hermon. Josh is too. Josh notes he has a couple of dirty tricks up his sleeve that might get him in trouble, but he's going to try. It'll have to be last minute though. Kev joins them - Josh drops what his card is... Herms told him that they would go for Marty first and then go for the showmance. Kev thinks that's good, he should drop that tomorrow afternoon.

Kevin tells Josh it seems like voting Herms out will be hard for him - Josh says it's not, it's just that everyone is acting so coy right now. Plus he's not sure Herms would emotionally respond. Hal points out they still have a day and a half of this.

JL knows that if she keeps Herms this game will turn into a boys club - she knows how that shit works and eventually Herms will be telling Gino to cut JL. JL telling Betty that Moose is pitching for Herms - that if H were to go, Josh and Betty would leave Moose out. Betty points out that this is why she isn't going to say much in her pitch to Moose, she doesn't want to give him ammo. Betty thinks a Moose HOH would be wild.

Summer-they both gave really good pitches, IDK if Gino talked to you about like a "Honeybunch 2.0" I'm leaning towards keeping Betty. I told him that I'd be the one to get rid of him if I have to. If he doesn't go this week, he doesn't added to his resume. It's a. Betty would be good for the girls, I feel like we could fall back on her more, not about the boys club like Hermon is. Summer-My gut is leaning towards Betty. Jace-I'm feeling like if I keep Hermon, I'm setting myself up. So, I'm leaning the same way. Summer-If Hermon stays gets Marty out, then what is he good for? Jace-I'm still on the fence undecided. But, I am leaning that way. Summer-OK, after speaking with you. I'm keeping Betty. Hermon is a finance mgr but, he's also in sales Jace-Exactly! He can talk! S-Bye. Summer-My heart & soul are with Betty. I lost trust in them when they didn't tell me. Betty tells me stuff right away. I told Hermon I was leaning to Betty after I told him yesterday that he had my vote. Guaranteed vote Female Jace-That's exactly how we need to think.

Hermon-I shouldn't have to beg for some of these votes. Trying to bring up week 2 bullshit, just to stir shit up? WTF. My focus is on you guys, Moose, & Josh now. Hermon-I can't believe I even have to ask Summer for her vote. If I stay I'm wreaking havoc next week on Marty's ass. Hermon - Soon as Marty's gone I don't even think I'd be concerned with Kevin and Haleena.. If I don't get a 5- 2 I will take it personal, from her.. She told me she would lie Gino - Who? JL - Summer? Who else.. Hermon - That's the type of shit.. JL - I say why you look. Hermon isn't pitching to the "other 2." He will not grovel. The 2 are Kev & Haleena. Tells them that Haleena was the 2nd vote and to say otherwise, GTFO of my face. He feels she doesn't have the right to make him grovel. Welcome to Big Brother.

Moose is telling Hal that Betty doesn't even want to pitch to him. He wants to her to pitch to him bc then what reason does he even have to vote for her.Moose leaves and Betty double checks. that Hal is voting for her and she says for sure. Then Herms comes out so stop talks.

Hal asks Marty if he noticed that no one else has said their number ones. Marty says you can tell it: Betty and Josh, Gino and JL Hal asks who Kevin's number 1 is Marty-I don't know. Me?

Summer tells Herms she wants a "letter shredder" moment. "I would take that 5G anyday" She says she doesn't care if it messes up her game. Summer says Betty is loyal. She knows Herms is rocking w/her but Betty is really rocking w/her Herms says ok. He'll give another pitch tomorrow. Summer laughs Herms says he has to but he won't pitch Thursday. Summer says she understands if he stays and puts her up against Marty Herms says he doesn't think he'll be that vindictive Summer asks why he didn't put up Marty in his HOH Herms-it was week 1 Summer laughs and says you usually go for the old people first.

Sum has been added to the long list of targets Herms has. Did he have different deals before he solidified w/Josh? Sure. Herms points out that Betty is a jury vote for Sum. Maybe they could offer the showmance safety, but they don't have to honor it.

Josh asks if Herms was in a 4 person alliance w/T/G/JL - Herms denies it, T is long gone, how could he be in an alliance? Summer asked him the same. Herms points out that it's obvious Sum is working w/Marty, not him. So it's onsite w/ Sum next week. Herms picked a side wk 3 - Summer hasn't had to do that yet. Josh tells him the only reason he's thinking so hard is because Betty can't lie - she tells him everything. Herms points out that it's always him who has to come to Josh for game chat. He's been trying.

Betty lets Josh know that JL/Gino are down to ride as a 4 as long as they can. If a pair is OTB the other pair can take care of them vote wise. Both trust Gino/JL - Betty points out she might as well, she needs to put her trust somewhere. Betty thinks this week has been wild - it started one way and ended with her scheming with JL to gain her safety.

Summer telling Herms that it's not her fault he had a bunch of deals but didn't have one with her. Herms figured it was implied.. Summer tells him it wasn't! Herms knows Sum promised her vote to Marty - Sum knows Moose told him that. Herms denies, he just knew Moose did. Sum points out that Herms had a deal with Marty, and she told him not to have a deal with a settler/colonizer. Do you know who told her to fix her relationship w/Marty? Kevin of all people. Herms says it's all good, he just thought they were working together.

Summer points out that the way Herms acted when she said no played a part in her wanting to keep Betty. Herms tells her to not play the player - that is not what made the decision for her.

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