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Live feed Big Brother Canada Tuesday March 15!

Lights come on & second "Good Morning HG's it's Time To Get Up For The Day.

Kevin is in charge of handing out new mic batteries to the HG's

Summer is pitching to Haleena why Josh should stay Summer was told that Stephanie would be an easier target to get rid of down the road. H tells Summer she trusts her for some reason, even though they don't have a thing or whatever Feeds cut. Sum-If that means turning against Hermon, that's what it means H-This decision, I want ppl to legit have my back. I don't want to get played & look like a dumb-dumb Sum-I'm not going to play you. I want to make sure that every man, including Josh are out of this house. Summer-Stephanie needs to go & things need to be dismantled. I want to make sure you ride for me & I ride with you.

Jess & Kev are touching base. Jess wants to make sure they're good.

Jess-This is a pivotal point in this game. Week 3 or 4, things happen Kev-Then they break up again Jess-Yeah, I want to make sure me & u are there to watch Jess-I feel like Josh is an important part of this game & Kev-asks about Canada votes & how long they get. Jess-Kyle treats me like we're playing chess vs each other & he has more power pieces. I need you as a power piece. What is your reason you're wavering? What's Steph pitching you? Kev-I haven't talked to Steph. I'm leaning your way. Pay attention to everything in here.

Hermon discussing how immature Kyle was being this week. He said Kyle was fixated on Steph/Betty & than Moose after.Hermon said during the 11th hour, Kyle comes to tell them that Josh is going up. Hermon says this was his biggest downfall thinking Kyle was level headed.Hermon tells Hal that Kyle created that environment this week & Hermon can’t have him in power again. He tells Hal that he has a plan next week. Hal says hopefully they don’t f&@k her over & she wants Josh to stay & would rather ride with them. Hermon telling Hal he is drawing his line in the sand & that the boys will not keep her safe. They will keep Jace before her. He says he wants to flip this house upside down. He says Kyle can’t play HOH so it’s our best odds to win. He says we can go into a double 7-4. Hermon tells Hal that it’s really only 4 people on the other side (Kyle/Marty/Gino/Jace) Hermon says it would be nice to run the middle but you’re expandable at that point. Hal says you can get found out if you keep playing the middle at this point. Hermon ends his chat with Hal with a hug. She says she’s got it. She says her mom is probably yelling at her because she hasn’t gotten out of bed & is being lazy

Jess is concerned that when Summer & T count votes they are counting on Moose. They want to make sure they bring Kevin in Haleena hints that she thinks Hermon want to flip.Jess says that they control the vote. They have the votes. Haleena-we only control the votes this week Jess. Then next week they do. We gotta be very careful

Josh is telling Marty that he's told Kyle that he's not going to target him if he stays, he just doesn't think this is a smart move this week Marty is frustrated with ppl lying. Marty is reiterating that he was the one that suggested Josh goes up. He trusts Josh. Marty doesn't see how turning on them week 3 doesn't make sense (Is he trying to tell Josh he needs to hear that he IS targeting them?) Gino enters

Josh, Marty, Summer, T, & Hermon in Expedia. They are talking about catching ppl listening at the door T yells "ur not slick!" before exiting They start to go over days. Summer-You run a good household Marty, I can't say that about some ppl. Summer-This one (Josh) may be hard to read but, he knows I want to protect him (to Hermon but, aloud)

Steph & Kev. Kev-So much can change in 2 days Steph-thanks for the vote of confidence that means a lot Talk about shout outs.

H-were u in the kitchen yesterday with Summer & Kev Kyle-Yeah, they go at it all the time. But, things are looking good. H-100% Kyle list votes. We got the 4 H-Kev makes me nervous a bit We got the 4, that's all we need

Summer checking in on Josh & votes T-asks if Josh has spoke with Haleena? Summer-if you swear on ur life ur good T-IDK what they're promising her Summer-Jury Josh-They're promising everyone jury. Betty enters expedia B-I'm doing a mental health check on my favorite boy Josh-after this week the boys are going to get picked off 1 by 1 Betty makes the swinging a bat pose. Kev saying he wants them all to keep it quiet. If he hears that this gets out he'll vote out Josh. T-so, to get this right, you're telling Steph has ur vote but ur voting for Josh to stay? Kev-Yeah

Kev-The reason I was crying yesterday, u thought it was because I was sad 4 u but, it wasn't...giant tease They tell him he can't leave without explaing Kev-I was crying because ppl are playing u 2 (Summer & T) Kev-If we are going for, I'm probably going to say dumb things. If this gets out, this has to keep quiet. I want to see this so bad!! Summer & T tell Kev to leave

Steph is pitching to Jess Josh is going to be very hard to get out (comp wise) She sees Jess as a player in this game & loves it, isn't intimidated enough Jess asks how she did on her puzzle, Steph explains

Kev-Josh is the nicest person in this house Kyle-Yeah Kev-It's good your keeping Jess they're a bigger target to have in front of you Kyle-Jace wants them out Kev-Oh, I didn't know Jace was like that Kyle-Oh yeah,she has that spark! Kev-I try w/her Ky-slow & steady. Kev asks about the 6 and what order he'd like to see them go Kyle-1st Moose, then Jess, then Steph as far as threat levels If Hermon leaves he's going to take a shot at Moose Kev-I thought they were good Kyle-Yeah they were then they had beef. Kyle-Dude, I'm telling you we are rock solid! Just work on Hermon a bit, foster that relationship. Show him the real Kevin. Kev-what made you not want to work with Moose Kyle-When he was up here with Steph, he's a world class liar! Your currency is the truth,Kyle-It's funny because it was Jess & Marty that put the backdoor idea in my head. I'm telling you that if we get rid of Josh this week, which we will we are solid, Haleena has promised me. So, Josh goes & 1 of the 6 or Haleena wins HOH we're good. Betty can't win. Kev-are Moose & Steph close Kyle-No, she's trying to work on him a little bit but, Moose is her target if she wins HOH. I'm not going to start knocking pawns out. I want to start annihilating this house! Big targets. A Metaphor salad ensues. Kyle-just to reiterate, we have the numbers, we are guaranteed jury if we win HOH next week. Kyle-do you really think that Jess would vote for Josh Kev-I don't know. I think they're a genius Kyle-Yeah, I respect that, that's why I didn't put them up

Hermon-You get 2nd place in everything. They start talking, & they wouldn't let it go, right? I was like but, Betty is still mad. The whole week Kyle was like, it's too early for a backdoor because I was trying to keep Steph safe. He-Kyle said he wasn't backdooring this week, didn't want to be know as the backdoor guy. All that bullshit, then all of a sudden he's like, "your going up next to Josh," to Steph Josh-right b4? H-if Steph told you different she's a liar I want to flip & have 6-5 vote. Hermon-I have a whole thing planned out. They think they're going to run this house & they have the strength? I want to backdoor Kyle!!! It's going to be bloody, it's going to be violent Josh-this feels violent Worst HOH in BB History!! What a scummy guy. Hermon-I'm gonna pop off after the votes are read I have a speech ready! Nobody has ever made me like this. He took everything I created in this game & smashed it right in front of me. Then put up Steph right in front of me. Hermon-this can't get out but, I want us all to stand there, you tyrannical bully. Hermon-I'm going to fucking crucify you! Josh-You're ok voting Steph out? Hermon-Yes, I didn't do this, Kyle did this. It's a casualty of war, & I will get my vengeance.

Worst HOH of all time

Marty doesn't want to be on the wrong side. He knows that he's at the bottom of that side. Kevin is helping Marty memorize the scenes on the wall outside & walking through what happened. Marty-as much as I'm scared of Josh, I think I can work with him. I talked to him yesterday & if he's lying to me then he's good. I have an indigenous friend outside the house & they told me the same thing about having respect for their elders. He's so genuine & sincere. The house is pro keeping Josh on every cam right now. Marty-flip it so he stays. Does that make sense? Kev-I'll say this, I think we're being played to be 6th & 7th, I'm with you Marty. Marty-The only thing is, I'm afraid of Betty, T, & Summer. Kev-I think he (Josh) is being genuine. Kev-You gotta vote out Stephanie, the person who's coming for you. Marty-But, when the votes come, they're going to ask, "Who flipped?" Kev-I'd be happy to raise my hand & you can say you're voting for Josh. Kevin-I'm going to tell Kyle, "How can I trust you when you didn't even tell me about Moose going up?" Marty-We have a few hours, Ok Marty heads inside

Betty is expressing concern about Hermon tells Josh to be careful what he shares Betty-I watch him go to rooms & then go right back to Kyle T is going over votes, including Moose Betty is skeptical of Moose. Discussion of voting Steph out continues. Haleena-Kyle talks to me like I'm a little girl, I hate it can't stand it Betty-ppl are underestimating me, I can't wait to vote their asses out.

Hermon, Haleena, Betty, Josh & T are all talking about how bad it would be to come in 3rd place. Same amount of time, getting woken up by roosters

Kyle is defending his nom of Josh to Jess Jess-why would you put up someone who I have agency with? Does that threaten you? Kyle-No, no, I was looking at momentum & he has a slow burn of keeping a level head. I looked at it & said that's the shot. Jess-are you worried that you ruffled feathers at all Kyle-No, Moose did me a favor by saying what he said at the veto. I just looked at it from an objective sense, I know Josh wasn't coming for me but, Josh was coming for ppl I trust. Kyle-I knew this is one of those things where I ask for permission or whatever instead of forgiveness Jess-I would've loved to talk that out. The delivery was shitty but, it would've been either way Are you just dancing through your HOH?

Marty trying to talk game with Tynesha brought up the fact that they both have kids & he understands *This is what T was upset about all day on Sunday* T-We're all just trying to play the best game we can with the hand we're dealt

Sounds like the feeds were down for maintenance - Steph noting that a lot of things have been put away in cupboards.

Moose notes that this isn't personal - game wise he thinks Kyle is an idiot and fucking hates him - but outside of the game, he doesn't GAF about him.

Josh: I want this to look like the worst HOH of Big Brother history.

Jess explains to Betty why BB is amazing, how the live feeds work and how production has to deal with an ever evolving narrative.

Josh and Marty are talking - Marty tells him to try and get Jess's vote. Josh says he will, he'll also work on Moose but he's not sure how that will go (it went well). Marty thinks he and Josh can go far in the game together.

Haleena confirms to Josh that he has her vote - she just can't say that to the other side because they will flip out.

Jess saw Gino/Jace/Hermon/Moose/Steph/Kyle were in HOH coming out 2 by 2. Jess thinks they’re together secretly. Kev & Marty have been played. T wonders where Jess lies in all this? Kev doesn’t know but it’s not him or her & maybe it’s Gino. Moose/Steph faked the fight.

Kev doesn’t know if he buys all this from Jess. T says it kinda sounds like a conspiracy theory & farfetched. Kev wonders is it a conspiracy? He asks if she’s in on it? She says absolutely not. She thought she was close with Moose & he wanted to target her/Hermon. Kev wants to keep Josh because of this. T says people Kyle has made promises to are probably expandable, like him/Hal. Kev believes Hermon/Moose are with Kyle/Gino/Steph/Jace. He doesn’t care about making jury. He wants to make it all the way.

T asking if he’s with Kyle/Gino or not? Kev says last time I talked game to Gino was 2 days ago. He wants to keep lying about his vote to them. He asks if she spoke to Marty? She said hell no!He told me he’s with them. Kev says but not apart of bigger alliance & it’s sad. Kev tells T that outside of her/Summer everybody is lying. Kev says Kyle thinks they’re like & it’s gonna be a big blow to Kyle. T says & he didn’t even offer you a glass of wine?!? Summer comes in with food for T. Kev thinks that Jace/G/Kyle/Moose/H are in the bigger alliance & trying to recreate the cookout. Kev says H is like falling in love & their bodies are intertwined like what is that? Kev says Kyle didn’t tell him Moose was going up, what kind of ally is that? Kev says it’s going to be craziest night ever it this happens. Kev says everyone is making so many mistakes & the producers have to simplify it into 3 days. He couldn’t sleep the first week because it was all complicated. T laughs & says he spazzes sometimes. Kev telling T that he’s showing all sides of himself to her & trying to open up. Kev says f$&k that Josh is not leaving! He says be careful of Moose. He thinks Moose was assigned to her & Hermon to Summer. T tells Kev that Moose promised to vote with her. Kev says that side is so overconfident. T agrees. Kev says they think we’re stupid. He’s heard the boys talk badly about the love of his life, Betty()& she doesn’t deserve to be here. He doesn’t like that. He says that he will get those type of people out. T asks what he’s angry about? Kev is pissed about Kyle’s HOH, he asked Kyle everyday the 1st week to be in an alliance & he wasn’t down. He thinks that Kyle was told to fetch Kev for game.He says 50% will go when he leaves & the other half after he watches he thinks.T brings up again she isn’t cool with people using Sienna against her for game. Kev apologizes if he ever has but he wanted to know her personally that’s why he asks. He says she’s really playing for something outside here. Everybody is but that’s her strength. Kev wants to stop talking about her daughter while they game talk. He says if somebody doesn’t ask how Sienna is for 7/8 days, now that’s suspicious. T says she knows who has never bothered to even ask about her kid & then try to spark a convo with it.Kev says he’s not on a side but he’s with her & if she evicts him, he will give her a hug. She says stop! No! He says maybe he’ll be a lil salty. But that comes after we complete our mission. Summer joins. Kev tells her about cookout master plan

Marty doesn't trust the guys. His gut is telling him to trust Josh. Kev is very happy to hear this. Goes to do another set. Marty heads outside. Kyle asks who Marty would put up should he win. Marty-Betty & probably Moose Kyle-There's no way I'm working with that guy moving forward (Moose) are you kidding Numbers wise I think we're good. I had some good talks today w/ppl & last night with Haleena. Kyle tells Marty he thinks the comp is going to be about the missing stuff around the house. The missing king on day 16, the missing lotus, etc Kev comes out to see if anyone is in the hottub. Kyle tells him they have the votes & he had a great talk with Jace today. Marty to himself Too many ppl know about the plan. Haleena knows about it. He's in deep thought.

Summer thought Kev was sneaky from the start. Schemer! Schemer! Then when Jess touched my hair, I said, "we're done!" Summer accidentally punched herself. Jess thanks Summer for giving them the space to apologize.

Kyle making the rounds from room to room going over house objects with ppl in his alliance. How many seagulls, how many balls, etc. Kyle tells Gino & Jace that Jess will be valuable, laughs that everyone around her ends up going home.

Summer-Gino should be ashamed of himself, the age gap. Jess & Hermon-It's only 4 years right? He's 28 & She's 24, Summer-he should be ashamed

T-had never heard "Cradle Robber," before. Can't believe it's a thing. It sounds so wrong. Summer is calling Hermon a cradle robber for dating someone younger (20)

Hermon is talking beautifully about his mom. How she played both rolls wonderfully. They finally started calling it out on Father's day & recognizing her as both.

Josh explains to Jess that when he talked to Hermon, he was most concerned about their vote. Jess-yes, because he's the person that is playing in the middle the most. They don't know about my vote, my vote is with you. They're looking at me as the swing vote this week

Mansdem are chatting - Hal notes that Steph is going to freak out on Thursday. Summer will give her a hug if she wants one... but if they day comes where Summer is leaving, she's just going to hug herself on the way out.

Haleena asks Kyle how he's feeling? He's good, feels healthy and confident about Thursday.. did Hal want to talk game? Nope she's good too. He leaves.. Hal: really buddy, really? Idk what to do but whatever. Marty/Hal checking in - Hal assures him that Josh hasn't told Sum/Bet/T that Marty is voting for him to stay. Hal thinks Herms will vote w/ them but pin the vote on her or Jess. Hermon is someone not to trust. He's playing both sides. Marty has zero confidence in Herms.

Moose says the most important thing is that Kyle thinks he’s getting what he wants (the votes to keep Steph). Says Steph is working hard on Hermon. Says Hermon is their guy to convince. Should talk to him tomorrow. T says Jess is voting for Josh to stay

Steph tells Moose that she doesn't know how to campaign against Josh - they're two very different players. Does Moose see the value in a big threat going now? Moose tells her he's undecided and still needs to talk to Josh. Steph says he's not on her radar.

Josh tells Jess that he trusts T 100%- T has let people know that she had a line and this was it. Jess loves that - they go over votes, he has 5 for sure - Kevin, JL and party are maybe's. Jess says they're going to go talk to Marty then.

Marty wants to give Jess his word that they're safe with him until jury - he doesn't want to make promises he can't keep, so they'll see what happens then. Marty believes he can trust Jess - they assure him that he can.

Hermon, Moose and Josh go to the SR to talk. Summer walks in and they send her out ot protect the door. Hermon pitches that the 3 of them work with T, Summer, Hal and Betty and they can do a smaller 5 within the 7 but the other 2 won't add much but #'s. Herm says he's going to blow up & blame it on Kevin. If their new group doesn't win HOH they'll play with the other side for #'s & if they win HOH he's going to tell Kyle to "suck his ......" & BD him. They're excited. Herm says if a/o finds out about the group he's out

Hermon and Summer talking in the red room. Summer says she will let Steph to pitch to her but her loyalties lie with Josh. Summer is thanking him for telling her about the plans. He tells her that if he hears anything about the plan before eviction he's out.

Jess tells Josh they're happy he's not overselling things. Josh says there's only one person that he thinks there's a possibility that might flip but that's it. Between the whispering, water running and silverware banging it's very hard to hear this convo. Josh tells Jess he's worried about the flipping. "there's sometimes too many people that follow through". Jess asks what's wrong with that. His fear is they could end up with 9 votes then it shows peoples cards.

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