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Live feed Big Brother Canada Tuesday March 22!

Summer is talking to T & Josh about Kyle's campaign being a smear campaign. Trying to set up Marty, Jess, & Hermon. He's dangerous. She brings up Kyle grouping the 3 black girls together & hasn't wanted to work with anyone else.

Moose & Kyle talking about Moose being a musician.

Slop shakes for breakfast for Marty & Gino, Kyle is just pacing around downstairs

Haleena vents about Kyle & how ppl are different but, he expects everyone's brain to be like his Josh talks about a BB dream he had last night

Marty slams his slop shake in under 10 seconds.

Josh-We've all been personally victimized by this man Summer-Oh yeah, the youngest guy in the house! Haleena forgets that Canada watches live feeds all the time. Summer agrees

Josh is telling Kyle today he doesn't have his vote. Haleena-He didn't even give me a chance to tell him

Jess enters ??? room and asks Summer if she's ready to destroy this man with her Haleena says not to start the day that way Summer agrees & says she's not even dressed yet Jess-We have to hold him accountable for his actions. We have nothing but time in here. Jess-Is this a house meeting moment? We're fighting fires & we already have a firefighter in here, & he's hot Haleena & Josh tell Jess no but, Josh would like to see it though. Jess tells Moose to give them a minute. He follows me around everywhere! Haleena-Does he? Jess-Yes, driving me crazy. If I weren't on slop, I'd be handling this all better. I'm angry with Kyle. Haleena & Josh tell Jess to just ignore him. Nobody is listening to him! Jess thanks them for reminding them & they'll take the high ground Jess leaves to apologize to Moose for being so short with him

Kevin, Hermon, Betty, & now Moose talking about how Gino has handled his HOH so chill. Last week was the worst of all time. Kev-especially goes this week it definitely will be

Haleena, Kev, & Josh talking about Kevin's pasta swimming Hermon, Jess, Marty, Gino, & Jess having small talk over breakfast.

Blood curdling screams coming from Haleena, Summer about the cold showers Complaints from the guys about slop is on another level

Moose & Jace sing a song "What would I do for a slice of crust? What would I do? What would I do?" about Jace wanting a piece of crust

Summer she’s solid w/ him & T. Mentions being good w/ Haleena. Says Betty/Jess have said they don’t want her in F4 b/c they’d lose. Summer/Hermon talking/implying they’d keep Gino over JL. Hermon says Jess hasn’t campaigned to him. Summer/Hermon discussing goal of holding their 7 as long as possible. Summer says she’s putting Betty/Moose’s comments aside for now. She says Moose needs to stop acting similar to Kyle. Summer telling Hermon what Kevin was saying to Kyle about her. Summer/Hermon discussing how you can’t throw supposed allies utb w/o talking to them first. This has sketched them out about Kevin. Hermon joking w/ Summer that she’s sounding like Kyle too lol. Hermon doesn’t understand why ppl are talking about being “good for now.” It’s expected they’ll have to fight against each other at the end. Summer doesn’t like that ppl are painting her & Hermon as a showmance lol. They say they’ll have to keep their distance if he can.

T and Herms agree that they need a 4 to ride with, people that they trust completely... That would mean them, Sum and Josh. Josh walks by and Herms asks him to talk later. They want something legit. They also need people to win - Summer can't keep throwing things. Hermon telling T he ricks w/ her & Summer, he wants to go as far as they can together. Says the house sees Summer/T as a duo. Hermon discussing the power of having numbers being almost better than winning comps.

Herms/Hal check in - Hal has heard her name has come from both Jess and Herms. Pretty convenient that she didn't hear it until Jess was OTB. Herms admits he may of said it week one, but now it's starting to irritate him - he doesn't feel threatened by Hal. Hal tells Herms to don't let it piss him off - that was the intention behind it, so don't play into it. Herms needs to take some time before he talks to Kyle, if he did it right now he would pop off.

Hermon letting Kyle know he’s voting him out & gives his reasons why. Kyle would like a heads up b4 his last day so he can spend it talking about mental health. Kyle telling Hermon about his convo w/ Summer. Feels she’s a decisive woman who pointed out all his red flags. He respects her for that. Kyle admits he should have listened to Hermon & targeted Jess. Telling Hermon how they are planting seeds around the house/targeting him. Kyle telling Hermon he’d be otb next week if Jess won, but would be safe w/ him.Kyle telling Hermon about Frenchie & how Kyle went down a similar path. Kyle asks if Hermon can be the one to confirm to him that he’s going home on a unanimous vote. Hermon agrees.

JL's turn with Kyle - Kyle's pretty sure that he's going... he notes that Kevin doesn't like him as a person. So he doesn't know what to talk about, but he felt like chatting.. he's kind of excited to go home. The toughest part is knowing he made ppl feel shitty. Kyle's worried that because no one wants to work w/him in the house, how will it be outside of the house? JL gets it - it's tricky... if they were just playing w/ game pieces it wouldn't matter - but you're playing w/ real people who have emotions.

Kevin's turn w/ Kyle.. Kevin thinks it's going to take awhile for their personal relationship to be repaired. Kev points out that he only said the lying to his face for 2 days thing, was to be real with him. Kyle tells him it was a tough pill to swallow. Kevin "Where did this sides thing come from?" Kyle "Just in the way people were voting and who was closest with who. Power players were getting cliquey within a clique."

Kyle now pulling Josh for a chat.

Kyle telling Josh the ppl he can trust the most are Gino/JL. Josh says that’s gonna be hard. Kyle telling Josh not to trust Marty at all. Kyle says Marty/Jess have been pushing sides narrative. Mentions how long Marty has been targeting Josh & how Jess benefits from there being sides. Kyle saying Josh can trust Haleena, unsure if Summer/T/Kevin. Kyle telling Josh can trust Hermon. Kyle feels he abused Hermon’s trust, but Josh could benefit from working w- him.

Summer tells Jess that her main goal is to make sure the female and non binary people make it further then the males in the house. It never works out and she wants to make it happen. Summer points out that if she was in the house 2 years ago - she would have self evicted. But she's now in a completely different head space in her life - she gets herself going in the morning, even w/ them being on slop - and look, they got a beautiful meal today. Summer wants to choose a spirit pin - she wanted the bear and fished her wish. Jess and Herms now chatting - Jess points out that they felt the same about Kyle last week. They know Kyle is doing a smear campaign, but they won't be doing that. Herms isn't over how Kyle treated him last wk, and he's not sure he'll ever be. Herms points out that he and Jess butt heads - but they always talk through it... there is no doing that with Kyle.

Jess points out that it's easy for both them and Herms to say each others names - that's why they want to win HOH, so they know where people are now. Everything that was set up before has blown up. Herms: I don't want to say you're good, but.. you're gooood.

Summer to Gino: I am 1000% voting out Kyle. Gino thinks it might be unanimous - Summer agrees, it will be iconic.

Gino/JL showmance talk - Herms tells them he's seen them kiss before.. Jess and T love that.. They like to watch them sometimes, even if it's creepy. T is a little jealous.

Herms: this is the greatest week of all time, and it was prefaced with the worst week of all time. Josh: it almost makes me want to cry.

Betty tells Kyle that she truly feels bad for him, she knows what it's like to be OTB... but, she doesn't have questions about last week - Kyle put her through the ringer multiple times and that's that. Kyle points out he's a MHA, and hates he made ppl feel bad.

Kyle tells Betty that Jess suggested T and Summer go up last week... Betty: wow, Jess said that?! There's a commotion from downstairs... Betty thinks it's food. Feeds cut.

Hermon/G in HOH talking about how S7 was too big & that in some ways they’re both at ground Zero after last week & all the rumble has settled. G agrees he saw S7 imploding. Hal thought Hermon was after her. Jess was too. Hermon doesn’t want to be shooting for each other. He wants them to be shooting at the same area. G likes that & he says if we just communicate with each other & where their heads are at, G is willing to support Hermon’s decisions. He’s willing to build more trust. Hermon likes to have these chats before power happens like POV/HOH.G agrees it’s better to do it beforehand & he wants to stay off each other’s radars.Hermon says the boys last year &their alliance,they were the biggest targets but created a bigger target each week to go.

Kyle telling Gino about his convo with Betty while they play pool.Betty was cut&dry after getting info that she was a not a vote.He wants to do anything he can to do to help them before he leaves.G says the fact that I put you up,the feedback is super strong in the house. Kyle lets Gino know how it went with Betty - not good. Betty fills Jess and Josh in on the same convo - giggles are had.

Jace was heated yesterday with Kyle & explaining in Beach Expedia with Betty/Josh/Hermon. Apparently Kyle told her/G he would be using their names to pitch & sorry it’s a game. Jace says she doesn’t know he’s just so f$&ked! Josh/Betty are giggling. Marty comes in.

Josh telling them how he told Kyle he would support him outside the house & defend him because Josh thinks Kyle will need it. Jace says he’s throwing shade/rumours on Jess. Hermon says yes all of a sudden Jess is after everyone & he told Kyle it was convenient.

Hermon says they’re all bound to compare notes.Apparently Betty told Kyle that Expedia was a common room when he asked people to clear out for his meetings & was told to use a bedroom instead. Kyle asked to use G’s HOH & he let him & Hermon says G is so nice man.

Marty admits that it was him who suggested Josh as a BD option - they tell him that may be true, but Kyle is the one who followed through with it.

Marty and Kyle talking. Marty repeating he felt bad about last week Kyle says he wants to leave this house as Kyle not Kyle Moore the BB Can player. He wants to plant positive seeds before he leaves and talk about mental health. Kyle says if he hears from more people he doesn't have the votes he'll stop campaigning & make tomorrow about using this platform for mental health like he wanted to. He says you lose yourself in this house. He says he thinks Marty has time to rebuild relationships. Kyle is still giving Marty game advice in the HOH Marty tells him he appreciates it Jess walks by the HOH door and pauses briefly Kyle says he thinks T&Summer are the strongest social players. No one wants to come for them. T&Moose is tight. He thinks Betty is part of it. He says Jace and Gino are the most blatant showmance and are f*cking power players and right now they're focussed on building relationships He thinks Hermon wants to work from a position of power. Might be working with Betty, T and Summer at an arm's length. Kyle says he thought he could trust Jess but he's found out they've been dropping nuggets of doubt for longer than he thought He thinks they are smart but a little manipulative so Marty should be wary of that Marty says they don't have a thing but have each other's back

Herms is looking through the pillows in the vacation room. He's already checked the sand and towels according to his cam talk. Betty comes in. Why did you shut the doors Herms - I was just talking to myself Betty asks if he wants to be alone He says no. Jess comes in and says it's too hot in there for them. Jess asks Herm if he found a secret power yet Herms jokes yes Marty comes in and tells Herms he's not supposed to look for things in front of everyone Herms-this makes no sense there has to be something in here.

Marty is outside Jess pops their head out to check the temp and says they'll be right back Marty - I don't want to talk for f*cking half an hour with Jess Jess comes back and says they probably shouldn't do game talk bc people could home. Jess asks if Kyle said anything disparaging about them. Marty says not at all.He says he felt bad about how he played Jess he should Marty says he wanted to get together outside the house and so does Marty bc he likes him. He's 3 years older than his son.

Jess thinks Hermon should be more of a target & not considered to be in the middle. Kevin thinks ppl think Jess & him are close. Jess thinks it's just because they're in the middle together, not necessarily that they're close in the game. They want to keep it that way

Hermon is trying to hype ppl up and get rid of the dark cloud that's been around the house

Marty & Summer are talking about Marty being a hockey coach & he knew it would serve him well in the house. Marty said his game got messy & he didn't like that. Summer feels like the game doesn't have to be messy. She asked if her name was brought up when he was on the side with "his boys." Marty said no, it was Betty, Jess, & others. Never her. Marty is trying to rebuild his relationship with Gino. After he turned his back on his boys, he couldn't eat or sleep. It made him sick. He needs to rebuild, obviously he & Summer are still good. Marty says, he says stupid shit in the house all the time.

Summer asks about the trio to Marty & that they can't assume who is working with whom. Summer-This game tells us about our character. The day you turn on me, you better give me a heads up Marty-I'm not going to turn on you. You don't turn on me Summer-Oh please! That's the game.

Betty-I can't believe Marty was the one who pitched Josh going up Jess-Marty? Betty-Yes, he just admitted it to us! Jess-Has hanger increased your paranoia? You told me to be less paranoid Betty doesn't answer Jess said they're proud of Betty for telling Kyle no vote.

Betty is telling T about her earlier convo with Kyle. T asks if Kyle mentioned her name. Betty tells her no. Betty-How the hell are you going to say my name, almost put me OTB, & expect me to vote for you? IDC how the house is voting, I'm not giving him my vote. Betty is warning T about Marty being a dangerous player. A comp beast, and the stuff that Kyle said about him. T-I feel like, at the same time, we should keep him because he would go after Gino Betty-For sure, but, he's coming 4 me T-Who do you think u'd have in jury? T doesn't understand why Kyle is saying what he's saying. He knows he's going home. Betty-Interesting you brought that up? Jury. If Marty were to make it to the end, I'd probably vote for him. He owned up to saying to put Josh up T-WHAT? Betty-Yeah, he told everyone. T-I understand why ppl self-evict in this house. Cold showers, slop, I get it. Betty-What would you do if you had to be on slop for the rest of the season? T-I'm out, as much as I love this game, I couldn't do it. T asks Betty if she has a #1 person. She says no, not really. She tells them everything, but, not 1 person. Why do you? T-Summer, kind of but we haven't made a final or anything like that Josh comes in

Coffee talk Literally, how many cups of coffee they each had today. Josh 2, T 2, Betty 1. Josh-I need it to be known that I'm not with Kyle. Kyle is going around saying he has me, because I forgave him T-that's ridiculous I wonder what Steph is going to think when she sees Kyle leave right after she got evicted. Marty-what if our dinner is peanut butter sandwiches or something like that (There is no energy in the beach room) Comments that Hawaii has a lot of trees. Someone said the room was Hawaii.

Hermon tells Jace that his game was obliterated by the hands of 1 man Jace appreciated that he told her right away that Gino wasn't a part of it. She was convince that he was. She understands why she wasn't involved in a lot of convos, the perception of she & Steph. Jace-Kyle has to go home this week Hermon-Has to! Hermon thinks that they have a lot to offer each other. Hermon-I think Steph should still be here. By Kyle backing her that screwed her even more. Because ppl wanted to go against him. Hermon wants to work with Gino & Jace but, doesn't want to name it. As long as they're working towards the same goal.

Moose-What's up live streamers Living in this house is the hardest job, it's so hard to maneuver every little thing. You can't over commit. Damn! Damn is all I have to say! It's wild, absolutely wild.

Jace, T, & Hermon are discussing how the vote went down & how Arissa said, Josh you are safe. Jace is explaining her thoughts about last week to T. She was upset about Josh going up. Jace is telling T that she has her own game. She wants to be seen as an individual in the house. She was seen as being with Steph, now Gino. T and Jace are saying they would rather a woman win and don't want the men to dominate. They also say they want to keep this to themselves.

Jess & Marty are talking about the door twist that was given on day 1 from Arisa. Marty clarifies, that it was for the person that saved themselves from the block might get a chance to open a door. Marty thinks that they are going to have doubles back to back at the end. Doesn't think there's a double this week. Jess and Marty are counting days and going over the amount of things are in the house.

Moose calls the HGs into the LR. Moose announces since they did such a good job answering the phone and doing the tasks they are off slop and dinner is in the pantry. They go nuts. Everyone is grabbing food.Impromptu buffet style setup. The HGs are so happy to be eating real food and not slop. They thank BB and tell them they won't be bad again. The HGs are talking about their best slop moments.

Marty tells Josh he f*cked up and he told him. He felt bad bc he didn't think. He says Summer asked him and Betty asked him. Josh says it's okay he fixed it. (not sure what Marty was referring too bc audio was still on other HGs at the start of convo)

Betty and Kevin talking in the room. Betty wants to tell Kyle "The only person responsible for your eviction is you". She asks Kevin if he's told Kyle he's voting him out. Kevin- "No, but he knows. I might pull him aside Thursday and tell him we can talk on the outside". Moose has joined Kevin and Betty in the purple room. Betty says she can't wait to get out of the house and look at the socials so see some of the funny vids. Moose says "wouldn't it be cool if there's a funny meme from a big night?". General chit chat in vaca room.

Josh and Kevin playing pool. Kevin asks him if he's in an alliance with Betty and what the name is. He tells Kevin he's not in an alliance with Betty and they don't even have a F2. Kevin asks who his ride or die is and he says he doesn't have one. Josh says he doesn't know where the close relationship with Betty came from. Kevin says she's lovely. Kevin thinks the 2 of them think alike. He tells Josh he can build with Haleena. Josh feels like everyone looks at Hal as a draft pick. They need to do it soon. Kev tells Josh that Jess doesn't trust him. Kev tells him he needs to show a little love and he thinks he could survive OTB next to Jess. Josh says it's Hermon that mostly wants Jess out. They agree they can trust each other.

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