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Live feed Big Brother Canada Tuesday March 29!

Kevin tells Hal there are a lot of weird coincidences and similarities between them. Personality wise. Plus he has a master's and she is getting hers. Hal agrees. JL joins Kev and Hal Kev says it's getting weird this week JL says she loves weird Kev says one of his mottos is "let's get weird" Hal loves it. "I want to get a tattoo that says that"

T poses the question - what do you think would make the world a better place? Summer would get rid of money/debt. Josh wants access to clean drinking water for all - it's crazy that there isn't (TRUTH). T would take away racism.

When it comes to Marty, Moose should pitch that he'll be a shield in front of him. Moose thinks there's a good chance he could get Hermon or Josh.

Kevin is giving tips to Moose on his pitch - give big names to the big competitors, that way you're doing the dirty work for them. If you get Gino you get JL. For Kev he just wants safety off the block. Moose says if it's a double, ppl who didn't vote for him will go. Moose thinks T is bringing her daughter up more - which she should, but do you want that person sitting next to you in F2? Kevin tells Moose he needs to look more sad - he noticed Summer getting paranoid this morning.

Josh and T are so thankful that there are so many POC in the house - they're so thankful to be able to know each other so well now, especially Betty and Summer. Josh notes even Jay with their messiness. They talk about Steph's eviction and how crazy it was that Josh went up. They were shook, but happy she went. They're looking forward to hanging out with her once they're out of the house. Moose is pitching to Marty - Moose will promise him complete safety next week. Marty doesn't want to confirm his vote right now, but knows Moose has never crossed him personally. Right now though, Moose is sitting well with him and has his vote.

I haven't had feeds on, looks like they dressed up for dinner? BB Gilded Age edition. Taco Tuesday. One small shot each of jess’ tequila for those that want it and then game night.

Summer - (Cash your vote or willing to just expose yourself) Haleena feeling insecure. Hermon leaning Marty - Felt a weird vibe(T) Summer - Based off Josh being thrown under the bus, Haleena/Betty being devalued, Hermon was brought up hypothetically.. at least 5 people.

Herms tells Josh he's going to take out Jess eventually, just so he knows. Josh is fine with that - there's no way Jess wins this game.

Kevin asks Moose if he'll give him two weeks safety? Moose thinks about it for a second, clarifies if this mean Kev could put him up? Yes he could, but he doesn't want to. Moose is in. The deal is made. Kev tells Moose to act sad tomorrow.

Moose and the boys run into the red room and wipe something all over Hermon's head and face and douse him in water. The light go out in the room. They are laughing that Marty almost ripped the cam off the wall. Everyone congregates out in the hall after the pranks

Hermon now needs to shower after the incident. Hermon is out of the shower. He stops at the purple room, opens the door and tells those HG's "Sleep tight......but not too tight".

And we have quiet and lights out throughout the house folks!! We're ready to close our eyes as well. You do the same and we'll see you right back here tomorrow. Sleep well all of you BB

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