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Live feed Big Brother Canada Tuesday March 8 !

Kyle-You know you're my ride or die in here?! Gino-Yeah. Kyle & Gino are discussing methods on how to memorize days. With penne noodles & honey in the drawer. Kyle-Think about it, we got Melina out, she was against us. Now if we get rid of Jay. If we win HOH next week, can you imagine? Then we'll just start picking off ppl. Kyle-The Moose thing (that wasn't on feeds) was the only thing I had to tell you. That's the only thing I hadn't told you Gino-ok ok, I want you to know that I don't need the money. I'm pretty well off outside the house Kyle-that's good to know. Kyle-Yeah, I'm 23 and own like 3 businesses outside of the house. I mean they're not profitable but, I'm set up to be good. My dad, I tell you. You know it's not about the $ Gino-Yeah, it's about passion Kyle-Yeah, passion & people, gotta be about people Gin-Good chat

Getting ready for the day. Breakfast clean up Hermon and Moose talk about an open yogurt, said it’s Jess’… They ask Jess if they’re going to eat it, they said they will… Hermon said we can’t waste food.

The HGs are commenting that the phone room and expedia room (they called it that) are also locked as well as the backyard.

Marty asks Betty if she's ready to talk. Betty-About what? the blindside? Marty and how you walked out of the expedia room? Betty says she wasn't mentally ready to hear day 11 Betty was blindsided. Marty tells her has the votes for Jay to go. Betty says she doesn't think so. Betty says she respects the move but he didn't need her to kick her feet up 1, 2, 3 times. Marty 1, 2, 3 times? She tells him when he said it. Marty says he was hearing all kinds of things about people switching. So he didn't know who he could trust. He started to doing numbers and he couldn't get 6 votes for Jay to leave so if he put up Betty it was one vote less from Jay. Marty asks Betty if she's scared if she's going home. Betty says yes. People have said they don't know where B's head is & they know what Jay is thinking. She wishes Marty hadn't lied to her. Marty says again he heard she was switching. B says she should have told him. Betty asks why he didn't tell her but he told JL. Was it for good tv? Marty says it is good tv but he wouldn't do that. He did it bc he kept hearing things she was on the other side. He says she'll see how hard it is when she is HOH. He says he's an easy target for her. Betty says her feelings were hurt she wasn't told. Marty says he heard Betty was part of a group that was trying to flip the house. Betty says why would she flip the house against 3 strong players (Marty, Gino, Kyle) week 2? Marty says he kept hearing people he thought he trusted (Moose) we're flipping. Marty tells Betty he told Kevin he was going up unless Marty felt he didn't have the votes to keep Kevin. Then he would make a move to put someone else up. He says he didn't tell Betty bc he didn't want people to try and come up with something else (Plan B) Marty says he's sorry but couldn't risk it Betty asks how it would hurt to know. She would have told Jay to their face she's voting them out.

Hermon tells Jay he wants things to be cool between them after the show bc he likes them. He tells Jay that he and Betty are both Habesha so it's a violent conflict in his body. My people and what that would look like being from the same city. Jay says it's heart or head. Hermon says he thinks there are people that deserve to go home before them Someone just wanted to take a shot early in the game. He would love to tell them if they have the votes he would consider throwing a vote their way but he hopes they can respect his decision.

Jay lies down in the $$ room and screams into the pillow. Jess comes in and asks if they're all right. Jess tells Jay they walked in on Betty and Marty talking. Jay says they did too. Jess asks how it was. Jay says he's just telling her she has the votes.

Kyle says Marty could have put up Jess and Kevin the house consensus at the start of the week but he didn't. Jess asks if that was Kyle's thought Kyle says no He didn't want to win HOH but he prob would have put up Jay Jess says that worries her if they go. Kyle asks if Jess would rather Jay stay Jess - I like both Jay and Betty. They both didn't make Jess feel othered in the first week. Jess says she's surprised about that Gino. Kyle says bc he told Gino they're close. Jess said he's not supposed to be amplifying that. Jess tells Kyle that she told Marty too not to amplify their relationship. Marty comes in. Jess asks how they convo went with Betty. DId he mend fences? Marty says yes and no. Trust has been broken.Jess tells Kyle and Marty that they need people to not think Marty "has hooked this puppy". They need to keep relationships they've built with others. If others think Jess is working with Marty and Kyle they won't trust them. Jess explains to Kyle & Marty how hard it is to vote Jay out this week. Being non-binary is really hard. For Jess to vote out Jay is akin to Marty having to vote Gino out. Because, for Marty to have someone here to speak in his native tongue, it's a big ask of Jess. Jess asks Marty to leave because it's going to look suspicious. For Jess & Kyle to be in the room makes sense because they're playing chess. Marty says, yeah it's little stuff like that, it makes ppl suspicious. Jess-so then can you leave? Marty leaves. Jess tells Kyle the they can only be useful to him if nobody knows they're working together. Kyle, fumbling over his words, says to Jess-You're playing the "we're not working together," game so well. Jess-You're wondering who else I'm playing that with? Jess-I'm very forward. I told Marty he's out at 3 because, he's older & a father, of course he's out at 3. I saw you (Kyle), as a good looking, strong, guy who knows the game, that's the person who I want to work with. Explains, that she has no deals, even with Jay. Jess-Is Marty nervous about me? Kyle-No, in fact, he is probably the one with the least doubt. Marty & I are probably the ones out of everyone with the least doubt. They go back to playing chess. Jess-do you have any advice for me with Gino? Kyle-Just talk to him he's a beautiful soul Jess-His introvertness is problematic for him. It can feel stand offish. Not in my book, I married one. So, just keep cracking the nut, is what you're saying. Kyle-Yes. Kyle-So, you don't see Gino as a threat? Jess-No, absolutely not Kyle-That's good to hear.Kyle thinks the HOH comp is going to be one of those, video or sounds they play all night & they have to memorize it. Then a knock out. Kyle tells Jess he might pick her. Jess-because I'd get the answer? you dick! I see how you are Kyle-Yup.

Haleena tells Marty to just keep saying IDK to ppl. Also, tells him that missing his family is mind over matter. She knows it's hard, but, Kev will see them soon. Haleena-we're going to win this game Kev-Yeah, when we get down to like 6 or 7.

Kyle enters ??? room. Heleena says to try to think about the fact that, even though you can't see them (family) they can see you anytime. Kyle empathizes on how hard it must be, especially since Kevin has a wife. That's his person, that has to be so hard.

Summer is using chess board for how the house is going to go.... focusing on who would come at the Savage7. Jess would come for us, Betty would come for us but, her eyes are on Marty. She's going to work on Betty. Light a fire under Kev's ass. Feeds switch

Kyle & Kevin are trying to talk game. JL keeps interrupting. Kyle asks what her deal is (Game wise) I just know she's someone who is on the other side and would come for one of us.

Moose tells Jess she has his vote. Things could change but, it's doubtful, as of right now, she has it.

Marty says he hopes the right people win HOH Hermon says that's how he felt last week Marty says hopefully Hermon is on his side Hermon says of course Marty says he's one of the only ones he told about Betty bc he trusts him & he's reassured bc people didn't find out.

Jess tells Haleena they went in to say good morning to Betty and Marty followed them so they left Hal says they had a long convo and she thinks it went okay bc Marty has made it clear what he wants (Jay to go). Jess agrees Hal says B is upset bc she didn't get a heads up

Moose tells Kyle that he made a deal with Jess last week to not put each other up, & he fully trusted her on that. He kinda wants to make that deal. The thing is, he trusts Kyle & Gino, and doesn't want to put them in a position to put up a big target like, Tynesha. Kyle, that's the thing w/this game we all can't be friends forever. Moose & Kyle are talking about making a deal with Jess. Stephanie tries to get Moose to play a game, he doesn't understand and says he doesn't want to play. "You're going to b the only 1 not playing"

Moose & Stephanie get the game thing figured out & Steph leaves happy. Kyle agrees about making a deal with Jess. Moose just wants a way to open that door. Kyle agrees. Kyle -let's not call it an alliance, let's call it a cease fire for now. Kyle loves Kevin. He's a wildcard that excites him, doesn't make him nervous like Jay. It's good. He loves them. Moose-wouldn't it be dope if we made it? Kyle-Can you imagine making it to the final 4 with your dawgs? I love this game so much. Kyle-this next HOH is going to be very important. Moose-I want to talk to Betty & just make sure I'm safe next week. But, I don't want to make it back, u know? Kyle-I'm not promising her shit. Kyle-I'm skeptical about the 7. Especially Josh. When anything comes back to me, his name pops up. I have no idea where he's at. Moose-he's loyal to the 7 but, I think it's T, Marty, Summer, Betty, & Josh. Kyle-That makes sense, I think Josh is more loyal to Summer

JL-I would've never put u up, u aren't even on my radar. Betty-Exactly! You will have my vote if you vote for me to stay. JL-Jay, I think this morning was talking about his fashion show but you could tell, like he knows. Betty doesn't want to be fake with anyone. She hates the thought of getting votes from ppl she doesn't like. JL-you have to be more of a fake ass bitch Betty! Betty-I know JL-From the beginning I thought, this is a badass bitch Betty-Thank you, I know I'm hard to read JL-You're someone who I see working with. Betty-I'm not here to smear Jay. I just want you to do what's best for your game. I hope that's me staying, IDK that's my pitch. Whatever is best for your game. Stephanie-You are a light in this game Betty-So is Jay, that's the thing. It's so awkward to ask for ur vote.

Kyle in KT with Gino who’s cooking up taco meat. Kyle says Jay had good points & said they will be loyal if they stay. Kyle said he can’t change his tune now against Jay so he can’t change. Kyle think they’re good this week with the vote & Gino agrees. Kyle says he just had a good talk with Jay about creatives, the arts, theatre & depression. They are Charismatic & very well spoken & good with their words so just secure the votes for now. Haleena comes in to make sure no pots & pans are being thrown around.

Jess comes out & talks about their poop & apologizes to live feeders about it. Kyle makes a joke people are at work on a Tuesday with a monitor watching LF & their boss walks by & hears her talking about her bathroom habits. They laugh & go upstairs.

Gino asks Kyle if he’s ever had butter chicken? Kyle says yes I just gave up meat a few years ago. Gino makes an mmMmmMmM sound (sounds like Gino likes butter chicken.

Steph comes into KT & compliments Ginos hard shell warming techniques & asks if he needs any help?He immediately says no.He also mentions that beef just finished defrosting &Steph says it looks jiggly. She asks Hal if she needs help with dinner? Hal says no we’re chillin.

Jess/Betty speaking about her convo with Marty this morning & him telling her that Jess is a guaranteed vote for Betty to stay. Jess doesn’t like this because they are their own person & voted opposite of the house last week. Jess encourages Betty to reach out to Kev. Jess tells Betty to just keep track of what Marty has been saying. Jess says they are out on a island in this house & Betty says I know exactly how you feel. Betty asks them if they pitched Betty’s name to Marty? Jess says no she is one of the only people kind to them. Betty can’t wait glad win & send someone who’s comfortable out. Jess saying even a twist/Havenot room so they don’t feel so comfortable. Betty mentions Marty heard from 10 people that Betty was flipping the house. Betty’s like not yet but it def comes to mind Betty says she should’ve been more direct with Jay about her vote. That ambiguity might’ve caused people to say that they had Betty. She says a lot of people are bunching her & Tynesha together. Jess mentions it’s because you 2 are 2 beautiful black women, Jay+Jess as non binary, what does that say about Marty being with 2 white dudes? They don’t want to say that but it’s there.Betty says that’s a really good point. Jess says Jay or her going is NOT good for their game. So if arisacox wants to throw them a twist, that would be great! They discuss when Canada has voted in the past. Jess saying they have been fighting since the beginning &Betty never wavered & Betty appreciates them. Betty tells Jess she is happy Jess is coming out of their shell more & she can see the real Jess now. Jess thanks them & says Tynesha said the same to them. Betty thanks them for listening to their pitch. Marty wants to get TV time/play the game Betty said. Betty feels & knows that Jess is a really good person. They thank Betty & say that Jay is going to keep trying & not going to give up cams switch to Jay in HOH with Marty giving their pitch to Marty & similar to Kyle’s pitch.

Jay mentions they will be on their own if they survive & you will know where their head is at unlike Betty. Nobody knows where her head is at. Marty really respects Jay & that they’re a great player & not taking it personal. Jay says they admire the game & the big moves. Jay says that they can’t see Betty ever working with Marty. But they could play together & bring in Jess. Now they both will be with Marty. Marty wonders why would they be loyal to him tho? He realizes Betty won’t be good to play with him again after this move

Marty say maybe his personality came into play while HOH as he likes to be really open. He went towards Jay for targeting because they weren’t talking game. Marty says Jess is someone he would want to work with when he first saw them. Jay wants to know why not now? Marty says can he really trust Jay? That’s what he’s worried about moving forward. Jay says it’s a guarantee if Betty wins HOH, that he’s going up. With Jay it’s not like that. Marty saying he will think about it & discuss with Kyle. Marty saying he won’t know what’s what until he goes home & watches back. Jay says that this is a long game & they could be on his side instead of a number against him like Betty is currently.They would owe Marty their life in his game & that’s what everyone wants in BB. Marty is worried that Jay will go back on their word like he did to Betty? What’s stopping them from doing that?Jay understands &just wants to move forward in this game with him& they don’t need an answer right now but to think about it.Marty says it sucks to get you out. Jay says IF they leave. Marty keeps calling Jay’s campaign a sales pitch & it’s really good & Jay says this isn’t like selling a used car pitch

Summer-If you had to pick btwn me *& Gino, who would you pick? Marty-It's too early to tell. I trust you both, I don't know yet. You & T aren't even on my radar. I made, a little thing with Josh & he would go wayyyyy b4 you or T.Summer-This is what I heard! I will check this. What do they think? Marty-Moose said you gotta put up Kevin. Summer-I didn't want to do the fashion show because I was so pissed. But, I decided to get my TV Moment. It's Jay that's stirring the pot. I'm telling you.

Family dinner - HGs talking about two people in their lives who are an inspiration.. Moose tells them about his Mom and how incredible she is, and his friend Laura, he doesn't have a lot of friends in his life right now and Laura is amazing.

Lots of tears while they talk mother's, mother figures, friends and how impactful they've been on their lives.

Josh is having a bit of a cry - he'll be ok, it just hit him hard after their Women's Day talks. Kyle is there as a sounding board. They have a hug - both plan to let their mom's know how important they are more often once they're out of the house.

Betty notes that she was impressed with Hermon telling Jess "boundaries" today when Jess kept hugging him. Betty then calls Hermon out on kissing Steph. Hermon's just living - let him live.

The campaign trail. Jay is being told "I'll think about it". Kevin has told Betty he's voting to keep her. Betty on talking to Kevin further: You told everyone I said I hated you. I see your game, you're smarter then anyone here Both Betty and Kevin apologize to each other on how they handled yesterday's spat. Kevin: I think you still think I'm full of shit... Betty: Oh I definitely do! You're probably in DR saying "I'm playing them all" They agree to never work with each other.

Kyle tells Betty and Hermon that Jay's pitch was good, he really respected it - Jay told him I'm coking for you, and at least you know it. Talk turns to Jess - they all agree that Jess has managed to turn their game around.

Tynesha/Hermon talking about wishing the vote was tomorrow. Tynesha feels like Jay is fake asf. Hermon says that if Kevin had gone up, it could have been a close vote. Says Stephanie told him about Betty potentially flipping the vote I think? Hermon says Betty’s solid. Tynesha thinks Betty could be a problem. Tynesha is lost in the sauce thinking the Savage 7 is a thing. Hermon mentions that Summer also has ups & downs whereas others are more even heel. Likes that Summee doesn’t freak out if they tell her to calm down. Hermon says he’s been flirting with Stephanie (can hang outside the house). Tynesha asks if he’s talked about the 7. Tynesha doesn’t mind Hermon having something with Stephanie. Hermon says he’s emotionless. He’s boo’s up but implies he’s here for the game. Tynesha really believes the Savage 7 is a thing. Meanwhile Gino/Hermon are in budding showmances.

Marty says Betty is bitter. Marty says if she comes for him, she better not miss. Haleena said she was trying to redirect Betty from Marty. Says she’s an emotional player. Marty says she’s mad b/c he didn’t tell her.

Haleena saying that Marty has to move ahead with evicting Jay since that’s what he’s been saying. I’m glad Summer doesn’t trust Haleena anymore. Her & Kevin aren’t trustworthy. Haleena tells Marty that Josh is close to Betty. She thinks he’s very smart. Marty is worried about Stephanie, Jacey, Josh, Betty winning. Haleena says she fished to see if Jessica would target Marty, but she says no. I wouldn’t give Haleena or Kevin any info. Haleena is saying Jacey/Stephanie are fighting over Gino. Says no one would suspect her & Marty working together. Haleena says the boys will use him then cut him.Haleena says she’s being called a floater & will be a pawn.

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