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Live feed Big Brother Canada Wednesday April 13!

Good morning BB-Lovers

New day and new episode later tonight.

Kev in HOH with G/Jace talking about how he won against Marty in the bed making contest. Jace complains G steals the covers& going on the other persons side but last night they figured it out & shared nicely. Jace gets called to DR. G/Kev talking about how bad Summer is at campaigning & making promises. Kev says he’s not scared of her cause of that. G says it sounds like Betty/Josh are down to keep her so it’ll be unanimous.

Josh/G in Beach Expedia & Josh explains his nightmare & it had a werewolf with blood dripping before it ate him. G says holy f@&k, that’s f@$ked! Josh offers to make eggs for Kev/G & come back in a bit. Kev comes back into Beach Expedia. He says as much as he loves Josh that’s a guy who wins unanimous & beats everyone in the end. G agrees. Kev says he’s just the most loved person. G calls Josh a teddy bear. Kev says it’s a wash if he’s there. G asks Kev who he wants to see F2? Kev says G/Jace. Not Marty/Hal. Esp if Hal doesn’t get out OTB or no blood on her hands. G believes Kev would win over Hal. Kev doesn’t think so. G says Kev has a resume& more of a relationship with people in jury. Kev says who knows. Kev says Hal has a resume too. But he’s more focused on surviving til F5. G says the amount of people who came to see him this week to BD Marty & he just played along & he said he would do it. Kev says you said you would do it? G says ya had to play along. Kev says ya & then they would BD you next week. G says Marty is a shield. Kev says can’t underestimate anyone including Sum. G knows this & knows he will go OTB with Marty if she wins cause she told him. She thanked G for putting her OTB to feel the pressure. Kev says ya play the game finally! G says Hal stayed off the block is pretty impressive. G says that Herms will get some friends tomorrow & I wonder what he’s been doing this whole week alone? Kev thinks watching movies. He would go on an extreme weight loss in jury. G asks what Kev is looking forward to do when he’s done? Kev says to catch up with Jillian & how she was for 3 months & how teaching is going. He also mentions he has a death list of 7 people that he needs to be told if they die. G wants to go back to work & he starts on May 15th. He wants to see his boys/girls. Kev wonders if it will take time to adjust back to work? G says work won’t be an issue& he does it for his travels too but he worries about getting into his routine. G says he’s happy to be here but he’s focused on the game. He tells Kev about summer plans/golfing & he plans to be in Toronto a lot in the summer because his bro lives on danforth & 1 of his other buddies & he will be calling Kev when he’s in town. G says he likes the liberty village area where his friend lives & everyone has dogs too. He likes it’s near the water too. Kev agrees it’s nice & he lived there for a year. He didn’t like it during the winter cause it’s in the southwest corner of the city. Kev needed more separation from his office job when he was living in liberty village. Kev plans to keep working from home & going to the office once a week. Kev mentions there’s a gym in the office he works at too. Kev leaves Beach Expedia& now Betty/Jace/G are discussing how good Moose’s pitch was.They agree.G knows Moose can talk.Betty says Moose tried to make her believe he had a good convo with Jace/G.Jace says he talks like he’s really close to them & he’s doing it to everyone. Kev leaves Beach Expedia& now Betty/Jace/G are discussing how good Moose’s pitch was.They agree.G knows Moose can talk.Betty says Moose tried to make her believe he had a good convo with Jace/G.Jace says he talks like he’s really close to them & he’s doing it to everyone.

Betty wonders if they’re worried about Sum? G says he will be OTB he knows. Betty says that’s for sure. I’m just opening the dialogue. Jace says Moose can compete better than Sum. Betty says she gets it & she’s open. She wants to get out people she’s unsure about. Betty says Moose def wants Marty up& out. Moose told her he would put up Marty/Kev. Betty says I think both noms are saying they’re gonna put up Jace/G. Jace thinks they have a better chance of winning once Moose goes. Josh comes in with breakfast for G & himself. Kev comes in with his breakfast too. Discussing if there will be a triple or double coming up & how they only have 3 weeks left. Betty thinks 1 leaves early the last week & then F3

Josh/Kev in KT. Kev has been pushing Josh to stay to Marty but he worries Josh would be the replacement on a double. Kev says if he’s OTB during double will Josh save him with POV?Josh says he will. Kev says you mean that? You’re not just saying that? Josh will use it. Josh would love to win this HOH. He still wants to protect Betty/Sum for at least another week. Kev says if we take out G next, then I’d be comfortable going after Betty/Sum. Josh says if you’re OTB I’m fighting for my life to take you off. Kev says same here.Kev says if there’s a chain of safety again he won’t be gambling like last time. Even tho it was really cool. He says at this point you have to be straight on. Kev tells Josh he gambled too. Josh says he knows & he was ok with it. Josh mentions to Sum in KT that he is the only black person in his program & there hadn’t been for years before that too (she thinks Marine Biology but really it’s med school at UBC which is SO unfortunate) Sum asks if Josh gets identified as black? Josh says in USA he does or Puerto Rican. He says where he’s at now he gets south Asian a lot. Sum says she thought he could be Trini or Afro Latino. Betty agrees

Betty/Sum/Marty/G in KT talking about Easter celebrations & how Greek Orthodox & Ethiopian Orthodox are similar. Betty says she was baptized in a Greek church& then an Ethiopian women who won the lottery built an Ethiopian church for the community now

Moose is pitching to Hal - Gino hasn't told him he's the target and he's pretty sure Gino wanted him to win veto. Hal asks if he really thinks Betty would vote against Summer? He does. She didn't confirm her vote, but she's open. Moose thinks the showmance is good with keeping him - it would give an easy target to JL if she won HOH next week. He would be a shield for everyone. Summer would not be that. Keeping him gives everyone an extra week.Moose points out he had a 4 w/ Josh, Betty, Summer before T left - but then it got muddled. Hal thinks it's good to hear, she didn't know where Betty's head was. Moose is sure people are opened to keeping him - Hal says she's one of those ppl.

Hal tells Kev about Moose's pitch - it all makes sense. Kev notes there's too many variables. Hal agrees - if she really had Moose, she would keep him, but she doesn't. Moose said the showmance had him, so then they're insulated even more? They can't have that.

Moose and Josh talking. Moose says he thinks the whole house wants to know what everyone is doing with the votes and thinks everyone is just waiting for just one person to speak.. Moose thinks that person is Josh. He tells Josh he knows Moose will stay loyal to him. Josh asks Moose if he trusts Marty. Moose explains that he does to a point but he can see Marty is very scared. Marty told him everyone is shooting for him next week. Moose doesn't think Marty would keep him safe next week but he thinks Marty trusts him. Moose tells Josh he doesn't want him to wonder a week or a year from know "what would have happened if I had kept Moose?" He says even if Josh wins he might have wondered that. Moose won't make a F2 but he wants to "propel" Josh to the F2.

After a long talk about real life while eating and hanging out in the kitchen, we now have a game going on in the LR. Some of the boys are on the landing throwing socks down onto the veto wall.

They've moved on to some baseball. Gino is pitching, Moose is at bat. Moose swings, he hits! Moose runs the bases but then Marty calls "Foul ball!". Moose back up at bat. Kevin hits a Home Ruuuuun

JL asks what Kev would want to do for a double. He says "the 2 girls. Josh is not that afraid of Gino and Marty. He couldn't win a comp for the rest of the season". JL says he's right and "His social game is amazing". JL says Summer stays against anyone because she doesn't make promises she can't keep. She's a straight shooter. Kev asks if it's better for Betty and Summer to go before Josh. He says "It's crazy to say...but is it?". Kevin says "She's never been on the block". Kev thinks they should keep this convo between the 2 of them only for the double. JL says they should be on the same page "Just in fucking case". JL says it's the only thing that makes sense. JL says if you take Summer or Betty away from Josh he has to go somewhere, he has to take him game talk somewhere, if he's not winning comps. Kev tells JL that next to Gino she has a chance, not a great one but she has a chance, but next to Josh he doesn't think she will win. JL says one of them needs to win HOH and then follow that.

Betty, Josh and Summer talking in Red Room. Summer wants to know what the game would look like without Gino but feels in her soul that good things are going to happen for them. Josh says this is their best week to make it happen

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