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Live feed Big Brother Canada Wednesday April 27!

Jace making breakfast. Kevin asks Josh about the alarms that were going off. Jace didn't hear them. Convo changes to the "Strongman"

Kev I think we go back to 20 days ago, when we agreed that Josh would go at 5. It basically comes down to 2 things, we know Josh has thrown a bunch of comps and we have a better chance against JC Hal-Betty wonders if you are doubting yourself. Kev I think we go back to 20 days ago, when we agreed that Josh would go at 5. It basically comes down to 2 things, we know Josh has thrown a bunch of comps and we have a better chance against JC Hal-Betty wonders if you are doubting yourself.

Jace, Haleena, Kev doing their morning routines.

Kev doesn't think Jace is that good under pressure (very hard to hear due to running water, electric toothbrushes, and waterpiks) Those were softball questions

Josh & Haleena tell each other about their dreams. Josh had a dream that someone was trying to defeat him but, they lost, it didn't work out.

Feeds are back. Hal and Betty are talking in HOH. Hal saying it's weird that Kev came to this, vote Josh out decision, right after he talked to JL. Regardless, Hal can see the pros of keeping JL - Betty would win beside JL, Hal maybe would. Neither would beside Josh. Betty tells Hal she's thinking with her head - if JL wins another comp, she's tied w/ Marty. At this point Josh has only won one. Hal relates this to her T decision - her head said vote T out, but her heart didn't want to. Betty thinks JL had been able to slide through this game, and she's about to slide her way into F4. Betty believes she can take Josh out next. This might be personal, but it would be painful for Betty to see JL in F2. Betty says her gut is telling her to keep Josh, but Hal's is saying keep JL? Yes. Betty thinks Kev's gut is saying JL as well, and they're the ones voting.

Haleena tells Kevin everything Betty said about keeping Jace. Kevin asks-So, what do you think about that? Hal-That Josh would for sure take Betty to final 4. Kev-How can anyone think they think anyone has a shot against Josh? This really is upsetting Betty, not Biz B. Kev-We've thought this out and if Jace or Betty get one of us out, then so be it. Haleena-Isn't is down to physical, mental, & social? Kev-Yes Hal-Josh has all 3, but Jace yes, she has physical & mental but her social, isn't it as good as Josh Kev-PPl don't like her.Hal-Betty said, you & Kev do what's best but, think about it Kev-She's not good at this. Are we going to really let Betty decide? Hal-Are we going to tell Josh in the morning, right before? Kev-What do you think? Hal-Selfishly, right before, he's going to be crushed.

Betty tells Josh it's all her fault. Betty is crying. Josh asks if they told her that he's going. Josh-This says more about their character, then ours. Betty I don't want to be here & play with Jace I will regret this for the rest of my life. Betty I will never be able to forgive myself Josh I have a few hours left to play this game & I'll play it. Kev is in her head, I gotta talk to her Hal. Josh tells Betty she has to keep fighting no matter what & there's bigger & better things out there.

Kevin is explaining layers of the brain & how ppl make decisions

Kev do you still want to work with the 3 Betty I have to win, I can't rely on anyone right now, Kev-I still think Jace wins with flying colors Betty So does Josh, I get it, I totally get it. Haleena joins Kev/Betty to explain her POV. Hal, Kev, Betty discuss why Josh was nominated & comp threats. Haleena continues to explain her decision, then extremely awkward silence follows.

Josh pitching to Hal - Josh staying might not be best for everyone's game, but it is for Hals. JL has won way more comps than him, and she does well under pressure. Hal knows Josh has her back, but she also knows if she doesn't win HOH next wk she's going OTB. Hal points out that the only person who knows her game is K, it's going to be hard to make a case for herself when it comes to the jury. Josh thinks that JL wins no matter who she's beside, and notes he would be able to make hard decisions, B/K, when it came down to it. Josh thinks no matter what Hal makes it to F3 - him going to jury right now, he doesn't think it would be received well.

Hal tells Kev that she thinks he loves himself more now because he's been able to let his inner child free while he's been in the house. Either way, he was a great guy 3 months ago and he's a great guy now. Hal leaves the room. Kev gets up and says he was just trying to study, fuck that guy! He stops and realizes what he said, then tried to say he meant it was his inner child he was talking about.

Kevin says to Josh that he has “losing houseguest” on his forehead. He says he thinks Hal is coming around to keeping him again Josh says that JL has to go. Kev asks Josh to tell him that Kev is the losing finalist in this game. Josh says it but then changes his mind. Kev tells him that he knows his trivia but then freezes up or turns his spinner the wrong way. Kev asks if Josh would ever think of evicting Hal. Josh says no. Kev keeps downplaying his game to Josh but Josh is on to it. Josh says Betty is a bigger jury threat than Hal. Kev agrees. Kevin is in the craziest mood right now. He’s laying on the bed absolutely cracking up. Some of his laughter sounds evil and some not. JL walks in the room and says “we’re having one of these moments!” She tells them she’s making pizza and leaves. Kev asks what they are going to name their F2. Josh says he’ll leave it up to Kev and asks “so you’re keeping me?” Kev says “I dont know. I haven’t talked to Hal yet”. Josh is frustrated with Kev and says “oh my God”. Kev asks Hal about throwing HOH to Josh or Kev. Josh says he wants to circle back to talking about keeping him. Josh jokes around and says that they should throw gummie bears in a jar and pick to see who goes home. Hal tells them that JL just told her that she won’t roll over and die, she’s fighting to the end. Hal tells Josh and Kev that JL told her she wants to know what the decision is on who’s going home by tonight and that JL told Hal Josh is a threat to win of he doesn’t go home now. Josh says he doesn’t know how to be nice to JL now. Hal says that Betty’s decisions don’t make sense. Josh says that he believes that this IS Betty making her own decisions and it doesn’t make sense. Kev is really frustrated that Betty still doesn’t know the items in the Shoppers Showcase. Josh, Hal and Kev are having a pick on Betty session right now. They don’t feel that her and her boyfriend are that close because Betty doesn’t always say the nicest things about him. They are also trying to figure out if they should tell JL tonight that she’s leaving. Kev and Hal are teasing each other over who is going to win HOH. They banter back and forth.Josh leaves the room. Kev tells Hal that he does believe that Josh is going to throw the HOH. Kev doesn’t feel that they win sitting next to Josh. Hal tells Kev that they need to tell JL tonight that she’s leaving. She says she’s been back and forth about Josh and JL. Kev says he trying to get Josh to throw the HOH to him so that him and Hal can make it to F2 together.

Hal is cam talking. She says that either one of Josh or Kev could take her out. She says it’s a $100,000 decision.

Hal tells Betty she thinks she's keeping Josh bc she can beat him and not JL Betty-Facts. Buddy, I love that you're saying that bc it's mad facts. She asks if she's 100% doing that. JL gets out of diary Betty says she's coming so Hal can't answer. Betty tells them she'll get Josh out if she get the veto Kev says it's and emotional decision but he wants to do it Betty doesn't want him to feel like it's an emotional decision Kev says he's good Betty says JL said she loves being underestimated& that's creepy.

Kev-you want to keep Josh right? Betty says she's open to it but whatever is best for them. Kev-Let's do it Betty asks what changed his mind Kev says he thinks he got manipulated by JL Betty says JL just told her did she think she would just roll over and leave. Kev says this is just another example of him mismanaging the jury so feel free to take him. He says they have 2 more chances to get Josh out. Betty asks if he's 100% or will he change his mind tomorrow Kev jokes he will Hal says she can't. Betty asks Hal and Kev again if they are serious (to keep Josh) because there's been a lot of flip-flopping. Hal and Kev both says they are sure. Betty says she can't wait to get Josh out next. Hal says they need to tell JL. Kev asks if she can be in the room bc when he told her yesterday she started crying and pitching and that's when he flipped. They all say they are locked in to keep Josh. Kev leaves and Betty tells Hal the mission won't be complete until both of them are gone (JL and Josh) Hal says they have to tell JL and she talks to her like she doesn't have a brain Betty tells her she should stick up for herself. Hal says she does. Kev comes back. Betty says even his body language looks different. Kev says he definitely got manipulated. (Editor's note- Kev's body language was better after he just came out of DR) He asks Hal if she'll babysit him while they tell JL. Betty asks if they are telling him tonight Kev and Hal say JL demanded to know tonight before bed. Feeds cut They come back to Kev and Hal saying they'll tell JL that they will tell her tomorrow. Betty suggest telling JL in the pantry (open space) Hal suggests telling them side by side Betty says that's good jury management Kev says he doesn't think it is. Sounds like they switched back to telling he tonight.

Betty, Kev and Hal talking in Expedia Vaca. Betty says she wouldn’t mind losing to either of them and it’s going to kill the jurors to have to vote for one of them. They LOL.

it sounds like BB might have told them that the next comp is a Shoppers Showcase comp??

The HG’s are all dying to know what’s behind the #’d door. Kev says the HOH will have to open it he thinks. Betty thinks the door will open when they are asleep. She also says that Marty will be a legend in BB history and that the gummies will go down in history.The HG’s are talking abut Marty and how out of his comfort zone the house was for Marty. Kev really hopes Marty still talks to him after the season is over. Kev, Betty and Hal talking about where they’re sleeping tonight. Hal says Josh is asking JL if she wants to sleep in Expedia tonight. Betty says she’s not sleeping anywhere but the HOH room because it’s her last night. Betty and Hal are in the kitchen alone. Betty tells Hal that she’s a really strong woman and promises her she isn’t gaslighting her. Feeds cut.

JL laying alone quietly in the purple room crying. Kev walks in and she tells him she’s having a moment. She says she was about to take a shower but she laid down and just started crying. JL asks Kev why he’s smiling. He tells her he just doesn’t know how to act in situations like this. He leaves and JL says “just stop stringing me along. Tell me if you’re sending me home” She yells herself to just relax and she doesn’t even know what she’s crying.

Kev and Hal go into the purple room to talk to JL. They tell her that they are keeping Josh and that’s she has some of the sickest wins in the game. Hal tells JL that she’s a bad ass woman and she doesn’t know if it’s the right decision but she’s feels that she has a better chance against Josh. JL says it a lot to take in. She leaves to take a shower. They still think it was best to tell her tonight. JL tells Hal she doesn’t respect her game because Hal goes out of her way to lie about game decisions. JL says she doesn’t play that way and tells her that Josh and Betty are really good.

Betty and Kev talking in HOH. Kev says that most of what he did was behind the scenes in this game and he doesn’t think he can make a case for himself in that shirt one min on finale night. She tells him to just speak eloquently.

Kev approaches HO in the bathroom. He says 3 things. 1. He does really like her. 2. She really did get in his head yest like no one else was able to 3. People will love her from this season for yrs to come. JL is very standoffish during this convo. Kev says GN. JL when Kev leaves “these people are actual snakes”.

We have lights out throughout the house. We will see you tomorrow morning bright and early for more feeds.

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