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Live feed Big Brother Canada Wednesday April 6!

Kev/Betty in $ talking about Herm’s whole pitch is about getting Kev out. Kev says people OTB always pitch him. Betty says if I were him,it wasn’t smart of him to go after such small pickings but that’s not her problem! She doesn’t really know where Sum is at. Kev tells Sum he thinks she has her back. Betty has no qualms & it just showed her another side&thats just reality. She didn’t come here to make a bunch of friends.Kev said after he went up against Melina he didn’t trust Jess who didn’t vote for him. Betty tells Kev about The Siblings with Jess. Betty was just dragged into it with Sum/T/Jess & she didn’t know about it. Betty was told it was an insurance policy incase Jess was HOH. Kev says Jess told him they were committed to The Siblings. Betty says it wasn’t real. Betty said they told everyone about the siblings afterwards. Kev tells Betty that Jess loved her &wanted to work with her. Kev wanted Josh/Bettys approval so bad but then Jess put up T. Kev says maybe Marty doesn’t win HOH if Jess stayed in house. Betty says Marty knew about The Siblings so he would have gone after her/Sum anyways.Kev says that Herm is saying Kev/Hal/Marty have an alliance&working together.Kev says that’s ok,I’m close with Marty&Hal is close with Marty.Betty says you have to be close at this point. Kev says he has no F2&Betty wonders how people can have F2 already. Betty says every person who says F2/F4 aren’t here anymore. Kev says if I had a F2 with Marty the whole house would know about it. Betty doesn’t think it’s good for his game working with Marty. Betty thought she was really close to T but she’s finding out that she had different deals going on.Kev says that you were top 3 but she was very well insulated.Betty says that T/Sum/Marty were together in Smarty&they knew W2 she was going OTB but didn’t tell her. Betty asks Kev not to say anything & Kev says he won’t he promises & Betty wonders what a promise even means in the house. She starts to make her bed while Kev thinks. Kev says that there is no throwing HOH at this point &he thinks everyone will be gunning for it if they’re smart. Kev says it’s going to be a long day. Betty says it’ll be sick to win W7. If you told her she was gonna be there W7, she would say ya right. Kev tells Betty he would rather chill with her than Herm in jury. Betty says there is a whole community cheering her/Herm on. Kev hopes we can pull this off. Betty says when there’s a will,there’s a way & I’m not giving up. She thanks him for using POV on Josh. She wonders if he always knew he was going to use it? He said he had to really think about it & he hoped Herm would be the only person Marty would put up. Kev says it wasn’t easy to use it. Kev leaves when Jace comes in after her shower. Betty tells Jace that they’ll talk later. Jace asks if Betty told Josh about their F4 talk & she did. They’ll talk more later. They’re discussing working out

Herm calling us his live streamers. He’s asking if we’re there? He says he’s still OTB,hes got Moose fighting for him.He’s got big meetings including Jace/G & he’s working on Josh because he’s better for his game.He tells us to go to work& watch the episode with the kids. Herm asks us to follow all his socials & he has good content we can imagine! He asks for any power we have so he can unleash & make it hell in this place for Marty. He says if Sum doesn’t keep him, she’s on the list too. Kev/Hal can get that smoke too. He’s dressed up & ready to go to work today. He loves us & thanks Canada before he leaves Expedia. Marty/G/Moose in KT.Herm tells Moose by the pool table that Sum is scared of Marty& if she doesn’t vote for him to stay & he stays he will come for her. Herm shooting pool alone

Summer tells Betty that she's ok with her decision. Summer-I don't want to keep someone where I have to constantly question their loyalty.Betty-I appreciate that you didn't let Marty manipulate you and thought for yourself Summer-I will take care of Marty, don't u worry. Betty-I can't wait to get his ass out of here & I'm not going to lie Moose is giving me bad vibes too S-He wants you to pitch to him. Betty-I also want to talk to you about some real shit. I know it's tough in here without T, how are you handling that? Summer-It is tough, no offense to anyone else. Sometimes I feel lonely but, I always take my grief and fuel me. Summer-Moose gotta go, Marty gotta go, Haleena gotta go. Betty-I know, I'm studying my ass off Sum-Herm wanted to go after floaters but couldn't define 1 Betty-I'm sorry but his pitch was brutal. He's throwing ppl UTB, I'm not gonna do that.

Kev-are you telling Hermon today? Josh-I think he knows, but yeah probably tonight I'll tell him I can't believe we were actually able to do it, I didn't think we could. Kev-Betty is going to love us Josh-She'll hate us one day, just not this week. Kev-If someone asks me what happened the first week before feeds came on, I'm going to need hours to try to explain everything. No, actually I'm sure everything was put into 3 episodes. Lol. My entire brain was distorted. Betty joins Hermon and Josh outside. She was going to work out but doesn't want to while Marty is there.

Gino is studying the price wall in the SR Summer-I will let you know if I hear anyone is coming for the showmance, so we can get them out. Gino-Ok, lets keep talking Sum-Also, I was talking to Betty she isn't scared of you guys like some other ppl are. Gino-I'm leaning that way but, want to here what else they have to say so, we can talk again later. Hermon is slamming Marty for being a slimeball. Playing a slimy game, etc. Betty just saying "facts" not offering Hermon anything. Betty leaves. Josh comes back outside.

Jace doesn't understand why Haleena & Kev are acting the way they are Gino-I think keeping Betty is the move but, we're not telling anyone. Not 1 fucking person!

Jace/G in pantry talking about the vote to send Herm out. Jace says that it’s not far fetched to see Betty/Josh win a comp going forward with them. Jace mentions Hal/Kev getting nervous & trying to be their F3. G will tell Moose tomorrow his vote last min. Jace/G like this Josh/Betty F4. People think Betty hates the showmance so it wouldn’t be obvious. They kiss & say it’s like they have one brain & she leaves the pantry so he can study. G/Jace were waiting for Betty HT. They discuss the evictions & if it’ll be a double or a triple? Jace says tomorrow could be a double. Betty thinks this could be a single cause this person isn’t going to jury. Jace points out that Spicy V/Ro were evicted on a double&jury. Jace thinks it’s been too easy so far & BB could hit them with 2 doubles. Betty hopes they have to open a door & it has HOH. Betty thinks Herm’s approach isn’t smart. Betty feels ok with Kev/Hal/Josh & now Sum told her she’s voting for her or will she go back/forth?Betty says she’s giving Sum space cause she can’t promise Sum something she can’t do because that’s not a good move for B.She has to work on Sum later after her workout.She doesn’t want to start without Josh there but she wants to work with Jace/G F4 & take out others. G likes the 4 of them together because no one would think they’re together& people would wonder where the votes are coming from. Betty/Josh are a duo so why not team up with another duo & we can control the votes. B/Josh aren’t coming for them, it makes no sense. Jace thinks it’s sus that Josh still hasn’t shown up to discuss their F4. G talks about studying & the buzzing in. Meanwhile Josh is chatting with Moose in Beach Expedia. Betty comes back out & she tried to lure him out but he’s busy talking to Moose. She looks sketchy. Betty hopes they aren’t mad. G/Jace say no they’re pissed&laugh. Betty says she can’t keep going in&out but her/Josh are totally in with them moving forward.Betty appreciates them & she wants this to work&she doesn’t tell people that unless she means it. It’s not obvious. Jace tells Betty she feels her time is coming. Betty says it would just be soo sweet. She says she will study hard&she had coffee&shes been buzzing. Herm mentioned she’s moving today&she told him she is! Betty says you have to work all angles&you can’t be too confident.Betty says what she’s learned in this name is to not let her ego get in the way cause you never know who you’ll need. G agrees. Jace says let’s focus on studying today. Betty wants Marty gone. G says or Moose, next 2. Betty doesn’t really care after those 2. Betty says that Marty makes a move &then isolates himself.She thinks he’s a good guy inside.G agrees but it’s the way he plays this game.Jace says he’s made himself a villain maybe on purpose?She starts laughing talking about Marty doing this for Canada!G/Betty laughing.Betty asks how Jaces Wendy’s date was with Marty? He was being apologetic &throwing us UTB? Jace says ya he was. Herm comes out to bring them pizza. Betty leaves again to find Josh& bring him out to them

Moose is venting his frustration at the house. Josh is trying to figure out if Hermon has lied to him. Moose-I wouldn't be surprised at this point, if Summer puts me up next week. She's not even asking me what I'm doing, just telling me what she's doing. Moose-You find out your truth, I don't even know if I want to know! IDK how Summer can do some of this stuff she does. Moose-I wouldn't be surprised at all if Summer put me up at this point Josh-I don't think she'd do that Moose-Why? Why not? Josh-It doesn't make sense for her to do that Kevin comes in the room offering pizza

Herms explaining how he got to asking Josh for a F2 - he tried to make a large alliance a couple of times to no avail, he had a couple smaller fake alliances, and knew he needed something like Gino/JL Sum/T had/have. Herms thinks keeping him is a 100k decision. Josh tells Herms that he's not talking about him - but he thinks it's very convenient that all of this information is coming out now and he thinks there's a lot of manipulative people in the house. He needs to have convo w/1 other person.Josh tells him that he knows Marty's game better now, and is no longer afraid of him. He also doesn't want to feel like someone's last resort. Herms counters that he tried to include him w/the big alliances - J points out Herms never brought him in to the 4 guy alliance. Herms gets a little emotional - it's hitting different because people are questioning his loyalty and he's been riding for them the whole time. He truly was not expecting this.

Hermon and Josh are looking at some of Hermon's clothes. It looks like he's trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow. JL and Hal talking in the bathroom. Hal finds it disrepectful that Hermon says she's a floater because she's always tried to win.

Hal tells JL she told Herm that she's never meant any ill will towards him but she doesn't feel he's felt the same. He told her he can see how she can feel that way. He told her that she's been playing middle of the house. Hal says Herm has talked shit about everyone

Marty comes into the bathroom with JL and Hal. He asking about Betty still not being out of the DR and is thinking it has to do with a power. He tells them if she does have one he will put Moose up and Moose already knows about it. Marty's plan is still to vote Hermon out. Marty tells JL and Hal that that Summer said she has already told Hermon that she's voting him out. JL tells Marty that she just talked to Hermon and he told JL that Summer told him that she was still undecided.

Summer and Hermon talking in the red room. Hermon says he's hoping for a flip. "It could happen". Summer give him a long hug. He tells her she could vote for him to stay. She doesn't respond.

Moose and Betty talking out in the Expedia vaca room. Moose is saying how there are so many diff ways to have a good resume in the game, it just depends on how the individual HG's feel about what is a good resume. He tells Betty he's not putting her up at all. Moose says he's voting Hermon out. Hermon didn't help him last week campaign or fight for him to stay. He says Herms is his boy but he can't fight for him this week since Moose had to do all of the week alone last week. He's not mad at HermonMoose tells

Betty he will let her know where his vote lies for sure tomorrow but Betty tells him she doesn't need to know. He wants her to know for their relationship and just in case there's another rogue vote she knows where he voted. They're glad they sat and talked.

Kevin is now talking with Betty in Expedia vaca. She's telling him how the convo went with Moose. She says she kept it real with him the whole time.

Betty, Kevin and Hal out in Expedia vaca room. Betty says her speech tomorrow will be short and sweet. She wonders if she should talk about "the journey". Kevin tells her to say whatever she wants. Betty thinks the comp tomorrow will be trivia, Kevin doesn't

Hermon and Moose talking in the purple room. Moose tells Herm that he just had a talk with Betty and it went well. Hermon says he hasn't heard from Josh yet. He basically says that Josh hasn't trusted him lately due to all of the alliance problems and Josh feeling last. Moose and Hermon think Marty has been saying that there was a F4 with the guys. He wants to set the record straight with everyone during dinner because he doesn't think Marty will fight the fact that there wasn't in front of everyone.

Josh and JL talking on upstairs couches. They agree they've had too many wild HOH's. JL wants HOH so bad, she wants a letter from home so bad. They don't think Betty does have a power though. JL thinks people are just paranoid.

The dinner line has started. Summer is the first one at the kitchen table. They are thanking Gino for making dinner.Looks appetizing. Gino might have gotten some of his cooking skills from the firehouse?Marty says "Excuse my language but Gino, This is fucking amazing". He says that this is the best thing he's eaten in the house so far. He calls out to his wife to get the ingredients for this meal and rattle a few of them off. The HG's are trying to do impersonations of each other. Summer says she even has a lisp for Betty. Betty says it's because she has a long time that she has the lisp. Summer is having trouble getting comfortable doing her impersonations.

Summer and Moose are sitting with Gino, Summer and Josh and talking about Kyle's game and HOH. Moose was going on about the story about how they knew each other. Josh whispers Moose's name and when he looks over Josh shakes his head no for him to stop.

Kevin says that they don't know each other outside of the house so anything could be true. They keep talking about Kyle and things that happened in the house with him. Feeds cut.

Moose and Gino in the bathroom talking. Moose tells him that he's going up if Betty does have a power and comes down. He asks to keep that between them because he doesn't want anyone to know and asks Gino for his vote if it does happen. Moose says "I don't think Josh is down. If I push him he might be but I'm not even sure if I am. It just involves us risking so much". (Not sure what that part is about) They agree to talk later and end the convo.

Josh and Summer agree it's better for them to send Hermon home. Summer "It's unfortunate." Summer says even though most of her people are still in the house she still feels lonely sometimes.

Summer and Hermon spending some close time together before Hermon more than likely leaves tomorrow.

Moose and Hal talking in Expedia vaca room. Moose had been mad that Marty has been telling people that Gino, Moose, Hermon and Marty were in a F4 when they weren't. He says they were just working together. Moose tells her "I fuck with Josh". He says he has a lot of relationships in the house but he's so open that he doesn't know what he would even do if he wins HOH. Hal gives him info too. She says she's close with JL and is not very deep with Josh. Hal tells Moose that Kevin really went to bat for him when he was OTB. Moose is surprised. He says that he's good friends with Kevin but game has been surface level with him.

JL and Summer in the bathroom. Summer says she feels so bad for Hermon. JL asks her who she's leaning towards and Summer says still towards Betty but she wants to be on the same page with her, Gino and Josh.

Hal asks JL if they have told Moose where they stand on their votes. She says that they haven't, they are waiting for tomorrow because he will run right to Hermon and tell him.

Moose talking w/ Gino & Josh on upstairs couches and tells them the idea Kyle had for a show was so stupid. He says Kyle wanted to see a BB show where they were in the house for 10 yrs, one eviction a year and the prize was 1 billion dollars. He says he could never do it.

Moose and Gino go into the SR to snack. Gino just gets started on talking game with Moose when JL comes in and says Hermon wants to talk with them. They go to Expedia vaca room with Hermon. Hermon tells them they don't be on the wrong side of the vote. Hermon tells them that they will basically decide if he stays or goes, he hopes they want to keep him. He says no one is saying what they're doing. JL tells him it's because of being caught on the wrong side of the vote. Gino tells him he will tell him when he decides. Hermon tells them he might just pull everyone into a room tomorrow and get it all out on the table. Hermon says that for the first time in the game their targets are aligned, they are shooting in the same direction.

Moose and Kevin talking. Moose would love to throw Hermon a vote tomorrow because the vote will be so big to send him home just to do something for him. Kevin says it might make him a target. Moose gets that.

JL and Gino talking in the bathroom. They agree that Hermon's last ditch effort with them was sad. Gino- "I know but it's a game". JL wants to know if they are going to tell Hermon and Gino tells her they will tomorrow after he talks with Josh. Gino and JL get called out by BB after several GN's. They were still in the bathroom talking and kissing. They get up and start to get ready to head to bed

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