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Live feed Big Brother Canada Wednesday March 16!

Marty-I've been up all night checking every nook & cranny for a power or something. I'm gunning for the HOH. I found a long red ribbon with nothing attached, so, IDK if a power was there & someone took it already, IDK Josh-I've checked this entire room,Josh wonders if there's something to the chess board. Marty-what do you mean? Josh-I just wonder if there's something more to it They discuss what tomorrow's HOH is & compare notes of the things in the house to know. Marty told Josh about the Village Voice already He's spilling a lot. Marty-there's been so many alliances! I'm trusting my guy, going with my gut. Tells him about his friend outside who is also indigenous & told him the exact same thing about respecting elderly It made sense, Josh, that's why I trust you. I trust Kev & Haleena 100%. Marty-If something happens, like with Betty, maybe you can say that "Marty is with us" Josh-Yes Marty-I don't care about the guys, AT ALL. I think this is a good plan. Jess is still a strong player in comps, Kev too. Kyle comes in.

Josh-The block isn't a fun place to be. In America, haven't ppl been on the block like 4 or 5 times. They better have a psychologist set up.

Marty is in charge of battery changing for the day. Gino & Summer are in the shower & the rest of HG's are still in bed but starting to move. Maty is playing pool alone. HG's are waking up pretty quickly today.

Gino starts work out. Moose joined Gino for morning work out

Steph called to DR. Kev cooking breakfast

Jess wonders when a twist will blow up the house. Betty & Jace both say "tomorrow" Betty says, "usually week 4 but, week 3 would be sick.

Summer & Kev having breakfast talking about blow ups/season, etc.

Jess-I think Gino would put me up Betty-I thought Jace & I were tight but, Jess-I like Jace but, not with Gino.

Josh-The block isn't a fun place to be. In America, haven't ppl been on the block like 4 or 5 times. They better have a psychologist set up. Kyle says he's sorry to Josh for sending him home. He knows how many ppl want to be here. He was trying to think 4 steps ahead. Kyle thinks there's a double tomorrow because they haven't had a major build out back yet. Josh-tomorrow is eviction day. Maybe we'll have a Canada vote or something Josh-then great! Steph goes home. Josh thinks it's really cool his nation is watching him. He never expected that Feeds cut. Kyle thinks there's a special power out in the house somewhere Josh-I don't think yet. I think there's a twist. What if both noms go home? Kyle-Steph came up last night, saying she knew she wasn't the target but, "having to pack sucks" Josh-Ohhhh yeahhh, i have to pack. Kyle-Yeah, if you want to leave a shirt or something, from somewhere. I'll rock that shit. Josh-I'm glad I did this though Feeds cut. Kyle & Josh are talking about last season Josh wonders why Ty was never the target Josh well he wasn't that great of player so, maybe he wasn't on anyone's radar. Kyle-I just can't have Moose win I've realized by making this move. I can't take the foot off the gas. I could've just put Betty up & faded into oblivion. I thought this through, blah blah blah I can't turn my brain off, it just goes. Josh-Would you do it again? Put me up again? Kyle-Exact same situation, yes. If Moose wins, yeah, I'd do it again, every time! Your a queen sitting in the corner You can't win this game in week 3 but, you can lose it. Kyle-I know that I've put myself in a vulnerable position but, there's a few ppl I'm banking on I hope it's a double actually.

Jess-I think Gino would put me up Betty-I thought Jace & I were tight but, Jess-I like Jace but, not with Gino.

Kev asks what Steph's approach has been. Steph-Well, I'm not the target & I think ppl will respect what the HOH wants

Kev is ready for the tears he might get tomorrow Josh-I'm nervous. Kyle's telling me he's going to go down in BB history as GOAT for this move! I was absolutely disgusted Kev-Are you serious?

Kyle-we've been working together since the beginning. You're one of the few ppl I've discussed things with that has never gotten back to me. Kyle-You hold an important role this week. 6-4 would be good but, 7-5 would be better. If you want to come chat, game aside, you can pop in whenever. Haleena-anything can happen in this game. Someone could whip out a power or something tomorrow, then it's someone else

Marty & Hermon were having a chat that wasn't on feeds (just hear Hermon leaving & Kyle coming out)

Kyle & Marty were talking about weed. Marty quit smoking a long time ago because it made him too paranoid. Kyle ate a whole edible once and made him sick. Marty prefers his beer. Marty-Yeah, we gotta make sure the numbers are there. Kyle-We gotta win HOH Marty-The only 1 I see flipping is Haleena but, she's good with me, whenever I talk to her she says she's good. Kyle bolts in the house,

Marty asks Big Brother to put a bell around Kyles neck "He's following me everwhere

Marty-I hope I can still work with the guys & then we gather together (both side) Jess-Is Kyle just done with me? Marty-He hasn't said anything Jess tells Marty that he needs to get some sleep tonight, They are checking in on him Healthwise

Marty to himself after Jess leaves I know Kyles senses are probably going off after his talk with me & because he follows me all around.

Marty asks Haleena how her neck is this morning. She says it's better, like at a 7 Marty-Kyle is following me everywhere!!! Haleena-He's so scared, oh god. Tells Marty she thinks it's a double so she's studying all day today

Marty is telling Summer what he's noticed about the plants. There was 3 orange flowers here before! Summer since you told me a secret, I will share 1 with you. There is no "Q" on the phone. Summer-do you know if Gino's targeting me? Marty-Nope, he told me yesterday who his noms would be & it's not you Summer-Even as a pawn? Marty-He just told me 2 days, like if I win, those 2 are going up. Thank you for telling me about T. We had talk yesterday.

Betty joins Summer & Marty in Expedia. Summer, "You're not slick!" Marty says they're going over days, so they start doing days. Editorial (You'd think BB would get a better shot of the couch where everyone sits?

Kev tells Haleena about Kyle saying he was going down as a legend after this week. Kev-We need to say Jess led the flip

Moose is making breakfast. Gino, Josh, Kyle are waiting for it to be ready

BB Recipe Moose makes French toast by putting cinnamon toast crunch on the bread before the egg.

Kyle-I could go home tomorrow, if there's a double I was telling Josh that & that I have a few ppl I can rely on to win HOH otherwise, I could go home if tomorrow's a double. Kyle-How ya feeling? Steph-good Kyle-I've had some good convos with ppl today Today is going to be all business, as soon as I'm done here. I'm going to get ready & go to work. Steph-My speech tomorrow, is ohhh boy Kyle-Spicy? Steph-ohhh yessss. Steph-Haleena said she wants to talk with you first before Kyle-Yeah Steph-But, I feel good. I think Jess is voting for me. Kyle-yeah Steph-I'm going to follow up with Haleena, T, Betty, & Jess Kyle-Yeah, those are priority Steph-Hot tub in 20? Kyle-sounds good. Kyle is also trying out for the new season of Baywatch Canada, apparently. Kyle-If you win HOH are you sharing the room with Steph? Kyle-I told her I'd give her 1 night. Kyle-I actually think we could get 8 Hermon-really? Kyle-yeah, 7-4 is likely but with Jess, yeah. They're smart & wants to build relationships

Josh is pitching to JL - JL points out that she's not here to be played by the guys, and when Steph first went up she didn't think it was the worst thing, she knows Steph leaving is good for her game. If Josh had the votes, JL would vote with them. Josh suggests that JL talk to other people and see where their votes are - if they're siding with Josh it would be great if she voted with them. JL notes that Summer told Steph straight up that she doesn't have her vote and JL loves that. Jess asks where Kyle is with Moose now? Kyle explains that Moose has now played a pivotal role in two huge life experiences for him, but needs him out before jury, and obviously before Jess. Kyle: I've known Moose longer than anyone here and I would describe him as smoke and mirrors. He proceeds to tell Jess that Moose applied for reality tv shows all over the world this past year.

Kyle & T convo Kyle is going through his HOH thoughts.

Kyle-Moose had created mistrust btwn a lot of ppl. You hear a lot of stuff as HOH. I see Steph alone on an island. I thought about it all night long, looked at the chess board, saw that Betty isn't a threat. T-That doesn't mean we're tight. I reacted the way I did of the mom in me, and I'm sorry, after, I realized that I might have painted a picture that wasn't necessary the case Kyle-I know, I know. I respect you & you are so gifted athletically, blah blah blah. At the end of his speech to T, Kyle said, I wouldn't have made this move, if I didn't make sure I had the numbers. I understand if you want to throw a vote for Josh

Marty tells Josh he can't wait for the vote. It's going to be good tv.

T "Is he (Kyle) f*cking serious about life?" She says he's so condescending Betty agrees Feeds cut Come back to Betty and T telling Josh how condescending Kyle is. Josh, T and Betty are laughing at his analogies he keeps repeating..chess...toast.. Betty tells them that he wants Kyle Moore to be written down next season by someone as their favorite player they laugh Josh says he doesn't want to be to harsh bc he'll see this. Josh says he's not going to tell Gino but Gino should jump ship right now. Betty says Kyle told her he's not worried about Gino bc he couldn't even do a puzzle Josh says there's so many things wrong with this I could write an essay.

Kyle is giving Betty the exact same speech as he just gave T. Betty told him that she understood it was a game move before he started going on. Kyle is rehashing his entire thought process through every minute & day of his HOH.

Marty tells Jess that he's voting for Josh to stay but, feels like it's best if he keeps his vote to himself Jess understands

Josh goes over votes with Hal and says as long as they have Herm they always have 6 so she has to make sure he knows she's voting to keep Josh. Josh says he's not counting Moose or Herm. He's counting on Kev more but says Herm is probably in bc he's told too many people. Hal doesn't want to tell Kyle that Josh has her vote bc she wants that surprise element. Josh says it may have worked for Kyle if he hadn't put him up against 2 of his alliance members.

Hal, Josh and Betty talk about Steph is so sure she's staying. She mentioned gunning for HOH. Josh-you're not going to win HOH bc you won't be here Betty-bye bitch. I shouldn't have called her that.

Marty says something in French T yah you're sleep is all messed up Marty says he's going to wait to see what happens tomorrow. He asked Kevin and Gino to move and they wouldn't. His other option to sleep with a woman which is wife wouldn't approve Feeds cut

Herm - you guys want to make an alliance here or what? Summer I don't trust you sir. Yah i'm down what's the name Herm-I'm thinking us 5 and Betty and Moose They all say yes Herm-I say we flip this game next week. He says if Hal & he vote to save Josh he's blaming Kevin. T fills in Summer, Josh and Hal about her convo with Kyle. She says he said if you could let me know what your vote is within 24 hours so I can adjust accordingly. They laugh T mentions the 4 of them, Herm and Betty would be a good group they can trust. T says if they could have the solid 7 or even if its 6 to the end Summer says she likes the idea of 7 but they should have a subgroup for safety T-moose can ride along for a while. She says she does't trust him bc he's already said her name. But he's going after Kyle. The group trying to come up with an alliance name Hal suggest true few, then true fews Herm says he likes it because it's like a fuse Herms comes up with a T F sign (the F is backwards)

Josh is stressed out that he may have too many votes now - Jess tells him they can't loose another queer bb, they're voting for them even if they rest of the house is lying. Kyle nomming Josh was a direct shot at Jess.

Kyle is telling Marty that he's confident Jess will be voting Josh out - even if they flip they'll still have 6. Marty nods in agreement. Kyle feels good about Haleena too. If it's a double tomorrow you put Betty up, let's say Moose wins veto again, you put T up and out.

Hermon in HOH now - he's alluding to the fact that Jess might not vote the way they want, but what are you going to do. Jess is one of his targets - obviously, he nommed them week 1.

Marty filling Kevin is on Kyle's alliances this week - Kyle made a 6 without even asking him... The Village Garbage Bin or whatever... Marty notes that he's not a good liar so he's not sure he can pin his vote on T.

T and Steph are going over the week - T points out that first Steph was the target, then Moose, then Josh... Steph appreciates T telling her she was a target - she did not know that until now. T figured she knew already. Steph wonders if her being the target is just something that was said to see if it would get back to Kyle. Steph points out that you're going along, hear one small thing and you're like huh?

Moose tells Kyle that unless this week is a double, he truly doesn't plan to put Kyle up in the immediate future. All Kyle asks is that he gets a chance a play to veto. Moose: now about the vote, I'm really torn... Moose wonders if he can work w/ Josh more than Steph. Kyle understands if Moose want to throw Josh a rally vote - he wouldn't of put him up if he wasn't pretty confident that he already had the votes Was Josh coming for Kyle now, no - but if they were both still there 4 weeks from now.Moose doesn't want to ask Gino straight up where he's voting, but doesn't want to make a personal decision this week. Gino has no problem telling him he's voting Josh out. Moose appreciates it, he's just heard the votes are close but wasn't 100% sure.

Kev walks in to the Expedia room, sees Jess and Kyle and says This looks to serious in here and leaves. Jess tells Kyle someone could try and f*ck them again tomorrow and throw a vote and blame them. Kyle says he's aware Jess asks if it was Hermon Kyle won't say. Jess "sure and I appreciate it" Kyle asks who they are thinking are putting up if there's a double tomorrow Jess needs to see where the votes lie. they've felt very f'ed over & no ones admitted or done detective work Kyle I also just had bigger things to worry about. Jess says Moose has said their name. They ask who Kyle would go after Kyle-Moose until he's out of the house.

Summer says she's obviously not aligned with him anymore Gino says she's not a target of his and they have a level of respect with each other. Maybe later on. Eventually some one has to go home Summer-it will be your ass before me.

Summer thinks using the excuse that someone is a physical threat and then putting up someone in their alliance it would be Gino up. Gino says it wasn't an excuse and it wasn't just that but Josh is a physical threat Summer says she's cheesed but can't direct it at Kyle. Gino says he wouldn't have done that but it's not his HOH Summer says ya she can't judge Gino asks what she is thinking of voting Summer says Steph and she don't talk game and Steph doesn't have her back so she's voting out Steph.

Betty asks about their convo with Kyle Jess says it was a lot of they should be grateful he gave her another week there. Betty says he doesn't know how smart Jess is. She tells them about Kyle saying he wants to be someone's favorite player laughter ensues.

Hermon helps Betty get the hand signal for the the True Fews (Fuse). Hermon says there's 7 of us Betty-is Moose in it? no? Hermon-yes

Summer asks Gino if he wants to win HOH soon Gino says he would like to win a competition bc he hasn't won one. But yes he'd like to win HOH

Summer is telling Gino she doesn't like when people are labeled as a threat. Betty is telling Jess she doesn't like the term physical threat. She gives the example that her and Gino have been in the same amount of comps and neither have won

Marty says tomorrow he'll decide if he's going turn on the guys or hide it Josh ok Marty says He's so tired he can't think straight He doesn't think they can trust T to vote for Josh. If he knew she would vote for him, he would vote for the guys. He asks what Josh thinks. Josh says he thinks T is close with Summer so probably Marty asks him to find out bc then he could pretend to be with the guys still.

In the middle of studying days, comps Marty says hopefully the power will stay on our side. If it's Betty.. Josh says he's good if it's Betty Marty says Josh can always tell her that Marty is with us Josh says he's good.

Hermon & Haleena, went over days real quick. Hermon got her pumped up. "Game on! Let's Go!" Haleena said, as she was leaving After she left Hermon was very happy, 'Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Kevin confirms to Josh that they are working together, it was a group effort, he campaigned his ass off and he's pinning his vote on Jess. Josh laughs and thanks him.

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