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Live feed Big Brother Canada Wednesday March 23! (movie1)

Moose-How do u feel about Josh & Betty? Hermon-Betty, I don't c coming for me right away. I also like working with Summer & T. Hermon likes Gino made a big move & his head didn't get lost in the clouds. The girls have concern about you saying something about day 1's. Moose doesn't recall saying that. But, if he did it would've been about Summer, & T. Moose will talk to Summer about it later Hermon- I thought you & Josh hit it off from the jump, did you just fall off or something? Moose-Yeah, Idk, we just haven't been talking as much. Hermon doesn't know where Kev & Jess are. Josh he feels, is working with their squad. Moose going to touch base with Josh today. He thinks that's how Josh prefers it, is for ppl to approach him. He wonders how long can he ride like that Hermon agrees that he's the 1 always seeking convo's with Josh. Hermon & Moose agree they want to go deep with each other. Hermon brings Summer & T into that fold, as well. Moose thinks having a group go far is beautiful. They'll talk again later. Hermon-I love Moose but, the girls don't trust him. The girls love Josh, but, Moose doesn't trust him What to do, what to do. I need to find a final 4 right now. Hermon leaves to figure it out

**Final 2 alert** Hermon- I think there's still value in numbers hints at a 4 Josh-I think 6 for the next couple weeks, we're still at 13. So, then we'd have the numbers Hermon-Do you have a final 2? Josh-No, do you Hermon-I don't, that's what I was thinking of with u. Feeds cut right in the middle of Josh/Hermon making a final 2. Hermon-Haleena is 0-8 for comps, has to be a record Betty almost won it I'm trying to figure something out that is genuine. If you want to think about it, but know, I'm don't have 1 with Moose. What do you think? Josh-I'm solid. I was down w/the 7 except Kyle. I just. Herm-I feel like all my ppl were being put up, and I couldn't do nothing about it. It exploded on eviction night. Josh-Understandable, if it was building Her-The 7 would've ran it. We had the strongest ppl Josh-I have 1 question. Who's all involved?Josh-IDK where Moose, Kev or Marty are at. Ok, We got this behind us. I'm down. Herm-If I don't win HOH, I will win POV. That scream was me that u heard. I was fired up! If you don't try or compete u might go up! Josh-Exactly, I was worried about that w.BeesKnees. Josh & Hermon shake and hug it out.

Kyle-My week was full of paranoia and led to ppl not trusting me This season is going to be way more fluid than any other season. My intent with last week, was to draw a line in the sand. Josh-100% Kyle-If I'm to stay in this house & Jess leaves, nobody will trust me. Kyle-Whereas Jess, being the devil you don't know. I fought so much for Jess. So much so, that ppl didn't like that. Jess is so precise w/their words. The more they continue to say your their ride or die, your name will be closer in that convo with you being associated. Kyle continues that Jess isn't a lone wolf like they pretend they have relationships with people and they also pretend to be awkward. He says he overheard Jess pitching to Jace that they are looking out for her Gino, but last week they were saying opposite things to Kyle. Kyle tells Josh he thinks him and Summer have the best chance of winning, but he likes Josh more than Summer. He says it's not a slight against Summer but Josh has been more open to listening. Josh says he doesn't have enough trust with Kyle right to now to keep him.

Kyle and Jess are talking now Kyle says he always said he'd be leaving this house with $100,000 or through the back door Jess asks if he really thinks they were his demise Kyle says no, he was. He tells them they are playing a fantastic game. Jess says they're upset at how it happened. They were upset last week when Kyle didn't tell them about the choice last week and they lied to him and kept Josh. Kyle says it's his fault. Kyle tells Jess that they are the #1 person on Hermon's sh*t list and he knows he is #1 on theirs. Kyle says he thought Josh was his last chance to stay but now he knows he doesn't have his vote.

Kev_I'm trying for HOH this week. Jess-DO you think it will be about the phone calls? Kev-Not necessarily Jess-I know ppl want to work with me but, I'm at the bottom of everything. Kev feels like he's in danger every week. He tells Jess they should feel the same way. They are both in similar positions in the house.

Betty asks Kev if he's going to clear up any of the stuff Kyle has been saying about him. She says he can call a house meeting. Kev doesn't want to. He hopes people will come to him to clear up stuff.

Jace and Kev are talking about Kyle's alliances. Jace says she heard he was in a big alliance but she hasn't heard the Savage 7 before. Kev and Jace say it would be good if there if there was a solid alliance where you could actually trust people and not have drama. Kev-what's a good number Jace-5 I think. She says any less you don't have the numbers and any more could be a disaster.

T/Moose/Summer in vacation room T says it's kind of good what happened with the 7 bc now people think that T doesn't trust Moose so she plays that up. Summer says that's the same with Hermon too. Moose comments that Jess says things to people that they're good with them and if that person is in power Jess would expect to be safe but if Jess is in power they would say well we never really committed.

Kyle meeting with Jace He tells her Jess askes him who he would like to see win. His top 3 were Jess, Josh and Jace. He clarifies that is who he wants but thinks Josh and Summer are playing the best game.

Marty explains to Hal that even though he was working with the guys he never had a F2 with any of them. He really believes he and Hal could make it all the way - Hal agrees, she feels good about it - no one would see them as a pair.

Kyle plans to tell the house he found a secret power and hid it again when he knew he was leaving. He thinks it'll be funny - he suggests Gino tell JL the truth once he's gone.

Gino is running his game past Kyle - he notes he's trying to rebuild w/Marty, that surprises Kyle. Gino tells him Summer is good to keep around - she's everywhere. Eventually he'll have to go for Jess/Kev. He wants to build w/Josh and hopes Marty takes shots for him.

Herms/Marty go over what happened last week and Herms notes they voted together, just got there in different ways. Marty didn't want to flip flop so soon, Herms tells him Kyle forced his hand. They agree to let each other know if they here the others name.

Jess asks what Gino meant by an easier option this week? Summer tells her it was T because she had said Gino's name - but notes that's what she thinks, not knows as a fact. Jess thinks they would have left then - Summer agrees, T is more insulated.

Gino knows that he would be an easy person to put up for Jess - they agree, but Gino isn't a person in their sights right now and they think Gino is smart enough to know where they're…

The HG's get an overhead message that the pantry is now open. Moose and Summer go running in. They get a huge dinner of many pizzas and chicken wings. They're in Heaven.

The HG's are sitting around the table talking about how much they want beer with their meal tonight. Kyle is up from the table in the kitchen and keeps checking the SR door but it's locked. He tries one more time with Summer. They get in and start yelling "Oh My God".

Hermon, Moose and Gino are in the SR. They think there is a double coming up. Moose leaves. Gino says there may be some sick twist. Hermon says it's the calm before the storm. Gino thinks everyone is just waiting for something to happen in the house.

Moose and Summer talking in the vaca room. Moose thinks Betty got a power. Summer asks why and he tells her because of the way she answered the phone, the way she acted and the fact that she would get mad and defensive of they told her they know she got one. Betty wasn't. Moose says even if Betty did get a power and if she did win HOH he thinks that him and Summer would be OK. Summer says she has bigger fish to fry. In 5 min Kyle is holding a meeting in the LR to discuss mental health and how it effects people.

Kyle says this is a mental health check in. His podcast is a mental health check in. A place that people can come to talk. Kyle says he was raised to keep things in. If he had realized there was some young shaggy haired guy talking about mental health when he was younger he would have thought that talking about his mental health was OK. He wants others that have mental health issues to talk.

Kyle tells the HG's that they are very diverse and if they can speak to/at their community of people that look like them it may ease their fears to talk about what they're going through. He lets the HG's know he doesn't have a psychology degree. Marty speaks. He lost a friend working in the mines a while back. He went to therapy and was diagnosed with PTSD. He knew nothing about it because there was no talk about it. He says things are much more open then in 2001. He had 2 years where he couldn't function. Marty says he feels like he's 95% fixed but there are days that he has some triggers. He was diagnosed with mild depression about 5 yrs ago. He knew he didn't feel normal and got help for that as well. JC is next. She says she had a great life, great support system and great childhood. Last year was her worst year ever. She has experienced some anxiety and she feels like her problems are enough to go to speak with something.

JL says that no matter how big or small that people should know that they can reach out for help and that people should know that they aren't the only ones struggling and to get help.

Now it's Kevin. Kevin says he struggled through Covid and went to seek help. He's learned a lot about himself, He's emotional. He has a lot of people in his family that struggle with anxiety and depression. It's an ongoing process/battle for life.

Now Gino. He's never struggled with depression or anxiety. People ask him why he's so zen. That helps him to battle his sad days. He has a family member that is really struggling with depression. He starts crying. Feeds go down. Feeds come back up the Gino finishing his talk and it moves to Jess. They talk about darkness and light and keeping a balance. She was the quirky kid so people didn't get them. She felt "othered". She has many nearest and dearest that struggle but it's not theirs to tell. Kyle finishes the convo up. He says "this is rockstar shit". He's happy about everyone opeing up. Feeds cut again.

Kevin and Marty are in the vaca room. Kevin tells him they need to win HOH. He thinks Marty is an easy nom because he pushed to have Josh put OTB. Marty feels good with Moose, Hermon and T. He was honest with everyone about saying Josh should go up. says he felt good about T but now he doesn't know. He thinks if T wins HOH he's going up "It's just a feeling". Kevin- "What do you think happened there?" Marty- "Moose and Hermon". He says he feels the same way about Summer and thinks she's part of the Betty group. Kevin is whispering things I can't hear except he thinks that Betty, Summer, Moose and T are together but he could be wrong.

The HG's are in the bathroom preparing for bed. Someone says they've already had their first "Good night houseguests". Marty tells Jess not to mind him "I'm just rubbing icy hot on my ass". Jess tells him to do whatever works.

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