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Live feed Big Brother Canada Wednesday March 31!

Betty-We need that HOH tonight! We have to get it or we're done. We gotta get you off the block & win it! I don't like my BB life in others hands T-It's shit! It's such a shitty thing. Betty & T are wondering how much time they'll have to get ready & stuff today

Hermon tells T that he just talked to Kev & he said, "T" T is so happy. She said, 'that is so reassuring! OMG" I'm still so nervous to stand next to Arisa Cox & everything. Hermon feels like his little brother & older sister are OTB and he doesn't want either to go. Hermon does an impression of Moose. Hermon just told Betty that Gino & Jace are leaning towards keeping Moose. Hermon doesn't think the flip will happen, he did yesterday but, not today. Betty-Haleena said she's voting for Moose to leave. Hermon-Well, there ya go, that's 6 that's what we need We just gotta watch that the numbers don't start sliding Betty & Hermon both want Jess out next for doing this.

Marty & Jace are off cam audio only. Jace feels really good about the votes. Marty agrees but think they need to circle back around to check back in with ppl. They re-enter the kitchen.

Kev thinks they let them sleep in on eviction days. T agrees, says, it felt like it. T tells Kev she's nervous

BBCAN10 Week 5 Eviction Vote!

Tynesha is evicted by a 5-4 vote.

etty votes to evict Moose

Haleena votes to evict Tynesha

Hermon votes to evict Moose

Jacey-Lynne votes to evict Tynesha

Josh votes to evict Moose

Kevin votes to evict Tynesha

Marty votes to evict Tynesha

Gino votes to evict Tynesha

Summer votes to evict Moose

Tynesha is evicted by a 5-4 vote.

BBCAN10 Chain of Safety!

What the heck is it? For the Chain of Safety, houseguests compete for individual safety. The winner of the first challenge becomes the first chain.

The first competition involves rolling a bowling ball to see who gets the highest score.











Moose wins safety.

Moose gets to then picks who they want to make safe this week. Then the next player gets to pick and on and on until there are only three players left. The final three must compete to keep one of them safe. The other two go on the block and one will be voted out.

Moose makes Hermon safe.

Hermon makes Josh safe.

Josh makes Betty safe.

Betty makes Summer safe.

Summer makes Kevin safe.

Kevin makes Marty safe.

Marty makes Haleena safe.

Jess, Gino, and Jacey-Lynne must compete in the second safety competition.

For this competition, Jacey-Lynne, Gino, and Jess must sort their balls in the correct tube. The first houseguest to get all their balls in the right tube wins safety.

Jacey-Lynne wins safety.

This means that this week’s nominees are Jess and Gino.

BBCAN10 Week 6 Eviction Vote!

Betty votes to evict Jess

Haleena votes to evict Gino

Moose votes to evict Jess

Hermon votes to evict Jess

Jess votes to evict

Jacey-Lynne votes to evict Jess

Josh votes to evict Jess

Kevin votes to evict Jess

Marty votes to evict Gino

Summer votes to evict Jess

Jess is evicted 7-2

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