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Live feed Big Brother Canada WednesdayApril 20!

Haleena is angry with how she is perceived in the house & has some gripes about other HG's. osh thinks Haleena should tell Betty. That way Betty will feel good with her. Haleena is also pissed off that the house perceives her as having a final 2 with Marty. She went in the HOH yesterday to listen to his music and she knows that when she came out ppl were talking about it! She insists that she has no final 2's! Raging! (she said to Josh) Hal-She won't even look at me the last 2 days. What did I even do to her. J-She's the same with me, up & down, it's just how she is. Kev brings Josh breakfast Josh-Jace is working overtime in this house! Haleena expresses her frustration with Jace yesterday and "her little threats" if she flips. I told her, I would tell her if was going to flip. Kev wants to drop the stats bomb & call Marty diabolical. Josh is so sick & tried of Marty following him too. Josh beat Marty in pool. Hal says today she will fake a smile & be happy. Kev says let’s have fun! Do you know what righteous side is? It’s when you kill a king. Kev leaves.Hal says Jace really thinks they have Sums vote. Josh says they’re in shambles & messy right now. Hal said Marty told Jace about our F2, who does that? Who yells from the rooftops? Josh says Herm was his F2 by W4. After Herms F2 fell apart with Marty. Josh says someone needs to win HOH & POV it just can’t be Jace/Marty. Hal says cannot. Josh wants Jace out MORE than Marty. Hal says people think she’s dumb & she’s smart & she has more fire than G. G told Josh it’s building up inside of him&he could explode. Hal keeps saying why would he put his gummy in there? Josh says it’s too much for him & he’s kinda upset about being watched. Hal says us 3 have done really good&Josh agrees. Hal says we were all in after T left&we made it this far sticking by each other. Josh says it’s weird around Jace now & she doesn’t talk to him as much anymore. Hal says she just thinks you’re a strong player & you will be in her good books & we need that. Josh says these next few days will be hard even if it’s not a triple. Hal wants to talk to Betty about the rumours she told Jace. Josh doesn’t want her to&he advises Hal to give Betty info.Jace is doing the most Josh says. He always knew she was this person in the game&he could see it. The moment Jace told him she doesn’t like Steph.

Hal wants to tell G beforehand that she won’t be able to vote for him.Josh says he cant with this man he’s driving him nuts.Hal says it’s getting to his head&Marty told her that if G goes home his game is ruined.Jace told Hal Marty would rather self evict than vote G out. Marty told Josh that he would never put up G last week but he would vote with the house to get him out. Josh says G is kinda guy who would say yes to the draw. Jace keeps telling Josh it’ll be the cleanest campaign in BB history. Hal says but she’s running around. Hal says Jace thinks she’s built good bonds with Sum/Betty. Hal says she will blow up Jaces game & she has good sh!t that Jace has said. Josh says about Sum/Betty? Hal says if she wants to go there,we can it’s not my first rodeo.Josh says he doesn’t have anything on Jace. Hal says it’s mainly pettiness but she has something about Jace. Josh hugs Hal & says we’ve got this! Hal says in the chain of safety, if 1 of us gets it,should I pick Betty next? Josh says Betty/Sum will keep it between them. If he wins he would go Betty/Sum/Kev/Hal

Gino asks Haleena how she's doing because she seemed upset yesterday. Hal-I'm pissed off at Marty for trying to blow up my game. He's playing Russian roulette with ppl's lives in this house, he screwed it all up this week. I miss home, I haven't heard Gino-I know

Sum and Bet are saying JL is doing extra and she's setting herself up for failure when Gino leaves. Summer says Hal told her she's not black or white so she doesn't know where she belongs but feels closer to them Betty I'm not here to fix her problems of disconnection.

Josh and JL having breakfast Josh says he feels the episodes will be video diaries of what happened JL agrees and says she can't remember how she was week 1 and how things change. Summer tells Betty that JL told her it's such a good deal Betty-to work with them? Summer-yah. She tells her how she tried to get G to keep Josh the last time he was on the block. G said that would be an FU to Marty. She told him Marty would still go after Josh/Bet/Sum. Betty talks about Jace threatening others Sum brings up her saying she'd punch Hal and Kev in the face if they flipped. Betty says she likes Gino on a personal level Sum does too. Betty says they have a shot and they're going to take it.

Gino has joined Bet/Sum Betty doesn't know who she would vote for at the end. It's important to look at the game Gino agrees and says you have to look at the whole game. Part is social and you could go through the whole game without hitting the block. Bet says it matters how you played the game. Did you play it to the end or did you just go through it? She says the last speech is important Gino-for sure. He says the questions matter too Betty says the answers matter (honesty vs BS) Sum says she would say her strategy. Gino let's not talk about jury yet. We're all still in the game Betty yah, but I still like to think about it Gino says you have to think about other's strategies. He wonders if you see the rest of the season in jury or if the people coming in just tell you. Sum/Bet/Gino going over days and comps They start talking about the red light/green light comp and how someone should create it outside of the house. It would be fun to play on the beach.

Kev tells Hal they should tell Josh and Bet about JL's secret power Josh enters Kev tells Josh remember when he was talking to JL yesterday Hal says remember when I said I had something on them. Do you know what it is? Josh-no Kev and Hal tell her JL had the secret power. Josh-this is actually exciting Kev says she's actually an amazing player and knows the wall better than Gino Hal says everyone thinks it's her and Marty but it's JL and Marty Josh says she just told him at the table that Marty is her target. Kev says he knows she's not making that up because the room she was talking about is where Marsha is. Kevin-it breaks my heart we're going to have to break them up Hal-It's really sad that you (Jace) are going to now have noone Kev & Josh both tell Hal that she has to tell Summer & Betty Kev-They might still use you as a pawn but, you'll stay it's going to be Marty/Jace. Jace busted Kev, Haleena, & Josh talking. Kevin doesn't care. Haleena tries to remember what she said Hal-Why does she keep coming in here? She never comes in! Josh-I can never look at her the same now, I'm going to check the flowers now I love us. Josh wonders if Jace told Hal or Kev 1st about the power. Haleena plans on telling Jace they're still good. Josh-what a fun day we're going to have. I'm just going to lay low. Let me know if I can help Marty is running around like a mad man from room to room.

Jace gets Haleena to talk right away Haleena says that they were talking about how it could be anyone OTB this week because of Marty & the gummy bears. Jace apologizes for being bitchy yesterday, She knows Hal was having a bad day. She was in her head.

Jace tells GIno about walking in on Hal, Kev, & Josh upstairs. She asked Haleena what it was about, and she said Josh was just pitching to them. Haleena can't tell Josh she's not voting for him. Also she apologized to H for being rude with her yesterday.

Haleena runs upstairs to tell Josh what her convo with Jace was. She has to get to Kevin to make sure they have the same story. That their convo was nice & light, that Josh was just pitching H-This is just so exciting J-and we haven't even got to the good part yet.

Betty thinks that Summer & Gino had some chemistry tension in the beginning Summer thinks there's definitely chemistry but, I wanna see what he's like outside of here. Summer-for me there is nothing to consider (vote wise) Betty-No way am I thinking of keeping Gino. 1st He put you OTB last week, 2nd he made us believe he was putting Marty up, 3rd then he wanted to make sure Josh went home. Then his girl is lying saying we. Betty Con't-Would pick Jace over Haleena, which is a damn lie. That's 4 strikes bro! Are you kidding me? Summer-I already prepped Haleena telling her, that everything I tell this girl (JL) is a lie. Betty Apparently JL just lies through her teeth. Betty-She's losing her mind. (Jace) she's tanking his game! Josh-I know, he's handling it right, not freaking out Betty-I know this girl. She was saying the vibe was off in the house. I was like, stop saying vibe, you don't even know what that means. Just before Summer joined Josh & Betty Betty asked if Josh had Haleena's vote Josh said yes, he thinks so but, tells Betty not to say anything. Josh tells Betty & Summer how Jace keeps coming in their ? room, she says "am I interrupting" She never comes in there! Summer agrees no she doesn't Betty and they're following Kevin around? Josh Yes Betty-both? Josh-Yes Betty OMG! I know it's serious for u but OMG. Betty asks Summer & Josh if she should talk with Haleena about the stuff that's going around & just clear anything up. Not anything about her vote.

Gino is giving Hal/Kev his 4 point presentation. If he goes JL would be pissed and most likely play with the other side of the house going forward. He knows they're all pissed at Marty and he wants to work as a 4 to get Marty out. JL doesn't understand why he would think that - who told him that? Kev says he's not mad - JL doesn't understand why he would be mad when she didn't do it. G points out that the other side is putting things in their head and look - now they're fighting. G points out that Josh is just chilling and having a good time, he's not even trying. Kev agrees and points out Josh asked him why he was stressed before the veto meeting - like really? JL apologizes for making Kev feel that way, it wasn't her intention. Kev tells the group that there's a good chance he has an argument with Marty today. G understands where he's coming from, he feels the same, but it's not a good move. Kevin: first I have one of the weirdest experiences in my life - and then he makes us do picture day. Everyone agrees that they looked miserable in the pic. It's their lives in this house, it's not about making good tv. G/Jace talking to Kev/Hal about how he’s pissed about being played again with Marty. Jace asks if they have any concerns? Kev brings up being told last in the group about her secret POV. Jace says she had to tell Marty 1st & she assumed Marty told Kev. Hal says you told him before? You said you told him after? Jace only told Hal cause Marty told her. Kev asks if Hal has a F2 with Marty? She says ya we’re all working together but I don’t have a F2 with this man & I didn’t even know I was in a F4 he made up? She denies it & says he has screwed her over&her game. G brings up that Herm told him about being a 3 headed dragon with Marty/Kev/Hal. Kev says that sounds cool! Better than a snake! They laugh.G tells them to look at the jury house&the votes right there. Betty interrupts &leaves $ quickly. G wants to look at the next week. He says Sum/Betty/Josh are too tight going forward. G wants to move forward collectively. He says Marty will come against you, Jace will come for you guys. Jace asks how they’re feeling? Kev brings up that Jace is his lil sis in there. He says obviously you were pushing for me/Hal to go up cause you weren’t pushing G/you.Jace says I wasn’t pushing anybody I just didn’t want to be up.Hal says she felt it shouldn’t be her cause she kept Marty safe with POV. Jace wondering why Kev thinks that? Kev says it’s ok I’m not mad. Jace says there’s no reason you should be mad cause I didn’t say anything. Hal says she admits 1 of the boys should’ve gone up & she told Marty that. She questioned things. Jace says why would I want you out? Kev says he believed it. G says even if you went up, Josh was going. He says we’re hearing stories from the other side of the house even with T’s vote. He gives Hal credit for staying strong with them thru that. Hal says she thinks Marty was putting against each other. G hates Marty is walking around thinking it’s a sick move. Kev agrees. Jace says he wanted it for TV. G says it’s an idiotic week. Jace says that Sum/Betty/Josh will win it G goes. G says stay with F5 & obviously we know who’s a lose cannon. He says we all have wins & we’ve proven ourselves when we can get a strong duo out of the house. Kev says Marty wins if he gets to the end even if people don’t like him, he’ll have 3-4 HOHs by then. Jace apologies for making Kev feel that way. G says we can’t play an emotional game right now. What are you thinking? Kev says give me 20 secs I need to collect. He says ok I’m good.G says you wanna say something? Kev says there’s a strong chance he gets into an argument. Kev says not a fight but an argument with this man today. G understands & says he’s just holding it in but he has a rage building inside of him too. Kev says after the gummy draw, Marty made us do picture day. G says ya should’ve seen G’s face in it. Hal says you’re not watching this you’re playing with our lives. G says it happened it happened & I’m glad we’re all on the same page. G says 4 of us will be right going forward & then next week we know the plan. Hal wants to win HOH & put Marty up. G hopes that for her. G says he’s gonna give Marty a red gummy bear. Kev says he told me to kick my feet up & Jace agrees it’s a curse & offensive to say

Marty pops in & asks what’s going on? G says just having a lil chat & make sure we’re on the same page. Marty says it’s not fun to be OTB & he knows it’s BB & it’s normal to be anxious & nervous that’s why he pulled them in F5. He said they stuck together after T left. Marty says after we only have Sum/Betty to take out after this. He says he doesn’t have doubts but it’s BB & it’s scary.He’s the kinda guy that can get paranoid quickly & he sees them talking to Sum/Betty.He wants to give them space & not approach Hal/Kev like last night. Marty bringing up he took out Herm & took a lot of heat for that& he didn’t like to be called a snake infront of Canada but he did that for Kev/Hal. He wants to trust the people he plays with&his head is making him talk & make sure with them.Hal says it’s getting tougher. He says he did the gummy bear draw cause he knew G would participate & that showed they’re all on the same page. He says we’re going 4 vs 2 next HOH if he’s a betting man. He says he loves each of them & everyone in the house. He would be hurt if they flipped. Marty says his game will be done. He knows Sum/Josh/Betty will be pitching & he said after T/Herm/Moose & then Josh. Those are 4 monumental players who could’ve won. He says Josh is a really strong player who’s well liked. Kev agrees he wins in F2. G says we just gotta stick together. Marty says he always studies with them& tells them his tricks so they do well. He fist bumps them each &leaves. Kev bit his tongue really hard while Marty was talking & G says he saw his face. G says let’s get him out ourselves.Kev/Hal leave. Jace tells G that Marty has never treated her like a person & it makes her sick to her stomach. G says if I do stay, at least we’re all on the same page & he goes up OTB & the other side of the house wants the same

Haleena tells Betty that JL had the Secret POV

Hal says she's found out things JL has said about her & she hasn't gone back and thrown her UTB with things she's said even about Sum and Bet. She says JL is slimy and makes empty threats Betty says its important to eat as much as you can in this house bc you never know. Summer comes over and Hal tells her she told Betty Summer-crazy right Hal says she's taking a risk if they come after her and it's fine. Her not using the veto in the end was the best Summer says she knew their goal was to break them up bc they were a bigger number. Betty comments when she came in the room earlier it seemed like JL was bullying her by Hal's face. Hal says with the whole gummy bear thing. Josh comes over Betty-why you look so good though boo? Josh turns and looks over his shoulder. Hal saying she doesn't want to throw JL under the bus Betty says she's been thrown Hal says she did it to herself. She didn't tell kev. Betty says no. Marty told her a former HG (Moose) said she and Josh were working with JL and G and she said no Did he ask Hal and Kev someone is starting rumors. She says to Hal-buddy you've been having a tough time in this game Hal says she just needs to hear from home. Summer and Betty say JL is falling apart Hal says Marty has ruined her game. He's going to be coming for her Betty says not to worry. She's doing fine. She's sad she had to be put through this Hal says Betty had to go on the block and be put through that. Betty says she'd be grateful to see any of the three of them win this game not those slimy people. Betty asks Hal how she is Hal says worried about her game. Betty asks if she'll talk to her (JL) after the game Hal says I don't know Betty says she has some good friends outside of the house. Hal say she thinks Betty hates her Betty says she doesn't hate her Hal says Betty and Josh have each other and Kev and Summer do Betty-they're good Hal says she's linked with Marty and she's not Betty promises her she has her and she's not coming for her. Betty says Summer isn't coming for her either. Once they get the those 2 out it will be great. Hal says it's funny bc people saw them all as floaters. Hal tells Betty she thinks Marty knew what he was doing with the gummy bears Betty agrees and says they'll see Hal says he made them take a picture for the camera. Betty-He did? Cringe.

Betty tells Josh that JL had the secret power and never intended of using it Josh-What the f*ck? Betty says if Moose won Josh would have gone up and Hal didn't use it to save Josh Josh-they played us Betty-they played us. Betty agrees everyone would play their own game and understand Josh says he wants to confront them Betty says she's going to confront Gino in her good bye message about his girl having the secret POV. Josh says they're all set if either of them win HOH. Betty and Josh agree it would have been hard to get Gino out but Marty did it for them. They keep saying the angels are protecting them.

Josh quickly tells Hal he told Betty he knew somethings but he didn't know they were going to put him in danger this week.

Betty tells Josh that JL had the secret power and never intended of using it Josh-What the f*ck? Betty says if Moose won Josh would have gone up and Hal didn't use it to save Josh Josh-they played us Betty-they played us. Josh asks if they can say something to JL Betty says no because Hal is going to vote for Josh to stay. Josh says if Betty played he could of been backdoored on her veto Betty-Marty was never going up Josh-Moose pitched to me to do a final 5 with them Betty-he had no idea Josh says he feels better about that. He says he got played by them. Josh says it seems like they can trust Hal and Kev more Betty says yah after they saved us. She said if they could get to the 5 of them (Josh/Betty/Summer/Kev/Hal) they're good. Josh says he could chill with that final 5. Betty agrees everyone would play their own game and understand Josh says he wants to confront them Betty says she's going to confront Gino in her good bye message about his girl having the secret POV. Josh says they're all set if either of them win HOH. Betty and Josh agree it would have been hard to get Gino out but Marty did it for them. They keep saying the angels are protecting them.

Kev/Sum/Josh/Betty talking about jury house Betty says Hermon didn't look happy when Arisa said he was the first member of jury. Kev says Hermon was probably happy to see Moose.

Gino leaves Expedia to pack and shower when Summer comes in to talk to JL. JL is crying and wants to follow up on their talk about her vote. She tells Summer that even if she votes Gino out she "thinks" she still wants to work with Summer and prob Betty. JL says she doesn't want to work with Kev and Hal. Summer says "That's good to know" but doesn't give JL an answer about where her vote is going. In response to JL saying it would be sad to have Gino go Summer says "yeah it's really hard when your people go home". Summer says they just need to keep talking because you never know what's going to happen in the game. JL doesn't want to be a part of Kev and Hal's BS.

Betty is behind the suitcases. She is mumbling to herself. I can hear her talking about bullying and "shut the F up" and 'Don't fall in love on the show, it's not real".

Betty enters the Red room. She's invited in by the others. They all agree they are set to let Marty and JL home home. Hal makes it clear that she's had her own mind and made her own decisions all game, no one has manipulted her. Betty leaves and Summer comes in. Kev tells Summer that he is keeping the secret of Gino going home until the vote. Kev tells them that if it's any of them with Betty in the F5 it's anyones game and its Marty and Gino's game to lose. Hal is telling them that Marty told her he could cut Marty after this week but not now. Kev wants to tell JL that Marty had a plan with the gummies by having Gino sit where he did to pick last and that Marty wanted Kev or Gino to go. Kev doesn't want Gino or JL to find out Gino's going home before the vote "because I'm afraid JL will be a mess for the HOH", she'll be crying and not focused. Summer thinks JL is in love with Gino but doesn't think he's in love with her "He might like her though". Kev tells Josh he's going to pull him aside tomorrow and tell him he doesn't have his vote "I'm in full villan mode". Kev says JL will be devastated. Summer- "you can be next then if this is so devastating", meaning JL.

Josh and Summer leave the room. Hal shows us her studying trick since she doesn't have pen and paper. She's using flour on a plate. Both her and Kev thank Canada and tell us if there is a secret power or vote out there they would appreciate it.

Kev and Hal are whispering and it's very hard to hear them. Kev says they just need to win HOH. They wonder if it's a triple tomorrow. Hal- "yeah but what kind of triple?". They start studying a bit. Kev says if they make it to the 5 they need to study a few hrs a day.

Hal and Marty talking in the Red room. Hal is telling him how Josh and Gino pitched. She tells him that she told Josh that Gino is a stand up guy and a good player. She's telling Marty what he wants to hear.

Gino and Betty in the SR talking. Gino will be indebted if they save him this week. Betty says she thinks the whole house has the same target at this point. Gino tells her that if he leaves to please tell Marty to "kick his feet up". Betty laughs. The SR turns to silence as Betty and Gino now study the Shopper's Showcase.

Betty and JL talking in Purple room. JL tells Betty she doesn't want to see Josh go home but she can see working with Betty going forward. Betty says her plan is to get Marty out like everyone already knows. JL says Gino doesn't want to work with Kev and Hal if he stays. Betty says Kev has been with Marty all day, "It's definitely suspect". Betty says they just need to win HOH tomorrow. JL agrees. JL leaves the room. Betty rolls her eyes and then giggles "Chill girl".

Betty and Josh in Expedia Vaca Room. Josh says he's sick of Marty walking around the house. "You have the room for a few more hrs. Use it!" Kevin joins them. He tells them Marty wanted to game. He said the diabolical truth is he went in to learn what he could. Betty says "In what world do we leave before the showmance?" This isn't something they expected. Betty- "people actually want to work with us" They don't want JL to win HOH or Marty to win POV. Betty says "Maybe JL is the villan". Josh is worried that Hal & Kev are playing him and that he's getting paranoid. Betty wants to keep Hal and Kev at arms reach. Josh thinks they're being honest. Betty says Gino told her if he stays he wants to work with her, "Things are just getting messy" Betty and Josh agree that Hal is a nice person. Josh wants Marty to stop asking people to work with him "You've literally tried to work with everyone in the house". Betty says JL has been questioning her as to what she was talking to people about. "Chill out"

Marty is talking to JL in HOH. He tells her he spent 2 hrs talking to Kev in HOH and there's no way he's flipping. She asks about Hal. He tells her there's no way she's flipping either "she would have already told me". Marty says he's 100% sure. JL says she feels better

JL and Gino are talking on upstairs couches. JL wants to ask for an answer about the votes tonight but thinks it's best if they don't game anymore tonight. She tells Gino that Marty feels 100% sure they will be OK. She doesn't seem sure that's true.The lights are starting to dim in the rooms as some of the HG's get ready for bed.

It's beddy bye time ya'll! The HG's are in Slumberland and that's where we are taking ourselves as well. Another day done. Triple Eviction tomorrow!! What are your predictions for tomorrow? What are your WANTS for tomorrow?? See you in the morning. Sleep well

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