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Possible nominations?

Who are the possible nominees within the Big Brother Canada 11 house this week? Well, we’ve gotten our first taste of Digital Dailies.

Let’s just start here by discussing the Dailies themselves, since there is some confusion out there. At first, it seemed like these were only coming out on the weekdays, but the website has changed their wording on that. Now, we’re left in a spot where it’s honestly unclear when or how much of these we’re getting. The first edition for March 8 (hence the title) has more than two hours’ worth of uncut footage, which is great. However, it also has a lot of adverts and is significantly behind the events of the actual game. Also, it’s harder to get a full grasp of anything without context.

We’ll get off that soapbox now and talk gameplay. Santina is Head of Household at the moment, and it does seem like John Michael could be a backdoor target. This is strange since she and him made a safety pact for the final part of the HoH Competition, and it does suggest that some of the bros (ugh) were right that she could be swayed to do something like this, since John Michael said he wanted to target some of the guys.

The full nomination plan is not unclear, but Daniel looks like one of the pawns. We don’t get a sense he has a ton of connections in the game right now and that could be used against him. A lot of times an early HoH will look for the easiest choice. Zach, Ty, and Rob seem to be one of the more dominant trios right now in the game … but remember, take everything with a grain of salt this early.

What do you want to see happen over the course of this week in Big Brother Canada 11?

Be sure to share in the comments! Once you do just that, come back for some additional updates.

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