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Recap. Big Brother Canada 11 Episode 9

Recap. Big Brother Canada 11 Episode 9

On the last Big Brother Canada 11 episode, Rob left the house with a closer vote than many players expected. Santina and Jonathan made it known to their fellow houseguests that they would vote Renee out this week to show solidarity with their friend Rob. Rob and his allies also worked hard this Big Brother Canada 11 week to try to swing some votes in his direction.

However, it didn’t end well for Rob because he really needed Kuzie, Daniel, and Anika‘s votes, but they ultimately played it safe by evicting Rob, but Vanessa and Hope didn’t play it safe. They were the two other votes on Rob’s side, but no one knew they would vote for Rob to stay. This will create a mystery going into tonight’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode.

With Rob gone, we will also now see who takes his place as Zach and Ty‘s main target. Let’s dig into a recap of tonight’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode.

BBCAN11 Week 2 Eviction Fall-Out

Rob’s eviction has to have woken a lot of players up to Ty and Zach’s game. Will the tides start to turn against them?

Anika automatically identifies Vanessa as one of the four votes to vote out Renee. Hope said he voted for Rob because he’s friend but doesn’t mind chaos. Vanessa tries to place blame on Daniel and Zach.

Kuzie also thinks Zach did the vote to create chaos and Daniel doesn’t like that people think he may be one of the rogue votes. Hope then acts upset that people may be accusing him of the rogue vote. Daniel then asks Zach about it.

BBCAN11 Week 3 Head of Household Competition

This is another week where the Head of Household Competition is important because it not only gives control, power, and influence in the game, but it protects someone from becoming another victim of the backdoor.

The competition involves placing tiles then hitting a croquet ball through the wicket. The person go get their ball all the way to the other side wins HOH.

If you shoot and fail, all your tiles fall down.

Kuzie wins the Head of Household!

Kuzie suggests the get the girls alliance rolling. She then talks to Renee about it. Kuzie also says that everyone thinks they are her best friend, so that makes her HOH hard. Ty also says he feels like he won HOH once Kuzie wins.

Renee warns Daniel to not trust Vanessa because she mentioned him as someone who might flip to save Rob. Daniel gets upset about this.

Claudia knows that Ty is not good for her game. She also doesn’t like the way he plays the game. She pitches this to Anika.

Ty says he can’t let go of the rogue votes so this leads to a confrontation between Vanessa and him. Vanessa says in the DR that she will deny her vote. Renee, Claudia, Anika, and Shanaya get in a room to form an alliance. Renee suggests they nominate Santina and Vanessa to seem divided and because she doesn’t trust her. She thinks Santina is the one saying that there is a girl’s alliance. They also discuss getting Daniel in on their group.

Kuzie invites Daniel to the Wendy’s date to start to bring him into their alliance. She getsa meal from Spicy V.

Daniel and Kuzie officially name their alliance with Anika the shady bunch. Santina pitches to keep herself off the Block, but Kuzie says she can’t keep her because she’ll never be on her side.

Anika tells Kuzie that she needs to send Ty or Zach home this week because they’re more of a threat than Santina. Ty begins to push for Kuzie to nominate and target Vanessa.

Canada voted to save Jonathan this week.

BBCAN11 Week 3 Nominations

Who will the HOH nominate this week?

Kuzie nominates Vanessa and Santina.

Both Vanessa and Santina are upset but Vanessa is more hurt.

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