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Recaps Digital Dailies Friday (04/21/23)

Recaps Digital Dailies Friday (04/21/23)

Today's Drop..

So the daily's have become a cooking show.... only 20 minutes of actual game talk. All seven House Guests eating pizza + salad at the dining table. Dan C back for seconds. Dan C clears the table. Dan C says it's nine o'clock. Convo's at dining table and in Kitchen both on DD. Renee talking about books for school. Shanaya talking about schooling

Renee tells Kuzie she's not anywhere close to going on the block

Renee say's she want's to make this shot land, Kuzie asks did she speak to hope before he left and did he leave any info

Renee tell's Kuzie she deserves to be here, Renee's Target is TY - She intends to put TY up with a chance to win POV

Kuzie Celebrates, she think's she's safe this week

Daniel and Anika talk about Kuzie, The Crown is slowly turning on itself

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Recaps Digital Dailies Friday (04/21/23)

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Who Was Evicted Tonight!

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