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Recaps Digital Dailies Monday MARCH 20, 2023

Recaps Digital Dailies Monday MARCH 20, 2023

Hope seems to be in better spirits. He’s telling Jon he can’t wait for the next HOH & hopes it’s physical. The POV was more like a puzzle

Kuzie & Santina talking in the library about how Zach can be very convincing & he got john_Michael OTB. Santina says it’s because JM said Rob’s name to go OTB but that didn’t affect her game. She would’ve kept JM to play with him

Santina says apparently JM was saying things about me. Kuzie asks if that was true? Santina says no because the more I asked people they said john_michael didn’t talk game to them & they would vote him out so he was being true to his word. Kuzie says he was

Kuzie asks what Santina would rather happen this week?Santina wants Rob to stay over Renee because he would go after her target for her, not that Zach is…but he is & she laughs. Santina says if Zach is in here he’s going to run this house &make every decision every week

Santina tells Kuzie they won’t be able to play the games they’re here to play, they’ll be playing Zach’s game&she doesn’t think that’s fair.Neither does Kuz.Kuz says the last 2 weeks she’s been playing a flip flop game but eventually you have to pick a side & stick to it

Kuzie tells Santina she doesn’t want to play a house game. She wants to play her own game. Kuz says to be honest last week it would’ve been better for her if john_michael had stayed. While JM is a big personality, Dan is an actual threat

Kuzie says Dan doesn’t promise no one nothing. He doesn’t promise to work together he says I dunno. So she doesn’t know how to get thru to him. But JM would at least entertain the idea to work together but Dan absolutely not. But I had to go with the house

Kuzie tells Santina if she didn’t go with the house she would get into trouble.Santina wants to chill &get her thoughts together.Tomorrow is the ceremony(aka today)Kuz asks if her & Rob are ok? Santina says she was told Rob never trusted her because of what she did to JM

Santina says when she asked Rob if he trusted her…Kuzie says would he say no tho? Santina doesn’t know.Kuz wants Santina to clarify as best as she can with Rob that Santina isn’t part of the plan to get him out of here before it looks like she knew & didn’t tell him

Kuzie says what a dirty friggin game. Santina says I f@$king know I just wanna go walk in the woods. She gives Kuz a hug & says she loves her words of truth. When she talks to Kuzie she feels it’s so genuine. Kuz & Jonathan & that’s what she wants to work with

Santina goes to leave & says she’s been playing with sneaky people & she doesn’t want to. Kuzie says that’s the problem with working with people that are cutthroat. Santina agrees & they both leave the library

Santina sitting with Jonathan & apparently he was told he was a target for JM & he feels really bad because he really likes john_michael Jon tells Santina she doesn’t have to tell him game or anything but if she ever needs someone to talk to to distress he’s got her

Santina thanks him & she’s been changing her outlook on who she wants to work with & what type of game she wants to play. She doesn’t want to do the sneaky way. Jon says don’t, if he was HOH he would put up who he wants out. Santina says that’s what she wanted to play

Jonathan says he can tell that Santina is really smart& she’s good at this & she could really do some damage. He thinks there’s people here that will go further than him because he can’t win that way. He says it’s tricky because you’ve gotta put your emotions out of it

on knows they gotta think game. But he’s not gonna game in a mischievous way.Jon didn’t know there were sides, he knew Santina/him had each others backs.He doesn’t know who he can trust anymore.He trusts & likes Rob, he’s a genuine guy & he’s his guy. He trusts her too

Jon saw how genuine Santina was the 1st night. He believes she will get another HOH because she’s good at this. Jon wants to be someone people can trust. He thinks some people have taken advantage of that& Rob being option hurt him because that’s his friend

Jon says nobody wants to see their friend go out the door. Jon says then the other person you thought was your friend was masterminding it, he was like wth? You know? He doesn’t want any tension so he didn’t start anything so he’s just navigating the waters

Jon tells Santina he also wants to play & going for HOH is a good thing. Santina thinks a lot of people are gonna be gunning for it. Jon says oh ya it’s competition. Santina says it’s finally started everyone was so Jon says lovey dovey

Santina says it’s only going on week 3, this HOH is gonna be competitive. Jon says very!He believes they can build something genuinely strong not just tiptoeing BS, like we know we got each other. Santina thinks going forward she doesn’t want to back door people

Jon says me neither. Santina wants to give them a chance to fight even if that’s thinking with her heart or whatever. She’s still thinking game. She wants a chance to fight. Jon says me too. She says If she’s backdoored she will blow the house up

Jon would feel deceived for sure. Santina says john_michael

took it so easy. Jon says he’s a class act, he did it professional, he gamed & he can respect that. Jon agrees that they share the same mindset genuinely. He thinks Rob is too & is that type of guy

Jon brings up building something with real good players,Dan. Santina says at 1st she saw him as a threat in the POV but now…Jon says I don’t see that. He could be an asset. Santina agrees he could very well be an asset. She says he’s very easily convinced

Jon has been trying to build with Dan & he will try to see where his head is at.He believes in staying true to something & going to the end with the 4/5z. Santina agrees. Jon says that’s just him brainstorming. He realizes there’s 4 days til eviction

Jon asks Santina what she thinks her friends are thinking? She doesn’t know how she’s being perceived in this game. Jon doesn’t think she’s looking like a bad guy or anything at least not the way he sees it. Santina says ya but we all gotta have a character

Jon reminds her it’s not all about how you start, it’s about how you finish & what you’ll be remembered for. After bringing deceived he’s noted it & it ain’t gonna happen to him again that’s where he is at. He says he’s def getting jury he doesn’t care, he wants to win

Jon isn’t going to just do as he’s told. Even tho he hasn’t really been told anything he’s just been feeling the game out & what’s best for him. It’s only been 1 eviction. He mentions everyone thinks there’s a guys thing & he said in the beginning he’s not doing that

Jon says a) because he thought there were strong players outside the big burly dudes b) he didn’t want a target on his back c) he wasn’t 100% of the people in the group, him/Hope had beef at 1st.He loves Hope now,his energy & he loves being around him

Jon says is Hope good at the game? Not really but he’s a good kid. Jon couldn’t join the guys if he wasn’t good with everybody. Santina says it’s always the ones you don’t get along with that you get the most along with. Jon says ya it’s the weirdest thing!

Jon mentions him/Hope have so much in common& are big goof balls.Hope is genuine & when his shell comes off, Hope is Hope. He loves that about Hope. Jon goes to get some tea & says he didn’t sleep well last night. Neither did Santina, she was hot last night so was Jon

Cams switch to Ty in the library looking at some books on the shelf. Santina comes in to play pool with him. She asks how he’s doing mentally other than game? He says he’s always great,how are you? San says she’s just trying to take a step back

Santina’s thinking of the best decision to do. She mentions Zach is 1 hard person to talk to,that’s all she knows. Ty asks if she’s feeling stressed?Santina says it’s more the pressure of the house. He asks if it’s cause the house doesn’t want what she wants? She says no

Santina says with everything happening,you know the energy is what she’s trying to navigate. She’s a very energy person that she could feel it. Ty understands that people look at Zach like a mastermind or whatever but he thinks Zach is just focused on the game

Ty says as for him, he tries to take in account people’s feelings & emotions too. They’re people at the end of the day & ya they’re playing a game but there’s people involved in the game so I feel like I’m perceived a little bit better than Zach is

Ty tells Santina he thinks in terms of game Zach has their best interest in mind &that’s his perspective. But he hears what she’s saying & you may feel differently esp you were HOH & he was the driving force behind that decision

Ty says personally he would rather play with somebody that can focus on game compared to somebody who’s so worried about how they’re feeling because that anxiety is going to rub off on people around you. If you can’t trust me,then I’m gonna second guess you

Ty says he can’t work with somebody like that. Santina asks do you think Rob’s anxious because of the relationship we all had in the beginning & you/Zach weren’t really talking to him? Ty claims he was talking to Rob but as soon as he started making comments about Zach

Ty didn’t want to get in the middle of Rob’s trust issues with Zach so he backed off of both. He told Zach to take care of the situation with you & figure out the JM situation because I care about the boys & in my eyes I look at you as 1 of the boys

Ty tells Santina no matter what happens, we got you. We’re like your wall. But as soon as Rob made that comment I stepped away from both. I let Rob do whatever he wants to do & take care of the JM situation.Ty has trust in both sides & he’s stuck in the middle

Ty says that’s where his issue is. Santina asks where he finds Jon within all of this? Ty says he loves Jonny but because he’s very impressionable he’s gonna go along with whoever he’s in a room with. He doesn’t have his own opinion

Ty explains if Rob goes to Jon & says he feels bad about someone then Jon will feel bad too. He doesn’t ever go to Jon & say he feels bad about someone because it’s gonna put things in his mind & he’s gonna think he should feel the same way then

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