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Recaps Digital Dailies Tuesday MARCH 21, 2023

Recaps Digital Dailies Tuesday MARCH 21, 2023

Ty says people might wonder if I feel anything? I feel a lot I express it in different ways. I don’t wear my emotions on my face so it’s hard to tell but this situation is tough for me too. I f$@k with Rob heavy, it was me/you/him at the start. Shit changed

Ty says things get brought up & you have to reevaluate, is this the game I need to play or not? I’m talking to him & I’m hearing things from other people that he’s saying about me. I’m cross referencing them because I wanna know the truth, I pulled Zach in there oesn’t like the broken telephone stuff. If someone is saying something about him stand infront of the person who said it so I can see who’s lying. Jon says but I know I thought we were all boys but like Zach seems to be playing like dirty, I’ll look you in the eyes

Jon tells Ty he knows if he goes next week, Ty’s smart & will do damage. Ty says trust me bro. Jon says there’s 2 people here I think deserve to win right now & you’re 1 of them. I’ll help you get there & if I’m in jury trust me bro

Ty appreciates that. Jon says keep playing the game but I don’t want you to get f$@ked.Ty told Rob he put him in a situation where he needs to reevaluate the entire playbook.He likes Renee& his immediate reaction to Rob was wanting to save him. But he needs to reevaluate

Ty told Rob he had to figure out how it would affect him if he did pull him off the block.Ty has been trying to build a relationship with Ren,he wants to keep together he said it the 1st week.He felt she wasn’t reciprocating that but he didn’t close the door on her

Ty says Renee is everywhere but he doesn’t want to write her off. She hasn’t been given an opportunity to actually play. She’s been fighting for her life since day1. Jon agrees respectfully. Ty needs to take that into account so it’s tough

Ty’s in a position does he risk the rest of his game by pulling someone off that’s created a target for this week & he’s fighting the rest of the house for the rest of his time here or does he do the easy decision? Jon asks how’s he feeling against the whole house?

They both say it’s tough. Jon has been feeling the last week that he’s lost Claudia. Ty tells him he hasn’t lost Claudia & that’s what this game does to you bro. Ty says he apologizes if he feels he’s pulled Claudia away from him. Jon says oh god no no

Jon leaves Ty/Claudia alone & he loves that fact. Ty says he likes it too because Claudia is some one he can confide in & relax with. Everyone else he has to be on guard it’s the game & figure out why this person wants me. With Claudia when we’re relaxing

Jon says exactly just don’t believe everything you hear esp if it comes from the same source. That’s all Jon is saying & he’s not trying to turn him on nobody play your game & do you thing. Ty was talking to Rob about hearing him & weighting out his options

Ty told Rob however this plays out his eye is on him(Zach)& he won’t get got. If he makes a mistake, he will be on it & he will f$@k this whole house up if he finds out Zach is doing some slimey stuff. Jon tells Ty that Zach told him people are gunning for Jon

Jon says you know why I’m like this with Hope? Because he’s got a pure f$@king heart. Ty knew they would get to that point & it took a rough patch to sort that out between Hope/Jon.Jon tells Ty to watch his ass because Zach knows he can manipulate things

Jon says he’s having a hard time with everything today & being lied to boldly & him knowing that it’s like wtf is this? Jon trusted Zach 1 time & now he’s getting threatened, he’s not doing that shit. If Jon goes next week then so be it. Ty says he’s not going anywhere

Jon tells Ty that Rob’s got his vote & that’s it he’s gonna stay true to it& he’s not gonna lie because he knows Rob is telling the truth. Things he’s said to Zach have gotten back to him& it’s the exact same f$@king place & he’s not stupid, he’s 33 & he’s built his life

Jon says he’s worked hard for it & he’s come from nothing & he’s had nothing.He’s been in a cot & he’s worked his ass off he knows when people are trying to f$@k him & take his shit. He can see Zach’s trying to manipulate him & pull strings. There’s no strings on him

Jon says he’ll go out the way he came in & that’s with his integrity in place man. Ty says these are feelings you need to channel. Don’t just start feeling things & shut down. Jon needs to figure out his next move & how he puts himself in a position that will help him

Jon feels like if he goes & does something Zach is just gonna go making lies up about him like he did to Rob. Jon can’t play that game to make lies up about someone,he won’t sleep. He will sleep better knowing he went down fighting for his boys. He’s not built like that

Jon says he would rather be in the front line fighting the fight not in the background manipulating. If that kicks him out of this game then so be it. Ty tells Jon to do what he’s gonna do that’s all he can say. Jon gets it but he’s just chatting as a boy with Ty

Jon tells Ty he feels comfortable with him just like Claudia does. Jon says him/Claudia are similar in a lot of ways & she’s his girl/sis so he’s just venting. Ty tells Jon to play the game he feels most comfortable & confident in. He knows Jon is a straight shooter

Ty tells Jon even if it’s not the right game decision but if you wanna play with your heart & that’s what’s gonna keep you happy then do that. Ty says don’t take decisions personally that people who play for the game do. He has to understand people will play differently

Ty tells Jon everyone is here for a different motive/purpose to drive them. Jon says that’s why he’s ready to go home if it comes to that. He understands platforms are cool but his life is home already. His house/people. This is just something for him to do

Ty tells Jon he made it here tho & he wants to see him go far. Jon says it’s nice to talk it out but he’s gotta get used to this feeling & hearing lies & stuff that makes him go wtf? Zach was telling him what to do. When Jon asked why? Zach said because he said so

Jon says Zach can’t strong arm him bro. Zach said he didn’t make the decisions but later in the convo tells Jon what to do. Jon says when you see someone you care about like Rob & his face that’s his bro. If it was Claudia/Ty/Hope he would be upset too

Ty agrees Hope is genuinely a good guy. Jon wants to keep his distance from Zach. Ty says Jon should make his presence felt here & not to let someone else make him feel smaller that he has to hide & to talk to who he wants to talk to. Ty tells him to make connections

Jon agrees & says he can see thru it bro he’s telling Ty.Jon appreciates Ty. Ty says he’s here for Jon & to keep his mind levelled bro.Jon says likewise & he tells him to take care of his sis too. Jon laughs Ty not to sleep in the same bed as her or they’ll have an issue

Ty laughs & says he’ll ask for his permission first & leaves ⭕️K. Cams switch to kitchen with Anika/Santina/Rob. Santina is making garlic bread. Anika is making salmon in the air fryer

Rob is in⭕️K with Jon now. They’re drinking some mojito cocktails.Jon asks how the tea?Rob thinks they’ve got Hope locked down.Jon thinks so too he did some work on him too. Vanessa told him she has Kuzie/Daniel but he doesn’t trust much. Rob says it’s gonna be a toss up

Jon is working on that & trying. Rob thinks because he knows he’s OTB & it’s inevitable he wants the numbers & he’s probably less anxious then he has been. Now he’s up he just has to talk to people go to work. Jon says he’s got 2 days make some noise

Rob says that’s why he’s not being annoying,he’s just being himself & he’s not worried. He’s not the ‘paranoid drama guy’ that he’s suppose to be.God forbid some paranoia in a house that wants to kick you out of it. Jon says that’s BS

Jon reads the can “the ones who never shy away from being themselves, what you see is what you get always”he loves that actually. Rob would love to practice his speech with Jon. He’s not good at public speaking he gets nervous & Jon can help him tweak it

Jon mentions he helped Renee last week. Rob asks if Renee has tried to campaign to him? Jon says ya I pretty much told her where his vote is going & she completely respected that. Rob asks if she’s moving around campaigning to people? Jon says not that he knows of

Renee had asked Jon before if Rob went up as a possibility what is he gonna do? Rob says Jon warned him about that before it was even a thing, they knew it was being talked about. Jon says it was going around& they’re underestimating the sneakiness of Zach

Ty basically told Jon that it wasn’t people wanting Rob it was Zach. Rob surprised Jon spoke to Ty about it? Jon says Ty brought it up while they were talking man to man. Ty told him Rob’s still his guy & he loves him. Rob asks how Ty views him right now?

Jon says Ty never really let him in on that but he said game wise you gotta think game not emotions. Jon doesn’t know why everyone’s taking Zach’s word like it’s word from God. He’s literally the 1st point of contact on every lie. Rob says 💯%

Rob says isnt Zach’s worried about his integrity & being called toxic out of here? Jon doesn’t think Zach cares & he’s the type of person he doesn’t care about lies. Rob says it rubs him the wrong way. Jon says oh buddy don’t even! It’s that grin, like you f$@king

Rob says absolutely & he’s gotta get to the jury bro. He says cause then it’ll be like this but with booze it’s even better! Jon laughs & says right? Rob says imagine us in the jury house? J know you miss your fam. Jon says it would be sick. Rob says there’s a yard

Jon says man we gotta keep you off that block. Rob thinks this has been the plan since the moment he got that facial with Santina or before that. Santina told him that Zach had a convo about Rob with her. Jon makes fun of Zach’s penguin struct. Rob says he took a chance

Rob says Dan got emotional & wanted to save Shay’s ass & Rob took the shit out of the stick. Rob says he’s been thru mud before bro he’ll keep trekking thru it. Jon tells him to keep trekking. He hopes the season is entertaining so far cause it’s entertaining in there

Rob hopes people see thru all the BS out there. Jon says they’ve got it & wonders how long it takes for someone to catch on? Rob says even for the viewers. Jon hopes they all know depends on how episodes go & this guy is trouble. Rob asks Canada to save him

Rob wants Canadas HOH so he can do some shit. At least give his boy big Jon over here so they can get there & make some noise. Jon says 2 days of hard campaigning. If you can get the numbers? That power swings. Everyone knows powers gonna swing

Rob says then we just take out all the people that wanna play bully ball. Cams switch to Zach/Daniel in🟪room. Zach advising Daniel to pull Jon in for a game chat even if it doesn’t help Zach at least it’s someone Daniel can trust

Zach tells Daniel that whoever gives him info he shares it with Daniel so they can make a move that benefits them. Daniel tells Zach he’s going to just be relaxed. Zach doesn’t want to be the target in the house & he’s trying to move away & chill

Zach says only Daniel/Kuzie call him out & make it into a thing.Daniel says it’s just me/Kuzie, do you think I’m putting a target on you?We all notice it. Zach says no I guess.Daniel only does it infront of good friends not like Claudia. Zach doesn’t think they notice it

Zach thinks this because they don’t know him as well. Daniel tells Zach they do notice it. Kuzie pointed it out to you when you first walked in. Zach says ok fair but the Vanessa thing f$@king him up not gonna lie. He feels she’s gonna just self evict

Zach thinks Vanessa will keep Rob in the game & make things work. Daniel feels every time he opens his mouth Zach gets more scared. Why would he keep Rob in the game? Zach says because of what happened & Rob has been paranoid for nothing

Zach doesn’t even know wtf is going on with Rob. At this point it’s either Vanessa goes or Rob goes because they’ve both created so much f$@king stress. But Vanessa can’t really do anything. She won’t be able to rally a group. But Rob has already been going to the girls

Zach says Rob has been telling the girls he doesn’t trust these guys&the girls have been telling the guys these things.Daniel says Rob has tried talking to him.Zach says this is my point&it’s like people don’t seem to realize,they think it’s funny you/me playing together

Zach is genuinely trying to play with Daniel tho. Rob thinks he can go to anybody at any point & ask what they think of this now but you’ve already developed a relationship. For example Renee is really close to Hope so when he goes to her about the guys, she tells Hope

Zach says Rob caused it himself & created a big smoke of drama by continuously creating it.Then that big blow up,Daniel told Zach can’t rebuild with Rob but he can with Jon.Zach agreed that’s true. It wasn’t Zach’s decision anyways but Dan obviously saw what was going on

Zach says Dan wasn’t going to put Vanessa up. Daniel says Rob& whoever else he can get are gonna fight to flip that vote I’m just gonna tell you that right now.Zach says here’s what Daniel has to do for him,find out who he’s working with to flip it ok? Find out

Zach says there’s 1 name in particular but he won’t tell him cause it’ll get in his head. Daniel says Santina I’m not an idiot. Zach laughs & says fair enough, do you think she’s going to?Daniel says she might, I’m supposed to talk to her too but I haven’t yet

Zach says Santina wants to talk? That’ll be an interesting convo. Daniel says ya but I didn’t know how to approach talking to her so we haven’t game in forever she was one of the ones I said I would trust till the end of the game. Zach says but she never talks game

Daniel says that his point when she was HOH he told her he trusted her a a person & they’ve connected on a deeper level. Zach is working with Santina&trusts her but the Rob situation— Daniel says after the handcuff night they’ve never spoken game since

Zach asks who initiated having a game talk? Daniel says Santina yesterday & she wants to see if they can get more allied. Zach says cool if she’s planning to flip the vote then it’s not good but if not then that’s great. Zach doesn’t know wtf to do anymore

Zach tells Daniel he’s following his lead & for him to tell him what he’s gotta do. Daniel mentions the rest of the HGs are doing a prayer downstairs & they both leave🟪 & go down to the living room

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