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Recaps Digital Dailies Saturday MARCH 18, 2023

Recaps Digital Dailies Saturday MARCH 18, 2023

Rob tells Hope that Dan is a frickin beast of an athlete man & holy shit he didn’t expect him to be that good. Hope says he trained so hard but that type of endurance is different, that type of stamina is different. Rob wanted to quit so bad

Rob averaged 40 points per min. Hope says that’s crazy bro. Every 3 trips for Hope was 1 trip for Rob. Hope calls himself an idiot & wishes someone told him to go for the 30s. Rob says even Daniel was sinking balls in the 30s. At 1st Rob was following Ty doing the 20s

Rob says if he started with the 30s he would’ve won. Hope only started doing the 30s too late & was discouraged. Hope was 5th & Daniel was 6th right behind him. Hope was mad because he’s supposed to be this athlete & he felt like a joke

Hope says no diss to Daniel but Rob says he’s not training like you are. Hope says I’m supposed to be this guy who put himself thru hell to get here. Rob says same.Hope says he felt down & he didn’t use his head. Rob says during a break he told Jon that 30s are the spot

Hope wishes Rob told him that 30s were the spot.Jon missed the 30 once &got discouraged & went back to the 20s. Hope knows he should’ve stuck to the 30s. Rob told himself not to talk about yesterdays game &yesterday was the time to sulk& be salty but we gotta keep moving

Rob tells Hope to at least go for the POV & to out with a bang. Even if he doesn’t use it on himself, he can use it on someone else if he’s out. Rob says this is your game. No harm no foul. Hope is not happy here & losing his mind. Rob says of course not

Hope doesn’t know how these guys do it. Rob says he just does this day by day & tries to do his routine & then the day ends & he does it all over again. He’s so used to his work everyday outside of here being a grind, you know what I mean?

Rob gets up everyday does his PT clients, goes to sleep & does it all over again. Hope says he knows but he’s got something at home waiting for him(his gf I’m guessing?)Rob knows & says that’s more important than this. Hope thinks about not getting this opportunity again

Rob thinks Hope will get another one. He says knowing his age, his personality, how he looks, he will, are you kidding me? You’ll be on the next show in a heartbeat. Cams switch to Kuzie/Santina in the kitchen talking about how they’re feeling

Santina hasn’t had a chance to talk to Dan so she doesn’t want to over rush him. She’ll know how she feels after she speaks to him. Jon comes in to blow his nose. Kuzie asks if he’s asked for anything for it? Jon says ya BB is gonna get back to him

Cams switch to Shay/Claudia in the bathroom. Claudia says he has to love you right & laughs. Shay says URGH it’s pathetic is what it is!! I don’t know what I need to do but I need to do something! Shay is wearing a Dump Him shirt & needs to embody the shirt

Shay starts telling herself positive affirmations in the mirror that she’s lovable,funny, has good eyebrows & she doesn’t have any eyelashes but that’s fine. Claudia says very lovable person it makes no sense, it doesn’t

Kuzie comes in & wants to use the bathroom. But Shay tells her there’s no 🧻 & Kuzie wonders if anyone asked for more? Shay says no. She wants to go to HOH. Shay mentions it was locked but to check again maybe it’s not anymore

Shay doesn’t feel like Dan has talked to anyone yet, she guesses he can’t (I guess because HOH is locked) Claudia agrees he’s waiting for his room & his Wendy’s date. Claudia thinks Zach is gonna have a big influence potentially. Shay agrees

Claudia doesn’t know what that means if Zach has an influence. Kuzie comes back & asks how they’re doing & they’re surprised noms are today. Kuzie says sometimes the rushed ones are fun to watch because if they have more time to think they would put someone else up

Cams switch to Renee/Santina in 🦩 room. Renee says Shay is gonna talk to Dan 1st& then her to seal the deal & see what we can do. If they’re dropping similar seeds to keep the attention away from the girls. It would be so f@$kin stupid the girls aren’t even comp threats

Renee thinks the boys will rope in Dan & then cut him next week because he’s too much of a threat. Renee says Dan can go toe to toe with Ty/Hope/Jon/Rob & beat them?? Santina says he’s a beast. Renee agrees & wonders how long realistically they would keep Dan around

Renee wants to just collect info & she says he better not be putting her up because honey she can’t play POV right now. She’s not in the same to do it. Santina thinks the guys have a lot of tension going on between them right now. Renee says you think?

Renee says maybe let’s let that ride out then. Santina says she does think so. Cams switch to Claudia/Ty laying together in the red couch nook. Ty being cryptic as always (he’s really annoying IMO LOL)

Ty asking Claudia if she would have the votes to stay? She says it depends on who she’s sitting with if she’s in that position. Ty tells her she needs to be studying if there’s trivia or something he needs her to pull thru on that. She says ya I know

Claudia says it’s hard to know what to study tho. She counted the books in the library, she keeps getting interrupted & it was a different number each time. Ty got a different number too. They wonder how many books are in the nook

Claudia asks Ty who he thinks Zach would put up if he was HOH because obviously he’s close to him? Ty tells her it wouldn’t be you. He doesn’t have any idea & can’t stay but she would be fine for sure. She says so stressful. Ty says just gotta make it thru this week

Hope laughs & says facts. Renee says you know? I just wish I haven’t wanted to start kicking butt in these comps is so that she can help him when he’s in a tough pickles too. She says most of the work is done in here. She will do everything she can for him

Hope says Renee has shown her loyalty since Day 2 probably Day 1. Renee says she’s a good gal to have around & she fights til the end, she might suck sometimes but she’ll fight. Hope looks at her bruises on her arms. She says she’ll go full black/blue for him

She says these bruises are just for her. Hope laughs. Renee’s advice to Hope is to keep his personal shit in line & how he composes himself here. Hope says I’m just an emotional guy. Renee says no it’s ok that you are, she’s not knocking him for being emotional #BBCAN

Renee says when Hope does stuff out there to piss people off that puts Renee in a tough position because she then has to really stick her neck out & it looks too obvious. Hope apologizes & says it’s just hard you know? Renee says it’s ok, it is hard, it’s extremely hard

Renee tells Hope he’s preaching to the choir but he’s gotta keep it in line because the second you step out of it you make it more difficult for me & that’s when we’re gonna get in a pickle. She says it is hard & it’s supposed to be hard. This shit is not easy

Hope says no it’s not. Renee says it’s not but I believe that you can handle yourself ok? But you have to believe that you can handle yourself. She says can’t be doing dumb shit sometimes & I’m just giving it to you straight ok?

Renee tells Hope when he acts like a dumb dumb out there it puts you in a rough spot ok? Ty/Kuzie come in. Kuzie says she’s coming to do the lords work. They both leave to go to the nook so she can walk on his back which hurts from the comp

Kuzie asks what happened to his back? Ty says he was supposed to stop for water but Zach took it so he tried to do another lap but it threw off his stride & he clipped the stairs & had to catch himself so he tweaked it.He asks if she spoke to Dan yet?She says no, not yet

Kuzie says does anyone even have time to talk to Dan? Thats what Ty’s saying too &feels this is how they’re gonna shake up the house so Dan doesn’t have time to think. Kuzie agrees & asks what he thinks Dan is gonna do tho?He doesn’t know but he hopes Zach does his magic

Ty feels if Dan listens to Zach they’ll be good. Zach told Dan that his comment scared him a little bit & apparently Dan didn’t mean it like that, he thought he would have to play the game to stay alive & he didn’t know if he would be able to trust anybody but who knows?

Ty says maybe Dan is a backstabber, whatever we’ll see. He asks if she’s studying? Kuzie says oh yah, everyday. Ty thinks the next comp might be trivia or something. Ty is breathing deeply while Kuzie steps on his back. Vanessa in the background leading some kinda yoga

Anika joins them in the nook. They’re talking about how 1 wrong move from Dan could screw up his game.Ty thinks that’s why Dan’s gonna talk to Zach because he’s a very social player & has a lot of info to give him.He says it’s on Zach to make the right call. Anika agrees

Anika says the problem is some people get power & they just don’t know how to use it to their advantage. Ty is telling everybody to study & the last 3 comps have been physical so it’s about time it would be trivia or something so make sure you know your stuff

Ty says it’s about time the more mental stuff should be coming up. Anika/Kuzie agree. Anika just doesn’t want to be the 1st/2nd in jury, she doesn’t want to waste her time. She would rather go to her real life than the jury house. Ty laughs & Kuzie says really?

Cams switch to Santina/Rob in the bathroom. Rob just finished showering. Renee comes in trying to do laundry. Santina tells her there’s no soap for it. Claudia comes out of the bathroom & Rob says OMG ew that stinks jokingly. Claud says she doesn’t shame him

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