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Recaps Digital Dailies today MARCH 13, 2023

Santina/Anika/Kuzie working out. Santina tells them to squeeze those cheeks.Anika says pain is good tho, it means growth. She asks Santina what’s in her shake? Santina doesn’t know Rob made it for her. Anika remembers she can’t have it anyways (havenot)

Santina calls herself a lazy person that works out & doesn’t finish any reps.Cams switch to JM/Dan talking about how they’ll probably have a hockey challenge because it’s a Canadian http://sport.JM

asks why couldn’t the Canadian sport be volleyball?cross country?

Dan says omg if it was running he would be loving life,he could run all day. JM says talks about the boat F3 challenge from S2 & how Sabrina was keeping up with Pardy & how he thought she was gonna win. He thinks if she won she would’ve taken out Pardy out

JM says Sabrina would’ve had a good piece to add to her resume but then Neda would’ve won. He describes the hockey comp from S1 & how Suzette took herself out. He says poor Suzette & she had a questionable week 1. Dan agrees it was a lot of pressure & heat of the moment

JM compliments Jon’s bicep being as big as his head. Jon is in the kitchen. JM says he’s needs to start eating more fish.Dan asks Jon if he eats a lot of fish or more meat? Jon says he eats some fish but a lot of meat.Jon loves red meat. Dan asks what’s his fav red meat?

Jon says burger, love a burger. Dan also loves a burger.Jon says give him a burger any day of the week & you’ll get the best version of him. Dan says he’ll remember that. JM has been thinking of lobster rolls ever since Claudia mentioned it 2 days ago

Jon says if he ever gets HOH & Wendys, you’re gonna see a happy. Dan asks what’s his fav toppings? Jon says he can’t eat cheese anymore but veggies lettuce,tomato,mayo,ketchup,pickles. Burger & fries you just can’t beat that. They agree it needs pickles

JM says if they have ground red meat then they should make burger bowls,Liam(Jon’s son) fav. Dan asks what that is? Jon explains it’s like McDonald’s Big Mac but in a bowl of rice&makes your own sauce. Dan describes an In&Out burger sauce his friend makes

Now talk changes to chicken fingers&fries. Jon’s wife could live off of them.Jon asks if they’ve ever made their own chicken fingers&fries? JM is sarcastically saying absolutely, I have a fam recipe. They laugh. Jon describes how he used the air fryer to make them

JM/Dan/Shay leave to go outside to use the hottub. Claudia comes into the kitchen &Jon whispers to her Ty wants to have a chat later? He says they wanna keep her(no idea if it’s Anika or Renee)here. Claudia said that to Ty too&he told her he cares what she wants too

Jon reassures Claudia that Ty does care& he’s smart dude. Claudia says genuinely she’s with you guys but she doesn’t think week 1 she can say I evict Renee, like straight up. Jon says fair enough. Claudia says she’s being transparent, if that is what the plan is

Claudia says she’s not going to say she’s going with that TBH. Jon says he gets it&he respects that. She says if that’s what Zach’s pushing for then he needs to come to the realization that he doesn’t have….Jon says Zach’s playing Zach’s game, he sees thru it

Jon tells Claudia he thinks they’re both with the same mindset. Claudia thinks if Jon says that too. Jon says ya both of us,that’s where he’s at. Claudia says like I don’t want to go against him. Jon says no no. Claudia says it’s early, Renee/Shay are my girls too

Claudia says not gamewise but I don’t want to see them leave just yet. Jon says see where that goes for the future & build that. I’m gonna do my best to keep Renee&thinks she’s a number,a loyal 1.Claudia thinks they can use them til we don’t need them which sounds so bad

Ty says the fact that Vanessa said that about Hope after making us feel like we’re her sonmances. Zach tells Ty they’ve gotta tell Santina to bring in people individually & make them feel part of this. Ty told San if she does JM that keeps everyone happy

Ty told Santina they can target Rob/Dan next week, if they send Dan home & it’s unanimous that’ll break up the image of “the boys”&takes pressure off of us. Zach agrees. Ty says we need that. Zach says he has no one left, Shay is with us now. Ty says I know

Zach wants to have a team meeting with Jon/Ty/him to figure out who they don’t feel comfortable with & then they can attach themselves to that person. Zach says I don’t think there’s anybody that me/u/Jon don’t have connections with. Ty says I’m good with everybody

Zach says same. Ty says he just knows Dan felt uncomfortable with POV. But once I pull Anika off &tell him Dan you’re not going home I promise you that. Once he sees he’s still in the house he’ll feel

Zach tells Ty to tell Renee that they needed to pull this move off with JM & he knows they were close & he didn’t want to put her in an uncomfortable position& it gives you more opportunity in the game with her. Ty told Santina that Zach &her need to talk

Zach says he fully trusts Santina but he can’t sit there & be fake talking game. Ty is glad he told Zach at the end of the day it’s better it cracked now than later. Zach agrees & he’ll be cool with them because he knows he’s got his boys behind him

Ty asks if it’s a good plan because Dan is a competitor,so he could be a good fall guy for us to make that move? Zach asks to talk about it more later but he loves it. Zach/Ty go into the BY& Zach walks over to Santina smiling who’s still on the bike. Ty goes upstairs

Vanessa joins Ty in the bedroom & asks how the tub was? He says really good you should get out there. Vanessa says she’s going right now. He says it’s cold enough outside for a contrast but not too cold that you’re hurting. He asks if she vacuumed in the room?

Vanessa says yes. Ty thanks her for that & he’s gonna help out whenever he sees something. He’s looking for a towel& his clothes.Kuz comes up the stairs &says she actually can’t walk. Cams switch to Rob/Santina while she’s on the bike saying she’s never done a spin class

Rob tells her to strap in her feet to the bike.San says she doesn’t follow the rules only if the big man unless BB the big man tells her.She asks him what he ate?He says 3 boiled eggs &he should have something else. He notices she hasn’t finished the smoothie he made

San says she will it was a big 1! He tells her he used to work 11pm-7am as a smoothie guy at the gym&he would sleep in the hot yoga room while the cleaners washed the desk. He used to workout too when nobody was coming at 3-4am.She says nice. He says overnight work sucks

Rob says he’s worked a lot of jobs & so has San. He worked at a firework shop that paid him to sleep in the store. She says that’s the best! He says not really, sleeping in a trailer in a parking lot is kinda sketchy. San would so live in a trailer travelling

Santina says when she wins, she’s buying a van &re-doing it &travelling. Rob says we’re road tripping, I thought that was the plan. San says she’s taking all his plants. He says do it, we’ll take your dog&cat. Rob says we need a big van for all the food you’re eating

They laugh that Santina likes to eat more than Rob does. She’s a snacker & likes to sleep,Canada knows! I’ve been sleeping in. Rob says he knows he’s the 1 waking her up in the morning. San says she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her,she thinks mentally she’s just tired

Rob agrees she had a lot on her plate this week. San says this is the most talking I’ve ever done in her 29 years. He says her whole life? She says ya. Jon/Zach walk to the gym area talking about MJ/Kobe/Lebron/Iverson. Cans switch to Ty/Renee in the pink room

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