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Recaps Digital Dailies today MARCH 14, 2023

Recaps Digital Dailies today MARCH 14, 2023

Jon tells Ty someone is in Dan’s ear. Ty says has to be.Jon says JM? Ty says probably&he spoke to Dan & told him he’s got him&he’s gonna follow thru on his word.Jon tells him a couple people asked him about the POV& he told them he has no idea.Ty says to keep it that way

Jon says he played stupid. Ty tells him he knows he’s smart,they both have big hearts but they’re smart. Ty says people come to them because they don’t think they’re strategic&a normal guy. Obviously a physical threat but people are gonna underestimate how you think

Jon says exactly. Ty says don’t let it eat you alive&don’t let your heart overpower your brain,this is a game bro. Ty tells him focus on the next play like in basketball if you miss a layup. Dan was beating Ty at halftime but he didn’t care he was gonna beat him

Ty asks Jon how he’s feeling about the Rob/Zach situation?Jon says he feels they’re good now.Ty doesn’t think they’re good.Jon tells him neither Zach/Rob have brought each other up to him so he hasn’t heard anything.Ty reminds Jon Rob brought up pulling San closer to him

Ty tells Jon there certain things he’s seeing himself with Rob that aren’t sitting right with him. Maybe he’s overthinking things&hes trying to push thru. Jon tells him Rob mentioned he’s transparent with him/Ty so he did say your name I will say that

Ty sees Claud/Jon as a package &he wants him to have that.Ty has Kuzie.He sees that Zach/San are each others rocks&he doesn’t like that Rob wants to get inbetween them&get closer to San.Esp since San is a strong female competitor.Then he sees Ty is getting close to Claud

Ty says now Rob is trying to get close to Claud too?It’s like come on bro you’re stepping on too many toes.Jon says I gotcha.Ty says that’s where his head is at &he doesn’t want to make any snap reactions.He’s observing it&thinking how this will effect us in the long run

Jon is glad they had this chat because he helps him clear his head& being transparent. Ty says ya 💯% straight up bro I’m telling you how I feel about 1 of our guys&hes hoping it can fix itself. But if not he’s gotta think about the game&someones gotta go

Jon tells him he’s gonna ride with the guys & Ty says he’ll never have to question him bro.This is why he feels comfortable telling Jon this&he feels bad talking about Rob but that’s where his head is at. Jon says exactly how he also mentioned his feelings about Zach

Ty reassures Jon saying Zach is very cautious with Hope because he knows how unpredictable he is.1 day Hope’s energy is thru the roof &the other it isn’t,u just never know what you’ll get with him.Jon agrees.They talk about the POV comp & laugh about Jon cheering him on

Vanessa joins them after coming out of the HT. They’re talking about sending messages to their families&giving them energy whether they see it or not.

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