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Digital Dailies Highlights (03/17/23) (1)

Digital Dailies Highlights (03/17/23) (1)

Everyone Fears The Uncertainty Of The New Head of Household

The Digital Dailies start with Shanaya and Claudia discussing Dan becoming the new HOH. Neither of them feel comfortable with him in power. They also talk about how upset the men were about not winning this Head of Household, some even broke down because of it. From other conversations, Kuzie apparently is the woman that performed the best during the HOH competition, but, as expected, it was a competition more geared toward the men.

The top five finishers (in this order) were: Dan, Rob, Ty, Jonathan, and Hope. All the top five finishers got over 1,000 points but Dan was the only one to score over 2,000 points. He won by a lot apparently.

Rob talks to Jonathan about why he was upset. He really wanted to win HOH but also feels like this competition was made for him. He also didn’t like showing his physical competition prowess without an actual win.

Most of the Digital Dailies conversations are about fears about Dan’s target and nominees, especially from Anika, Daniel, and Kuzie. The most that they can hope is that Dan takes a shot at Santina because she nominated him last week, or that he takes out another physical threat.

However, Anika notes that Santina has now begun flirting with Dan. Anika lists herself, Santina, Kuzie, Hope, Rob, and Ty as the players most likely to be Dan’s targets or nominees. She also mentions that Dan has a crush on Shanaya — which Zach says as well on Thursday’s Digital Dailies.

Anika believes that maybe he could go after Rob as a romantic rival. One thing most players believe is that this will be another Zach Head of Household. They believe that Dan will go after whoever Zach wants him to go after because Zach will be able to influence him the same way he did with Santina’s HOH nominations and targets.

And I believe the same but let’s hope that Dan surprises us all. Clearly, we know that Zach and Ty want Rob gone, so they may use this week to try to make it happen, likely via another backdoor.

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