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Recaps Digital Dailies Wednesday MARCH 22, 2023

Recaps Digital Dailies Wednesday MARCH 22, 2023

Not so much Drama in today's drop mostly wholesome moments, Dynamics have totally changed with the floaters now taking control appears that Zach knows he fucked up his game and is trying to be more chilled, Kuzie is a cert for winning Canada's Favorite Player.

Dan - I talked with Vanessa and she said as of right now she's cool with voting how I want, to evict Rob. She said she'll let me know if she changes her mind, and there's a possibility because she doesn't trust you.

Dan - She Vanessa doesn't see Renee as an asset to her, while Rob could. That's what it came down to. She said if I'm able to show her where Renee can provide value, she'll be more confident in voting that way. I don't think we need her vote, but it wouldn't hurt.

Zach - I spoke with her (Vanessa) today to put things into a decent spot and she was like 'yeah, I'm not playing the game anymore. I just wanna compete in the comps, that's what Jon and I agreed on.' Dan - They don't give a fuck anymore.

Zach - say's he walked into a room and thought everyone was talking about him, and thing's felt awkward .who's Paranoid now?

Kuzi - say's to Zach all day she's heard kackling and she's turning into a nut

Zach - say's he's been trying to find common ground with Santina but it's Hard

Dan - tell's Zach Vanessa is onboard to vote out Rob but may change depending because she does not trust Zach - DAN ask's Zach does he think he will be the TARGET next week

Anika - Rob was never a leader. The leading people were definitely Santina and Zach. Dan C There's leading people but there's other alliances, which is why Jon is so mad in the first place, because they had a guys' alliance.

Dan C I think he Zach will put her up (Santina)... You guys are the ones keeping me in check, making sure I'm not being played by this man. I'm really getting that he got scared after all that, and is now putting his trust in us.

Kuzie He Zach doesn't want to make his own moves. Dan C - He wants us to do it. Kuzie - The same way he made Dan and Santina do it.

Anika Santina told me she's working with Ty and Zach. I told her 'If you want me to trust and work with you, you need to give me info.'

Dan C - That's what she's trying to do with me... She doesn't tell me anything.

Kuzie - very emotional. When Rob walked in yesterday, she shouted at him 'keep my name out your mouth.' The same way she attacked Vanessa. 'Keep my name out your campaign. You're ruining my game. I'm like, isn't this the person you're trying to save?

Renee hope's she doesn't have to do another week on the block

Zach - tells Kuzie is playing the best game, Kuzie teaches Zach how to line dance

Hope - tell's us what Daniel does every morning, and Rob is looking for love

Zach - demonstrates his Country Dancing skills to Kuzie. Kuzie then teaches him how to Line Dance.

Santina - Rob in Pool Room, in an ongoing conversation. Santina: Now Canada knows what you're looking for. ... Rob: ... He wants to find love. Santina giggling. Conversation continues with Rob talking about his life thus far.

Renee, Jon, Rob, Van, and Shanaya chatting/kidding in BY about Rob's actual job. They talk about what their intro videos should be