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Summary Big Brother Canada Monday March 7!

HG's are waking up early today. Veto ceremony is today. Jess asks Marty if he's putting up who they talked about last night. Marty says that he's not allowed to talk about it. It's the person who is a bigger threat. Only 3 ppl know & asks Jess not to say anything

Marty, Kyle, & Gino are talking about trust. Marty doesn't trust Moose and wants to swap out Moose for Hermon. Summer & Tynesha are in the middle Marty tells them how smart Jess is & good at the game. He thinks he gained a little trust not putting her up this week. Marty-If Moose switches to the other side. Kyle-He's a power swapper, he goes to whoever has power Marty-But, why would you want to play with those ppl? Moose comes in and Kyle tells him they are studying days. Who won what on what day. They start studying

Moose, Gino, Marty, & Kyle are discussing what a threat Jay is. Jay almost won the last comp. Kyle gives a very unfiltered opinion..He absolutely fucking hates the Jay show.

Betty tells JL she understands why Marty put her up, it was a game move. JL knows it's best for her game to keep Betty - but she'll still need Betty to make some assurances - will she be safe next week if Betty wins HOH? She will - she has Kyle/Marty/Gino in her sights. Betty knows Kyle knew, but played like he didn't - fuck that, stay away from me. Steph and Kyle walk by... JL: well that's interesting. She tells Betty that she's not 100 with Steph. Sometimes the vibe is off their. Betty agrees - they've only known each other 8 days. JL tells Betty she's voting to keep her - will tell Jay she isn't making a decision until the night before. Betty notes that Jay already thinks JL is voting for them - JL mentions that Summer told her Jay was talking shit about JL as well. Lots of name dropping from Jay. Summer telling T that Betty knew 10 days ago that Jay was targeting Summer - she's not thrilled about it. She's pissed at Jay. She's ready to tell everyone everything Jay has said to make sure they go home. Summer is still down with Man Down, but worries after what just happened with Betty. T assures her that Betty is now well aware about the guys being together. T thinks B has a vendetta against Marty now - B plays personal. Summer low key wants to tell Betty to stop thinking she's such a big target.. Summer: girl, you fall down first in every comp. Summer and T want to keep playing with Kevin, but Summer wants him to knock it off with the worthless stuff. T agrees, eventually it's going to get old. Summer thinks her and T are in a good position in the house. T isn't an idiot, she knows her name comes up. Kevin has told Summer that he knows she and T are working together, and she's fine with that - as long as he's not telling other people.

Moose, Gino, Marty, & Kyle are discussing what a threat Jay is. Jay almost won the last comp. Kyle gives a very unfiltered opinion..He absolutely fucking hates the Jay show.

Marty is practicing veto speech. Using Jess's name as the replacement nom as they chat in the kitchen. Jess says, "that's not funny!" Marty says he's joking, of course, but, there's been a couple of times where that made him question Jess. Marty just said,"Ha ha ha..Blindside

Moose, Gino, Kyle, & other HG's are slowly filtering into the kitchen for breakfast with Marty & Jess. They're talking about the rain. Jess could hear it in bed. Jay hates the rain.

Marty-If Moose switches to the other side. Kyle-He's a power swapper, he goes to whoever has power Marty-But, why would you want to play with those ppl? Moose comes in and Kyle tells him they are studying days. Who won what on what day.

Josh, Haleena & JL are waking up. JL asks them if the thought about what they're wearing on "Live Night," she refuses to call it "eviction night"

Moose & Betty said it’s great that people make pitches telling why it’s best for someone to keep them, but Big Brother isn’t an individual game sometimes you have to do what the house wants or you’re the odd one out. Moose tells Betty his words mean nothing until they’re proven. Moose tells Betty that he’s tired of being told what to do by Jess, said that Jess is not his mom… He then calls Betty Beth… Betty said he better not call her that again

Moose thinks Betty’s strategy is to throw comps so people don’t perceive her as a threat… Moose says she can try to pull a fast one, but not on him.

Moose relaying convo with Betty to Gino said she tried to pry him for information, says he tries to make Betty feel like she has power Moose said he tries to convince Betty he’s dumb and wrapped around finger.

JL asks Moose what week they’re going to wake up and scream Gino, JL and Moose begin screaming in unison. Gino, JL & Moose invite Kyle to scream with them, they all start screaming in unison

JL called to Diary Room, said she finally is DR ready for once, seems excited

Betty/Jessica think jury might be brutal. Jessica says she thinks some ppl in the house are very comfortable. Betty agrees. They say no one should feel like that. Betty says she probably would have voted to keep Jay. Betty will do anything to get Kevin out. She thinks he’s shady. Jessica is shocked Kevin didn’t go up. Jessica says she’d go for someone in the boys group. Betty says she has to be careful with that move. Betty says Kevin took her niceness for granted. Jessica says she thinks Marty thought he could control Kevin. Jessica says she thinks Marty was scared of the number of ppl who could have voted to keep Jay. Jessica trying to calm Betty down a bit about Kevin. Jessica saying that Marty counted votes in front of them showing who he has deals/alliances with. Betty asks if calling Kevin out would ruin her game. Jessica says yes. Betty asks Gino if he’s voting to keep her. He tells her yes & says it’s clear who the target is and who should be going home. Betty says she’s heard chatter. Gino asks if it’s been a lot, Betty says yes.

Betty/Jessica join Summer/Josh in Expedia as they study together.

Jacey spilling to Stephanie about her convo with Betty like we thought she would. Meanwhile, Jessica says they can’t study b/c Betty’s in a mood? Jacey, says Betty doesn’t want to kiss ass. Stephanie is bothered. Stephanie/Jacey mention someone being in the middle. Jacey says Jay told Summer/Tynesha that they were coming after them. Stephanie is shook. Stephanie says if they are defusing for the boys then the boys need to do the same for them. They want one of the boys to win next week.

Stephanie is trying not to be pissed. She hates talking to ppl and pretending. Summer confronted Jacey about why she was coming for her/Tynesha. Stephanie wants to talk to Betty, is planning to keep her, but doesn’t want to if Betty is after against her.

Betty tells Tynesha that she wanted to fuck with Gino so she told him that she's not sure that the votes are the way Marty thinks they are. "He had the look of fear in his eyes! You should've seen him!"

Betty-3 times this week he told me to kickmyfeetup!!!!! But, it's fine everyone is here to get that bag, & we came in alone. NOBODY at home it going to understand. Betty is talking to herself.. It's wild... Nothing to see here. I do need to... silence.. my target is Kevin, I should say that. You're a liar, and I'm (?) coming for the boys alliance... what if I get a power? I hope, I hope.

Josh tells Betty that you have to be careful when telling people you don't like someone else, in 4 weeks that person could be in power and you're going up. Betty points out that she told Kevin he's a bad person. She probably shouldn't have, but she did.

T wants to know if Hermon is this funny IRL? Like are his friends always laughing? Because she is if they're in the same room with him. He doesn't think it happens as often as it did before... his friends are used to hearing it by now.

T tells Hermon that when Marty pulled H out of the bedroom last night , Betty immediately said that Hermon, Gino, Marty are working together and that they have to go after them. T made sure to play dumb and tell Betty she doesn't think so.

Summer joins T/Hermon... H notes that no one cares when the 3 of them are together - he could be with Gino for 30 mins, and them for 5 hours.. all anyone will whisper about is a boys thing.

Betty is alone, talking to and about the cameras - she thinks they're waiting to catch her in a volatile moment.

Kevin tells Josh that it'll be fun when Kevin wins HOH. Josh can't wait, and let's Kev know that he isn't on his radar - Kev tells Josh the same. Josh points out that he's always been fond of Kevin.

Summer tells Hermon about her Betty drama, who knowing what and when. Hermon tried his best to make Betty realize that she's safe and hopes she just chills going forward. Summer agrees, Betty can't get people cheesed while she's OTB.

Jay and Josh are chatting about the house and potentially being stuck with these people for another two months -Josh hates a lot of these people, but Summer told him he needs to surrender to the situation. He needs to work on that, he can feel himself acting all the time

Kyle comes in to show Josh, Jay and Summer his braids... they don't get the reaction they were hoping for. Summer: is this about your braids?

Kevin, Jay and Jess are talking how hard it is in the game - Jay loves the underdogs, and they've all been OTB in the past two weeks. Jess gets emotional that there was another non binary person in the house, and now they're potentially leaving.

Kevin points out that Jay has 2 days - are they going to turn up and try to stay? Jay isn't sure, what would they even say against Betty? Kev understands and offers that if they are going to do it, make sure they feel good about it before they start.

Kevin and Marty are going over putting Betty up - when it comes down to it, Moose saying that they have the votes without putting Betty up was a huge red flag.

Marty doesn't think it was cool that Betty got mad at Kevin today after the week Kevin had. Kevin's ok with it - he doesn't hate Betty, if anything it makes him wonder what's going on with her.

Betty tells Summer that she has to stay authentic to herself when she campaigns, which to her means massaging the relationships she already has. Going up to someone like Steph would be fake. Betty knows putting her up was a good game move - she respects it - but it sucks that it was at her expense.

Jess says people think there is a saboteur. Kevin asks if people think Jay is the saboteur. Jess says no people just think there is 1 in the house. Jay has divided the house in 2 groups. People they think will keep them & people who won't. Jess says no1 trusts them.

Tynesha say she was cleaning the BR & Jess came in. She told Jess she wanted 2 b alone, but Jess stayed & started folding towels. And then did it again when Tynesha was outside. Betty says it is okay to ask to be alone. Betty says Jess is growing on her in a weird way.

Haleena back from DR & tells T, Josh, & Betty that Gino & JL are cuddling. Hal says that Gino has his hand on JL's thigh. Josh says he feels that showmance has been coming. Hal says Ky called them out as a showmance as a joke. Hal thinks Steph is going for Hermon now.

Jess & Kevin talking about who is aligned. Jess says they both r @ the bottom of everything. Jess says Marty saying renom wld be Kev & then not being Kev is suspicious. Jay comes back, game talk ends. Jay says if they stay, wants Jess, Ky & Josh to solidify an alliance.

Jess asking Jay about convo with Kyle & if they think can come back from the earlier argument w/ Kyle. Jess says the editors can edit anything they want and can make anyone look a certain way. Jay says he has intel on people. Kev asks him to share it before leaving.

Marty is talking to Jess, Kevin and Jay about PTSD and some of his battles with it in the lounge. Haleena, Josh, T, Summer and Betty are talking in the Red BR. Josh says the HG's downstairs look like they are having a lot of fun. Talk turns to Josh's relationship

Kyle, Moose and Steph are in the phone room. They agree that it's so cool living this experience together. They all also agree that they believe all of the HG's will keep in touch after the season.

Kevin is telling Summer he tried to get in with Betty because Summer and T told him to "but I did the exact opposite". He says he talked to them yesterday and said something about her throwing comps. Apparently Jess didn't like that.

Summer tells Kevin that Betty will be campaigning tomorrow so she will have to talk to him. Kevin says Betty told him she doesn't want her vote. Summer is surprised and asks him if he's going to vote for her. Kevin says probably.

Hermon says that Kevin is about to crack and that he's pacing around downstairs. He said he asked Kevin to come and sit down. Hermon says he's not trying to make fun of him.

Kevin and Kyle talking. Kevin says he has the least deals in the house and the sad thing is the perception is he's the either worthless or a mastermind. Kevin says maybe there's a middle ground. Kyle says things change in the game and he has time. Kyle tells Kevin he doesn't want to see him as the perennial pawn, they were all chosen to be there for a reason. Kyle says he's not dismissing anyone in the house "I don't think your place in the house has been carved yet. I'll help you sharpen the axe". Kevin to DR

Jess asks Jay who they want to go after. They laugh and say Gino and Kyle. Someone walks into the room and convo changes.

Kyle, Moose, Gino and Marty are talking by the kitchen. Kyle says the HG's are telling him that the targets are Moose, himself and Marty. Kyle and Gino are going to go hard for HOH. He says they finish what they started and send Jay home this week.

Kyle and Marty talking in the SR. Kyle wants "him (?)" to go and tell JL that they heard that them and Steph had the chance they would cut Kyle and Marty first and if they ask who told them that they be truthful and tell them Moose said it. Kyle feels that if they put doubt in Steph and JL's minds about Moose he will go before them. He also thinks that Hermon wants to be on the head hunting side of the house so he can pick off people like Kyle and Marty and say at the end that he took out the biggest HG's

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