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Summary Big Brother Canada Thursday March 3nd! (1)

Summary Big Brother Canada Thursday March 3nd! (1)

10:19PM BBT- The BB Canada Season 10 Live Feeds are live! For information about how to watch the Live Feeds from the USA, please visit

10:25PM BBT- The feeds are finally online! With that, we’re starting to have a good sense of what the season is going to look like moving forward. The first order of business here, though, is getting the aforementioned question out of the way: Marty has won HoH! He’s got the power for the week and odds are, this will be an interesting next few days. He’s one of the older guys and on paper, he’s not going to be in the most stable spot. If feels already like some of the athletic bros are working together to some extent, while people like Jacey-Lynne and Stephanie may be included in here somewhat. Stephanie and Marty were the final two left in the competition and it sounds like she took a deal that ensured her safety for the time being. As HoH, Marty has the ability to gather information and make good decisions he just can’t let himself be snowed over here since moving forward, everyone is going to make him think that they’re pals with him. It’s a little too early to know what’s going to happen with the next nominations but for those who don’t know, but Marty and Gino are French speakers and had no problem chatting it up after the competition. Ultimately, we do think we’re set up for at least an interesting season moving forward; a lot of it will come down to who is there play bold, and who is there to hang out with their new friends. Some will get inevitably left in the dust.

10:33PM BBT- In the SR, Stephanie tells Marty he gets a surprise from the Wendy's counter. Marty has won HoH! The HG have yellow/green paint on them and are waiting to shower, but some are Have Nots and can only take cold showers.

11:50PM BBT- The older dog has taught the younger pups a few new tricks in the Big Brother Canada house. Marty Frenette, the 43-year-old fraud investigator from New Brunswick, is the new Head of Household.“Thank you for taking care of my bed for me. I took care of yours,” laughed outgoing HoH Hermon as they both gathered their belongings up to change beds and bedrooms on the live feeds. “Do you think you will get your everything today?” Hermon asked about Marty’s Head of Household and everything that comes with it. “I don’t know,” replied Marty. “You will at least get a full seven days though,” said Hermon who didn’t during his term.

Marty explained that he hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in the house. He is hoping he will in the HoH room. “I know this is going to put a big target on my back but I don’t give a s–t. I came here to play the game,” said Marty not regretting how hard he went for HoH. In the bathroom Marty and Moose chatted secretly after Tynesha left the room. “I wanted to throw the scent off of me and you specifically because of the whole Kyle thing and the four of us, right?” said Moose to Marty, who agreed it was a good thing. They don’t want the rest of the house to know that they are partners. “The plan is in motion. I threw everybody off. Nobody thinks me and Marty are talking at all. We have talked since day one. I have been talking game with this guy since day one,” said Moose to the cameras. In one of the bedrooms, Marty spoke to them alone as well. “Target, right here!” he said pointing to his back. “I don’t care at all. I came here to play the game so, HoH, bucket list..check! There is no way I wasn’t winning that one,” he said confidently.

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