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Summary Big Brother Canada Wednesday March 9!

09:18AM BBT-HG Getting ready for the day

10:05AM BBT- Marty -what's ur plan today? Kyle-You know what? Today I'm going to stay quiet, I'm going to keep my mouth shut Hermon asks to talk to Kyle & they go to HOH

10:23AM BBT- Hermon-I'm super locked, I've been trying not to overplay. When things get weird, & there is heat. We don't always need to link up & Talk. If it's chaotic Hermon-As long as your ok taking a shot, I just want to make sure. Hermon-An alliance has to win. So, this whole, this isn't my time stuff has to stop. Everyone has to carry their weight. Like, if you win are you willing to take a shot? Like who would you nom? Kyle-hmmmm Hermon-Not the sovereign 7, right? Kyle-Maybe Moose. Hermon-Really? Kyle-Yeah, Moose has been talking mad shit Hermon-I don't want the 7 to self implode. We gotta look at this as more of a business relationship instead of friendships Kyle expresses worry about T & Summer

11:03AM BBT- Hermon reenforces trust with Marty. They're solid & don't need to talk every day. Hermon explains he's single & playing the flirt game a bit. Marty expresses worry because Hermon would be the target in front of Stephanie

11:28 AM BBT - Moose tells Marty he never has to worry with him. Moose wants to take a shot at a big name if he wins. Marty-Who is a big shot for you? Moose-A big name Marty-Who would be a big name for you? Moose-u know, a big name, like Hermon or T, the popular ppl. Marty says he blew his game up with Betty. Moose is going to try to open that door. Moose tells Marty if the HOH comp came down to him or Kev, he'd let Kevin win. Moose-Jess tried to make a deal w/me but, I feel bad since she's a target, I don't want to screw her over Marty-Oh, she did?

12:28 PM BBT- Jay- I think Kevin is a sneaky poo. IDK how, I asked him last night for his vote & He said most likely not. But, then I told him, that Betty said he was a snake & fake and a liar Stephanie-What? What am I missing???? Jay-Idk why you'd want to keep someone who would bd u. Jay also said that Betty mentioned both of their names Steph-Our names? Jay-Yes But, I guess it depends if she gets power or not JL-Have u talked to Gino? Jay-Not yet JL-You gotta talk to other ppl then get back to us J-Yeah, but I feel like Hermon is in the Betty camp. Jay-the last thing I'll say is that Marty was going to put you guys up right? JL & Steph-Yeah, we're not dumb Jay-Plus we need to get our bad ass bitch brigade going, we never had a chance to. Also, I cook.

1:45 PM BBT- Summer-I'm going after the ppl that lie. Lie lie lie! Gino-When the 7 starts to break up I'll start to tell you everything Summer-well, I hope you're smart enough to keep your side pieces Gino-yeah yeah yeah JL came in & Moose shortly after

2:32 PM BBT- Jay is pitching to Moose, falling on deaf ears. Moose wants to talk to Kyle about the numbers b4 he votes his way. Brings up Kevin being untrustworthy. (Moose just said he trusted Kevin & wants him to win HOH when talking to Marty) Jay-Summer & T make me really nervous

3:05 PM BBT- So Gino went in for the kiss and Jacey-Lynne didn't pull back, they're now showmance official and now they both worry on how they will make sure this doesnt make them targets

4:38: PM BBT- Steph tells Gino they need to figure out their plan for next week as a group - she floats the idea of Betty as a target. Gino agrees with that - he hasn't talked much, if any game with her - and is she really throwing comps? Cause she's in really good shape.

5:26PM BBT- Gino-I think the votes, it's pretty clear who's going. Then, the next couple weeks I'm a target Kev-You are? Gino-Yeah Kev-How are you playing it? Gino-Honest until the last few weeks if I have to. Gino-you should definitely get in ppl's ears, and straight up tell them that you were uncomfortable. Kev-Yeah Gino-I'm going to go get some food Kev-Ok, I definitely want to chat more Gino Ok

6:35 PM BBT- Betty is pitching to Moose. Betty-You're not on my radar.. Moose-No? Betty-Not even close, no where near my radar! If there's anything I can do for you, Moose-Let me think. Next week would you put me up? Am I on your radar for next week? Betty-No. Moose-Even if you said I was on your radar, it wouldn't effect my vote. I would rather have someone be honest, then Jay's lies Moose tells Betty that Jay was trying to fill his head with all this stuff. Moose confirms that Betty has his vote

7:25 PM BBT - Josh tells Betty that at this point, it looks like Jay is going - and he's always trusted Betty in the game, he feels open with her. She promises him that whatever he does tomorrow, she'll still trust him.

7:55 PM BBT - Steph and Marty talking in the HOH room. He says he loses power next week and can't play in HOH. He's hoping that her and her group give him the chance to show them that they are no longer on his radar. Steph says "of course".

8:33 PM BBT - Hermon says he told Jessica that they sound calculated. Marty telling Hermon that Jess doesn’t really give info. Hermon says that is why he put them up. Hermon says not everyone is “built for this game.” Marty agrees after they discuss Betty

8:48 PM BBT- Stephanie/Jacey talking about Marty trying to rope them in. Jacey/Stephanie say it’s best case scenario for them if Kyle/Gino win them they’ll win the next HOH’s lol. They mention Betty wants a woman to win, but that’s not in their best interests

9:00PM BBT- Kyle telling Gino the 7 will die. Says he’s talked practically no game with Josh. Tried to gauge where his heads at. Kyle feels like Hermon was saying all the right things today. Kyle says he may be overthinking things, but feels like T could put him up Week 4. Kyle says you can’t be too late in the game. In essence, he wants to take out players like Moose/Tynesha/Summer/Hermon might turn on him first. Gino says he kissed Jacey today. Kyle points out he’s blushing?

9:24PM BBT- Kyle wants Kevin to win HOH. Now all the boys start chanting/singing Kevin’s name. Kevin uses a evil heinous voice “who wants to see my HOH room?

10:18PM BBT- Jay telling Jacey/Stephanie (I think) not to vote for them. Tells them to not just showmance, says Kyle is sneaky but keep making out with him. The girls say they’ll manipulate the boys. They group hug and say they love each other. Tears following a bit. Jacey/Stephanie again say they won’t let the boys play them (they already are). Jay says they’ll probably cry tomorrow. Jay says it’ll be hard to say goodbye for Josh/Jessica. The girls say they’ll all be close afterwards.

11:42PM BBT- Gino tells Summer she’s tripping a bit. Summer says she’s not lol. Asks what’s the point in protecting a showmance. She feels like she has to, he says age doesn’t have to. Gino says he already has a target with Kyle/Marty. Summer asks if he wants her assistance. Summer says she wants Gino to be happy & crack as many nuts as he’d like while thinking about how smart it is for her game to protect his showmance. She wants to keep it honest, he appreciates it. Summer says she is doing the nomance route. Summer says the flesh got to Gino/Hermon. She’s disappointed in her Greek lol! Says he didn’t get w/ the program. Gino says he should have listened to her. She says he needs to win comps like Demetres. He agrees. Summer says she loves live, but doesn’t see love lol. Gino says his game comes first. Everything else is fluff & fun as a human being. Gino assuring Summer that he’s not serious into Jacey. Summer says she needs to be in the know to help. Says her ancestors are always with her. Summer says she wants to keep someone in the game as a ally or shield. Asks Gino to guess which one he is lol. Summer mentions them trying to keep the numbers. Summer says let her hear him doing some mess lol. They hug it out.

11:50PM BBT-Jacey/Stephanie think they have the numbers (Hermon/Kyle/Gino/Marty) including Haleena. They think Moose is a swing vote. They seem confident that 7 ppl wouldn’t put them up. Jacey says Kyle is a weirdo lol. Wonders why he would tell her she’s good with him. Jacey/Stephanie don’t fully trust Moose. Stephanie says he’s talked a lot of game time her. She’s saying she’s taking it in & not saying much. They seem to think he’s doing too much. They both want a chill week.

11:55PM BBT- Alright BB-Lovers. I’m clocking out for tonight. I’ll update again tomorrow. Thank you so much to all our followers! Hope you’re enjoying the updates & season so far

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