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The big premiere on Global next week today Big Brother Canada 11 revealed the full cast

First and foremost, we should go ahead and note that all of those rumors of it being All-Stars were proven to be false. We’ve never been that big proponent of that in the first place, mostly because in the social-media age we don’t think returning houseguests make for that compelling a season since there’s so much pre-gaming. However, ever since the controversial decision to ditch live feeds, we thought that Big Brother Canada 11 needed some sort of a bump or reason to get people excited. There are sixteen all-new players this season and while there could be some fun players in here, how much will we really get a chance to know them?

There are things we like about the show, whether it be the whodunnit theme to the house or continued emphasis on diversity. However, how much will we get to know about these players? That’s going to be based mostly on these Digital Dailies that we get during the season, which are meant to be the replacement for the feeds. Are we really going to get these every day? We worry about that, just like we worry about the length and total content that we get they will be hand-picked behind the scenes, so a lot of them may be intentionally trying to paint a flattering picture of most of the contestants or the show.

Suffice it to say, we have our concerns and this is the most trepidation we’ve had entering a Big Brother Canada 11 season. Hopefully, the producers were at least able to find some compelling contestants that will give us incentive to watch and be intrigued over time.

What do you think about the cast of players for Big Brother Canada 11, and are you even excited without feeds?

Be sure to let us know below, and come back for other updates you don’t want to miss.

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