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The second edition of the Big Brother Canada 11

The second edition of the Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies arrived super-late tonight, and there was some valuable info within. Is it the sort that everyone is going to like? Probably not, but there’s a lot to get into here.

First and foremost, here’s a reminder that Santina won Head of Household this week and while we had a lot of hope that she would do something to make a big move, she’s instead working with a lot of the dudes, who were already working together. Zach, Ty, and Rob seem to be in one of the best spots in the house right now, especially if Santina thinks she’s really with them. She even seems to want them to stay strong since that can help her later.

Um … does she realize that they will probably get rid of her first? We’ve read this book so many times before.

Anyway, Santina nominated Anika and Daniel for eviction, which isn’t a shock since they seem to be outside more of the core group. Renee, meanwhile, was already on the block thanks to the Dead Last twist. We know that John Michael was originally thought of as the backdoor target, especially since he openly said early on that he was going after the guys. It sounds like Santina may be fine with Anika going right now, but this is (again) the problem with the Dailies there’s only so much context that we have. Take Zach telling Anika that she’ll be fine: Does he really mean that? It’s very difficult to actually know.

Meanwhile, Claudia was given safety by Canada, which was hyped up earlier this week. This isn’t a surprise. With the hardcore fans being more disinterested in the season we think there is a stronger casual vote, and a lot of people in Prince Edward Island likely ride for their own. Her saying that she wants a women’s alliance probably helped.

How messy do you think this week is already in Big Brother Canada 11?

Be sure to let us know, and also come back for some other updates.

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