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10 years of Finales. 10 years of Champions. 10 years of Legends. Who will be next? On day 1, 16 HGs entered and they were all eager smiles and rattled nerves. But with 100k up for grabs, it did not take long for the lies to begin. Leading the deceit was an unsuspecting charmer, calling Dr. Josh Nash. Luckily Josh found a rock to keep him grounded, the straight-talking Betty and while they bonded little did they know there was a super fan hiding in plain sight, a king cobra of conmen, Kevin. Meanwhile, the rest of the gamers were in alliance overdrive making more pacts than Big Brother could track. But there was one alliance the real spirit, the strongest bond in the house was invisible and the ghosts easily slipped off the radar. While the rest of the house experienced turbulence, in a season of blowouts, betrayals, and 100% grade-A beef, and while block stars Betty and Josh conked out in competitions Kevin stayed out of everyone's sights but in everyone's ear.

And week after week big threats were sent packing and behind the scenes of the chaos, a dope new relationship sparked in the house as Josh move into the crash test dummies. The dummies first casualty, a deadly flip on one of Josh's closest friends, Tynesha. It cut so deep because the HGs grew so close. In the unlikeliest place, despite the toughest circumstances, the tightest of friendships were formed. And those bonds were tested, again and again, then Betty hit rock bottom. But there's only so much one woman can take and just when her game looked like it was dead and buried, Betty rose from the grave and it forced her rivals into a very sticky situation.

But then, Big Brother dropped the dreaded triple and Josh finally ended his losing streak and Kevin's work paid off when Josh protected the dummies and burned bridges with old allies and his ride or die. But ultimately, Josh chose friendship meaning Betty would survive the block for the fifth time. Kevin had earned his spot in the finale, but The Ghosts were no more, and then there were three. Tonight, everything has led to this moment win or game over. It's Betty the block star survivor vs Josh the sensitive assassin vs Kevin the strategic mastermind. After a decade of legends, we find out the next champion on Big Brother Canada Season 10 The Finale. Arisa says this season has been an epic dream of strategic gameplay and the sun is about to set on one of their games. Betty, Josh, and Kevin will battle it out in a three-part final HoH competition. This is the time when legends are made. The HGs go to the top of a pyramid-like structure and they are welcomed to part one. They have to collect and balance their stack of silver coins before anyone else can. First, they have to collect two silver coins from the temple and balance them on their scepter. Then the HGs must travel to the lake to their island and place two more coins and head back to the temple. If their stack falls, then they will have to start over again. The first HGs to stack 26 silver coins and make it back will win part one. Kevin says this is epic and he feels like a hero and he is ready to rock. Josh has been on a competition winning streak and he hopes that continues so he can be the first indigenous person to win and make his family proud. All the HGs seem to be making progress and then Josh and Kevin both drop their stacks. Betty says her journey has been challenging. She has been on the block five times and she has survived every single time. She is going to fight her way and make the finale. Betty is now in the lead. Kevin says he has been underestimated and here he is at the final three. Kevin is making good progress. Betty has 18 of 26 silver coins. She says her arm is killing her. Josh has 22 of 26 and he has to start again. We are 52 minutes into the first part of the final HoH and Kevin drops his stack. Josh drops his stack and so does Betty. Josh has a decent stack again. Kevin says his stack is not working and he has to figure it out. He sits down and starts stacking on the floor. Kevin is restarting and he is moving again. Josh has a decent stack again and drops it. Betty has 26 of her 26 silver coins and she holds an arm out to balance and she drops her stack and she says that sucks. Kevin has his stack going and he is making decent progress. He is almost back and drops his stack again and he is visibly upset. We are now an hour and 24 minutes in. Betty is back at 24 of 26 coins and drops as she is trying to place her scepter. All the HGs are working again and moving. Josh is at 22 of 26 and he shakes and drops again. Betty is at 20 of 26. Kevin has 26 of 26 and he is moving to the final part. Kevin says he and Haleena had one of the best alliances in BB Can history and Betty and Josh ruined it and he wants revenge. It is time for payback. We see Josh drop again. Kevin is at his last stop and his stack is wobbly and he slows down to balance. He places the scepter in it's place trying not to drop his stack and he has completed the challenge and has won part 1. He is one step closer to the final two. Kevin says he spent all game getting other people to make the decisions that were right for him, but it is time for him to win and make his own decision. Betty says as if things are not bad enough, now she has to compete against Josh in part two and that sucks. Betty says Kevin gets to just chill and study for part three and conserve his energy. Kevin says he had to win this and he wants to take this home and avenge Haleena and The Ghosts. Part two of the HoH is a trivia competition. Betty and Josh will be asked questions and they will have to run to the top and drop sandbags onto the ledge matching the answer. Once they have all their answers they lock them in and if they are correct they get the next question. Each HGs will answer four questions and whoever locks in the fastest time will win part two of the HoH and move on to compete against Kevin in the final part of the HoH. Josh is up for part two of the HoH and he needs to win this. He has a wall of trivia and they have to begin by linking the HGs in the chain of safety. He runs to the top and is throwing sandbags on the HGs name's platforms. He rings in and he gets the first question correct. The first five eviction votes and Josh races to the top and he gets the vote counts and rings in and he is correct. Then he has to number the days a nominee won a veto. Josh hits his buzzer and he has to try again. He slows down and tries again and is wrong. He tries again and he is wrong and he keeps trying and he is getting frustrated. He cannot figure out what he is doing wrong. He finally realizes what he got wrong and fixes and it and moves on. The last question is houseguests were never a replacement nominee. He is disappointed in his performance and he buzzes in his final answer and he is correct. Betty wants to get one more win under her belt so it will look good to the jury. Betty has her first question about the safety chain and she knows this. She says throwing the bean bags on the ledges is much harder than she thought. She misses the first question and she has to start over. She is struggling to hit Marty's ledge and she is sweating and she says go figure it would have to be Marty. She has to go back down for her bean bags and she finally hits Marty's ledge and rings in. Results of the first five eviction votes are next and she is working through it and rings in and she has it wrong. Days a nominee won the PoV. She starts dropping her bean bags and she is hoping to make up for lost time and she buzzes in and is right. HG who were never a replacement nominee. She drops on Moose and rings in and she is correct and she has completed the challenge. Betty finished with a time of two hours two minutes and 40 seconds. Josh with a time of 34 minutes and 35 seconds. Josh has won part 2! The jury has gotten a chance to sit down with a former BBCAN HG. Kiefer from Season 9 is there to sit down with Jacey, Gino, Hermon, Moose, Summer, and Marty. Kiefer says they are almost there. Summer says they are still petty and they will not forget. The jury thinks Betty will join them but they want it to be Josh. Haleena joins them and Summer says she looks so good. Haleena greets Kiefer and the jury wants to know what happened and Haleena fills them in on Josh's wins. Kiefer says sticking to a plan has not been their theme this season. Kiefer starts off talking with Betty. Marty says people discredited her but her PoV win was so incredible. Haleena says she was nominated five times but she did not have to do much. Hermon says anyone next to Betty knew they were going home. Summer does not know if Betty was manipulating her and Haleena says she earned her spot. Keifer asks about Kevin and Moose loves his games because he was unpredictable and an oddball. Moose says he has not won competitions but he was strategic. Haleena says Kevin was a mastermind. Marty says he was an amazing player and he could represent this season the best. Kiefer asks them to raise their hand if they were in an alliance with Josh and everyone raised their hands and Kiefer says does that speak to his social game. They say they trusted him. Summer says she would never vote for Josh if he backstabbed her. Jacey says he was a loved player and Gino says now he is showing his cards. Moose does not like the fact that he was lined up with everyone. Marty says final speeches will be very important for his vote and Moose agrees. Kiefer tells them not to mess this up. It is now time for the final part of the HoH and see who will be the Final HoH and who will get the power to decide who to take with them. Arisa checks in with the final three and Kevin and Josh are about to compete against each other. Arisa sends them to the backyard. The Jury is Wild is the final HoH competition. Arisa will read questions about the jury and the answer will be A or B. Whoever has the most points after seven questions will win. If there is a tie there will be sudden death. Question 1-In the safety competition, warped bowling, which juror had a higher score: Jacey or Gino. Kevin answers A and Josh answers B. The correct answer is B. Josh gets a point. Question 2-How many jurors were a nominee on day 55? A. four or B. 5. Both answer A and the correct answer is A. Josh has two points and Kevin has 1 point. Question 3-Combined, did the jurors win more HoH or PoV competitions. A for HoH and B for PoV. They both answer B and the correct answer is B. Josh has three points and Kevin has two points. Question 4-How many jurors were evicted on an odd day? A. four or B. 5. Kevin says A and Josh answers B. The correct answer is A. Josh and Kevin both have three points. Question 5-Was Moose nominated for the third time before or after Marty won his third HoH competition. A for before and B for after. They both answer A and they are both correct and both have four points. Question 6-On what day did more jurors cast an eviction? A. 41 or B. 48. They both answer A and they are both correct and both have 5 points. Question 7-Over the course of the season how many times was the PoV used on a member of the jury? A. four or B. 5. They both answer B and they are both correct and both have 6 points. Tie Breaker-How many power of veto competitions did both Jacey and Haleena compete in together? A. three or B. 4. They both answer B and they are both correct. Sudden death-In hours how long were each of the jurors in the BB house combined? They are both doing math. Josh answers 7120 and Kevin 10443. 8836 hours is the correct answer and Josh has won the final HoH! It is time for Josh to make the biggest decision of the game. He locks in his spot and chooses who to go against. Josh says this is the hardest decision he has to make and they have been by his side and they played the best game so he evicts his best friend, Betty. Betty says are you serious? Josh and Betty are crying. Betty hugs Kevin and she grabs her bag and heads upstairs. She says she cannot believe it and she leaves out the doors. Kevin gives Josh a hug as Betty joins Arisa on stage. Arisa asks how she is feeling and Betty says it is a game. She got Big Brothered and she is OK. She is leaving with pride. Arisa asks if she is shocked and she is absolutely shocked. Arisa asks if Betty understands how this could happen and she says he had to do what was best for his game and she respects him as a player and leave as a winner regardless of his decision. The jury is on the stage and Arisa greets them. Betty joins them and Arisa summarizes how Betty got there. It is now time for jury questions and they can ask one question to one of the Final Two. Hermon asks Kevin to show his hand and what was his game-defining move and why? Kevin says he and Haleena made a ride or die and share every piece of information so they pulled in Josh and that gave him safety for the rest of the game and they made a final three. Moose asks Josh did he have a number one or was it based on who was HoH. Josh says he was adaptable and had a social influence so he had to choose who he wanted to work with at the end and it was difficult at the beginning to see that. Gino asks Kevin why was Josh the better move for Gino? Kevin says Gino had the two best HoHs of the season and he had to go. He says he loved the five-person alliance they had and hopefully, he chooses him. Summer says Josh lied to her and backstabbed her and gave her no reason and she wants to know why she was blindsided. He says he was looking at the bigger picture and she had a chance to win the game so he had to get rid of her at that point. Marty asks Kevin when he won veto and said it was Marty's call and he wants to know if he would have kept nominations the same. Kevin says no because his game was to make people feel like his moves were their moves and he knew he would use the veto on Josh. Jacey asks Josh if appearing to be weak was part of his strategy? He says it was not weakness, but vulnerability. He did not even know he could cry that much and it was not an experience he planned for. Haleena asks Kevin if he knew that Josh was going to send her home and he says no. He was loyal to her and no one else and he would have thrown away his game for her. His plan was to find his ride or die and do what he could for them. Betty asks Josh if he was always going to evict her at the final three and was it the best decision. Josh gets emotional and says he was thinking of his game first and he thought that Kevin hasn't won as many competitions and Betty had fought so hard in the game. It is time for the Final Two to plead their case to the jury. Josh says he wants to be truly sorry to anyone he hurt. He fought through this game and he never thought he would be sitting there and he has been on the block four times and been in on two house flips. Josh says he was a leader for half the game and he dominated the final competitions. He wants to represent this season and he wants to be the first indigenous person and represent 1 of two black individuals and he is grateful. Kevin says on day seven he was thankful and he knew with those glasses he was a superfan a villain and a schemer and he had to play. He had to make himself like he was not a big deal and he earned some safety and he says Summer wanted an underdog to win and that is him. Kevin says Summer was planned to be on the block in the triple. Haleena was his Final Two. He was a strategist and he did what he had to do and he would have thrown his game away for Haleena. It is time for the jury to vote for a winner! Arisa tells them about Canada's vote and she will cast that vote on behalf of Big Brother Canada fans. Arisa casts the first vote and Hermon is up next. Hermon says whoever wins has to buy a car for him. Moose steps up and says he is only voting because he has to. Gino says tonight he casts his V-O-T-I-E for the best "nomineye." Summer says she used logic, brown sugar, and a sprinkle of pettiness and laughs. Marty says he votes for the person he thinks played the best game and represents season 10 and to the other person don't worry, kick your feet up. You are good. Jacey says in a house full of snakes she is voting for the King Cobra. Haleena says she was invisible this whole game but they will definitely see this vote. Betty says she is voting for the player that actually played this game. Arisa says it is official, the season 10 winner has been decided. We look back at the first six HG: Melina, Jay, Stephanie, Kyle, Tynesha, and Jess. Arisa welcomes them back and she asks Melina what her favorite memory was and she says it was so hard being first evicted and you do not have time to embrace it all. Arisa Jay how he would rate the drama and he says this is unreal with the backstabbing and conniving and it is unreal and he loves the cast. Arisa asks Stephanie how the blindside was and she has no other words besides what the heck but it was a memeable reaction. Arisa says Kyle's HoH reign kicked off chaotic HoHs. Why was it so tough and he says it was a fluid social game and you have to prioritize relationships and be fluid and his week did not work out. Tynesha says her daughter watched every single episode and bragged to her friends that her mom was famous and he daughter was so sad but it was amazing. Jess says the fan reaction has been lovely and to be part of the necessary representation is an honor. Time to reveal some secrets! We see Jacey finding the secret power, and then we see the votes flipping on Stephanie. We then see the people talking about sending Gino home. We see Josh promising to throw HoH and then winning it. We see Jacey and Haleena arguing about lies. We see Josh talking about him lying about his job of being a doctor. Kevin says imagine lying about your profession for 70 days and Josh says he couldn't. We then see Kevin telling everyone about his wife and him trying to give Marty a wedding ring. We then see Kevin talk about lying about being married. Haleena says at least his girlfriend is real. Arisa asks Kevin if he knew he was up against a doctor and he says he had no idea. Arisa asks Marty if he realized Kevin was not married and he did not know. Summer says she lives for the drama and it was nice and Moose says he learned how dumb he was in the jury house. Josh says they are an intimate group of HGs and we see Hermon massaging Summer and Gino rubbing Kyle's shoulders. Kyle is rubbing Hermon's head. Haleena pounding on Kevin's back and then hugging him. We see Summer sitting on Betty's lap. Kevin says he was not a huge cuddler when he came in but the house changed him. He says Gino is his cuddle buddy. We see Jacey cuddling with Gino and we see the kiss. We then see Hermon and Stephanie kiss and Josh and Jess. Betty says they were a dysfunctional, but happy family. Betty thought Hermon and Gino wrestling in their panties was funny. We see the HGs dancing and making up songs. Josh says they had some highs but definitely had some lows, but they had fun. It is time to find out the votes! Canada has voted for Kevin. Hermon has voted for Kevin. Moose has voted for Kevin. Gino has voted for Kevin. Summer has voted for Kevin. Kevin has won Big Brother Canada Season 10! Josh and Kevin make their way out of the house to join everyone on stage. Kevin is in disbelief and cannot believe it. Everyone goes to hug Kevin and everyone is hugging and celebrating. Arisa pulls Kevin out and says he played one of the most dominant games and asks how he is processing this and he says he is very confused. Arisa congratulates him and he says it is surreal and Arisa says everyone voted for him except for Betty. Arisa calls Josh over and she tells him he won $20k. Arisa calls everyone over for Canada's favorite houseguest and this person will receive $10k and that person is Marty! Marty is shocked.

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