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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, HoH Marty put up Jacey-Lynne as the pawn and Jay as his target. But at the PoV competition, Jay's veto dreams completely fell apart, meaning it was just desserts for the unshaken Jacey-Lynne. With Jacey's safety in placey, Marty got an earful on who should be the replacement nominee. In the end, Marty doubled down on his goal to jettison Jay by naming Betty as pawn number two. Tonight, which HGs will get the boot next? Can Jay turn the tables on petty Betty? And who will slide to HoH glory in a live HoH showdown? It all happens now on Big Brother Canada!

Arisa welcomes us and sends us inside after the veto ceremony. We pick up on Day 10 and Marty feels great and he thinks he has the numbers to get rid of Jay this week. Jay says this was one of the smartest decisions Marty made and it will be hard to stay. Betty does not want to hug anyone and she says she needs a minute and she heads upstairs. Betty says she is feeling a little sad but she is going to use it as fire to drive her so she stays. She had no idea she was going to go on the block. She was blindsided. Tynesha goes to comfort Betty and hugs her and Betty says Marty told her she could put her feet up this week and then does that without giving her a heads up. She says he is a liar. She says she came to play and it is cool. It's fine but game on. Jess is talking to Jay and she says Marty is clearly threatened and Jay says he can appreciate the game move. Jess says all she has heard is that he was a man of his word, but he kept saying Kevin, not Betty. Jay says there is an alliance between Marty, Gino, and Kyle. Betty asks Haleena and Summer if they knew and they say they got her back. Summer says she is in an alliance with Haleena, Betty, and Tynesha and they are going to take the men down in the house. Summer tells Betty she will fight for her and Haleena trusts them. Kevin says it is week two and he is in a pretty good place because he is not a target, but he needs to stay on his toes and watch who might be talking about him. Betty tells Kevin she thinks he is a better player than he is showing and she is watching him. Kevin is talking to Summer and telling her he was trying to talk to Betty and Summer says just give it time and get through the week. Kevin says he feels bad and Summer says if you feel bad, take it to church. Summer says everyone thought you were going on the block but if you are drinking beers while chatting with the HoH, then someone is going to think you are plotting against them. It is Day 11 and Tynesha says at the end of the day, her HoH is Summer's HoH. Tynesha says Summer could be one of her best friends and she is so excited to be playing this game alongside her. Tynesha says she is constantly thinking about her daughter. Jay is talking to Josh trying to figure out if he can make a deal with someone. Jay says Betty on the block makes his life harder but he is going to look at every single angle possible. Jay thinks he could get Moose if he had the numbers. Jay and Josh say Haleena and Betty are close, but Haleena wants to play. Jay also considers making an alliance with Kyle and Marty. Josh says he would have to guarantee them something. Jay says he could guarantee he and Jess would not put them up until the final five. Marty wants to know if Betty wants to talk and she says about what? The blindside? Marty says he could not tell her because everyone comes at you with information and you second guess yourself. Betty says he should not have told her to kick her feet up. Marty says he put Betty up because she was part of the group to keep Jay safe. Marty says he needs seven votes and Betty says all he has to do is make a few deals. She also says she would have voted Kevin out in a second. She is not leaving this house without a fight. Jay is smudging and it has to do with his indigenous side. He invites some of the other HGs to observe. He says it is a cleansing for rebirth and he asks everyone to start with a smudge circle. He wants to do this to create understanding and changes in their communities. Jay says a lot of their culture comes from other communities and he is so grateful to be able to share this with his HGs this year. He says it is something you can almost never do wrong, it is how you connect to it. Betty and Haleena are talking about the votes and she says Betty has her vote. Betty wants to work with her. Haleena says Jay staying in the house would be better for her game, but she does want to work with Betty, Summer, and Tynesha. Betty thinks Kyle, Marty, and Gino are in an alliance. Haleena says she has to decide if she wants to go with the house or vote for her personal game. She says there are so many things that can happen and she is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Jay is talking to Stephanie and Jacey-Lynne and he thinks he can convince them to keep him because Marty put Jacey on the block. He is trying to make a deal with them and Jacey says offer safety. Jay says this is his last hail mary and he hopes it works. Dmitri asked for BBCAN's help and they obliged, inviting Ika to tour of the house before the season. While she was in HoH, he sprinkled rose petals down the stairs. When she came out of HoH, she spotted the flowers and Dmitri, who went to a knee to propose. She said Yes! It is now time for the live vote and eviction! Betty says it has been an absolute dream. She has tried her best to play the most authentic game she can and if they see value in keeping her please do. She will catch them on the flip side. Jay says wake up Canada and they would like to say that now. They need to re-indigenize every piece of Canada and walk on the path their ancestors created for them.

It is time to vote! Gino votes to evict Jay. Haleena sadly votes to evict Jay. Hermon votes to evict Betty. Summer votes to evict Jay. Kevin votes to evict Jay. Jacey-Lynne sadly votes to evict Jay. Stephanie sadly votes to evict Jay. Kyle votes to evict Betty. Moose votes to evict Jay. Tynesha sadly votes to evict Jay. Jess sadly votes to evict Jay. Josh votes to evict Jay sadly. By a vote of 10-2, Jay has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Jay walks out on his hands. Jay joins Arisa on stage. She says he did not give up. He says it was so much fun to be able to play this game and even last minute he was trying to change Kevin's mind. Arisa wants to know about the legacy he left behind. Jay says equity, diversity, and inclusion is important to him, and being able to connect to HGs that way and understanding your own biases was great. But it was confusing. Jay has no idea who the two votes for him were and Arisa says Hermon and Kyle and Jay says he knew they would do that! It is time for the HoH competition! They will get a running start and jump on a sled and slide down for a score. The HGs with the highest score will become the new HoH! Stephanie is first and she scores a 20. Gino is up and he scores 21 and is now in the lead and Stephanie has been eliminated. Hermon is up and he slides off the end of the track and is eliminated. Gino is still in the lead. Kevin is up and he also slides off the end of the track. Gino is still in the lead. Jacey-Lynn is up and she scores a 21 and is tied with Gino. Josh is next and he scores a 23 and is now in the lead. Gino and Jacey have been eliminated. Haleena is up next and she scores a 20. Josh is still in the lead. Tynesha is next and she scores an 18 and is eliminated. Josh is still in the lead. Summer is next and she scores a 22 and is eliminated. Josh remains in the winner's circle. Jess is up and she scores a 20. Josh is still in the lead. Kyle is up and he scores a 24 and takes the winner's circle. Josh has been eliminated. Moose takes his turn and scores 22 and is eliminated. Kyle is still in the winner's circle. Betty is the last HGs to go and she just slides off the end and is eliminated. Kyle is the new HoH! Canada gets to vote to give one more HGs safety. They can vote for as many HGs as they want and whoever has the most votes will win safety for the week!

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