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In this house, safety is an illusion. It is often promised but is never guaranteed. One minute you're protected, the next you're all on your own. Because each HGs Is only as strong as the next link in their chain. Tonight, we'll find out who really has who's back in the first-ever Safety chain double eviction. Arisa welcomes us and there will be no HoH or PoV. The HGs will compete in two safety competitions and the winner of the first one will be the first link in the chain of safety. We pick up after the veto ceremony on Day 31. Jess says this was an incredibly hard decision because neither Tynesha nor Moose will prioritize them in the future. Tynesha says sitting next to Moose sucks but she is going to fight to stay. Summer says there is no doubt in her mind that Moose is going home because she will be pulling each and every one of those votes. Moose says he is absolutely the target and he is not too worried because he is going to find a way to fight his way off the bock. Haleena says she is annoyed at people right now and she will eventually be coming and Hermon's speech was so tacky. Haleena says people have been throwing her name under the bus, including people who are supposed to have her back. She says she cannot with these people. Moose is talking to Kevin in the hot-tub and Kevin asks what Moose's pitch is. Moose says he is going to do whatever it takes to stay in the house. He says he is Jess's target but if he stayed, Kevin would be someone that is safe and Kevin could put him up. Kevin says he was going to keep Moose in the house anyway and now that Moose is offering him the world, great! Let's get to work and keep Moose. Tynesha is pitching to Haleena and she does not want anyone to feel that her alliance is given votes. Tynesha tells Haleena that they have seen pawns go home and she hopes Haleena wants to work together for as long as they can and she knows at some point they will have to make difficult decisions in their alliance but they are not near that. Kevin is talking to Jacey and Gino and Kevin says he is very confused and they are saying if you take Tynesha out and the entire other vote would be split. Kevin brings up them being left out of a vote before and this could be a revenge vote. Summer is talking to Josh and she asks if Moose is really the target and he believes that but it sounds suspicious. Josh says if they really wanted to send home Moose, then it would not have mattered who they put up. Summer says the paranoia is very high. Jacey joins Summer and Josh and Summer says she does not feel like Moose is the target and Jacey says she heard it is going to be unanimous that Moose is going and Summer says she is feeling weird vibes. Summer asks Jacey if she is evicting Moose. Jacey says she has heard that is what is going to happen and Summer says the same. Josh says he is just suspicious. Kevin and Haleena are talking and they really do think Tynesha has a good social game, and taking out her could save them from the block. Kevin says he and Haleena are up to no good and Josh is the perfect person to pull into this. Josh joins Kevin and Haleena in the storage room and Josh asks Kevin how he is feeling. Kevin says they need to make something happen soon and he asks about this week. Josh says he has had trouble because he has a hard time separating emotions from logic in the game. They say the is a good social player, the best in the house, and Kevin pitches sending Tynesha home if Josh would not lose trust with Betty, Summer, or Hermon. Tynesha asks to talk to Gino and she is pitching to him and he says he is still weighing his options. He is trying to figure out what makes more sense for him and Tynesha gets emotional and starts crying and Gino hugs her and comforts her. Tynesha says she wants this so bad and Gino says he is trying to keep his emotions out of this too. Tynesha says she just feels so stupid. It is time for the live vote and eviction!

Moose says this has been an incredible journey with them all and he hopes they do what is best for their game. Tynesha says they have arrived at the halfway point and she has enjoyed playing this game and cooking for them and she wants them to remember that she was put in this position as a pawn and she tells Jess that her name is Tynesha and not Tiana because names matter. It is time to vote! Kevin votes to evict Tynesha. Betty votes to evict Moose. Marty sadly votes to evict Tynesha. Summer sadly votes to evict Moose. Gino votes to evict Tynesha. Voting continues. Jacey votes to evict Tynesha. Hermon votes to evict Moose. Josh votes to evict Moose. Haleena votes to evict Tynesha. By a vote of 5-4, Tynesha has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house! Tynesha hugs Moose and she is crying and she hugs the people are on her side and she tells Jess that her HoH was worse than Kyle's because both of her original nominees are staying and coming for her. Tynesha joins Arisa and Arisa asks if she is surprised and Tynesha says she figured it out towards the end of this morning. She says Haleena was stuck on this idea that Tynesha was pushing for her to go up. Arisa asks Tynesha what her squad needs to do now and she says she left a bug in each of their ears and they know what they need to do. She is now going to announce that a second HGs is about to be evicted. Arisa calls the HGs to the livingroom and says tonight is not a double least not a traditional double eviction. She says another vote will be coming up, but how they get there will be different than anything they have ever seen. Arisa tells them there will be no HoH or PoV but they will each be competing in two competitions for safety. She sends them to the backyard and says there will be more information to come later. We have a bowling competition for safety as the first safety competition. Jess is not eligible to compete. One at a time they have to roll their balls through the obstacles to the scoring zone. The HGs with the highest score will be safe! Jacey is up first and rolls an 8 and is in the lead. Moose is next and he rolls a 15 and is now in the lead. Josh rolls a 6 and is eliminated. Gino is next and he rolls a 10 and is eliminated. Summer is up and she rolls a 12 and she is eliminated. Betty is up and rolls a gutter ball and has been eliminated. Moose is still in the lead with 15. Kevin is up and he rolls an 11 and is out. Haleena rolls an 8 and is eliminated. Hermon is next and he rolls a 1 and he is eliminated. Marty is the last to roll and he rolls a five and has been eliminated. Moose has won the first safety competition! Arisa sends them all back into the house and Moose says bowling all those years finally helped! Arisa explains to the HGs and welcomes them to the Chain of Safety ceremony. Moose is the first link in a chain and he will choose one HGs to be safe and they will be added to the chain of safety. That HGs will then do the same until there are three HGs left. The three HGs left will compete in a second safety competition with the two who do not win as the nominees. They will make their choice and take a seat. Moose selects the next link and names...Hermon. Hermon names...Josh. Josh names...Betty. Betty names...Summer. Summer names...Kevin. Kevin names...Marty. Marty names...Haleena. Jess, Jacey, and Gino will compete for safety. The competition is called Under Pressure. HGs must race to sort colored balls from a bin into tubes. The first HGs to sort all their balls correctly and hit their buzzer wins safety. The other two will be nom for eviction. If any colored ball ends up in the wrong tube, they have to empty their tubes and start over. Gino is off to a flying start, filling his pink tube. Jess is trying to fill their tubes equally. Jacey has the pink and blue tubes filled. Jess is almost finished. Gino catches up. Jess puts the wrong colored ball into one of their tubes and has to start over. Jacey hits her buzzer and wins the competition and safety. Gino and Jess are nominated. It's time for the second eviction vote. Jacey votes to evict Jess. Hermon votes to evict Jess. Moose happily votes to evict Jess. Marty votes to evict Gino. Summer votes to evict Jess. It's 4-1 to evict Jess over Gino. The vote continues. Betty votes to evict Jess. Haleena votes to evict Gino. Josh votes to evict Jess. Kevin votes to evict Jess. By a vote of 7-2, Jess is evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Jess hugs everyone but there is complete silence over the house. Arisa says next week, another HGs will be evicted and become the first Jury Member.

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