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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, when a last-minute scramble to evict Gino failed to launch, Marty and Haleena did not get the memo, and the house was flung into a firestorm of deception and denial.

With the walls closing in on Marty everything was on the line at the HoH competition and the Acadian came through in a clutch. But the champ was still hung up on his betrayal.

Overwhelmed by his guilty, Marty came clean and gave Gino control, but Marty still could not let it go.

Tonight, will Marty's guilt trip take a detour away from Gino's nom wishes. With logic out the window, who will hit the PoV jackpot? The truth will set you free...or send you home, on Big Brother Canada.

We pick up on Day 35 and Kevin and Marty are talking in the HoH room. Marty says if it were not for him being HoH, he would go into the DR and go home.

Kevin says Marty has selective memory and does not seem to remember that Josh and Betty were not the only ones trying to flip the vote, but Kevin was also there with full conviction.

Marty says he did not want to turn on Gino a second time and he wants to walk out of the house proud of the way he played. He says he enjoys being HoH less this time because he feels so bad about his voting Gino out.

Josh gets the sense that Marty is upset, but they did have a good relationship so he wants to check in with Marty and see if they are still good. Josh asks how Marty is feeling and Marty says his head is about to explode and he is questioning everything.

Josh tells Marty that they were not setting him up in any way and Marty insists he thinks it was a trap. Marty says he does not think he can trust Josh anymore and he does not know who he can trust anymore.

Betty makes her way to the HoH to talk to Marty even though she does not really want to talk to him, but she does not want to be on the block. She says she is not out to get him, she just wants to play this game that she loves. She says she is very genuine.

Marty says Betty seems she genuinely loves the game and Betty says she is not coming after him, but she knows for a fact that others are, but she respects the game. They hug it out.

Marty says he can sense that Gino is hurt and he tells Gino that since he is upset, he will nominate who Gino wants. Gino says he wants one of the three big guys as targets, Moose, Josh, and Hermon. They talk about nominating Josh and maybe Moose.

Marty tells Gino that is probably not good for his game and he does not think Moose will want to go up as a pawn. Jacey says she does not trust Marty and neither does Gino and they do not know if they can trust him for nominations.

Moose heads up to the HoH room and Marty is talking to him and asks if he would be OK with being a pawn. He tells Moose that Josh and Betty were behind the attempted flip and Josh is the target and Moose does not know if that is a good idea.

Moose says if Marty really wants Josh or Betty to go home, then he needs to nominate both of them. Moose says Marty is going to do what he wants on his HoH, but what if Betty wins PoV and saves Josh.

It is time for nominations! Marty's first nominee is...Josh. His second nominee is...Betty. Marty says he was put in a tight spot the previous night with the chat to evict Gino and he says he was caught in the commotion but he believes Josh and Betty set it up.

Marty says he has heard his name thrown out as a backdoor option and if the HGs need to backdoor him with a bad knee and shoulders, then he does not think they deserve to be called a Big Brother winner.

The nominees are giving hugs and Betty says Marty is making it seem like Betty is the one that set it up but he is the one who made the choice and he needs to take accountability for what he did and that is too much and so extra. She plays with honesty.

Josh says Marty does not like the backdoor game but he has no problem doing it to others. Betty says Marty lies to everyone and he made the decision on how to vote and all of Canada will see that.

Betty says Marty's entire speech was a waste of time. He is a liar and everyone knows it. He backstabbed his alliance not once, not twice, but three times and running around to say he is honest. She sees him. Betty says it is so annoying.

Marty is in the HoH and says it is not funny when it turns them. He says the nominations were for him and the speech was probably not for his game. He says karma around quick for Betty and Josh and he is going right after them.

Marty tells Moose that he feels a little bad for Josh because he does not know where Josh's head is at, but Betty gets what she gets and he does not care that she is upset. Moose tells him he did a great job.

Hermon is talking to Josh and Hermon says Marty's reasoning was terrible. Josh says he was fine until he tried to play a pity card. Josh says this was not a reason to blow up their final two and then to say he should not be nominated because of his age?

Summer says the house is very tense and Marty has been cooped up in his HoH room and she wants to check in on Marty and make sure he is OK. Marty says he is fine, but he is trying to avoid drama. He tells Summer that he knows she pitched to backdoor him.

Summer says Jess was lying and Marty says she does not believe that. We see Jess telling Marty that Summer tried to pitch him as a backdoor and Marty does not believe Jess would make that up. Summer says it is unfortunate that he would believe Jess.

Summer tells Marty that Jess was lying and Marty says he believes Jess. We see Summer telling Jess that Marty is not someone who would look her way and she would not nominate him. Marty tells Summer to get out of his room and Summer says that is sad.

Summer leaves and she tells Hermon and Jacey and Haleena and Moose that Jess set her up and lied to Marty and he is a dumbass man who believed them. Summer says Marty is so dumb because Jess lied to him and she is so mad.

It is time for the PoV competition! Gino, Summer, and Kevin will join Betty and Josh in the PoV. Moose will describe a party game and the PoV players will vote for someone to play and they will get to choose who to go against.

The winner of each party game will advance and the loser will be eliminated. The last one standing wins PoV! The first game will involve the HGs rolling a ball down a ramp and landing 6 balls in some slots. The first to complete it wins!

The HGs vote and there are two votes for Kevin and two for Betty so they face each other. Kevin wants to win so he can do something this week. Betty says she needs to win this.

Kevin has three balls and Betty has one. They keep going and Kevin has five and Betty has three. Betty lands the fourth ball. Kevin is rolling his last one and hits it and Kevin wins and moves on! Betty has been eliminated.

In game 2, the HGs will use one hand to stead a puzzle and use the other to stack blocks so the same color is not in each column. Summer selects Gino because there is no way he can solve a puzzle. Gino has the most votes and picks Josh.

Josh wants to win this competition so bad so he can show people he is a real competitor. Gino has all his blocks on the table and starts solving the puzzle. Josh is struggling to keep the table steady and drops. Gino is close but he drops his blocks.

Both Josh and Gino scramble to start again. Josh has three stacks and drops them. Gino has three stacks and he has it because he stabilizes the table. Gino moves on and Josh is eliminated. Josh is so disappointed.

In game 3, they will travel along a balance beam while placing a colored ball in their corresponding sections. The first HGs to place all of their balls will win this party game. Gino and Kevin vote for Summer and she selects Gino to go against.

Hermon says why would Summer select Gino for a physical competition? That does not make any sense. Gino says the secret to this game is not to seesaw too much. Gino has all of his balls but one and Summer has two.

Gino moves back on his board and he drops all of the balls and has to start over. Summer says she needs to win this because she knows she is a replacement option for Marty but she thinks she can smooth things out and she is going to throw this.

In the final game, it is Kevin against Gino and they will have to use puzzle pieces to stack a word search and find a final word in order to win the PoV! Kevin says Gino would keep nominations the same and that is not interesting so he needs to win.

Gino says if he can win this then he can keep himself safe and keep nominations the same. He says people think he cannot do puzzles but he wants to prove them wrong. Gino has his puzzle together and he is working on the next part of the competition.

Kevin has his cube done and is right behind Gino. Both HGs are looking for their intersecting letters and he realizes the word is nominees and he puts in nomenies instead of nominees. Kevin has it in and he has the word spelled correctly and wins PoV!

Kevin does not know what is going to happen now but he needs to stay humble and create some more chaos. Betty is upset and Josh is going to talk with her and Betty says it is hard to be fake around those people. She says it sucks for them.

Betty hugs Josh and she says it will be fine. She cries and says she hopes Josh can be the one to stay. Betty says there is still hope and she says Josh will do great things. She says she is such a baby.

Haleena asks Marty if she can take a shower in his room and he says yes. They are whispering and they are glad that Kevin won and Haleena says isn't this the chance to get Hermon out and Marty says Gino does not want Hermon out.

Haleena says Hermon is a strong player and he wants her and Kevin out so he has to go. Haleena tells Marty that Gino and Hermon are working together and running everything. Marty does not want to leave Betty in the house because she hates his guts.

Haleena says long-term, if Hermon stays then she and Kevin will be evicted and it lessens Marty's alliances. Haleena says they need to target them before they get targeted. They decide to talk to Kevin first and see what he wants.

Kevin and Marty are in the HoH and Kevin says he had the beginning of the week and he has the middle. Marty tells Kevin about his conversation with Betty and Kevin thinks Jacey and Gino would be mad at them.

Kevin says he loves Marty but he is not hard to manipulate. They just need to get him talking and he will lead himself to what they want. Kevin says getting Hermon out could win Marty the game. Kevin has an alliance with Haleena and Josh called the Crash Test Dummies.

Kevin says he thinks Gino would be with them and if Hermon stays he could easily backdoor Marty or Gino. Kevin says if Hermon goes, then it makes them closer to Gino and makes a final five more likely. Marty says they would have to talk to Gino and see what he says.

Gino goes to talk to Marty and he says Marty wants to talk to him and it is probably a new idea and he just does not trust him. Marty is pitching the idea of putting Hermon on the block to see if Gino is resistant. Marty says he thinks Hermon is the guy to take out.

Gino says that would be a smart game move if that is what Marty wants to do. Marty asks if Gino agrees and he says yeah he can see that. Marty says he would not be surprised if Hermon backdoored him. Gino says this another HoH guided by emotions.

Marty is really surprised that Gino likes the idea of putting Hermon up. Marty says he is not going to tell Hermon, he is just going to blindside him. Hermon goes to talk to Marty in the HoH and he says this is interesting that someone on the block did not win PoV.

Hermon says best-case scenario for him was for nominations to stay the same. Marty says he is close with Kevin and he thinks he can persuade him to keep nominations the same. He throws Summer out as a possible replacement nominee.

Marty goes to the storage room and tells Kevin he just told Hermon he is safe. Hermon says this is a week he could take off and he is feeling good right now. He says it has been a great week and he is excited. Hermon is talking to himself and thinks Kevin will not use PoV.

Hermon says even if Kevin does use it, then Summer is the replacement. Hermon says he still would keep to Josh and maybe he will have a surprise for Marty next week. But not a good one. Hermon says everyone is looking at each other and not him.

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